The Bathing Ingredient That Could Fend Off Colds

The Bathing Ingredient That Could Fend Off Colds

If this week’s drop in temperature is anything to go by autumn has most certainly arrived. While the weather might warm come 4pm, coats are mandatory in the morning and it’s cold and dark again by 7pm. With the small changes in temperature, it’s no surprise that more of us are prone to catching a cold at this time of year. If the first few weeks of autumn are prime time for getting a lurgy for you, it might be worth considering popping two Daily Immunity supplements every morning.

For those who have already been struck down by a cold down, suffering with a foggy head, sore throat and blocked nose, there is a rather interesting remedy making waves across social media. You might be well acquainted with sipping honey, lemon and ginger, but the latter is also fast becoming the bath ingredient of choice.

Ginger is renowned for its anti-inflammatory, nausea soothing, circulation boosting capabilities and is regularly used in herbal remedies. When it comes to relief from common colds, ginger is assumed to help increase circulation and encourage your body to sweat out the toxins. So why would you go to the hassle of bathing in it rather than drinking ginger tea? It’s thought that a warm bath helps you to relax and increase your body temperature.

A handful or freshly grated ginger or two-to-three teaspoons of powdered ginger should be enough. If you want a fuss-free method to trying a ginger bath, employ two teabags of Pukka Organic Three Ginger Tea instead. Relax back in the bath for around 20-to-30 minutes and expect to sweat a little after your bath. It goes without saying that we wouldn’t recommend dunking your head under the water as the ingredient might make your eyes sting.

You should avoid bathing in ginger if you suffer with high blood pressure or heart issues. Look to cleverly blended tinctures, such as Dr Nenninger’s Cold and Sinus Solution, which offers relief from cold symptoms without leaving you feeling drowsy. It’s also worth looking into Daily Immunity, as mentioned above, as the formula helps to prevent and treat common colds and infections.