We Are Wild Skincare Really Ree Review

We Are Wild Skincare Really Ree Review

Really Ree

We Are Wild Skincare UK Review – Stick-based Regime By Really Ree


  • The US stick-only skincare brand We Are Wild has launched in the UK and I am rather taken with it. Not only is it super convenient and travel friendly but the formulations feature probiotic and fermentation technology. Here is everything you need to know.

    What are the We Are Wild Products? So this is a super concise and easy to understand collection which I am really happy to see. There are just three products in the core collection!

    Probiotic Cleanser – Solid Clean
    Probiotic Toner / Hydrating Serum – Solid Water
    Nourishing Balm Moisturiser – Solid Oil

    Every product is vegan, non-toxic and cruelty free, and offers up a complete regime. All you need to do is add sunscreen during the day.

    My Review

    I have tried out all three products and I have to say, I was instantly impressed. The range is dubbed as ‘recreation skincare’ and it’s all about ease of use, practical solutions and travelling light. I don’t really fit into this category at all, but I am still loving the products.

    Solid Clean

    This is a solid cleansing balm. You swipe it on to the skin, then massage it in to help it transform it into an oil. As soon as you add water, it surprisingly bubbles into a brilliant micro foam that lifts away dirt without stripping the skin.

    I think this is a brilliant 2nd cleanse after removing makeup – especially as I wouldn’t want to draw it straight on to a made up face.

    Soybean ferment extract and punica granatum to balance and nourish the skin.

    Solid Water

    I love this! It feels cold and soothing and literally melts into the skin and absorbs instantly. It uses pure water, probiotics and fermented antioxidants to tone and deeply hydrate.

    It goes perfectly under any other product as it disappears into the skin.

    Solid Oil

    This uses a blend of 12 natural oils including sunflower, moringa, jojoba and tamanu to moisturise, relieve dryness and restore troubled skin. I just swiped a few times and then massaged it all over my face. It’s a lovely soft texture and leaves skin supple and smooth. A little goes a long way, I found.

    I love the idea that you can throw three sticks into your bag for travel and you wouldn’t even need to use a ziplock bag for flying as nothing is liquid! Imagine all the extra makeup you can shove in! They are ideal for full holidays, work travel or weekends away and all you need to add is SPF, as I have already mentioned. Sorry to repeat myself, but I don’t leave the house without it!

    Where Can You Buy We are Wild Skincare?

    This US brand has just launched in the UK at Victoria Health. Each stick is £22. If you want to strip back your skincare, and make things super simple and extremely easy, I couldn’t recommend this trio more.

    We Are Wild