October Newsletter 2014

October Newsletter 2014

Welcome to the October newsletter where we take a look at some new product launches and we throw the focus on several health concerns, including oral health. We resurrect a product from several years ago, in its new glorious format, and as we head into the autumn months we are mindful of helping to protect our immune systems. As ever, we take a look at all the latest news and feedback and there is a rather gorgeous shiny new book to tell you about too. Let’s go:

The Battle Against Arthritis

Arthritis affects an estimated one in five people in the UK and although considered a disease of old age, it can affect all ages. One of the most promising discoveries in the battle against joint and arthritic pain is Natural Egg Shell Membrane (NEM). NEM is the thin membrane that is in between the egg shell and egg white and it contains proteins and amino acids that may help to repair the cartilage network in between the bones. It is the degradation of this cartilage that causes the release of acids, such as uric acid, which can result in the pain and stiffness experienced.

In addition to its long-term repair properties, NEM is also a powerful anti-inflammatory, helping to alleviate pain quickly, often within days. Several studies indicate that supplementing with 500 mg of Natural Egg Shell Membrane for eight weeks has a positive impact on joint health, with most patients reporting benefits of pain relief and joint flexibility as early as ten days after beginning NEM supplementation.

NEM is available in a proprietary supplement, Superior Joints, which also contains herbal extracts and nutrients that help to enhance circulation, cushion the joints and bones and protect joints from free radical damage.

As mentioned above, when joint tissues degrade, acidic compounds are produced that may encourage the further degradation of the joints, which is why arthritis is termed a degenerative disease. If not addressed, the bone tissues can fuse together, resulting in the loss of mobility.

In order to remove uric acid and other acidic compounds, we recommend the use of Tart Cherry, Nettle and Turmeric. This supplement helps to dissolve uric acid and other acidic compounds and additionally helps to eliminate them quickly from the joints before they crystallise and cause pain and destruction.

The Treat: We often put two supplements together on varying health concerns as they work so well synergistically. Superior Joints and Tart Cherry, Nettle and Turmeric are a prime example of a ‘marriage made in heaven’ supplement scenario, so we have thrown them together and called them the ‘Superior Joints Treat’. Together they cost £50, but for the duration of this newsletter, we have taken £10 off and I’m thinking of the song ‘Let’s Twist Again’ as I’m writing this – suppose that gives my age away!!
The Superior Joints Treat £40 (Superior Joints £30 for 60 Capsules; Tart Cherry, Nettle and Turmeric £20 for 50 grams)


For those of you who have been around for several years, you may remember Spongelle, a clever little range of infused body buffers formulated to exfoliate, massage and hydrate. They have undergone a massive transformation and now they are back! The textures are designed for gentle exfoliation, which help whisk away dry skin, stimulate circulation and each of the buffers has its own one-of-a-kind fragrance created specifically for Spongelle.

The flower body buffers come in five different scents; Papaya Yazu, French Lavender, Ginger Bergamot, Coconut Verbena and Bulgarian Rose and they are packaged rather gorgeously, so they make great and innovative gifts as well as using them on ourselves. I’m rather taken with the Pedi-Buffer, which has been formulated to cleanse, smooth and rejuvenate tired feet. There are two different scents, Beach Grass and Mandarin Mint; I’m pretty sold on Beach Grass, but we are all different.

One more product to write about, the Anti-Cellulite Buffer; this is a dual sided toning buffer and once moistened with water, the soft side should be used to cleanse and tone and the textured side should be used in a gentle circular motion to exfoliate and help stimulate circulation, which is always good.

When I wrote about these on the Addicts Bulletin a couple of weeks ago, they whooshed out of the door; I think that they are being stockpiled for Christmas presents as they make a pretty perfect gift, so I invite you to join the trend!
Spongelle Body Buffers £12; Spongelle Pedi Buffers £12; Spongelle Anti-Cellulite Buffer £15

The Health and Beauty Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Vinegar is one of the most chronicled natural remedies throughout history; the Babylonians (5000 BC) used vinegar as a tonic to add to food and as a pickling agent, Egyptian urns dating back to 3000 BC have been found to contain vinegar residues and Chinese historical documents featured the merits of vinegar’s benefits. The health benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar are scientifically well founded and high quality Apple Cider Vinegar is made from the fermentation of fresh, ripened apples and contains all the goodness of apples together with a spectrum of nutrients and enzymes.

Most people are pretty skeptical about the health benefits of something as common as Apple Cider Vinegar, most especially when it seems to help so many ailments, but it does have some extraordinary benefits, which are worth noting. These include helping to alleviate reflux and heartburn, helping to maintain healthy cholesterol levels, helping to fight acne, helping to support the immune system and helping to eradicate halitosis (bad breath).
To discover more about the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar, do take the time to read Shabir’s article, where he recommends Organic Apple Cider Vinegar by Higher Nature.
VH Editorial: The Health and Beauty Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar; Organic Apple Cider Vinegar by Higher Nature £7.50 for 350 ml

Oral Health

Gum disease can affect up to 80% of us at some point of our lives and research points to the link that poor oral hygiene, leading to gum disease, may also contribute to other diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and arthritis.

The first thing I am going to do is introduce you to two new toothbrush products, one for children and one for adults, and I will finish up with an article Shabir has written about preventing and treating gum disease.

Brush-Baby Baby Sonic Electric Toothbrush

Calling all parents, grandparents, aunties, uncles, friends and anybody who has a baby/toddler they know – you are going to love this. Especially designed to help parents care for their baby’s and toddler’s teeth, this battery-powered toothbrush with soft vibrations, a tiny brush head and soft bristles, is ideal for keeping baby teeth and gums clean.

The Baby Sonic’s unique two minute timer and 30 second pulse reminder helps teach good oral care habits from an early age. The ‘winning’ feature, according to the parents of our toddler testers, is the light that enables you to see exactly where and how you are brushing your children’s teeth.

It’s pretty simple to use, just wet the bristles, apply a smear of toothpaste, press the power button once for light and again to turn on the toothbrush. It is recommended that you divide the mouth into four sections (upper, lower, left and right) and gently move the brush head across the teeth using a gentle circular motion.

One of our testers called it ‘a genius innovation’; having struggled to clean the teeth of her two year old son, who would have a tantrum every time he saw a toothbrush, the Brush-Baby was a winner from the first time of use and now he cleans his own teeth, under supervision, after the initial two minute clean by his parents is over. Sometimes it’s the simple things that are the most effective and Brush-Baby falls into that category. Clever.
Brush-Baby Sonic Electric Toothbrush £8.99; Brush-Baby & Toddler Toothpaste £2.35; The Brush-Baby Range

Nano-b Antibacterial Toothbrushes

Rather love these. Nano-b Antibacterial toothbrushes are a merger of nature’s expertise and oral science and are uniquely antibacterial as they kill bacteria through natural means. Silver and gold have natural antibacterial properties and have been used for centuries in the medical industry. Silver and gold release ions that penetrate bacterial cells, helping to terminate the organism. Nano-b have modified the elements into nano-sized particles so that they can work safely and effectively on your toothbrush.

The magic is in the bristles. Each bristle is coated with natural silver or gold and bamboo charcoal dust, invisible to the naked eye. The dust is comprised of microscopic particles that release negatively charged ions, which help inhibit bacteria growth by suppressing cell respiration and metabolism. This is bad news for bacteria, but good news for you; by terminating bacteria on your brush, you avoid brushing with common nasties like e-coli and salmonella. You are also protected from airborne bacteria, which may also help protect you from the common cold.

The gold and charcoal brush is particularly useful for those looking to whiten their teeth. This brush merges the antibacterial qualities of gold with the natural whitening properties of bamboo charcoal, so if you have stained or discoloured teeth, try this.

However, it’s not just about being antibacterial. Nano-b toothbrushes provide a brush that offers superior cleaning capabilities. All of the brushes come with a double-layered bristle structure. The long, thin bristles clean deeply in hard-to-reach areas of the mouth, gently pushing the gums upwards to help remove bacteria where trapped, preventing common plaque build-up. The short, oval bristles gently polish the surface of the teeth.

Now I have to tell you that I’ve been using an electric toothbrush for as long as I can remember, but, and this is a big but, I much prefer using the Nano-b. It really does get to the parts that my electric toothbrush can’t and my gums and teeth really do feel cleaner. I’m using the charcoal and gold toothbrush (I’m an all or nothing type of girl), but testers have been raving about the silver version too.

When I first started to use it, my gums bled slightly, so don’t worry if this happens to you; it just reinforced my view that my gums and teeth weren’t getting the ‘workout’ they needed with the electric toothbrush. I have to tell as it is and I think these toothbrushes are completely fabulous and I get a kick out of using mine. Smile!
Nano-b Antibacterial Toothbrushes £7.99

Preventing and Treating Gum Disease

I am not going to write reams here about preventing and treating gum disease because it is all in an article that Shabir has written on the subject. Just to say that there are more than 400 species of microorganisms, predominantly bacteria, which reside in the mouth. Most of these are necessary for maintaining healthy teeth and gums, however a small percentage of bacteria can cause significant damage, leading to gum disease. So grab your Nano-b toothbrush and read all about it!
VH Editorial: Preventing and Treating Gum Disease; Peri Gum Mouth Wash Concentrate £17.95; Super Ubiquinol CoEnzyme Q10 £20.75; SilverSol Tooth Gel £12.95

This Works

Two new wonderful products from This Works to tell you about, both from the award-winning Deep Sleep range:

Deep Sleep Body Therapy: I’ve always loved the quote from Marilyn Monroe: ‘What do I wear in bed? Why, Chanel No. 5, of course’. It’s evocative, sensual and mesmerizing in concept, so although we are not talking Chanel, please allow me to introduce you to Deep Sleep Body Therapy as a conceptual new product offering from This Works.

This is a non-sticky, fast absorbing spray moisturiser loaded with a blend of Lavender, Vetivert and Camomile, soothing Aloe Vera, Comfrey Root and Vitamin B5 to help strengthen and hydrate the skin. Formulated to soothe the skin and calm the mind, spray it all over your body about half an hour before you go to bed; relax and sublimely drift to sleep.
Deep Sleep Body Therapy £20 for 100 ml

Sleep Plus Pillow Spray: One step up from the regular Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, Sleep Plus Pillow Spray is a concentrated fast-acting natural remedy to help restore healthy sleep patterns. Clinically proven to help provide a better night’s sleep, it brings relief for temporary sleeplessness and is a potent blend including Lavender, naturally encapsulated to gradually release aromatherapeutic benefits as you sleep. Just shake the bottle and spray onto your bed linen as your natural night time movement releases the fragrance while you sleep.
Sleep Plus Pillow Spray £25 for 75 ml

Wild Medicines

I don’t often have facials, but when I do I stamp my feet if I’m not offered steam and extraction, which to my mind is the most important part of any facial. It’s all very well being massaged into oblivion, but I want the grime out, so when a set of facial steamers landed on my desk I had a ‘glory hallelujah’ moment. Visions of my teenage years came to the fore when I used to make my own fragranced concoctions and sat with a towel over my head as the steam hit my face from the bowl.

Herbal facial steamer bags are a wonderful way to deeply cleanse your pores and Wild Medicines have created three different versions to choose from. They can also be used if you are ‘bunged up’ with a cold and there is one for Hang-Overs; just thought I’d mention that ahead of the party season:

Facial Steamers: Sensitive Skin: Gently cleanses pores and nourishes the skin; blended with soothing chamomile and elderflower herbs combined with therapeutic sandalwood essential oil to help calm and de-stress.

Facial Steamers: Oily Skin: Helps to unblock and cleanse pores to re-balance skin. Loaded with purifying herbs and therapeutic oils to help refresh and brighten dull skin.

Facial Steamers: Hang Over: A deeper pore cleanse, these steamer bags have been blended with invigorating herbs with added therapeutic essential oils to help energize and uplift spirits.

The pouches come with four bags, each resembling a tea bag; they are not particularly chic or smart, but they are effective and I don’t think any of us need glammed up packaging, which would only push the price up. So for £4 a pouch, you get four steam sessions. Not a lot has changed since my (our!) youth, cleanse your skin and then just drop a steamer bag into a heatproof bowl, add boiling water, get that towel over your head and steam for 10-15 minutes. Follow up with your regular skincare. Tra la!
Facial Steamers £4 for a pack of four

Protect Your Heart with D-Ribose Powder

Our body requires a compound called Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) in order to fuel itself and carry out each and every process, including digestion, respiration, excretion and regeneration of tissues. ATP is found in every single cell of the body and if you want to boost your energy levels, you will need to get your ATP levels up. The problem is that getting ATP levels to rise is not an easy task and several key nutrients play a role in the manufacture of ATP and various factors reduce ATP, including the ageing process and stress.

One of the key building blocks to ATP is a rare sugar molecule called D-Ribose. Every cell in the body makes D-ribose, but only slowly and in varying amounts depending upon the tissue concerned. The liver and the adrenals, under normal circumstances, produce sufficient D-Ribose to carry out their function of making compounds required for hormone production. Most other tissues, including the heart, do not produce sufficient D-Ribose and require it from food sources.

Cardiologists have been recognizing that some nutrients play a key role in helping to protect heart tissue. Notable examples include ubiquinol, the active form of Co-enzyme Q10, magnesium and L-Carnitine. Ubiquinol helps thin the blood slightly and thus eases the flow of blood through the body causing less resistance to the heart; magnesium increases the production of energy within the heart muscle, contributing to its ability to pump blood throughout the body and also relaxes arteries, easing the flow of blood. Carnitine works to transport fatty acids into the cells of the heart muscle tissue to be used as a source of energy.

Scientists now believe the D-Ribose is the missing link in the above nutrient protocol and that it is invaluable for ‘at-risk’ cardiac patients and even more important for those who have cardiovascular disease.

D-Ribose works to provide fuel for the heart muscle tissue to function correctly and helps quicker recovery after a heart attack. ‘Ischemia’ is a medical term for the restriction of oxygen and blood to highly aerobic tissues, such as the heart and brain. Irreversible damage to these tissues can occur in as little as three to four minutes. When ischemia occurs in the heart, it loses nearly 50% of its energy molecule, ATP, and even when blood flow and oxygen are restored to normal, it can take several days before the heart energy levels return to normal. Taking D-Ribose has shown that normal heart function can be achieved within two days.

Many cardiologists are now using D-Ribose routinely for people who have cardiovascular concerns. The recommendation is that if you suffer from high blood pressure, have a history of high blood pressure, have cardiovascular concerns in your family, or if you are aged over 45 and wish to protect your heart, then you should take D-Ribose on a daily basis.

To read the full version of this article, written by Shabir, then see below and we are recommending Qi-Ribose Powder, which provides D-Ribose as well as two of the other heart protective nutrients mentioned above, carnitine and magnesium.
VH Editorial: Protect Your Heart with D-Ribose Powder; Qi-Ribose Powder £24.95 for 180 grams

The Perfume Bible

A few months ago I wrote about the launch of The Perfume Society, the first consumer-facing appreciation society dedicated to the enjoyment and understanding of perfume, created by Jo Fairley and Lorna McKay. The girls informed me that the response was totally amazing, which is all rather wonderful if you are fascinated by scents; and now the book.

In this lavishly illustrated, comprehensive guide to scent, Jo and Lorna bring together everything you need to know about perfume. There is guidance on which ‘scent family’ you belong to, the different strengths of perfume, the art of shopping for fragrance, 100 perfumes to try before you die, plus the greatest scents ever bottled.

The book is packed with insider information from the world’s leading experts and interviews with some of the greatest international perfumers. If you have a passion for fragrance, you will absolutely adore this book and I’ve decided to give a copy to a few of my friends just because I can and just because I think it’s pretty iconic.
The Perfume Bible by Josephine Fairley and Lorna McKay £20

Dry Scalp

Having a dry, and often itchy scalp, is a common problem and it occurs when the hair root is not sufficiently lubricated by the oil (sebum) secreted by the sebaceous glands lining the scalp, which provide the natural oils to the base of each hair.

The sebum gives hair its characteristic shine and lustre and when there is an insufficient amount of it, both the scalp and hair begin to dry out. Most people immediately think of dry scalp as being dandruff, but nothing could be further from the truth. Dandruff may occur even in an oily scalp as it is associated with a yeast infection of the scalp that leads to excessive cell shedding. There are several common causal factors for a dry and itchy scalp, which include weather, cosmetic habits, diet and choice of shampoo, which should be chemical free.

Another causal factor for scalp concerns is the lack of omega 3 essential fatty acids in our diet. Omega 3 fats are normally derived from oily fish, flaxseeds and other seeds and nuts. Unfortunately the vegetarian versions of omega 3 are poorly converted by the body into their active components, called EPA and DHA. Fish oils already have these present within the oil, however if you are intending to use fish oil capsules, then you need to ensure that you use highly purified high strength fish oils, which are devoid of toxins such as mercury and PCB’s. We recommend krill oil by way of supplementation and most specifically Power of Krill, which is free from all toxins and is utilized by every single cell within our bodies.

Shabir has further investigated the causes of dry scalp in an article, which you can read below. The haircare range we always recommend is Phylia de M and as you will have read on the September newsletter (click here if you missed it), we have released the Phylia Four Step Travel Kit and the Phylia Complete Travel Kit, which is a great way to try the products if you are not familiar with them.
VH Editorial: Dry Scalp; Phylia de M Four Step Travel Kit £70; Phylia de M Complete Travel Kit £100; Power of Krill £24.95 for 60 Softgels

Magnesium Body Wash

This is what I wrote on last month’s newsletter, with an apology from me at the end:

The ongoing love affair with all things magnesium continues as we release Magnesium Body Wash. Over the years we have written reams about the importance of magnesium in many differing forms and Magnesium Body Wash is a magnesium-based shower gel that gently cleanses and nourishes. Highly concentrated with magnesium chloride, which is mined deep under the earth’s surface, this body wash is blended with natural gentle ingredients to help soften and moisturize your skin, including Peppermint and Rosemary essential oils to help energize and refresh. It also helps to correct magnesium deficiencies, which is a very good thing too, as most of us are magnesium deficient. Shabir takes an in-depth look at magnesium in the article below and just to say that this shower gel (you can put it in the bath too) will leave your skin soft and smooth; we like that!

We had absolutely no idea that it would go as crazy as it did and it did of course result in a massive wait list, for which I am so sorry. The product is American and we had to stand in line and wait our turn because of course it is going rather wild the other side of the pond too. Trust me, we sent almost daily emails, followed through with phone calls, lest they forget us! It is now back in stock, so please accept my apologies – there is no keeping down a great product!
VH Editorial: Magnesium – The Most Important Mineral We All Overlook; Magnesium Body Wash £9.95 for 473 ml

Triple Flu Defense

As a matter of course, we always recommend that you should start protecting your immune system from October right through to the first day of spring.

Each year Triple Flu Defense is specifically blended to cope with this year’s strains of the flu virus and we have just released the 2014/2015 version, created by Dr Nenninger. Many of you are die-hard fans and swear by the efficacy of this tincture, so just to say that if you are taking it for preventative purposes, you need to take 20 drops once a week, but should the need arise and you have an infection, then use 20 drops, three times a day until full recovery is reached. One for the medicine cupboard!
Triple Flu Defense £25 for 30 ml

de Mamiel

An accolade and a new seasonal oil from the gorgeous Annee de Mamiel; so first of all many, many congratulations to Annee as her luscious Restoration Body Serum has been selected as being the ‘Best Body Oil’ in Harper’s Bazaar Beauty Best of the Best. This is what they said:

‘A light texture and smooth finish means this is a dream to use in the morning. The blend of oils makes skin feel great and smell wonderful. In winter, use it under a body cream for a moisture boost’. So deserved, this serum is seriously fabulous, as is the entire Botaniques range.
de Mamiel Botaniques Restoration Body Serum £49 for 100 ml; The Botaniques Range

Autumn Facial Oil: This year’s Autumn Facial Oil is a new formula combining a new blend of oils with flower essences for their potency and efficacy. They work through the body’s acupuncture meridians, creating positive effects on our mood and state of mind, making them a huge positive addition to the seasonal oils.

As the summer’s energy starts to wane and nights draw in, this oil is blended to work in synergy with these changes and put back what nature takes out. It works on multiple levels, balancing the emotions, strengthening the physical, whilst repairing and restoring the skin.

To use, smooth four to five drops onto a cleansed face and neck; pause for a moment, cup your hands and cover your nose and mouth; breathe deeply for a count of three and then breathe out for a count of five, releasing all tension. Repeat three times and then massage gently with small circular upwards movements from the centre out, until absorbed.
de Mamiel Autumn Facial Oil £65 for 20 ml

Aromatherapy Associates – Inner Strength Candle

Many of you may remember me writing about Inner Strength Bath & Shower Oil and how the founder of Aromatherapy Associates, Geraldine Howard, created the blend when she was seriously ill and seeking strength through her oils. I am re-publishing ‘Gill meets Geraldine Howard’ where you can read all about the creation of Inner Strength and how Geraldine described it as ‘a hug in a bottle’.

Inner Strength Bath & Shower Oil was a complete phenomenon, try it and you will understand why, and now Aromatherapy Associates have just released its partner product, the Inner Strength Candle.

The Inner Strength Candle helps evoke a sense of calm and inner peace in your surrounding with the fortifying combination of frankincense and cardamom to inspire. It smells completely divine and this candle will create an atmosphere to uplift the senses in any room. It will burn for up to 40 hours, so I’m thinking that if you burn it for an hour each time you have a bath, you will have 40 blissful bath-time experiences, which sounds extraordinarily wonderful to me.
VH Editorial: Gill meets Geraldine Howard; Inner Strength Bath & Shower Oil £40 for 55 ml; Inner Strength Candle £35

Sarah Chapman

Last month we released the latest product from Sarah Chapman, Morning Facial, which has been hugely acclaimed and partners the bestselling Overnight Facial.

As I wrote on the September newsletter, Sarah is absolutely fastidious about her formulations, which is why I respect her so much. With that in mind, I asked Sarah if should could write a feature article explaining just what it takes to create a new product and it is a fascinating read. It can take years to bring a product to market, so do take the time to read the stages of development from inception to birth. Immaculate formulations rule!
VH Editorial: How Sarah Chapman Creates New Products; Morning Facial £45 for 50 ml; Overnight Facial £45 for 15 ml

News and Feedback

I am always incredibly touched by all the emails we receive after we release the monthly newsletters and last month was no exception. On the product front, PaleoGreens stirred up massive interest and for those of you who are taking it, just know that after a couple of months of daily use, you will notice a difference in the health of your skin, as well as energy levels. Yacon basked in the spotlight, yet again, and the response to Shabir’s article on Cold Sores and Eye Floaters was pretty exceptional too.

So let’s take a look at some of your feedback and we are going to kick off with an email about Fulphyl, which is included in the Phylia de M Complete Travel Kit:

‘I avoided buying the Phylia potion until now because I am hopeless at swallowing potions. After taking it for TWO DAYS I seem to have offloaded my post-viral adrenal stress problem and am back to my usual ten hours of deep sleep. I even forgot to take my Seditol last night!! It could be coincidence. It could be anything. But after six months of post glandular fever exhaustion, I’m crediting the potion’
Phylia de M Complete Travel Kit £100; Fulphyl £160 for 360 ml

If you are peri-menopausal, or menopausal, you may be interested to read this:

‘After spending a year going out of my mind with peri-menopausal anxiety, I am now back to the old me after taking Sage Complex, which is quite possibly even better than HRT. Without sounding dramatic, it really did change my life. As a busy mum of three with a very stressful job in London, I just wasn’t coping anymore and the Sage Complex, with a bit of Evening Primrose thrown in, has made such a big, big difference. My husband is probably even more grateful than me!!’
Sage Complex £24.50 for 90 Capsules; Extra High Potency Evening Primrose Oil (with Starflower Oil) £11.95 for 90 Capsules

So many emails about the efficacy of the Innovative Skincare and iS Clinical products, here are three of them:

‘I am totally addicted to the super-luscious textures of the Warming Honey Cleanser and the CoolMint Revitalizing Mask. When I first got the honey cleanser, I made the mistake of using it on damp skin and wondered why it didn’t feel warm. On dry skin, the warming effect is fantastic and it does spread easily all over the neck and face, even though you don’t think it will. The mask plumps my skin beautifully and is much more gentle than a certain expensive seaweed mud mask I had been using, which felt very scratchy and harsh. I have never found a more effective skin polish than the Exfoliating Enzyme Treatment, it is just incredible. Innovative Skincare rocks!
Warming Honey Cleanser £34 for 120 ml; CoolMint Revitalizing Mask £38 for 90 grams; Exfoliating Enzyme Treatment £54 for 50 ml

Thank you for introducing me to iS Clinical’s Cream Cleanser and Innovative Skincare’s Warming Honey Cleanser. I have been having problems with my skin, I’m 49 and starting to show signs of the start of the menopause and my skin has become quite dry with breakouts; I also have very sensitive skin and I just have to look at some products and I come out in a rash! After using both of these products I have seen such an improvement in my skin. It is clearer and also seems softer and not so dry-looking, even the fine lines seem less!
Cream Cleanser by iS Clinical £43 for 180 ml

And now onto Sheald:

‘Our youngest, who has just turned three, had really been struggling to use the hotel pool whilst we were on holiday without getting really angry patches of eczema on the backs of her knees. I am very happy to report that a couple of applications of Sheald sent it packing; amazing stuff’.
Sheald Recovery Balm £43 by iS Clinical

I would just like to end this section by saying a massive thank you to so many of you who have taken the time to send emails; it is not always about products, but about the stance we take about the products we list and endorse. It matters to you and it matters to us, so once again, thank you. We couldn’t do it without you. Right, let’s head into the final few sections:

Neom Organics London

The big news from Neom is that they have completely re-branded themselves and that re-branding is now complete as all their new products have been released, which is very exciting. The first thing I want to do is to congratulate Nicola Elliott, the founder of Neom, who is an absolute delight to work with and she richly deserves the success she has achieved to date – may the accolades continue to roll her way.

Whilst some of our favourite scented candles are still available, there are many new and exciting fragrances to discover and one of my favourites is Time To Unwind, which is also available as a bath foam, a bath and shower oil and a reed diffuser. Described by Neom as being reminiscent of a stolen morning walk in an ancient bluebell wood, this delicate fragrance combines the sweet floral scent of bluebell with sweet guaiacwood and rose.

Guaiacwood oil comes from a tree called palo santo and was originally used to help meditation because of its calming and de-stressing benefits. It has been coupled with rose and a bluebell fragrance to create a treatment that will help you unwind.

There are too many products for me to write all about them, so do check out all the new products, which include Focus the Mind, Moment of Calm, Awaken the Senses (Shabir likes that one), Deeply Relaxed, Comforting and Cocoon Yourself. Just wondering whether Shabir would notice if the stocks levels of Time to Unwind start to deplete; am thinking of the three wick luxury candle to send me into a fragranced sleep. Unfortunately for Shabir, I am a complete candle addict and collect them!
Neom Organics; Time to Unwind Candle £30 (35 hours burn time); Time to Unwind Luxury Candle £45 (50 hours burn time); Time to Unwind Bath & Shower Oil £40 for 100 ml; Time to Unwind Bath Foam £22 for 200 ml; Time to Unwind Reed Diffuser £38

VH Editorial

I have already written about several feature articles during the course of this newsletter, but to add to the list, the Beauty Bible girls write about ‘A Flatter Tummy for Autumn’s Fashions’, which coincidentally, or otherwise, includes Apple Cider Vinegar, Catherine Turner asks ‘How Are You Eating?’ and Jo Fairley reports on ‘The Power of Perfume’.
VH Editorial

The End Bit

A lot of you are Derma E fans, the American skincare brand we have stocked forever, so you may be interested to note that they have just released their Stretch Mark Crème, which helps to diminish the look of stretch marks and is a naturally powerful formula loaded with Argan Oil, Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil and Shea Butter. Other ingredients include Hyaluronic Acid (of course!) and full-spectrum Vitamin E, to help promote self-healing.
Stretch Mark Crème by Derma E £18.95 for 113 grams

Three more dental products to tell you about; they are not new, but just to say that we have listed Toofypegs Emergency Dental Repair Kit, Dentogen Clove Oil Gel and Permasoft Soft Denture Lining. So if you need them, we have them!
Toofypegs Emergency Dental Repair Kit £5.99; Dentogen Clove Oil Gel £2.60; Permasoft Soft Denture Lining £6.99

Another new release from Real Techniques, this time you can create a flawless look with the Nic’s Picks brush set with five exclusive make-up brushes. Each set contains a duo-fibre powder brush, a base shadow brush, a cheek brush, an angled shadow brush and an eyeline brush. These are ever so popular and this is a limited edition set, so get it whilst you can!
Real Techniques Nic’s Picks £29.99

I’m still loving the Hyaluronic Eye Patch Masks from Thalgo and as I’ve just written this newsletter through the night (don’t ask!), I think I need to slap a couple on right now. I am also heading for my tube of Sibergin, my go-to life-saving energy shot, much needed to power me through the day!
Hyaluronic Eye Patch Masks by Thalgo £34; Sibergin £15.50 for 30 Capsules

Finally, The Tweezy, the clever little gizmo to remove facial hair, continues to fly out of the door. I can’t believe there isn’t anybody out there who doesn’t have one!
The Tweezy £10

So we come to the end of another newsletter and together with Shabir, I would like to thank each and every one of you for your incredible support and loyalty.

It feels pretty weird to write that I will be back next month with the November newsletter because that means there are only two more newsletters left to write this year and I’m not quite sure where the months have gone!

Notwithstanding that, I wish all of you a healthy and happy October.

With love

Gill x

PS Breaking News: The Dermasuri Deep Exfoliating Mitt has just won ‘Best Exfoliator’ in this year’s US Cosmopolitan Magazine’s Cosmo Beauty Awards; I’m told that many votes were cast by people in the UK – that would be VH’ers. Wonderful and thank you.