Sheald Recovery Balm

Sheald Recovery Balm

  • Sheald Recovery Balm

    Do you ever, when it’s cold and windy and relentless, get those tiny cracks at the side of your lips? Generally people won’t notice them, but they make you feel like a syphilitic filth-bag and they don’t heal for ages. And what about a tiny paper cut that won’t win you any sympathy because it’s invisible, but it’s gone all throbby and disproportionately sore? Or, what if you went for a bit of a laser peel (and this is the time of year to do it, what with the dark days), and you are flaking and peeling and you have a big meeting/date/party tomorrow and you thought you’d look human but by God you look actually reptilian?

    When Victoria Health, that most authoritative and innovative of beauty and wellbeing websites, launches a new product, then you kind of know it’s going to be something. So Sheald Recovery Balm, beneficiary of its latest fanfare, was worth a squirt.

    It encourages faster healing across the spectrum of skin ailments. It prevents scabbing and encourages collagen synthesis. It prevents the maddening itch that goes with skin irritation. It hydrates and soothes dry patches, but also proves itself to be a powerfully reparative post-procedure formula. And you know when your you burn the back of your hand getting something out of the oven and it goes all plum-coloured and shiny and ugly and… I could go on, but you get the picture.

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