September Newsletter 2014

September Newsletter 2014

Welcome to the September newsletter where we take a look at a pretty sensational new product from America, we release two new limited edition kits from Phylia (run, don’t walk!), our love for all things magnesium continues with the launch of a new product and we throw the focus on several health issues including cold sores, eye floaters and essential fats. Yet again I have to write about the death of a product, which seems to be a monthly occurrence, and we have a new product launch from Sarah Chapman. Let’s go:


Many of you may have heard about the Paleo Diet, which is sometimes referred to as ‘The Caveman Diet’; I can do no better than refer you to an article on The Paleolithic Diet, which you can read here. The Paleolithic Diet, was first theorized by gastroenterologist, Walter L Voegtlin in the 1970’s, but it really started to receive media attention when Loren Cordain, published The Paleo Diet in 2001. By 2013 it had become the most Googled diet on the internet and it is now gaining huge momentum in the UK. Believing that we should stick to what cavemen ate: meat, vegetables, fruits, seeds and nuts, Cordain advises avoiding grains, along with anything that prehistoric man wouldn’t have recognized, such as dairy, pulses, sugar and processed food.

I am not one for advocating diets, fad or otherwise, but the Paleo makes perfect sense to me and it’s not just about losing weight as it can help various health issues too. In health terms, our intake of sugar has been this year’s ‘breaking news’ story and we believe the focus will now shift to the gut as there is a growing awareness of the detrimental effects of grains and starches.

I discovered PaleoGreens when a close friend was diagnosed with a mild form of colitis and was strongly advised to take PaleoGreens; this triggered an abundance of research (do so love heavy duty research!) and I discovered that in independent laboratory testing, PaleoGreens, at the time, left most other ‘green foods’ standing. Unlike a lot of green powders, it does not include any grain derived components, such as pea fibres. This is not just for the sake of the Paleo philosophy, but because there is ample scientific evidence pointing to the detrimental effects of grains’ and legumes’ allergenic components on the immune system. Inexpensive fillers or bulking agents, such as whole grasses, pectin, rice bran or flax, are not included in this formulation as they can interfere with the bioavailability of fragile phytonutrients.

Just to dig a little deeper, gastro-intestinal problems mostly arise as a result of toxins building in the gut causing inflammatory conditions such as colitis and diverticulitis. Constipation is a huge concern as well; irregular bowel movements create toxicity in the body as well as bloating. When put to the test, PaleoGreens delivered on its promise of regular bowel movements, resulting in sustained energy and overall wellbeing.

That aside, toxins can lead to all types of skin concerns, so if you are seeking clear, radiant skin, PaleoGreens will help do that too as the skin is our largest eliminating organ, but please be patient; eliminating toxins is like peeling an onion, there are many, many layers, so continued use is highly recommended.

As you may have realized, I am now on a clean-up mission; I am doling it out to all my friends and I’m on it too; the best thing to do is to put the green powder into water and let it stand for at least an hour; this will increase the potency. It will go a bit thicker than when first mixed, so you can add more water or top it up with fruit juice.

As many of you know, I am incapable of writing about mediocrity in products, I’d rather give this whole ‘shindig’ up than do that, so if you can afford to take the very best in class, I urge you to do so because this product is truly amazing; it is recommended that you mix one tablespoon a day with water, which means that one tub will last approximately a month, but you can kick-start by taking a tablespoon for the first three days and then decrease it to a teaspoon or two a day.

When I wrote about PaleoGreens on the Addicts Bulletin a couple of weeks ago, it went rather wild, we sold through in just under a day and then came the inevitable wait list, so I’m sorry to those who had to wait. We are currently fully stocked and I will end by referring you to another article on the Paleo Diet by Anna Magee, which was published in The Telegraph earlier this year, which you can read here. Nothing more to add!
PaleoGreens £70.45 for 270 grams

Yacon Syrup

If you regularly read this newsletter, you will know that we launched Yacon Syrup on the July newsletter; if you missed what I wrote, you can read it here, but in a nutshell we took a look at why Yacon was trending heavily in America and why sugar has such a detrimental effect on our bodies.

I concluded that section of the newsletter by saying that too much sugar does not just make us fat, it can also make us sick, after also having outlined the health benefits of Yacon. Needless to say, the demand for Yacon has been extraordinarily high and many of you are buying in quantity, so read on for the Yacon treat.

For a limited time only, we have created the ‘Yacon Syrup Treat’; we have put two Yacon Syrups together, which would normally cost £36, then knocked £6 off, which means that if you buy two together, it will cost you £30. This offer is available until midnight on Friday 12 September, whilst stocks last.

You may also wish to read Shabir’s article on Yacon and just to say that we love giving back and sharing wherever we can, so if you are a Yacon fan, we hope you enjoy the treat.
VH Editorial: Can Yacon Syrup Help You Lose Weight; Yacon Syrup Treat £30 (2 x Super Yacon Syrup 1000); Super Yacon Syrup 1000 £18 for 236 ml

The Phylia de M Travel Kits

We launched Phylia in the UK just over two years ago and as I have consistently written, this treatment range of products has a massive following because of its efficacy in treating hair health, including thinning hair and hair loss. The positive difference these products have made to so many people is truly astounding, including those with critical illness where hair loss can be an incredibly emotive subject.

We have, on a couple of occasions, given you an opportunity to buy limited edition travel kits; the demand normally far exceeds the supply and so I am really happy to be able to offer you two new travel kits. A couple of things to say here, the first is that of course they don’t have to be used for travel, if you have never used Phylia, this is a great opportunity for you to try the products and the second thing is that once again, we only have limited stock, so get them whilst you can!

Together with Kazu Namise, the founder of Phylia de M, I would like to introduce you to the new Phylia de M Travel Kits, featuring the original three step Phylia de M regimen, Clean, Condition and Connect, as well as new travel sizes of Re-Connect and Fulphyl. Each product features the brand’s custom proprietary blend of aloe, tannic and pure humic-free fulvic acids, which encourages the body’s own inherent ability to renew cells, restore keratin and maintain a healthy and stable nerve-to-follicle connection.

The Travel Kit now comes as a Four Step or Complete and the latter includes the award-winning Fulphyl in a travel size. First introduced in 2013, Fulphyl has fast become a staple of the cult Phylia de M regimen. The new 60 ml size contains approximately 12 servings, enough to last just under two weeks.

This revolutionary nutritional supplement features a concentrated form of the proprietary Fulvic Acid formula created by Kazu’s godfather, scientist Dr Dick Miyayama, who has studied herbal pharmacology for over three decades. The result of Dr Miyayama’s exclusive biomimetic process is a pure, potent and humic-free form of Fulvic Acid that works to heal, renew and restore from the inside out. For the first time, Fulphyl will be available in a 60 ml travel size.

Kazu states: ‘When we travel, our bodies become especially depleted of nutrients as we are not in our usual routine, so our bodies aren’t quite as regular and we are also eating different foods and have exposure to different air, water and environment. Fulphyl is extremely effective in mobilizing and activating vital nutrients and removing toxins, helping us stay in top form even through the inherent stress of travel – healing beauty from the inside out’.

The design of the new Phylia de M travel bag was art directed by Kazu and features a chick, minimalistic design inspired by the classic French textile pattern, toile-de-jouy meets vintage botanical prints – two of her favourite design inspirations. Each bag also features a special accent on the side: the hand-drawn logo rendering by founding scientist, Dr Miyayama.

My love for all things Phylia continues, I haven’t used any other hair products since the day Phylia came into my life, Shabir and I both take Fulphyl (alongside PaleoGreens now!) and quite honestly, once again, I am writing about ‘best in class’ products, which are result-driven and founded on the principles of integrity and truth. It matters.
The Phylia de M Four Step Travel Kit £70 (includes Clean, Condition, Connect and Re-Connect); The Phylia de M Complete Travel Kit £100 (includes Clean, Condition, Connect, Re-Connect and Fulphyl): VH Editorial: Fulvic Acid – The Elixir of Life

Magnesium Body Wash

The ongoing love affair with all things magnesium continues as we release Magnesium Body Wash. Over the years we have written reams about the importance of magnesium in many differing forms and Magnesium Body Wash is a magnesium-based shower gel that gently cleanses and nourishes. Highly concentrated with magnesium chloride, which is mined deep under the earth’s surface, this body wash is blended with natural gentle ingredients to help soften and moisturize your skin, including Peppermint and Rosemary essential oils to help energize and refresh. It also helps to correct magnesium deficiencies, which is a very good thing too, as most of us are magnesium deficient. Shabir takes an in-depth look at magnesium in the article below and just to say that this shower gel (you can put it in the bath too) will leave your skin soft and smooth; we like that!
VH Editorial: Magnesium – The Most Important Mineral We All OverlookMagnesium Body Wash £9.95 for 473 ml

Cold Sores

Cold sores are a condition caused by the infection of the herpes simplex virus. Nearly all of us have this virus in our bodies and it normally remains dormant where it resides in the sensory nerve cells near the site of infection.

The best way to both prevent and treat a cold sore is to take Lysine as numerous studies indicate that lysine supplementation can help to speed the recovery from, and prevent, recurrences of cold sores. Lysine itself has anti-viral properties, but additionally it helps block the uptake of arginine, an amino acid that promotes viral growth.

Lip balms and creams are very popular in the treatment of cold sores and coconut oil has extensive benefits as it contains an active ingredient called lauric acid. Lauric acid is a healthy super-saturated fat that helps fight fatigue and enhances metabolism in the body, which is then converted by the body into monolaurin, a powerful anti-viral chemical that destroys the protein sheath, which protects all viruses. Coconut is often recommended to be taken internally for preventing and treating cold sores.

Combining the anti-viral properties of both lysine and monolaurin, Lysine Lip Therape is a new lip balm specifically formulated to help prevent cold sore outbreaks. We recommend using it at least twice a day, but if you do have an outbreak, then please use the balm frequently to help clear the sores quickly.

If you experience cold sores on a very regular basis, then this could be indicative of nutritional deficiencies or a weakened immune system. A strong immune system will help battle against the virus replicating and may help to put it back into a dormant state. To support the immune system, we recommend the use of Daily Immunity, a comprehensive blend of nutrients, probiotics and herbs that play a varying role in strengthening the immune system.
Lysine Lip Therape £7.95; L-Lysine by Lamberts £8.50 for 120 Tablets; Daily Immunity £25 for 60 Capsules

Morning Facial by Sarah Chapman (Skinesis)

Following on from Sarah’s highly acclaimed ‘Overnight Facial’, her new ‘Morning Facial’ is formulated to help boost radiance, intensely hydrate and plump fine lines every morning whilst targeting deeper signs of damage and ageing by helping to boost collagen production for increased firmness and elasticity. Potent active ingredients help protect the skin barrier from environmental toxins and also help fight off the daily assaults of pollution and inflammation.

I am always fascinated with the background to new product launches and this is Sarah’s take on the subject: ‘Why save skin-transforming treatments for night-time? Morning Facial is a post-facial glow in a bottle, a silky morning elixir which combines the skin conditioning benefits of a treatment oil with the performance power of an active serum’.

Fastidious with her formulations, Sarah has ensured that Morning Facial is easily absorbed and that it helps regulate sebum production, leaving no shiny skin residue. High performance actives are present to help effectively plump the skin and will deliver intense and long lasting skin cell nourishment making it a perfect wake-up call for tired, thirsty skin, hung-over skin, stressed-out, dull and ageing skin.

To use, you just need to smooth a few drops of Morning Facial under or over your day cream every morning.
Morning Facial by Sarah Chapman £45 for 15 ml

Lagoon Water Bath Pebbles

My fixation and fascination of bathing products continues and not a lot makes me happier than testing bathing experiences that agree with my touchy-touchy skin. So to add to my collection, may I introduce you to Thalgo’s Lagoon Water Bath Pebbles. On last month’s newsletter I wrote about Thalgo’s Hyaluronic Acid Eye-Patch Masks and as I researched their heritage of marine based products, I decided to start my exploration with the bath pebbles. Combining the relaxing power of micro-algae active ingredients from the Pacific Ocean and aquatic aromas, the pebbles help induce a sense of wellbeing and deep relaxation. Instead of dropping a couple of pebbles into my bath, I ran the bath first and then popped two pebbles midway down my back and lent back.

As the pebbles started to fizz, I felt like I was having a wonderful spa treatment and then the water started to turn turquoise; in their description Thalgo say that the aromas are reminiscent of the atolls of the Poynesian Islands and although I have never been to the islands, if this is what the waters are like, I would like to go right now! The likelihood of that happening any time soon is pretty remote, so I shall just have to stick to my water pebbles and dream. Gorgeous little pebbles, you get six in a box and it is recommended you use two in each bath, but I think you could get away with just using one.

To complete the treatment, I slap on the eye-patch masks just because doing a double-whammy makes me pretty joyous. You could complete this home spa treatment by drinking Thalgo’s Serenity Tea, by which time you will be ready to sleep the night away.
Lagoon Water Bath Pebbles £22 for Six Pebbles; Hyaluronic Acid Eye-Patch Masks £34 for Eight Pairs; Organic Infus’Oceanes Serenity £7.30 for 20 Teabags

Essential Fats

Fats are required by every single cell of the body and are involved in the manufacture of hormones, the transport of some vitamins and for the protection of the heart and liver. However this statement does not apply to all fats. Most people consider fats as bad for you because they can block your arteries and encourage weight gain, but the desire to avoid fats can actually be detrimental to your body.

There are different types of fats and these include monounsaturated, polyunsaturated and saturated. Most foods contain a mixture in different ratios of these; butter, for example, can contain 65% saturated, 4% polyunsaturated and 30% monounsaturated.

Monounsaturated fats are helpful for reducing cholesterol levels in the body; they become liquid at room temperature and examples include those found in olive oil, canola oil and peanut oil. Specifically, they help to raise HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol) and lower LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol).

Polyunsaturated fats are also liquid at room temperature and examples include corn, sesame and safflower oils. There are two types of polyunsaturated fats, known as omega 3 and omega 6. Omega 6 fats are derived from meat, seeds, nuts and grains and most of us have an abundance of omega 6 fats. Omega 3 fats are derived from oily fish such as salmon and mackerel and green leafy vegetables also contain a small amount of these fats.

Saturated fats are the worst kind of fats because they can clog the arteries and may be responsible for numerous health concerns. They are often solid at room temperature and examples include cheese, meat, butter and oils such as palm oil.

As far as good fats are concerned, we all need to increase our uptake of omega 3 fats because an abundance of omega 6 can be pro-inflammatory, meaning inflammation may be caused in the body. Inflammation in the body is the leading cause of many diseases including cardiovascular and arthritic concerns. Most people do not have a sufficient intake of omega 3 and therefore increase levels by taking fish oils.

There are many fish oils available, but Shabir always recommends Krill Oil as it contains omega 3 in a unique form that can be utilized more efficiently than most fish oils and a cleaner source of omega 3. The body can never get too much omega 3 because these fats are involved in numerous processes within our bodies, including hormone manufacture. In general terms you can take up to 6000 mg of fish oils per day, but this dosage is usually reserved for mood elevation, so we recommend between 1000-2000 mg daily, unless you are on blood thinning medication.

To end, two things: firstly if you suffer from anxiety or low mood swings, we recommend PharmEpa E-EPA 90 taken in conjunction with Magnolia Rhodiola Complex, otherwise we recommend Krill Oil as above, but before you start clicking away on Krill, read what is coming next!
VH Editorial: Essential FatsPharmEpa E-EPA 90 £29.99 for 60 Capsules; Magnolia Rhodiola Complex £26 for 60 Capsules; Power of Krill £24.95 for 60 Softgels

Absolute Fundamentals

I have written about Absolute Fundamentals on a previous newsletter, but that was some time ago, so please read carefully because here comes another treat, which includes Power of Krill.

Shabir created this regimen because he believes that everybody should be taking all three of the following supplements for overall health and wellbeing:

Power of Krill: The most utilizable and cleanest source of omega 3 fatty acids, as above.

Mega Probiotic ND: Our bestselling probiotic, which is all-natural, non-dairy and acid-resistant to help support digestive tract health.

My Favorite Multiple Energizer: Containing 100% of the recommended daily amounts of all the essential vitamins and minerals in a highly energizing food base for maximum absorption and utilization by the body.

The Treat: We have put Power of Krill (£24.95) and Mega Probiotic ND (£18.50) together and thrown in My Favourite Multiple Energizer (£16.50) as a gift. So with the wave of a magic wand (ahem …!) this now becomes £43.45 and is available until midnight on Friday 12 September, or whilst current stocks last.
Absolute Fundamentals £43.45 (includes Power of Krill, Mega Probiotic ND and My Favorite Multiple Energizer)

The Death of a Product

Another product bites the dust and this month it is NatraFlex, which was a hugely popular herbal alternative cream to help reduce swelling, pain and joint stiffness. As it floats into ‘product heaven’, we have found an alternative, Napiers Capsicum & Ginger Warming Cream, which Shabir actually prefers.

Napiers famous warming cream has been formulated to ease and relax joints and muscles, whilst also helping to alleviate arthritic and muscle pain. It should be used as a massage rub to comfort muscles, joints and backs and it also eases neck tension (including tension headaches) and helps stimulate circulation. This cream does not burn the skin and it can be applied as often as required.
Capsicum & Ginger Warming Cream £8.50 for 100 ml

Eye Floaters and Flashes

Most of us, at some point in our lives, will probably experience the mild symptoms of seeing tiny spots floating around in our vision. These tiny spots are called floaters and are defined as small specks or clouds that drift in the field of vision. Floaters can be any shape including tiny dots, circles, cobwebs or clouds and are generally harmless.

To understand what causes floaters, we need to look at the structure of the eye. The eye is filled with a gel-like liquid called the vitreous humour, which is made primarily of hyaluronic acid. During youth, the vitreous humour has a gel-like consistency, but as we begin to age, it becomes more watery, especially around the middle of the eye, whilst the outer parts begin to get more solid.

The solid parts begin to break down and float within the watery parts of the eye and the images of clouds, circles and cobwebs are actually the reflection of the shadows of these particles onto the retina. Some people see lightning streaks or flashing lights and these are called flashes.

Floaters also have a tendency to sink to the bottom of the eyeball and can cause a temporary blurring of vision until they move to another area within the eye. In most cases, floaters are simply annoying and are associated with the ageing process and are generally harmless. However, you should see an ophthalmologist if the size, numbers and frequency of floaters increases dramatically, you experience sudden flashes in your vision or these is a decrease in vision.

Since the majority of cases of floaters are associated with the ageing of our bodies and of the fluids within the eye, we think it is pretty essential to take Hyaluronic Acid in supplement form to provide a strong therapeutic strength of absorbable hyaluronic acid, which is beneficial for the eyes, as well as joints and skin.

Additionally, antioxidants are known to protect all the structures within our bodies and according to the AREDS study (Age Related Eye Disorder Study), very specific antioxidants such as selenium and lutein help to protect our vision and other eye disorders including helping to prevent cataracts and macular degeneration.

The AREDS 2 study, which is ongoing, also recommends the inclusion of good strengths of omega 3 essential fats obtained from fish. One such supplement that combines all the nutrients recommended by the AREDS study is Nutrof Total, which we recommend whether you are suffering from floaters or simply wish to protect your vision.
VH Editorial: Eye Floaters and FlashesHigh Strength Hyaluronic Acid £35 for 30 Capsules; Nutrof Total £14.99 for 30 Capsules

Preventing and Treating Stress Headaches

With stress levels at an all-time high, it is no wonder that increasingly more people are complaining about stress and tension headaches. We understand that they are linked to stress, but what actually happens when these hit in?

Tension headaches are the most common type of headache and may appear once or twice a month, daily, or anywhere in between. For the majority, these headaches are mild and short-lived, but for some, the pain can carry on for several days. The pain tends to be throbbing, affecting the front, top and sides of the head. Most people experience pain around the back of the neck and in the muscles between the shoulder blades. Although some people may experience light sensitivity, tension headaches generally do not affect vision and balance.

Stress is clearly the causal factor for these types of headaches and it is thought that the stress hormone, cortisol, causes the tightening of the muscles and nerves around the neck and head, resulting in reduced blood flow to the brain. There are of course other factors that may play a role in tension headaches and these include hormonal imbalances, magnesium deficiencies, poor diet and sleep disturbances

Most people with tension headaches respond very favourably to magnesium supplementation; it is estimated that large numbers of the adult population are deficient in this very important mineral, which plays a vital role in over 300 biochemical reactions within our bodies. Magnesium plays a key role in energy production, stress response and hormone manufacture. Magnesium is also the key mineral for relaxation as it helps to relax muscles and nerves.

There are hundreds of magnesium supplements on the market, however the problem with magnesium supplementation is that magnesium is ill-absorbed by the body. We therefore recommend DynoMins Magnesium, which provides a food-state, acid resistant base of magnesium in a therapeutic dosage.
DynoMins Magnesium £14.95 for 90 Tablets

News About Three Skincare Brands

As I have written many times, we are all different and we all have varying needs from the skincare that we use, so here is an update from three of our brands:

Innovative Skincare: Together with the clinical range (iS Clinical), I have used these skincare products for nearly ten years and as most of you know, I believe these products are right up there as the most immaculate and researched formulations on the global market. I know they are expensive, but as they are packed with highly active ingredients, less is more and they are completely result driven.

When we launched Instant Smoothing Gel, the reviews were completely outstanding with one stating it was like pulling a pair of Spanx over your face; the Restorative Eye Complex is pretty sensational too and it’s not only me stuffing this in my bag to bring home, Shabir uses it too and if it is possible, I think he is even more of a fusspot about his skin than I am.

Earlier this year we launched Sheald Recovery Balm to huge acclaim and it has gone on to become one of our all-time bestselling products in the shortest space of time. To be recognized as the global leader for wound healing is no small thing, most especially because it can be used on open wounds, so we need to celebrate and I know no better way than to share with you.

My LA boyfriends (Bryan Johns and Alec Call – Co Founders) have literally showered me with samples of Instant Smoothing Gel and Restorative Eye Complex for each and every one of you. We will be dropping a sample of one of these into every order until we literally run out. If you are new to Innovative Skincare, I hope you enjoy using the products as much as we do.
Instant Smoothing Gel £68 for 15 ml; Restorative Eye Complex £62 for 15 ml; Sheald Recovery Balm £43 for 60 ml

Dr. Hauschka: For over four decades Dr Hauschka skincare have been promoting natural, effective skincare and their products have a huge following. Their hero product is their Rose Day Cream, which is our bestselling product from the range, followed by their Bath Essence Sampler Kit and Cleansing Cream.

We have a limited number of their Cleansing Cream (30 ml) to give away to the first 30 people to buy any product from the Dr Hauschka range. This will not show up on your invoice, but will just be dropped into your order. Tra la! *** Sorry, this promotion has now finished ***
Rose Day Cream £28 for 30 ml; Bath Essence Sampler Set £9; Cleansing Cream £15 for 50 ml

This Works: Two new product launches from This Works:

In Transit Balancing Body Lotion is a hydrating body lotion rich in essential oils to help uplift, energise and revive skin. It’s nourishing and firming formulation helps keep skin hydrated and it is loaded with a powerful blend of 13 essential oils to help revive and tone the skin. The oils are blended with Shea and Star Wort Oil to help reinforce the skin’s moisture barrier.
In Transit Balancing Body Lotion £11 for 80 ml

In Transit Reviving Shower Gel is a refreshing shower gel bursting with pure essential oils formulated to provide an energy supercharge. It is richly blended with Mandarin to help revive the senses, Petitgrain to help rejuvenate the skin and May Chang to help stimulate your mind and relax the body. Specifically formulated without Sodium Lauryl Sulphates (SLS) or alcohol, both of which can irritate the skin, it instantly hydrates and invigorates, leaving your skin soft, clean and lightly fragranced.
In Transit Reviving Shower Gel £9 for 80 ml


I would just like to take a couple of moments to reflect on depression and suicide. The recent tragic death of Robin Williams highlighted once again the deep trauma and pain felt by so many people, especially those who suffer in silence because they don’t want to be a burden.

Just over a year ago we published an article on Suicide, written by Sally Brampton, who by her own admission can flip into a depressive episode at any given time. This week she told me that she had hit rock bottom after she heard about Robin Williams. She said that it brought back all the times that she had been intensely suicidal and just what a terrible illness so many of us are fighting. Most of the time Sally uses various techniques and manages not to think about it, but she says just one spark can trigger an avalanche.

Please do take the time to read this article because even if you do not suffer from mental illness, so many people do and it just might make a difference to somebody you know. That’s all.
Suicide by Sally Brampton

VH Editorial

This month, Jo Fairley wishes she was an Italian Woman and after reading her article, so do I! Catherine Turner investigates the power of touch and when massage becomes true therapy and the Beauty Bible girls declare that foundation rules.
VH Editorial

The Top Ten

Sharing is good, so with that in mind here are our top ten products since the launch of the last newsletter; I suppose they are a bit predictable, but it would appear that we are all on the same page with the must-have supplements we take, which kind of makes me happy because we are all holding hands on this journey; heaven only knows where we will end up together, and that’s the fun part, the mystery of never knowing what’s coming next – in the best possible way and on the next newsletter!

  1. High Strength Hyaluronic Acid: No surprises, not a lot can knock this from its top position.
  2. Sheald Recovery Balm: Once used, never forgotten; the re-sale stats are unbelievable, that would be because it works!
  3. Mega Probiotic ND: Mighty Mega-P (as we call it); our bestselling probiotic which we all take religiously.
  4. Super Yacon Syrup 1000: The best sugar substitute in our humble opinion; check out the offer at the top of the newsletter.
  5. Magnolia Rhodiola Complex: An iconic VH product; an extraordinary supplement for helping to conquer anxiety and stress.
  6. Clean by Phylia: What to say that I haven’t already said; the only shampoo I use.
  7. Power of Krill: Shabir’s favourite form of essential oils, as written above.
  8. Connect: The hero product of the Phylia de M range and essential for scalp health – spray, spray, spray!
  9. Manuka Paint: Right up there, Manuka Paint just went a little crazy after we recommended it for warts and verruca’s. Bravo!
  10. Superior Hair: Our bestselling product for hair loss and hair health.

So, once again, we come to the end of another newsletter. Together with Shabir and the entire VH team, I would like to thank each and every one of you for your continued loyalty and support. I know I say the same thing every month, but we wouldn’t be here if you weren’t there and I am truly gracious to have each of you in our lives.

I will be back with the October newsletter and we all know what that means, we are on countdown to that event at the end of year and I can barely believe how fast this year has gone.

Have a wonderful September.

With love

Gill x