Sun Creams vs Moisturisers With SPF

Sun Creams vs Moisturisers With SPF

Speak to almost any dermatologist and they will say that the best method for keeping your skin healthy is wearing SPF every day. The detrimental impact that sunlight has on our skin, in terms of health and cosmetic, is well documented. A recent study called into question our approach to sun protection and how we apply it.

Researchers at the University of Liverpool found that our choice of sunscreen – sun creams or moisturisers with SPF – can determine how we apply it and ultimately, how well our skin is protected. The study found that those who used moisturiser with SPF were likely to miss 16.6% of their face compared to those who applied sun cream, who missed just 11.1%.

“When applying both sunscreen and moisturiser, the area around to eyes is often missed, particularly near the nose. Participants covered a smaller area of the face when using moisturiser compared to sunscreen,” said Mr Austin McCormick, researcher and consultant ophthalmic and oculoplastic surgeon.

Interestingly, the study also found that men were marginally better at applying the products than women, as were people with darker skin tones and older participants. The majority of the study failed to apply enough product sufficiently and effectively.

So, how can you up your sun protection game? Finding a formula that works for your skin will make it feel like less of a chore. If you prefer to use a moisturiser with SPF rather than sun cream because they’re lighter in texture and block your pores, it might be worth looking into a translucent formula such as iS Clinical Eclipse SPF50+, £32. Not only it is lightweight, but it also doesn’t leave a chalky white finish. Incorporating Salicylic Acid into your routine with also help to unclog pores and prevent any SPF-induced breakouts.

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