Weekend Read 19 December 2020

Weekend Read 19 December 2020

With this being the last Weekend Read of the year, there are many things that I want to talk to you about.  And it is the last Weekend Read of the year because next Saturday is Boxing Day, no more, no less.  I think the best I can do here is to tell you that I loved writing last week’s awards for so many different reasons, but mostly because they were liberating in choice and recognition.  That said, I had to hold back rather a lot for space reasons, so I’ve made an executive decision of one, that I will continue to dole out some more deserving words and treats today, together with all the latest news and feedback.  Shabir will be thrilled.  I can feel it in my bones.

I will write in no particular order of importance, all I want to do here is to spill my thoughts, and I do so with respect to all the brands, products and people who have stood on our platform with each of us throughout this difficult year, but more on that at the end.  I don’t want to get over-emotional before I begin, so let’s do this thing.  And I’m going to start with Fulvic.  Because I can.

As I wrote last week, I make no apology for self-awarding Ful.Vic.Health and I will continue here.  Sure, it won Brand of the Year, it deserved it because each of the products have made a remarkable difference to so many of you. Because I was self-awarding, I was rather sensitive to the fact that Fulvic couldn’t dominate proceedings, so I will carry this through today.

I would have given Fulvic the Haircare of the Year Award, so I will retrospectively do this now for so many reasons, but mostly because it continues to lead the way in helping address the health and wellbeing of our scalps, with a particular focus on hair thinning and hair loss.  No instant miracles though because this is a complex and difficult concern, so we have to manage our expectations. 

We always say that it can take up to six months to start noticing a difference, so with a little help from me to you, I am reducing the price of Fulvic Acid Shampoo and Fulvic Acid Conditioner by £5 respectively.  And just for good measure, I am doing the same with Superior Hair, our bestselling supplement for hair loss.  And it has been that way for several years, such is its efficacy.  This offer will go across the weekend, whilst stock lasts, ending at midnight GMT tomorrow, Sunday 20 December.
Fulvic Acid Shampoo £20 for 240 ml; Fulvic Acid Conditioner £20 for 240 ml; Superior Hair £23.50 for 90 Capsules 

Launching a new product is always a rather emotive experience.  Although we have of course launched some of the biggest brands in the world over the years, nobody can write the script as to what happens next.  You would think, after all these years, that I would be used to doing launches, but I’m not at all complacent (far from it) so it is with much joy and perspective that I can tell you that Clinisoothe+ completely sold out over last weekend.  Both sizes.  So with apologies for yet another wait list, now resolved, a few more words.

If you missed what I wrote, then I will refer you back to last Saturday’s Weekend Read, but essentially when you launch a revolutionary product with proven results, then it will do its own thing in terms of recognition.  With an abundance of skin issues coming to the fore, which would include eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, rosacea, acne and spots, I resisted writing about the compromised skin conditions which kind of go hand-in-hand with wearing a mask.  I am incredibly bored with reading the never-ending articles on this subject, so I’ve mentioned it, but not mentioned it.  I think you get the gist.     

Anyway, Skin Purifier is a brilliant product, it is sorely needed and not only is this what professional skin health is all about, as I said last week, but the brand and product are loaded with integrity and that is what really matters in this dog-eats-dog world.  I’ll stop there.  Basically because so many of you have become rather adept at reading between the lines.  I do so with purpose.  Always with purpose.  And meaning.
Clinisoothe+ Skin Purifier £14.95 for 100 ml; Clinisoothe+ Skin Purifier £19.95 for 250 ml 

Save for writing about Vitamin D, because I gave it an award, I am very aware that I didn’t mention immunity last week.  I thought I’d leave it for this week because of course our immunity has been the key and primary concern of the year.  I think it is now a given that we all need to help protect our immunity as best we can, not only during the winter months, but ongoing throughout the year to come.  Having written my Covid caveat across all things pandemic related this year, I will do so again because it is important to understand that none of the products will prevent you from catching Covid-19, but they will help support your immune system.

Of course the immunity supplementation market is a massive one, most especially because every man and his dog (second dog mention!) decided to jump on the health bandwagon this year.  And suddenly ‘they’ are all experts on the subject, which would be laughable if it wasn’t so serious.  But I need to curtail the rant that resides deep within as I reveal the three supplements I have been doling out to my friends and family to help keep them on the better side of safe this year, wherever I can.

I think you could possibly guess the products and they are of course Daily Immunity, Fulvic Acid Elixir and DLux 3000.  Although I have moments when I add other things into the mix, primarily these are the three supplements that I take as well.  So nothing to add except you know what I’m about to do.  I am reducing the price of Daily Immunity from £26 to £20 and the price of Fulvic Acid Elixir from £30 to £25.  I will keep these lowered price points across the weekend and these offers will end at midnight GMT tomorrow, Sunday 20 December or whilst stock lasts.  Responsible gifting.  I feel.
VH Editorials: A Daily Supplement That Supercharges Your Immunity; The Elixir of Life; Daily Immunity £20 for 60 Capsules; Fulvic Acid Elixir £25 for 480 ml; DLux 3000 Spray £7.95 for 15 ml 

As most of you know, I love your feedback and of course I was thrilled to bits that so many of you concurred with my choice of Hero Product of the Year, which was of course Fulvic Acid Nail Cream.  That aside many of you had your own thoughts about award-winning products.  I can’t write about all of them today, so I have chosen just one to share with you, as follows:

‘I would like to propose my own category of an Unsung Product of the Year and award it to Eye Contour Serum.  It never seems to get mentioned, but I can honestly say it has made a huge difference to my eyes, both the wrinkles and the dark circles.  I flirt with lots of different eye creams, but they all go on top of this serum’.

With forgiveness (maybe) to Shabir, who actually formulated this product for his own use, I am happy to give it a mention in the here and now.  Arise Shabir, and now sit down again because I am not giving you an award.  The award is for Eye Contour Serum and in so doing I am reducing the price by £3 for today only, Saturday 19 December.  This offer will end at midnight GMT, together, in all probability, with Shabir’s sense of humour.  As I take it right to the edge.  Again.
Eye Contour Serum by GoW for VH £15 for 30 ml (reverts to £18 tomorrow, Sunday 20 December) 

Let’s do a health concern.  A very common health concern and it is all about ear infections and earache.  The medical term for an ear infection is otitis media.  The word otitis stands for ear, which means inflammation and the term media means middle, as the infection usually occurs in the middle ear canal.  Shabir takes a look at the main causes of ear infections together with natural remedies, as he recommends Organic Ear Oil, which he thinks is brilliant.  So it must be then.
VH Editorial: Ear Infections and Earache; Organic Ear Oil £12.95 for 30 ml

A slight diversion away from products, if I may.  Throughout this year I have written about the importance of sharing however and wherever we can.  I have also written that this platform belongs to each of us and how so many of my like-minded friends stand together with us, sometimes visibly and sometimes not.  It is with warmth and love that I tell you about a wonderful initiative created by my friends Sarah Stacey and Catherine Fenton and it is called Share A Meal.  The sole purpose of Share A Meal is to help connect with people living on their own who have lost the motivation to eat properly.

I will of course refer you to the Share A Meal website below, but essentially it’s a very simple concept.  Whatever and whenever you are cooking, cook just a little bit more and then share with those who are in need.  And sometimes it might not even be about the food, but it could be just about seeing another human being in an otherwise isolated world.  It is always the small things that matter the most in life.  Without exception.

Onwards and into a treat.  And before I say one more word, I need to tell that this is an extraordinarily limited treat, so please be understanding as I tell you that the treat comes from Blooming Blends.  We love Blooming Blends because their tinctures are incredibly powerful.  With a dedicated shout-out to De-Stress and Sleep Botanical Tincture, they can be used either as a stand-alone or as an adjunct to other supplementation.  So, as I hold my breath, I will tell you that if you order any of the Blooming Blend tinctures, we will automatically include their De-Stress Facial Mist (50 ml), which is worth £18.  Only one gift per customer on this one.  And I could well be taking up residence under my desk in the shortest time.
Blooming Blends 

Debating with myself as to whether or not to do another treat, I have decided to do it.  It is from Soapsmith and I am very aware that the last time I did a Soapsmith treat, it was all over before it had barely begun.  Such is its following, such is the love for Soapsmith, so here it comes with a caveat from me.  It is also another one of those very limited offers, so if you are prevented from adding it to your basket, that would be because there are none left.  It is their All Scents Soap all beautifully boxed.  They are normally £10, I’ll take £3 off and make them £7, whilst stock lasts.  And we all know they probably won’t make it to the other side of 10 am. GMT.  So please may I ask that you only order one box each, in order to enable others.  Thank you.
All Scents Soap by Soapsmith £7 

I realise, with a modicum of amusement, that I haven’t really spoken about seasonal gifting this year, save for a product here and there like the Fabulous Cracker from Margaret Dabbs.  I’m not really into any of those gift sets that seem to flood the market each year, but there are always one or two that I will write about.  And leaving it right to the very last minute, I will refer you to the Festive Hands and Feet Duo, also from Margaret Dabbs.  It includes Intensive Hydrating Foot Lotion and Intensive Hydrating Hand Lotion.  It’s £24.  And that is the beginning, middle and end of my gifting section.  Amen to that.
Festive Hands and Feet Duo by Margaret Dabbs £24; Fabulous Cracker from Margaret Dabbs £8 (RRP £12)

I have news.  Earlier this year I was singing the praises of Zam-Buk Antiseptic Ointment and then it went out of stock for months on end.  Well, at last it is back again and why do I love it, aside from the tin, I love it because this is one of those fabulous retro products, it is loaded with Eucalyptus, Pine and Thyme oil, which have been used for centuries as a useful remedy to help soothe cuts, sores, bruises, sprains, burns, chilblains and many more ailments.  I also love it because it’s £3.99.  Medicine cabinet stuff.  Go.
Zam-Buk Antiseptic Ointment £3.99 for 20 grams

The feedback.  A few weeks ago I wrote about the wonderful Atlantic Seaweed Bath.  It is one of those classic (and epic) VH products.  I particularly love it because it isn’t loaded with essential oils. My choice of bath treats is severely restricted because of my essential oil allergy.  But more than that actually, much more, because I have received news from an insomniac, who told me that after having a rather long soak in her seaweed bath, she had the best night’s sleep in several years.  And so she went again, because you can use it twice within 48 hours, and she slept again.  The new sleep bath.  Perhaps.
Atlantic Seawood Bath £12 

And to end the product section, I just want to heap the praise onto Temple Spa once again for winning the Beauty Tool of the Year Award.  I am doing this because I got my sums all wrong and we sold out.  So with apologies for the wait, Eye Therapist is now back in stock, until I have another meltdown moment when I discover they have all gone.  Again.
Eye Therapist by Temple Spa £10

With this being the last Weekend Read of the year, it is of course a reflective time as we near the end of an extraordinarily difficult and strange time in each of our lives.  Together with Shabir, I believe that it would be a complete dereliction of our responsibility and duty if we ignored the very real issues that have fallen upon each of us.  I have written so many times that it is not only about the products we endorse, but it is in fact an endorsement of each of our lives, which is of equal importance, if not more this year.

As the pandemic hit in, I made the decision to write weekly, rather than monthly.  Primarily it was to keep you updated about the very real delays and issues we were having with products and then somehow it morphed into something else.  As it stands today, I truly believe that it has allowed us to become far closer on so many different levels.  Having lived through several recessions, I knew that we had to share, wherever we could and as best we could.  And so I hope, in some small way, we have managed to achieve that.

Outside of products, it is very obvious that we need to heal, on a global level.  These things take time, there is no overnight fix, and it’s all we can do to stand together with love, trust and compassion.  As most of you know, I am the eternal optimist and I have to believe that we will get through, each of us together.  We don’t know what it will look like, but as long as we maintain the love, compassion and trust, then we can make it.  That much I know.

As I write this, it remains relatively unknown what will happen over the Christmas break, so all I will say here is that together with Shabir, Lara and the entire VH team, I send you my love for a safe and peaceful Christmas and New Year. 

With love

Gill x