September Newsletter 2012

September Newsletter 2012

Welcome to the September newsletter where we launch the long-awaited new products from HealGel, I have breaking news from Phylia de M. and I follow through on the amazing feedback from Innovative Skincare where you will find a rather fabulous offer and discover which product has been described as ‘Spanx for the face’. We also have an exclusive new launch from Lanolips, we take a look at some new products from Aromatherapy Associates and if you are devoted to HA, then please read this newsletter carefully because I have a treat for you. Additionally, we celebrate the publication of the new updated Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible, Claire Gardner brings us up to speed with more news from the VH Community and Shabir throws the focus on two big issues, bloating and rosacea. Before any of this, I have a few words to say about skincare products:

Over the past couple of months I have been launching the new range of products from Innovative Skincare and I am going to follow through on this later in this newsletter because the feedback has been phenomenal and I’m jumping up and down with excitement. Having said that, I am of course extraordinarily aware that we are all different and our skincare needs vary from skin type to price point and a whole lot of things in between. So that said, I’m going to kick off with three new skincare products from HealGel.


We launched the original HealGel several years ago and it instantly became a cult product with a massive following. Created by five of the UK’s leading plastic surgeons, it was specifically formulated to help reduce the appearance of scars and to ease a wide range of skin problems, including psoriasis and eczema. I have known for a long time that the HealGel range was going to be extended and after drumming my fingers on my desk for the past 18 months (or longer!), the wait is over and I can now write about the three new products. The HealGel journey is very emotive for each of us involved, so please do read my interview with Natascha McElhone, the wife of the late and very great Martin Kelly (a founding partner), as she talks about Martin’s inspiration, philosophy and legacy.
Gill meets Natascha McElhone

Before I write about the new products, HealGel Intensive, HealGel Face and HealGel Eye, I just need to tell you that I sent all three products out for beta testing to eight independent testers. The results and comments were interesting and varied, but the underlying message was very clear; they worked best on the testers who had compromised skin conditions and I will include some of their comments as I write about each of the products.

HealGel Intensive: This is the original HealGel with a slight name change and it has brand new packaging. Although I will always have a big soft spot for the original jar, the new airless pump is easier to use, is more hygienic and you can just throw it into a suitcase or a bag. Everything remains the same with the formulation and the hero product lives on. Over the years HealGel has won many accolades for its numerous healing attributes, so although I really didn’t need to send it out for independent testing, I was curious to see the results. As expected, the feedback was unanimous in its praise and I set out below a few of the comments received:

Independent Testers: Heal Gel Intensive is a revelation and has fast become a handbag staple; I have had some dry skin on the tops of my arms and HealGel Intensive has cleared that; I don’t know how it works, but it’s almost magical and healed a burn mark I had on my hand and it’s almost invisible now.
HealGel Intensive £37.50 for 30 ml

HealGel Face: An intensely moisturising blend of omega oils, three part hyaluronic acid, arnica and peptides, HealGel Face has been specifically formulated to help replenish dehydrated skin and has plumping, smoothing and firming qualities. I was really interested to discover that a couple of our testers had used this product with HealGel Intensive and one of them writes:

‘I had a small outbreak of stress acne and the combination of HealGel Face and HealGel Intensive came into their own. They smoothed, and calmed my skin so much that I forgot about the spots until I took off my make-up in the evening – now that’s a first. Redness was significantly reduced from the first application and the spots disappeared as quickly as they had appeared.’
HealGel Face £48 for 50 ml

HealGel Eye: At the time the decision was taken to add new products to the range, HealGel Eye was at the top of the list. As with Intensive and Face, the fundamental principle remains the same; the products have been created for use after surgery to help heal the skin and they do just that and more. HealGel Eye incorporates a healing blend of ingredients to help improve the tone and elasticity of the skin and also helps brighten and revive tired eyes. So this from a tester, which is kind of bitter sweet, but real:

‘My testing week begun with a boyfriend misunderstanding, his I might add, which saw me in floods of tears on and off all day. I have to say that Face and Eye came to the rescue instantly, and I mean INSTANTLY, helping to calm my blotchy skin, whilst soothing and cooling the eye area. It was so reassuring to use and I did not look like I’d been upset at all, in fact quite the opposite – completely calm and radiant’.
HealGel Eye £32 for 15 ml

Please Note: We are expecting our first delivery of HealGel Intensive tomorrow and HealGel Face and HealGel Eye will follow within approximately seven days. As soon as we receive these products we will immediately process and send your order.

Phylia de M.

I am completely passionate about health led beauty because given the correct products, this continues to be one of the most important aspects of the work that we do. The monumental devastation of losing your hair through illness is multi-faceted and at the very least it can rip you apart on an emotional and psychological level. Over the past few weeks I have received several personal emails from people who have varying health issues, which have resulted in the thinning and/or loss of hair. They have outlined in great detail how the Phylia products have helped them enormously, which of course touches me deeply. The email that made me choke was from one of our gorgeous customers who told me that Phylia had helped her regain her femininity; she never thought she would see her hair again, but after 13 weeks of dedicated Phylia use, it was growing thicker than ever before. This matters.
Clean £28 for 265 ml; Condition £30 for 265 ml; Connect £45 for 120 ml; Phylia de M: Three Step Kit £103

Despite everything that I have written about Phylia, I actually can’t believe that we only launched the products in May of this year. On the August newsletter, I wrote that we were the early adopters and yet it seems that Phylia has always been with us and if you follow our Facebook page, you will know that more people talk about Phylia (and Innovative Skincare, but that comes later!) than anything else. Many of you have been sending in requests for a larger size of the hero product, Connect; we listen and we deliver. Read on.

Connect Rephyl: Clever name, brilliant product and here it is in all its 570 ml glory; so that’s 90 ml more than if you were to buy four of the smaller size Connect. I know it’s a lot of money to spend in one hit, but there are some pretty serious Connect users out there who were asking for this and all you need do is decant it into the regular size Connect bottle, or the mini travel size if you were lucky enough to get one (and when she got there, the cupboard was bare – no more left, sorry!).

For those who may not know, Connect is a very potent organic rejuvenating treatment that helps transform your hair to its very best by detoxifying, repairing and renewing cell life and keratin function in your follicles, scalp and hair. Phylia make it using their highly concentrated core proprietary blend of pure humic-free fulvic acid, aloe and tannic acids to help restore the body’s inherent ability to grow healthy hair and stop excess shedding and thinning. This is the most potent of the three products and the more you use this spray, the more results you will see, although of course using all three products together is pretty key too.

I love the versatility of Connect. You can spray it onto your nail beds to restore and maintain nail health and strength; you can spray some onto a cotton wool ball and apply onto brow and lash lines to rejuvenate health and growth (or use a fine brush as one of customers recommends); if you get bitten, then just spray Connect onto the bite and it will disappear virtually immediately (and instantly stops the itching) and you can even spray it onto your skin (face and body) as it really activates the potential of the next product you apply, while also detoxifying and encouraging new and healthy cell regeneration.

Over on Facebook one of our customers thought she would start spraying her cellulite with Connect, which made me rock with laughter. I’ve got to tell you that if it helps diminish the appearance of cellulite (or a holy-grail-type miracle occurs as the humic-free fulvic acid hits the skin), I will probably collapse at the feet of Kazu Namise (founder and creator of Phylia de M) and Dr Miyayama, Kazu’s oncologist godfather, who has decades of research and development behind him.
Connect Rephyl £180 for 570 ml

Innovative Skincare

From one phenomenal brand to another, let’s do Innovative Skincare, but you will need to read this very carefully, for reasons that will become obvious! If you have read my previous two newsletters, you will know that I consider Innovative Skincare to be one of the most immaculate skincare brands in the world and the journey continues on this newsletter.

So we are going to do two things here; the first is that some of you are confused about the order in which to use the Innovative Skincare products. I use the entire range (of course!) so I am going to run through the order in which I use them. After that I am going to write about some feedback received, which I have to tell you, has made me very happy. Now being a sharing kind of girl, if I am happy, then I want you to be happy, so here comes the treat:

I have 100 x Essentials Kits (worth £41.50) to give away to the first 100 customers who buy any product from the Innovative Skincare range. There is only one Essentials Kit per customer, so multiple orders will not be recognised! The Essentials Kit is a fabulous introduction to the range and includes Daily Cleanser, Age Treatment Complex, Reparative Moisturizer and Restorative Eye Complex. You can do this online, but once they are gone, they are gone. This will not show up on your invoice, we will just add it into your VH black box and you can dance with joy when you receive it! Right, let’s do the running order:

Morning: Daily Cleanser; Age Treatment Complex; Instant Smoothing Gel; Protective Moisturizer SPF 15; Restorative Eye Complex.

Evening: Daily Cleanser; Age Treatment Complex; Instant Smoothing Gel; Reparative Moisturizer; Restorative Eye Complex.

Once every two to four weeks: Exfoliating Enzyme Treatment (resist the urge to use it every week, I know it’s fabulous, but less really is more).

Notes: The active ingredients in each of the products are very powerful, so please don’t overdo it because you only need to use a small amount of product with each use. Over the past couple of weeks, I have been taking the Instant Smoothing Gel right up to my eye area because my LA boyfriends told me I could. I then put the Restorative Eye Complex on top and I’m staggered at the difference it has made. I seriously can’t ‘hero-out’ any particular product, so maybe we should hero one product a month, so let’s start with Instant Smoothing Gel, because my eyes nearly popped out of my head when I read these two customer comments:

Feedback: Instant Smoothing Gel:

‘I have been using Instant Smoothing Gel for the last two days. I am amazed by the results – it’s like Spanx for the face! I don’t know how it works, and I don’t really care; all I know is I want to bathe in it. Am totally in love and I can’t live without it …. a truly astounding product’.

‘Instant Smoothing Gel – I LOVE this. I have reasonably good skin, but suffer badly from dehydration on my cheeks. I’ve used various skincare brands, but nothing sorts out the many, many fine dehydration lines on my cheeks. Four days after using Instant Smoothing Gel my skin is plumper, more radiant and yes, the dehydration lines are reduced. Not gone completely yet, but then it’s only been four days. I didn’t think I had a problem with uneven skin tone, but I have noticed a definite improvement in my skin tone, so much so that I hardly need to use foundation anymore …. I would recommend it to anyone who wants plumper, more even skin – it did more for my skin in four days than other products did when used over months’.
Innovative Skincare; Instant Smoothing Gel £92 for 15 ml

That said, we move on and if you are wondering how I can follow that, it’s tough, but I think I can do it because if you are on an anti-ageing kick (who isn’t!), you might just keel over when you read what is coming up next, here we go:

Hyaluronic Acid (HA)

As most of you know, I have taken HA for practically a decade and this is the supplement that I wouldn’t want to live without. This is also the supplement that I swear has prevented my face from dropping south and if I was shoved onto a desert island (by Shabir?!!), this would come with me. As most of you know, all supplements are not created equally and we’ve upped the ante a few times on HA and tra la la, after much research, we are about to do it again as we whack it up from 200 mg to 225 mg, but that’s not all, because here comes another treat and I think you might just like this.

We have literally just taken delivery of a very special consignment of HA; it is the new strength and if that wasn’t exciting enough, we have thrown in extra supplements; so instead of getting 30 capsules in a bottle, you will get 40 capsules. The price hasn’t changed, so it’s a bit of a double whammy treat; a higher dose and more HA for your money! I really don’t have any idea how long this offer is going to last; it could be one day, one week or one month, but when it’s gone, it really has truly gone and I can’t magic any more from under my desk or anywhere else for that matter!

Finally, Shabir and I believe HA to be the most crucial of all anti-ageing supplements and it has numerous health benefits, so do read Shabir’s article to discover what these are. HA rules!
Hyaluronic Acid High Strength (225 mg) £35 (Bonus Pack: 40 Capsules for the price of 30 Capsules); Hyaluronic Acid – The Anti-Ageing Nutrient?

Lanolips Jet Setter Travel Pack

Please allow me to introduce you to the new Lanolips Jet Setter Travel Pack, which has been specifically designed for air travel. The air inside a plane is over four times drier than the air on the ground, so this convenient airport-friendly travel pack will help nourish and protect your lips, hands and skin while up in the air. Personally, I think this is a rather brilliant treat for your handbag too and as the weather changes over the next few months, they could take up residence in each of our bags, or pockets.

The travel pack contains the cult Lanolips 101 Ointment in a new purse size (9 gm); Lanolips Rose Balm Intense for Very Dry Hands & Nails, also in a new purse size of 25 ml, and Golden Ointment, which comes in an adorable new collectable tin (12.5gm). Each of the new miniatures are also available individually and I predict a bit of a tin riot!
Lanolips Jet Setter Travel Pack £14.99; 101 Ointment (9 gm) £7.99; Rose Balm Intense (25 ml) £5.99; Golden Ointment Tin (12.5 gm) £7.99

The Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible – Revised Edition

Everything you need to look and feel gorgeous forever; bring it on! The revised paperback edition of the bestselling Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible will be published towards the end of September, but I just might be able to get my hands on this book earlier, so you can pre-order it now and be one of the first to read about the new awards (one of which I will be writing about on the October newsletter) as well as the secrets of inspirational older women. The book is also crammed with top tips and of course Sarah and Jo’s trademark ‘tried and tested’ reports of health and beauty products.

VH Exclusive: We have the only signed editions of this book in the world, which kind of makes me very happy. So with much love from Jo and Sarah, I hope you love this new book as much as I do.
The Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible – Signed Revised Edition £10.99 (RRP £15.99)

I am now going to put my feet up on my desk as I hand the next section of this newsletter over to Shabir, whose editorial features have an enormous following. This month we have three new articles and we close the section with one of Shabir’s ‘famous’ regimens.

Rosacea Uncovered

Rosacea is a skin condition that causes a persistent redness on the face, in particular on the cheeks, nose and forehead. There are millions of people worldwide that are affected by rosacea and it tends to affect mostly fair-skinned people between the ages of 20 and 60 and is nearly three times more common in women. Although Rosacea is a harmless condition, it often has a high impact on the quality of life.

So what causes rosacea and what are the symptoms? Small areas of blood vessels on the face that normally blush become dilated, inflamed and visible through the skin as small red lines. These dilated blood vessels tend to get larger in size over a period of time. Often these symptoms may be accompanied by papules (red bumps) and postules (pus-filled bumps), which resemble acne and is the reason why Rosacea is often referred to as Acne Rosacea, although there are no whiteheads or blackheads in Rosacea.

The exact cause of Rosacea is still not fully understood, but there are many possible causal factors. In ‘Rosacea Uncovered’ Shabir takes an in-depth look at causal factors and Ocular Rosacea together with conventional and alternative treatments for this skin condition, which include HealGel Intensive.
VH Editorial: Rosacea Uncovered; Viva Eye Drops £13.95 for 10 ml; HealGel Intensive £37.50 for 30 ml

The Best Kept Secret Revealed

Over the past couple of weeks, Green Tea has made headline news again because of its numerous health benefits. Records indicate that tea drinking started in China and dates back more than four centuries. Today, tea is one of the most popular beverages in the world. There are several types of tea including Black Tea, Green Tea, Oolong tea and Pu-erh.

They are all derived from the same plant, Camelia sinensis, but they have different components and are prepared differently leading to their varying benefits. Although Black Tea is the most widely consumed tea, it is also the most processed tea and its healthful antioxidant properties are much lower than other teas. Increasingly, Green Tea is now gaining popularity because of its powerful antioxidant properties, which may help to protect the body against various health concerns.

There are many Green Teas available on the market, however there is one that stands well above all others; Matcha Green Tea is presented in a stone-ground powder form, it is completely unfermented, it has the highest level of antioxidants and it is also nutritionally rich. In this article, Shabir writes about the qualities of Green Tea and explains why he believes that Super Power Green Organic Matcha is one of the best Matcha teas on the market. PS from me: I love the box!
VH Editorial: The Best Kept Secret Revealed; Super Power Green Organic Matcha £26.60 for 30 grams

Do You Experience Bloating, Gas or Indigestion?

Bloating is a very common and annoying concern; occasional bloating may be attributable to over-eating or eating foods that do not agree with you, however constant bloating may be associated with hormonal insufficiency, irritable bowel syndrome, food intolerances and high stress levels, to name just a few. At the centre of all of this is our digestive system:

Our bodies obtain nutrients from foods that are broken down efficiently by digestive enzymes, which are released as soon as we ingest food. The effects of improper digestion are widespread and include feeling lethargic, uncomfortable, a bulging stomach, bloating, rumbling or gas and wind.

It is often said that ‘you are what you eat’ and whilst this remains true to a certain extent, what is equally important is the state of your digestive system. Even if you were to eat a healthy, nutritious meal, if your digestive system is not functioning at its optimal level, then the body will not receive all the nutrients that it depends upon. Every single cell within the human body depends upon the supply of vital nutrients and an optimal digestive system depends upon the production of digestive enzymes.

Further in this article, Shabir explains what digestive enzymes are and how studies indicate that our digestive enzyme production declines from the age of 20 (eeek, I’m doomed!). He also explains how digestive enzymes can help reduce inflammation and then discusses the benefits of Super Digestive Enzymes.
VH Editorial: Do You Experience Bloating, Gas or Indigestion?Super Digestive Enzymes £22.95 for 100 Capsules

The Fungal Toenail Regimen

The treatment of fungal toenails is challenging because although the infection arises at the nail bed initially, it is embedded within the nail which is difficult to reach. The toenail receives little blood supply and grows slowly, so often antibiotics and fungal treatments only reach the infected site in small quantities, making the treatment slow and difficult to eradicate. Re-infections often happen because antibiotic resistance occurs due to prolonged use. I recommend the following regimen, which has proven to be very effective:

Firstly, I recommend the use of Hydrosol Silver Gel by Good Health Naturally. This topical gel contains a therapeutic strength of silver in a form that is easily absorbed at the nail bed and will travel up the nail bed to counter the fungus. Silver is one of the oldest natural antimicrobials on the market and Hydrosol Silver Gel is equally effective for athlete’s foot too where it not only helps to eradicate the fungus, but also helps to calm down the inflammation and itching.

Internally, I would recommend the use of Horopito and Aniseed capsules by Kolorex, take one capsule twice a day. Horopito is an extensively researched herb that has been shown to destroy fungi very effectively. In laboratory tests carried out by a leading university in New Zealand, horopito eradicated over 90% fungi within a short space of time.
Hydrosol Silver Gel £12.95; Horopito and Aniseed £19.50 for 60 Capsules

Aromatherapy Associates

I think I need to hit myself with a big stick because although we have stocked Aromatherapy Associates for many years, I rarely write about the brand and I should because it has a massive following and their products are pretty impeccable. So I’m going to kick off with two new launches this month and will continue with another new product launch next month (which might sell out before it hits the shelves!):

Rose Hydrating Mist: Whenever I smell a rose scented mist, it conjures up an image of an old-fashioned apothecary and transports me back many, many years to when I first discovered one of my most favourite books in the world, The Fragrant Pharmacy by Valerie Ann Worwood. The Rose Hydrating Mist is made from pure damask rose water, distilled from the delicate petals of thousands of fragrant Bulgarian roses. Leaving the skin hydrated and refreshed, its mild astringent quality instantly tones and cools the skin and is suitable for all skin types. The portable spray is perfect for travel, it can be used as a moisture boost throughout the day and it can also be sprayed over make-up, which sounds all rather fabulous!
Rose Hydrating Mist by Aromatherapy Associates £19 for 50 ml

Soothing Skincare Collection: After many years of research and development, Aromatherapy Associates have just introduced their first skincare products. The Soothing collection is especially beneficial to sensitive skin, which needs special nourishment to help eliminate irritation. Loaded with prebiotics and natural botanicals, there are six products in the range as follows:

1/ Soothing Cleansing Balm with 100% pure cotton muslin cloth to help wipe away impurities and make-up.

2/ Soothing Treatment Mask, a soothing and moisturising blend of active sodium hyaluronate, liquorice and cotton thistle extract.

3/ Soothing Skin Tonic, a soothing and cooling blend of Roman Camomile, arnica and liquorice root.

4/ Instant Skin Soothing Serum, which helps soothe, cool and calm the skin.

5/ Soothing Face Oil, a nourishing blend to help soothe dry and irritated skin, may also help to reduce the appearance of redness.

6/ Soothing Daily Repair Moisturiser, which helps support the skin’s natural regenerative process.

At the time of writing this newsletter, there is a special gift available if you buy any one of the above products. The gift is the Soothing Introductory Set and includes sample sizes of each of the above products. It is worth £33.50 and I literally have around ten sets, so please don’t scream, shout or shoot me if they go very quickly! Only one gift per customer.
Soothing Skincare Collection by Aromatherapy Associates

News and Feedback

Altitude Oil: I adore Annee de Mamiel and so I was completely thrilled when Altitude Oil appeared on Sarah Stacey’s Health Notes in YOU magazine. The demand was overwhelming, we were out of stock for a few days and lovely Annee spent an entire weekend blending and bottling. This is what Sarah wrote and over on our Facebook page there is an awful lot of love for Altitude Oil too:

‘Take a deep breath’, commanded a colleague recently, wafting a small bottle under my nose, which was bunged up (from hay fever and a cold). The invigorating scents shot straight through my olfactory neurons and I felt my head clear. In fact, Altitude Oil by acupuncturist Annee de Mamiel – with its range of antibacterial, antiviral and antiseptic oils (98 per cent organic), including eucalyptus, pine and peppermint – is designed to support your immune system in the germ-friendly confines of a plane. My colleague puts a few drops on a hanky to sniff on her crowded commuter train. It’s the perfect pick-me-up for air-conditioned offices or to refresh a snoozy afternoon’.
Altitude Oil by de Mamiel £22 for 10 ml

Mega Probiotic ND: I need to apologise to everybody who takes Mega Probiotic ND; it has been out of stock with the manufacturers for the past couple of weeks, but it is now back in stock. This is our bestselling probiotic and I am not going to write reams about the importance of taking a good probiotic because you can read all about it here. All I will say is that I didn’t have a secret stash hidden anywhere, so I ran out of Mega P too, which wasn’t overly cute because within 36 hours of going cold turkey, I was doubled up with stomach pain and bloating.

Shabir thinks I’m a drama queen (who cares!), but I’m telling you I didn’t make it up and it was very real. The proof was in the pudding (or capsule), because within 24 hours of double dosing (a girl has to do what a girl has to do), no more pain, no more bloating and my jeans fit me again!
Mega Probiotic ND £18.50 for 60 Capsules

Spray di Sole Sun Gelee Set: If you have been away and your tan is starting to fade, you may want to read this review of Spray di Sole Sun Gelee, which was posted by a customer on our Facebook page:

‘I’d just about given up on fake tans, they always smell terrible and look fake, so I tend to just put up with my pale pins. I applied Spray di Sole after my shower and it was so quick and went on so evenly. I’d been a bit dubious about using a Kabuki brush to apply fake tan, but my word, it’s GENIUS! It went on quickly, evenly and oh so easily, and I ended up with the most gloriously natural looking tanned legs I’ve ever had. I was so pleased with it that I spent a good part of my day looking down to admire my legs.

The only slight downside is that you do still get a slight whiff of the yucky fake tan smell, but then again, that’s only when I have my face two inches from my legs. It’s definitely not noticeable unless you get up close. So verdict: yes, I would recommend it to anyone (especially those who have been put off fake tanning by bad experiences) and yes I would buy it again’.
Spray di Sole Sun Gelee Set £42

VH Community and Editorial

Before anything, I would just like to thank those of you who gave Claire Gardner such a warm welcome last month as she launched the VH Community. It is always really difficult when you start something new, and although Claire was (and still is) very prolific on our Facebook page, it’s a pretty daunting task to start writing feature articles on a very open platform.

This month Claire writes about the past month’s experiences, which involved being in France and not being able to get an internet connection just as I sent the August newsletter and her feature out to the world – smart!
VH Community

Also this month, the Beauty Bible girls are smelling gorgeous – naturally; Lulu does Make-Up Part Two, featuring the art of making eyes and Jo Fairley writes about Ayurvedic Beauty. Enjoy!
VH Editorial

Three Products to Help Ease Joint Pain

Superior Joints: This supplement contains powerful ingredients that help promote flexibility, strength, mobility and the cushioning of joints. Its primary ingredient is Natural Egg Shell Membrane, which has been the core of several studies and peer-reviewed articles that predominantly show positive changes in joint health.

A patient study published in March 2009 found that supplementing with 500 mg of Natural Egg Shell Membrane for eight weeks had a positive impact on joint health with patients reporting a positive result as early as ten days after beginning to take this supplement. Another study published in the May 2009 issue of Clinical Interventions in Aging (US), concluded that supplementing with egg shell protein supported joint flexibility within seven days and had clinically meaningful results. You can read more about this here.

Superior Joints also contains Ginger, Turmeric, Tart Cherries, Hyaluronic Acid (HA) and Astaxanthin.
Superior Joints £29.95 for 60 Capsules

Magnesium Oil Original Spray: Magnesium Oil Original Spray is ideal for direct application to inflamed and painful joint and muscle tissues. It helps to relax muscle and nerves and in turn this helps to alleviate pain and stiffness. Just simply apply four sprays morning and evening, gently massage into the skin and leave to dry naturally.
Magnesium Oil Original Spray £12.30 for 100 ml

Ginger Tea: Ginger contains important antioxidants that help clear the joint tissues of impurities and allows fresh blood to flow into the aching areas, helping to comfort joint sores and helping to improve the flexibility and movement of muscles and bones. Although Ginger is an ingredient in Superior Joints, we recommend drinking one or two cups of Ginger Tea daily as it also helps fight inflammation.
Ginger Tea by Triple Leaf Tea £5 for 20 Tea Bags

As we come to the end of another newsletter, I would like to thank each of you for your amazing loyalty and support, so together with Shabir and the entire VH team, I hope you have a fabulous September and you can keep up with all the latest news (and have a bit of fun at the same time) over on Facebook.

With love

Gill x