September Newsletter

September Newsletter

Welcome to the September newsletter where we continue the NIOD (Non-Invasive Options in Dermal Science) journey with the launch of three (yes, three!) new products, we release a long-awaited product from iS Clinical, which really isn’t new to some of you, but it now makes its debut as a stand-alone product. We also need to offer big congratulations to two products that have just been recognised in the Cosmopolitan Beauty Lab Awards 2015 (we love it when the products we love win awards), we do health in the shape of some health concerns, so please read carefully, there are some treats thrown in, but we are of course going to begin with NIOD; a few things to say first and then in we go.


When we launched NIOD in May, I said at that time that Brandon (Brandon Truaxe, Founder and CEO of DECIEM and creator of NIOD) and I had made a pact that together we would change everything in skincare; I think that words are very easy to throw around, but when you stand in the truth and the only thing that matters is making a positive difference, it becomes the easiest thing in the world to defy convention and, piece by piece, undo the myths and hype of this industry. It is exceptionally difficult launching a new skincare brand; the global market is overcrowded, competition for market share is fierce, yet amongst this cacophony, we found the space to bring NIOD onto that global platform.

Even in today’s commercial world, true love exists; on last month’s newsletter I thanked all the journalists who had declared their love for NIOD in some rather spectacular articles, so I would just like to take a moment to let you know that NIOD has gained even more recognition as one of five of the most written about brands across media in July ( I’m not sure that I can find the adequate words to express my gratitude to all the people who have supported us so magnificently and that includes every single one of you in the NIOD fan club and there are many thousands of you; my heart is bursting. Thank you.

To launch three new products from one brand at the same time is completely insane in newsletter terms, but we couldn’t separate them out, I am deeply and irrevocably in love with all of them and they change everything in skincare yet again. There was a very real danger that NIOD would take over the entire newsletter, for sure it dominates and deservedly so; the solution came in the form of another interview with Brandon; there is a theme developing here, I launch, he talks.

So the interview; Brandon does the science on all three products, so although there is some crossover here, the real in-depth stuff is on the interview. But there is more; when I released the first ‘Brandon’ interview I edited it rather heavily, this time I haven’t touched it. Controversial, maybe it could be read that way, but facts are facts even when they fly in the face of the ‘perceived’ truth.

Wait, two more things, there is a message to each of you on there and I really, really wanted to edit out the bit about me, but the Toronto boy sent me this in capitals and in bold: “You better not even think about removing ‘Gill’ or the whole interview is off. OMG”. I’m blushing rather heavily. Brandon, thank you for trusting. Let’s move on!
Gill meets Brandon Truaxe – Again!

Hydration Vaccine (HV)

Before I write about this product, I just want to share a couple of things; the first is that this product was not scheduled to launch until next year, but it has made such a remarkable difference to the integrity of my skin, I told Brandon I would very publically divorce him if he didn’t let me launch it now. The other thing to state here is that I told the world (well, anybody who reads the newsletter) that he lets me choose the order in which the NIOD products launch, so that promise had to be upheld, whatever the schedule!

It would have been very easy to do the ‘expected’ and launch a conventional moisturiser to complement CAIS and MMHC, but that would have been way too normal and way too boring. Hydration Vaccine is all about instant and long-term results; it delivers on promise in a way that will leave you staring at your skin in disbelief, so let’s do the product:

In short, this simple hydration vaccine supplements a surge of isolated NMF (natural moisturizing factors in the form of amino acids) and several biotechnological enhancers of NMF, and seals them with a proud array of the most technologically-advanced, next-generation silicones, truly the most misunderstood group of incredible substances in skincare, to seal this supplementation and the skin’s own hydration in.

Most consider silicones as bad largely because everyone refers to some very simply older, cheap silicone substances as ‘silicones’. NIOD has explored silicone technology – some far rarer and more expensive than many peptide technologies – deeply and is extremely proud of the innovation this unique class has brought to allow actual vaccination of the skin against hydration loss, which today is still the main cause of visible ageing. This build-up of NMF (naturally and through supplementation) within the skin is shown to increase markers of youth within the skin so efficiently to the point that the skin can look up to several years younger after four weeks, purely by increased natural NMF content and nothing else. The visible results of this seal are noticed and felt within a few minutes of the first application with a peak at eight weeks. After this period, even sporadic use will maintain NMF content at peak levels.

Hydration Vaccine sits over the top of Copper Amino Acid Isolate (CAIS) and Multi-Molecular Hydration Complex (MMHC) but under Photography Fluid (PF); alternatively, PF can be mixed with HV and applied as a single step, which is how I use it. So it’s caramel in colour, you dip your finger into it and put a dollop into the palm of your hand, you add one or two drops of PF, you mix it with one finger and then you apply it all over your face. At this point you may want to die and go to heaven, but please save that moment if you are applying foundation over the top, because you will then see an evenness of skin tone that is so amazing, you won’t actually believe it is your skin, but it is. Read on!

I think all I can do now is to tell you that I honestly cannot believe my skin, the years are literally peeling away and soon I will be ten; the product also makes you look incredible instantly (fact!) and with the release of this product, I really cannot think of a better base for make-up. Brandon is pretty confident that nobody will ever use a primer again if they use Hydration Vaccine and I will second that, all the time wishing that I had said it first!

This product is unreal, except it is very real, but wait until you touch your skin; give it a couple of days and you will develop a stroking-the-skin affliction; don’t let it become habit forming in public otherwise people will think we are weird (maybe we are!). OMG!
Hydration Vaccine £35

Low-Viscosity Cleaning Ester (LVCE)

Over the years I have written about many cleansers; I have declared my love for cream cleansers, liquid cleansers, cleansing balms, you name them, I’ve written about them. Additionally, I have tripped along to numerous beauty counters because, with another hat on, I am a consumer too; all in the name of research I tell myself as my eyes fall out of my head at the price of some of these products, but I am not here to dissect the industry (another time, another place), I am here to tell you about the second extraordinary NIOD product to launch this month, Low-Viscosity Cleaning Ester (LVCE).

The first thing I am going to say here is that we are launching a ‘cleaner’ not a ‘cleanser’ and there is a world of difference. Brandon goes in-depth on this in the interview, so all I am going to do is to highlight some of the most important facts, using his words where I need to and then using mine to try and describe what happens when you use this evolutionary product. Please forgive me for not being neat and using quotation marks when it’s Brandon talking; we are as one on this subject, which then turns into two because Shabir concurs and he is a super-fussy-can’t-pull-the wool-over-my-eyes pharmacist.

Here we go: The benefit cleansers offer, more than water would generally, does not justify the harm they cause in removing all the protective substances that act as skin barriers. It goes without saying that LVCE doesn’t foam and does not contain surfactants, neither does it contain oil or water. LVCE is not in the form of an overly-pleasant massaging oil balm that makes you go to a mediocre imaginative momentary heaven and back because the purpose of LVCE is not such – its purpose is to clean without damaging the skin’s barrier and it is extremely efficient at doing this task.

It uses skin and eye-friendly esters, including a unique sugar-derived ester alongside a superb avocado biotechnology complex to bind to dirt, dyes, pigments and pollution, but to leave the skin intact. This technology interacts with the skin to normalise the protective barriers in case they are in excess. The clinical results are astonishing.

This cleaner can be used without any water, using either a simple cloth or cotton wool pads, but if used with water (which we all do), it should be applied to a dry face generously before rinsing. After using LVCE, the skin feels extremely comfortable, but this comfort comes with a very odd and unexpected benefit. The technologies in LVCE will actually act as delivery systems for topical products applied after cleaning, so while you feel as though your skin is too comfortable to absorb anything well afterward, everything will in fact go in more easily.

There have been many times over the years when I have written ‘all change’ on a newsletter, but that has always applied to supplements. Typically it has been when a ‘next-generation’ supplement supersedes what has gone before, or a product has died and gone to product heaven. I have never, ever written ‘all change’ on a beauty product, but I’m doing it now and I’m doing it because after three days of use your skin will have changed dramatically and after several weeks, you will have extremely pure skin that has never looked so clean. So it’s ‘all change’ from me because LVCE absolutely does change everything – again.
Low-Viscosity Cleaning Ester (LVCE) £30 for 240 ml (a lot of cleaner – it will last ages – good!)

Fractionated Eye Contour Concentrate (FECC)

It was pretty inevitable that NIOD would launch an eye product and that when that happened it would make headline news, and it does. This is a ‘first’ on so many different levels and it incorporates ‘drone technology’, which I’ll talk about in a moment. FECC was meant to launch a couple of months ago, but the drone technology proved extremely difficult to work with and we almost launched without it, but we decided to hold it back because it wouldn’t have been complete and Brandon couldn’t live with that, ditto me.

Happily it is now complete and on the basis that all good things are worth waiting for, please allow me to introduce Fractionated Eye Contour Concentrate incorporating 28 cutting-edge scientific technologies.

On surface analysis, there is nothing concentrated about this serum; in alignment with NIOD’s position that multi-approach treatments are ideally delivered in low viscosities to facilitate better absorption, this oil-free serum has the viscosity similar to that of a light oil. A deeper look reveals that the serum is so concentrated that the lab could barely find room for the free water necessary to make the formulation feasible.

FECC targets nearly every aspect of eye ageing with shorter, medium and longer term effects, all detailed in the interview, but of course covering the normal gripes; dark circles, puffiness, lines, lack of elasticity, inflammation and on. The technologies include a wide spectrum of modern peptides including a first-ever cyclic peptide for adhesion to specific cells, previously impossible. I am not going to blind you with science, but I do want to talk about drone-technology.

As the name suggests, the ‘drone’ technology takes actives into specific areas within the skin. The focus of concern with skincare up until now has been to ensure that actives can actually get into the skin, but equally important is to ensure that each active reaches the specific skin function it plans to target. The drone technology is focused on purely this task. Each drone (for each type of delivery) is a very different thing and with so many components to target on the eye, each of them needed really different technologies. It was difficult, as I’ve written above, but it has happened and if ever there was a case for believing in miracles, this is it.

Most eye serums contain film formers to make the eye area look better instantly. The film hinders the absorption of long-term actives and so FECC doesn’t offer any instant results because NIOD weighed the benefits against better actual results and actual results won. FECC should be applied on the upper and lower eyelids twice daily. One drop covers both eyes as the product offers lasting slip. You may wish to use Hydration Vaccine on top of this, so if you do, please wait 20 seconds before application.

I’ve been using FECC for quite a few weeks now; I don’t think you need me to tell you what I think about the product, but if I must then just know from me that I told Brandon that if the puffiness didn’t go from under my left eye (left-handed, left eye – it’s all very left) I would have to kill him. I think he’s still alive; I’ll check at the end of the newsletter!
Fractionated Eye Contour Concentrate £43 for 15 ml

So that’s a wrap on the three new products from NIOD; at this point I just want to take a moment to say that each of the above products can be used as a stand-alone and incorporated into any skincare regimen. That said, I think my skin would break out in protest if I wasn’t using the two core NIOD products, Copper Amino Isolate Serum (CAIS) and Multi-Molecular Hyaluronic Complex (MMHC); life without Photography Fluid would be dull (so would my skin) and Lip Bio-Lipid Complex – most of us have given up wearing lipstick – we don’t need to with Lip in our lives and on our lips. You could say I was head over heels, and you would be absolutely right.
Copper Amino Isolate Serum (CAIS) £38 for 15 ml; Multi-Molecular Hyaluronic Complex (MMHC) £38 for 30 ml; Photography Fluid £20 for 30 ml; Lip Bio-Lipid Complex £38 for 15 ml

Copper Firming Mist

When we launched Sheald Recovery Balm, we also launched the Sheald Post-Procedure and Recovery Kit alongside it for those who wanted more in-depth healing, particularly after surgical procedures. The feedback we received from surgeons who had witnessed the efficacy of the products was really phenomenal, but it was the emails and phone calls from women who were recovering from breast cancer surgery that really got to me, especially those whose scars had completely healed. Once again, it was a complete privilege to launch a range of products that delivered on promise and made such a positive difference to so many people.

Copper Firming Mist was one of the products in the Recovery Kit and, both here and in America, the demand for it to be a stand-alone product was so high that my LA boyfriends had to do something about it. So they did, they released it as a stand-alone in America several months ago and once again I was sitting tapping my nails on my desk waiting to release it here, and now I can.

I really love this Mist; it helps to improve skin’s firmness and elasticity, it also helps stimulate collagen production; additionally it helps protect the skin’s natural moisture levels and also helps repair damage to the protective skin barrier. If you are in the heat, it can be used to cool your skin. I take Copper Firming Mist away with me and I would rather spray my face with this than with water, but that’s me. Conversely if you are in a colder climate (that’s us then!) it is brilliant for helping to treat dry winter skin; with its anti-microbial and sebum balancing properties, it can also help with acne-prone skin.

If you are a NIOD devotee, this can be used as an adjunct to your skincare regimen, but it does not replace CAIS. For everybody else, start spraying your skin with this because copper, in its correct format, is a pretty formidable ingredient and we’ve been saying this for a long, long time!
Copper Firming Mist by iS Clinical £32 for 120 ml; Sheald Post-Procedure and Recovery Kit £72

Cosmopolitan Beauty Lab Awards 2015

Short and sweet; big, big congratulations to Ameliorate for winning the ‘Best Body Problem Solver’ award for their Body Smoothing Lotion; throwing the emphasis on helping to eliminate Keratosis Pilaris (KP – Chicken Skin), thousands of people have been helped who have KP and we love it.
Ameliorate Skin Smoothing Body Lotion £27.50 for 200 ml

Hand Chemistry’s Hyaluronic Body Mist won ‘Best Body Hydrator’ and it really does change life in a different way. If you are in the sun, spray this over Retin-Oil and ‘peeling’ instantly becomes a past problem, if you are not in the sun still do it because everybody deserves to have gorgeous skin and although each of these products are pretty amazing separately, together they are a marriage made in heaven. That we like!
Hyaluronic Body Mist £17 for 150 ml; Retin-Oil £20 for 100 ml

Managing Sjogren’s Syndrome

Sjogren’s Syndrome is classified as an autoimmune disorder whether the body’s immune system attacks its own cells believing them to be invaders like bacteria and viruses. The lymphocytes, specific types of immune cells, selectively target the moisture producing glands of the body including the salivary glands and the lachrymal (tear producing) glands with the result being dry eyes and dry mouth. Affecting more women than men, and generally women past the age of 40, Sjogren’s Syndrome is often accompanied by other autoimmune disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis and/or lupus.

Aside from dry eyes and dry mouth, some may also experience vaginal dryness, joint swelling and pain, dry skin all over the body and face, prolonged fatigue and dryness within the respiratory tract leading to persistent coughs and bronchitis.

It is still unclear as to why some people develop Sjogren’s Syndrome whilst others do not. Genetics seem to play a role, but it is theorized that something triggers this such as a bacterial or viral attack, which then disturbs the function of the immune system causing inflammation within the body.

Although Sjogren’s Syndrome is not life threatening, this concern can have devastating effects on the whole body and it needs to be addressed. Dry eyes can lead to corneal ulcers, a dry mouth can lead to dental decay and difficulty speaking and chewing properly; the accompanying fatigue can often lead to anxiety and/or depression. Additionally many sufferers have liver enlargement, poor circulation with cold hands and feet, while some suffer from fibromyalgia.

Conventional treatments concentrate on alleviating the symptoms accompanying Sjogren’s Syndrome, but these are not without side effects. There are other options that may be considered that follow the same multi-modal approach of treating the symptoms, but are less likely to cause side effects.

Omega 7 Essential Fats: Omega 7 fatty acids are a type of monounsaturated fat and numerous studies indicate that supplementing omega 7 helps to alleviate many dry skin concerns including dry eyes, dry mouth, dry skin, joint and muscle pain and vaginal dryness. Equally important is their ability to help reduce inflammation in the whole body, which is often found in those who suffer from this syndrome. The anti-inflammatory effect of omega 7 fats greatly improves the symptoms of fibromyalgia as well as rheumatic and joint pain. Cellular Support is a good source of vital omega 7 and Hycosan Extra Eye Drops helps relieve dry eye symptoms, which we have found to be more effective than artificial tears that are often prescribed.
Cellular Support £25.48 for 60 Softgels; Hycosan Extra Eye Drops £10.95 for 7.5 ml

Ubiquinol, which is the active form of CoEnzyme Q10 also has a role to play in Sjogren’s Syndrome. It works to oxygenate all the soft tissues in the body, which helps to alleviate muscle pain and the pain of fibromyalgia. Due to this same property, ubiquinol also works to help protect the gum tissues from decay and finally it works at the cellular level to enhance the production of the energising compound called ATP, which is required to produce energy. We recommend Super Ubiquinol CoEnzyme Q10 Super Strength, which provides 100 mg of this vital nutrient in its most active state.
VH Editorial: Managing Sjogren’s SyndromeSuper Ubiquinol CoEnzyme Q10 – Super Strength £42 for 60 Softgels

Regenerate Enamel Science

On the July newsletter I wrote about Regenerate Enamel Science Advanced Toothpaste and Boosting Serum. Just to recap, they were featured in The Times Raconteur Report and the two products were launched to help halt acid erosion by re-hardening the soft enamel on the surface of the teeth. These are the first OTC (over-the-counter) products to do this and there is nine years of research behind them.

If you missed what I wrote, then please click here to read in full, but just to say that the response from you was pretty awesome, but then these are awesome products. I’m using them, I love them and for the duration of this newsletter, if you buy either of the products we will automatically throw in a 14 ml travel size of the toothpaste. Er, I might have to dip into this stash; have toothpaste, will travel. Shabir will never know!
Regenerate Enamel Science Advanced Toothpaste £10 for 75 ml; Regenerate Enamel Science Boosting Serum £30

Treat Time

If you are a regular follower of this newsletter, you will know that my sharing gene often makes an appearance; mostly Shabir thinks I’ve lost my brain when I do this, but there are times when I feel the need and we have one of those moments upon us now. Even better, I am going head to head with Shabir, so first up comes Shabir’s supplement recommendations in the form of Absolute Fundamentals (these are what he takes) and I’m following through with Be Like Me (which is what I take). Both of these offers are good for the duration of the newsletter, if we get that far because we may sell out before that time, and let’s see who wins at the end of the month; let it be me!!

Absolute Fundamentals

Shabir created this regimen because he believes that everybody should be taking all three of the following supplements for overall health and wellbeing:

Power of Krill: The most utilizable and cleanest source of omega 3 fatty acids.

Mega Probiotic ND: Our bestselling probiotic, which is all-natural, non-dairy and acid resistant to help support digestive tract health.

My Favorite Multiple Energizer: Containing 100% of the recommended daily amounts of all the essential vitamins and minerals in a highly energizing food base for maximum absorption and utilization by the body.

The Treat: We have put all three together, so instead of £59.95, the magic wand has been waved and tra-la-la £19.95 has disappeared and you can get all three for £40.
Absolute Fundamentals £40 (Power of Krill £24.95; Mega Probiotic ND £18.50; My Favorite Multiple Energizer £16.50)

Be Like Me

Madness descends as I give myself far less space than I just gave to Shabir, but I’m pretty confident because my three supplements are Hyaluronic Acid (HA), which I’ve taken forever and a day and remains the most crucial anti-ageing supplement; Mega Probiotic ND, I’m not copying, it’s just that I believe everybody really has to take this for a whole myriad of reasons, not least because temporary bloating over the top of jeans is just not on my agenda, and finally The Glow Molecule. What to say other than this molecule makes a huge, noticeable difference; it says you will glow and you will. I’m rather tempted to OD heavily such is my addiction, but I resist all temptation. Take this every night please and thank you. Vote me!

The Treat: Once again, we have put all three of the above products together; the magic wand re-appears as £91.50 suddenly becomes £75.
Be Like Me £75 (Hyaluronic Acid High Strength £35; Mega Probiotic ND £18.50; The Glow Molecule £38)

Do You Experience Bloating, Gas or Indigestion?

I have just referred to bloating above, but we are now going to take a more in-depth look at this subject as we also recommend taking Enhanced Super Digestive Enzymes alongside Mega P for bloating, gas and indigestion.

Bloating is a very common and annoying concern; occasional bloating may be attributable to over-eating or eating foods that do not agree with you, however constant bloating may be associated with hormonal insufficiency, irritable bowel syndrome, food intolerances and high stress levels. At the centre of all of this is our digestive system.

Our bodies obtain nutrients from foods that are broken down efficiently by digestive enzymes, which are released as soon as we ingest food. The effects of improper digestion are widespread and include feeling lethargic, uncomfortable, a bulging stomach, bloating, rumbling or gas and wind.

It is often said that ‘you are what you eat’ and whilst this remains true to a certain extent, what is equally important is the state of your digestive system. Even if you were to eat a healthy, nutritious meal, if your digestive system is not functioning at its optimal level, then the body will not receive all the nutrients that it depends upon. Every single cell within the human body depends upon the supply of vital nutrients and an optimal digestive system depends upon the production of digestive enzymes.

Enzymes are necessary for all functions carried out within our bodies. Currently more than 3000 enzymes have been identified and experts believe that there are literally thousands of enzymes that have yet to be identified. Enzymes basically act as catalysts working to quicken any process that they are involved in. Every organ, tissue and cells have their own specific enzymes designed to carry out appropriate processes. Without enzymes we would not be able to digest food, breathe, move or even think.

In a far-reaching article, Shabir takes an in-depth look at the role of digestive enzymes; with digestive enzyme production declining from the age of 20, he recommends supplementing with Enhanced Super Digestive Enzymes, which also helps reduce inflammation in the body.
VH Editorial: Do You Experience Bloating, Gas or Indigestion?Enhanced Super Digestive Enzymes £23.25 for 60 Capsules

Make-Up Eraser

It launched in pink, it is now available in black.
That’s all.
Make-Up Eraser £15.95

Autumn Facial Oil by de Mamiel

It is that time again, so for everybody who loves Annee’s specialised seasonal oils, this has just been released to use as of the Autumnal Equinox on 23 September. It is a delicate, yet powerful, fusion of plant oils to help de-congest, smooth and calm post-summer skin.

Annee believes that the daily ritual of applying this balanced blend settles both the skin and the mind. Nourishing seed oils help re-hydrate the surface of the skin, while inhaling the aromatic essential oils change your mood. There is sandalwood to revive and rejuvenate, patchouli to ground emotions and geranium bourbon to balance. The addition of hand-made flower essences are there to work through the body’s acupuncture meridians to help create a positive effect on the state of mind.

Autumn Facial Oil should be used morning and night after cleansing; just place four drops in the palm of your hands, press together to warm, then cup around your nose and mouth, breathing deeply for the count of three, before exhaling for a count of four. Then massage upward and over the face, working outward from the centre, until the oil is absorbed. Autumn, my favourite season of the year just in case anybody wanted to know!
Autumn Facial Oil by de Mamiel £67 for 20 ml

Neuner’s Organic Herbal Teas

These two new (to us) teas fell onto my desk, so I thought I would tell you about them because they are multi-award winning and they are very, very good. Here they are:

Pregnancy Tea: Pregnancy Tea combines traditional herbs like raspberry leaf, camomile and peppermint, along with soothing herbs such as lemon balm, lavender and ginger. This caffeine free infusion is safe to be used throughout the entire term of pregnancy.
Pregnancy Tea £4.49 for 20 Tea Bags

Nursing Tea: Nursing Tea is a special blend of organic herbs that bring comfort to breastfeeding mothers it combines powerful herbs such as fenugreek seeds and fennel together with the natural sweetness from aniseed and caraway, which will support a breastfeeding experience that flows smoothly. Mountain grown verbena completes the ingredient line-up bringing you a breastfeeding beverage that is sugar and caffeine free.
Nursing Tea £4.49 for 20 Tea Bags

News and Feedback

Right, let’s do a round-up of some of the latest news and feedback, starting with a recommendation from one of our lovely customers, thank you, thank you:

Lemon Balm Cream: ‘Just wanted to say that Granary Herb’s Lemon Balm Cream, as recommended in your July newsletter, was a lifesaver on our recent holiday to the South of France. We were besieged by the local mozzies – a particular problem this summer according to the locals – and ended up covered in bites. Our Lemon Balm Cream soothed all bites, reduced swelling and stemmed any infection from scratching, which we simply could not resist. It worked better than any chemical-based product we’ve used in the past, and smells better too. Merci beaucoup.’
emon Balm Cream £8.50 for 60 ml

Phylia: Two things here; the first is that Sarah Stacey (Health Editor, YOU magazine) went to the hairdresser; Sarah came back from the hairdresser screaming. I really couldn’t understand the full extent of what happened to her hair, all I know is that it was a complete calamity (as calamities go) and all I really understood was the bit where she was saying that the only thing to save her hair was Phylia.
So guess what, it did – now there’s a surprise for everybody!

And this from Into the Gloss: ‘Phylia is really where it’s at – no shocker if you’ve ever heard a friend talk about the line like a crazed evangelist. And call me crazy now, but my hair grew at least an inch in the first month. And it looks healthier and fuller too. This stuff is definitely not inexpensive, but if you’re in a rut that you’re willing to pay your way out of, this is the stuff’.
Phylia de M; 3 Step Kit £103 (Clean, Condition & Connect); Clean £28; Condition £30; Connect £45; Re-Connect £60

O! Wow Brush: It keeps appearing in the press and everybody is saying the same thing, it is the best make-up brush ever, ever, ever in the history of the world. The love goes on. Got one?
O! Wow Brush £20

Rainbow Volume S Brush: Same story as above and who would have thought it of a mad-looking £12 hairbrush that looks like a throwback from childhood. This has been everywhere, including Vogue! Vogue features a multi-coloured bit of plastic and I’m dancing like there is no tomorrow. And it’s still being discovered; one editor, who shall remain nameless, sent me an email with just one word ‘witchcraft’. My oh my!
Rainbow Volume S Brush £12

Cysticlean: Clever, clever supplement formulated for the prevention of recurring urinary tract infections. So many of you suffer and so many of you have found enormous relief by taking Cysticlean. Check out Shabir’s article for the complete low-down.
VH Editorial: Is Drinking Cranberry Juice a Myth?Cysticlean £24.99 for 30 Capsules; Cysticlean £39.99 for 60 Capsules

Cherry Night: Recommended by Sarah Stacey in YOU magazine, she takes it and now half the world would appear to be following her advice and are taking it too. Can’t sleep, erratic sleep, 4 am syndrome – this is another case of ‘Be Like Me’, although the ‘me’ in this instance is Sarah, not me.
Cherry Night £24.95 for 150 grams

VH Editorial

Another month, another round of fabulous articles from our multi-award winning (awards, awards, awards!) editorial team; we’ll kick off with Carolyn Asome, the fashion guru (and perhaps NIOD’s numero uno fan) who tells us what we need to know about the new season, which includes the £35 it-bag; Catherine Turner writes about the magic of mushrooms (where Shabir makes a surprising appearance!), Jo Fairley does lips and the Beauty Bible girls do rainbow healing (just wait until you read what happened to Sarah some time ago).
VH Editorial

I’m separating Sally Brampton out from the above, purely because I am constantly being asked how Sally is following her attempted suicide. Amazingly she is well; I say amazing because she has recently lost both her parents and her beloved cat Bertie died last month who was with her for 18 years and saw her through two divorces; Sally claims that he was better than a husband in every way – relate girls – let’s go buy a cat (or a dog – failing that a goldfish perhaps?).

Right, before I get completely carried away with the above couple of statements, the title of Sally’s editorial this month is ‘I Don’t Know’, which I hope you enjoy reading. To end I will just say that another marker of Sally’s recovery is that she is back using all her products again; when you hit rock-bottom, you lose interest in everything and nothing in the world can change that. So this from Sally, which came from her to me and then from me to you:

‘I LOVE HIF Volume Support. So brilliant for my super-fine hair. I’ve never met a cleansing conditioner that didn’t make it look like an oily rag. Actually I’ve very rarely met a shampoo that good’. Hugs Sal, I agree!
I Don’t Know by Sally Brampton; Volume Support by Hair is Fabric £30 for 180 ml

Nothing more to say other than we have come to the end of another newsletter, I’m all out of words and actually at this point I think I am possibly completely out of my mind too, but I will just say this; your support and loyalty never, ever fails to touch me, I thank you.

So together with Shabir and the entire VH team, I wish you all a happy and wonderful September.

With love

Gill x