Why We’re Going Crazy For Crystals

Why We’re Going Crazy For Crystals

At some point over the past couple of years crystals lost their wacky, hippie reputation and became a coveted accessory. An affection for them as grown alongside our enthusiasm for all things wellness. So much so, a couple of years back Pantone declared rose quartz as one of the colours of the year, while London’s luxury Hotel Cafe Royal added crystal reading to its spa menu. You can even buy crystal-infused water should you wish.

Barely a day goes past without someone writing something on the subject, be it the crystals to help find love or the ones you need to fulfil your New Year goals. Yet, few of us really understand the concept of crystal power, let alone know which ones to actually buy or how to use them.

“Tribes and religions have been using the healing power of crystals for years and I think we’re only just scratching at the surface now,” says energy healer Emma Lucy Knowles. “Crystals vibrate at a frequency heard by our own calling, so we naturally reach out for what we need, be it the colour or the feel of a stone.”

But if you’re new to the trend, how can you navigate the world of gemstones and find the right ones for you?

The most popular crystals and their meanings

Rose quartz: Possibly the most well known crystal, this pinky hued gem helps to calm and soothe. It’s associated with the heart chakra and is a good option for those looking for love.

Amethyst: Known for its emotional healing benefits, this purple stone is known to ease anxiety and fend off negative thoughts.

Citrine: If you’re looking to clear your head and make new plans, this is the perfect crystal. Citrine has the power to turbocharge your creativity while also offering clarity.

Tourmaline: While this gemstone is a good all-rounder for protection, black tourmaline is particularly is good if you’re battling with feelings of unworthiness or negativity.   

Pyrite: Also known as ‘Fool’s Gold’, this crystal is good for boosting energy levels, especially when it comes to the workplace and moving career ambitions forwards.

It’s important to remember that no two people are the same, so what works for someone else might not work for you. “Use your senses, rather than your mind, to drive you to what you need when it comes to choosing crystals,” says Emma Lucy.

How to recharge your crystals

There are almost as many ways to wash and charge your crystals as there are different gemstones. Generally speaking though, experts do encourage you to keep them clean to promote good energy – whether you wash them in salt water or just run them under the kitchen tap. “Much like a sponge, your crystals soak up remanence of your emotions or your day,” says Emma Lucy.  

Bathing your crystals under the full moon helps to recharge them. Some recommend leaving the crystals out on the earth for three days up to and three days following the full moon, but most say 24 hours is more than enough time.

Crystal-inspired beauty

It was only a matter of time before beauty brands cottoned onto the trend and unleashed a flurry of crystal inspired eyeshadows and light-reflecting highlighters wrapped up in jewel-embellished packaging. That said, Denise Leicester, the founder of ilapothecary, has been incorporating crystal energy into her formulations for years. For her the healing power of crystals is second to none and anyone who has tried the Magnesium and Amethyst Deep Relax Bath Soak, £40, is unlikely to disagree with her.