Travel size beauty product of the week

Travel size beauty product of the week

Our favourite beauty product this week is a sheet mask that’s utterly perfect for a long weekend away – Nannette De Gaspé Vitality Revealed Face – by Catherine Robinson

  •  Nannette De Gaspé Face Mask

    The first nudist restaurant in Paris, O’Naturel, is to close. While I don’t like another’s downfall, I cannot help but feel thoroughly relieved. The dream of a romantic weekend in Paris and dinner in a cosy bistro was eclipsed by the terror of being asked to drop my drawers at coat check. And don’t get me started on the sanitary issues I have with sitting on a chair that has played base to other bare-bottomed folk.

    It’s not that I don’t love naked flesh, I do, in fact, I positively endorse it when Nannette de Gaspé brings out a new mask. Nannette is the executive chair of Quebec based bio-tech company Biomod which researches wearable skincare technologies and developed the first ever dry sheet mask. I love dry sheet masks because of their mess-free ease, I wear mine when I’m getting dressed without the worry of getting cream all over my clothes and if you don’t mind looking a little funny, they give the best post flight glow if worn 20 minutes before landing. Her latest, Vitality Revealed, is designed to be worn for five consecutive days for 20 minutes.

    You place the fabric over your face, fix it into place by looping the slits over your ears and lightly tap to release the cocktail of vitamins and nutrients to reduce sagging, restore hydration, wake up the skin and improve texture. On day one, I was glowing; day two, I saw a cheekbone, day three, luminosity on a dull January morning. Day four, I thought ‘wow my skin looks great’ and day five, I demanded to be taken on a date night in a brightly lit restaurant because my skin looked so fabulous. This is utterly perfect for a long weekend away, light as a feather to pack and thin enough to slip inside the pages of your book. Who knows, maybe if Nannette created a full body suit, I may have been brave enough to visit O’Naturel.

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