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Sheald In Vogue

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    Life Lines

    Whether you regard your scars as marks of character or unsightly flaws, there are some effective new ways to treat them, writes Kelly Gilbert.

    We all have one. A scribble on a knee from a childhood fall; a slice across the abdomen from an excised appendix; perhaps pitted cheeks from some long-healed acne. Scars blight indiscriminately and, however they form, are rarely welcome. But advances in skincare and treatments mean scars can be substantially reduced and indeed permanently camouflaged.

    It seems unlikely, but there’s nothing like seizing the moment when it comes to ensuring perfect skin. There’s a healing product available called Sheald from iS Clinical, the unfussy, insider cosmeceutical brand, which encourages application even on open wounds. “Yes, Sheald can be used directly on cut or raw skin before a scab has formed,” says iS Clinical founder Bryan Johns. “It creates an anti-microbial barrier that activates repair with amino acids and lipids, and it stops pain and itching, too. It’s a twenty-first-century alternative to the plaster.”
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