Why We’re All Falling Back In Love With Body Care

Why We’re All Falling Back In Love With Body Care

When it comes to investing in our skin most of us splash the cash from the next up. Over the past couple of years, the body care category has seen a noticeable spike in popularity though. Last September, the NPD Group revealed that annual sales had hit $275.8 million in the US. Experts are pinpointing our growing interest in wellness and exercise as the reason behind this rise.

Gone are the days when a body oil or lotion would claim to simply nourish your skin, now they promise to take away your stresses before you drift off into a peaceful slumber or they’ll recharge your energy levels for the day ahead. Denise Leicester’s latest brand, ilapothecary goes one step further and aims to rebalance you on a physical and spiritual level with an expert blend of herbs, aromatherapy and gemstones.

Cult body care brand Ameliorate is also upping its game with its new Transforming Body Cream, £27.50. The formula incorporates its signature complex to ease Keratosis Pilaris into a super-nourishing, rich cream. Essentially its a supercharged version of the classic Transforming Body Lotion, but feels more like a pampering treatment for your skin.

If you’ve yet to up the ante with your body care, here are a few recipes to try depending on your mood and lifestyle…

Instant stress reliever: The blend of blue chamomile and arnica in ilapothecary’s SOS Body Balm, £36, is reassuringly soothing. What is most impressive though is the smooth, non-sticky texture of the balm, which melts into a light oil on contact with your skin. Be warned, a little goes a long way and you can use all over or on dry patches, such as elbows, knees and ankles.

Post-gym soothers: If you’ve taken your New Year’s resolution to get fit seriously and have hit the gym hard this month, there are an abundance of products to help soothe and restore. Unlike a lot of sport-focused body care, Kneipp Arnica Joint & Muscle Mineral Bath Salt, £8.95, helps to ease tight, sore muscles, while still feeling pampering. To compliment these salts, follow-up with Temple Spa Muscle-Tox, £25, which combines 21 heavenly Mediterranean oils to recharge your body.

Morning wake-up: Not all of us have time to take a long, hot soak in the bath, but fortunately there are other options. This Works Energy Bank Shower Gel, £16, turbocharges your shower with its zingy scent. If body lotion takes too long to soak in of a morning, swap your usual formula for de Mamiel Botaniques Revitalising Body Serum, £55. It is packed full of nourishing oils yet absorbs within seconds, and it smells divine.

Sunday evening ritual: Setting yourself up for the week ahead with a spa-like beauty routine on a Sunday has become so popular it now has its own hashtag, #selfcaresunday. In keeping with its name, Neom’s Tranquility Scented Candle, £30, creates a calming and comforting atmosphere and when teamed with Soapsmith Camden Town Bath Soak, £16, you can expert a good night’s sleep. As mentioned above, Ameliorate’s new Transforming Body Cream, provides its results-driven formula in a more indulgent texture.