The Reason You Might Not Be Having Enough Sex

The Reason You Might Not Be Having Enough Sex

We’re in the midst of National Stop Snoring Week. Yes, there really is such a thing. Snoring is a big issue for a lot of couples. A recent study by Ginger Research found that almost three quarters of Brits have a partner who snores in bed, with 45% claiming to be regularly woken by the sound, and over a third having been forced to wake their other halves up in the night because of their noisy sleeping.

Researchers also discovered that it is main reason that four out of ten couples across the UK choose to sleep in separate rooms. Being forced out of your bed and into the spare room does have its benefits though. According to the study, 34% of these couples claim to not only have better sex, but more of it.

Over half of these couples claimed that sleeping in separate beds encouraged them to spice up their sex life, as well as explore other rooms in the house.

What affects your libido?

Of course, sleeping in separate beds can only help so much. A low libido can affect both men and women at any point in life, and can cause a bigger strain on any relationship than snoring. What causes a dip in your libido? Well, there are a multitude of possibilities, including high levels of stress, a lack of sleep and hormonal changes.

It’s common for women to notice a change in their sex drive before, during or after menopause due to a drop in testosterone and oestrogen. Some medications, such as pills for high blood pressure and depression, can also have an impact on your libido.

How can you boost your libido?

First and foremost, you need to identify what is causing it and solve the root cause. If you’re going through the menopause or your hormones are in a state of flux, then it’s worth incorporating a sage supplement (try Sage Complex by VH) into your routine as this helps to rebalance your hormones. You should notice a reduction in other side effects too, such as hot flushes and mood swings.

If stress is impacting your sex life, then you need to tackle this head-on. Admittedly this is no mean feat, but Shabir has several helpful suggestions in How To Combat Stress Effectively. Looking into natural herbs that help ease tension and anxiety, such as ashwagandha (KSM-66 Ashwagandha Plus from Wild Nutrition is very good) could also help, especially if the stress causes are out of your control at the moment.

Feeling stressed out can also affect your sleep pattern, which can also exacerbate your low libido. For some of us getting eight hours of sleep every night is virtually impossible, but taking simple steps like introducing a regular bed time and avoiding heavy meals, caffeine and sugary snacks before bed could help. For more advice read Are You Getting Sufficient Sleep?.

Are there any natural remedies to help?

There some natural remedies that will help enhance your sex drive. Pharma Nord’s Lady Prelox is a patented formula that helps to boost pleasure, desire and comfort, while Lamberts L-Histidine HCI is just £10.95 and provides 500mg of l-histidine, which helps support your nervous system and is an essential compound for achieving sexual climax.

Those who need a little extra help to alleviate vaginal dryness should look to The Yes Yes Company’s range of natural lubricants.

If you’re looking for more of a confidence boost, then it’s definitely worth looking into Blooming Blends cleverly concocted Be Sexy tincture. With shatavari to boost your libido and Siberian ginseng to promote confidence, a few drops of this could be just the tonic.