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The Tweezy

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    When I say ‘cheek fuzz’, you’ll either know what I mean or you won’t. It’s the down that carpets some faces like the fluff on the skin of a peach. And either it bothers you or it doesn’t.

    It can thicken in places, gathering below the ear to form a semi-sideburn or lengthening under the chin to produce a delicate cashmere neck-beard. And the upper lip? Well, anything is possible.

    There is something disheartening about heading off for a full face of threading. It’s uncomfortable, pricey, faintly humiliating and a proper bore in terms of rolling maintenance. But now the Tweezy has landed. It’s dead cheap, super-easy and – strangely – kind of fun.

    Now don’t use this curious implement on your eyebrows, which as a crucial component of the architecture of your face require precision, but for that fine facial rug, those rogue moustachio strands and the witchetty chin-stragglers, arm yourself with this slinkly little beast. You kind of twirl it (there’s a useful and mercifully brief online how-to video) and rub it up and down and, with minimum wince, hairs are tugged from the root. Little danger of in-grown horror, no redness whatsoever.

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