What Is Numerology?

What Is Numerology?

The seemingly unstoppable rise of the wellness industry has led to a many of us engaging in our spiritual side. While crystals, meditation and gong baths might have been shrugged off as too woo-woo for some a few years back, crystal-inspired treatments and meditation classes are cropping up all over the place. Numerology is the latest philosophy to have a resurgence.

But what is it and why are brands including ilapothecary and 72 Hair looking to numbers as a source of inspiration for their products? Here’s everything you need to know about numerology and how certain digits might define you?

What is numerology?

In the most basic of terms, it is the science of numbers. It’s based on the idea that when the universe is broken down to its simplest form you are left with numbers. We all have a set of numbers that are personal to us and tend to crop up over and over again throughout our lifetime. Pythagoras believed that ‘all things are numbers’ and was the first to discover the patterns and significance of certain digits.

What do the numbers mean?

1 – The Leader

You like to strike out on your own and seek new experiences. You’re independent and you like to be the boss.

2 – The Adapter

While one is male and yang, two is female and yin. You’re aware of the two opposing sides and are often seen as the peacemaker.

3 – The Combination

Bestowing qualities of both one and two, you have a zest for life and want to continually grow. You’re friendly, expansive and have a happy-go-lucky nature.

4 – The Stable One

Four is the symbol of law and order. You’re practical, disciplined and have impressive endurance as a result.

5 – The Freedom Seeker

Change and adventure excite you more than most and you’re incredibly versatile. You’re also very good at communicating and a natural-born promoter.

6 – The Harmoniser

You strive for harmony, truth and justice. A close companion or marriage is important to you and you’re likely to thrive when you have a creative outlet.

7 – The Philosopher

You’re comfortable in your own company and like to have time to think and mull things over. Seven is also called the sacred number and it also relates to the health of the body, hence why lots of scientists and teachers fall under this number.

8 – The Judge

You will assume a place of power in chosen field or role and tend to reap recognition and financial reward. You have the ambition and drive to overcome obstacles and succeed.

9 – The Lover

Selflessness is the word that sums you up best. You’re compassionate and patient, always wanting to give back. As the final number, you have the best bits of every digit that precedes you.

How to work out your life lesson number

There are lots of different numbers, including your full name and your birth date. It’s commonly thought that the latter is the most helpful and offers a beginners insight into numerology. Your birth date reveals your life lesson number, which represents the lessons you must learn in your life. It’s also associated with your career path. To discover your number, you simply add up your entire birth date. For example, if your birth date was 19th February 1989, you would add up like this:

19+02+1989 (1+9+8+9=27)

19+02+9 (10+2+9=21)


Therefore, your life lesson number would be 3.

If you want to know more, it’s worth adding up the letters of your name, which will give you your soul number.