November Newsletter 2012

November Newsletter 2012

Welcome to the November newsletter; this is the one that I have been waiting to write for several months as we release a new outstanding product from Phylia de M, we launch Miracle Glo, which I have been using and loving since the beginning of this year and we celebrate the tenth birthday of Innovative Skincare with a treat. If that’s not enough, we also have another treat from Phylia de M, Shabir writes about Krill Oil, B12 and a regimen for Post-Nasal Drip, which is a massive concern for so many people and I take a look at five gifts for Christmas.

Before anything, I just need to tell you that I am writing this under the influence of a general anaesthetic, which I had yesterday, so it might go a bit whacky in places, but we shall endure and later in the newsletter I will write about it because it’s quite funny and I will tell you about the product that saved me before, during and after the procedure. But now please allow me to introduce the product that I think will save the world (this is not an under-statement), so let’s go:

Fulphyl by Phylia de M

I am going to begin by stating that I believe ‘Fulphyl’ to be the single-most important health product to be released in the past decade and I am pretty sure that statement will suffice for the next decade too. Working closely with Kazu Namise, the creator of Phylia de M, I was sent on a steep learning curve about the amazing qualities of Fulvic Acid, and most especially about Phylia’s custom blended organic humic-free Fulvic Acid, which is of course the key ingredient in the propriety mix for the hair care system (Clean, Condition and Connect).

When Kazu first shared the scientific knowledge of the work her Japanese oncologist godfather has been researching for the past eleven years on humic-free Fulvic Acid, I nearly collapsed flat-out and was virtually speechless as I recognised the global importance of Fulphyl within about five seconds. Such is the enormity of this project that I couldn’t possibly do it on my own, so first of all I want to run through the team, I will write about Fulvic Acid (known as ‘nature’s miracle molecule’), then the product and I am also going to comment on ‘The End Bit’ of the newsletter:

The Team: I have to begin by acknowledging and thanking Kinvara Balfour for introducing me to Phylia and Kazu Namise; without Kinvara this journey wouldn’t have happened. Her support, passion and kindness over the years remains so very special and with evolvement Kinvara has now become a brand ambassador for Phylia, so please do take the time to read ‘Gill meets Kinvara Balfour’ where you will see that we are absolutely on the same page about the powerful importance of Fulphyl, our life philosophy and the future for Phylia.
Gill meets Kinvara Balfour

To Kazu Namize for her trust, friendship, knowledge and support; we work as one and I am overwhelmed and humbled to release Fulphyl onto the global market; to Shabir for understanding the profundity and importance from a pharmaceutical point of view and for writing an in-depth look at Fulphyl, which I hope you will also take the time to read; and finally to Fulphyl founding scientist, Dr Miyayama, whose scientific research and development is so completely awesome that I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he won a Nobel Prize when full protocol studies are released on humic-free Fulvic Acid next year. We are each indebted not only to his brilliance, but for watching over all of us and guiding us so magnificently.
VH Editorial: Fulvic Acid: The Elixir of Life

The Creation: ‘Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food’ – Hippocrates (460-377 BC)

Fulphyl was created with this wisdom as central inspiration and we begin with the simple knowledge that food, whether derived from animals, sea-life or vegetation, ultimately starts in the soil. Without healthy soil, every link in the chain suffers and in recent years, industrial farming methods and environmental abuses have left us with severely depleted soil, and as a result a vast variety of global health issues.

In the ongoing quest to restore our soil, Fulvic Acid, called ‘nature’s miracle molecule’ has proven to be an immensely powerful tool, a key element in activating essential nutrients, both in the soil and in our bodies as well. The depletion of minerals in the soil has disrupted the proliferation of this miracle molecule in the soil and therefore in vegetation and animals – our food. Until now.

What is Fulvic Acid: Fulvic Acid is truly the missing link in our modern diet and working in a variety of ways, Fulvic Acid not only restores the soil, but also neutralizes and balances our bodies on a cellular level.

A Super Cell Conductor for bodies and the earth, Fulvic Acid has the vital capability of realising the potential of all the nutrients we consume. It then carries these nutrients to the correct cells within our bodies and finally makes those cells more permeable and receptive. Essentially, Fulvic Acid mobilizes food to become our medicine.

Fulvic Acid is also a remarkable chelator, encouraging cell health and regeneration, while binding to, and wholly removing harmful materials from the body. This is the part that completely blew my brain apart because the potential for health is quite astounding. By drinking and/or applying Fulphyl, we are re-introducing this amazing healer into our bodies and once again, food becomes our medicine for life.

Fulvic Acid Information: Fulvic Acid is created in extremely small amounts by millions of beneficial microbes working on decaying plant matter. Fulvic Acid is so powerful that one single Fulvic Acid molecule is capable of carrying 60 or more minerals and trace elements directly into our cells and it serves as the essential vehicle that also carries vitamins and nutrients to the right places in our bodies, which means that our cutting-edge supplements increase their potency dramatically. This could not make me happier; thinking HA, Skin Restoring Ceramides, Astaxanthin et al.

How Fulphyl is Different: An inherent and vital part of our natural ecosystem, the amount of Fulvic Acid in our soil has been continually depleting over the past century resulting in sterile soil conditions brought on by the overuse of pesticides, chemical fertilizers and erosion. As a result, Fulvic Acid, essential for maximum human health, has been missing from our diets for generations.

Fulvic Acid has been available on the market, but most processes derive Fulvic Acid from extracting trace amounts from fossil fuels, decomposed matter and other humic substances. Fulvic Acids extracted through these methods may emit methane when combined with chlorine, which is abundant in all water supplies.

Dr Miyayama felt it was extremely important to find a method of sustainably manufacturing a totally humic-free Fulvic Acid, in order to maintain the potency and integrity of this remarkable substance. By ‘creating’ Fulvic Acid, rather than extracting it from the earth, it has been made possible to re-introduce a new supply back into the ecosystem, as opposed to further depleting this precious source from the earth.

As a result of these efforts, Phylia de M is very proud to offer Fulphyl, which has been developed from their custom organic biotechnology and is a pure, potent, humic-free Fulvic Acid, yielded entirely from composting techniques utilizing only raw, organic vegetation. Fulphyl is Fulvic Acid at its very best and is of course the only Fulvic Acid we would recommend because of its inherent ability to heal, renew and restore.

The Benefits of Fulphyl: As you may have guessed by now, I have been taking Fulphyl for over three months and the difference it has made to my overall health is pretty incredible. If I was to use a visualisation technique, I imagine myself as a cafetiere (different!) and I replace the coffee with all the toxins and other rubbish in my body; I then visualise that the plunger is filled with Fulphyl and as I plunge down, all the dark toxic waste is eliminated from my body. Essentially this is exactly what Fulphyl does and I am listing below some of the benefits of Fulphyl when taken internally:

Helps increase energy; helps alleviate anaemia; maintains stamina; chelates body toxins; helps reduce high blood pressure; helps stimulate the body enzyme system; helps rebuild the immune system; mobilizes vitamin and mineral supplements; helps chelate all toxic metals; magnifies the effect of herbal teas and tinctures.

In addition, Phylia de M has received much feedback for external beneficial use, including:

Helping to treat open wounds; helping to treat rashes and skin irritations; helping to heal cuts and abrasions, helping heal insect bites and spider bites, helping to eliminate discolouration due to skin bruises; helping to heal burns with minimum pain or scarring, helping to kill pathogens responsible for athletes foot and acting as a wide spectrum anti-microbial and fungicide.

Usage Tips: Fulphyl can be used in a variety of ways; you can drink it, pour it in a bath, spray it on your plants, or add to face and body creams for added potency (eeek, wonder what on earth would happen if I primed my face with Fulphyl before using my Innovative Skincare products – that is going straight onto the agenda!).

The Last Word(s) on Fulphyl: Over the years I must have written millions of words about products and whilst each launch of a new, cutting-edge health product is of great importance, I am not sure that I have ever written about a product that will make such a vast difference to the health and wellbeing of millions of people on a global level. In her interview with me, Kinvara wrote that this mission will take great strength and courage and she is absolutely right because Fulphyl is life-changing and it’s a pretty daunting task, which will become more evident in time with the release of the protocol studies.

It was a big decision to release Fulphyl before we publish the protocol studies, but Kazu, Kinvara and I made the decision, with the blessing of Dr Miyayama, based upon eleven years of research and the fact that we could no longer ‘sit’ on a product that we all know will be making headline news in a rather dramatic and significant fashion. Shabir calls it the ‘elixir of life’, a friend calls it her ‘mojo juice’ and all I will say is that my fervent wish is that each and every one of you will have the opportunity to take it.

So now the details: I thought that the first time I took Fulphyl would be the last because I almost gagged on the smell, but I overcame that pretty rapidly; Shabir called me a ‘wuss’ (always rely on him to throw me compliments!) and I called Kazu who told me to mix it with a little juice, which is what I suggest you do unless you are hard-core! We recommend mixing 5 ml a day with juice, I use Passion Fruit Juice and Kazu uses Lemon Juice; Shabir takes it straight. No further comment on that!

Finally the price, which is £160, and whilst I am massively aware that it is expensive, if you take a maintenance dosage of 5 ml a day, then one bottle will last for 72 days and each dose will cost just over £2. Having said that, I would recommend taking 10 ml of Fulphyl for the first seven days; kicking in hard and fast is always a good thing.

I know I am incredibly biased, but I can assure you that I would not be writing about a product in this way if Fulphyl didn’t deliver on its promise. With each and every word, I am putting my reputation on the line and do you know something, it may be daunting, but it is not every day that you are given the opportunity to participate in positively changing the world’s health. I’m so, so grateful to be on this journey and hope that you will be able share the extraordinary benefits of Fulphyl with each of us.
Fulphyl by Phylia de M £160 for 360 ml (Maintenance Dosage 5 ml daily)

Phylia de M – Clean, Condition & Connect – The Hair Care System

The only way I could possibly follow that launch, is to write about the on-going, outstanding success of the three Phylia hair care products and we are going to celebrate that success in style, so please read carefully.

The level of feedback we have received about the efficacy of these three products, most notably Connect, which is of course the hero, has almost reached epidemic proportions. So the first thing I am going to do is to tell you that I am getting reports of fringes being grown, where wisps of hair have previously been and this from a customer:

‘I am in the third week of using Phylia de M and I have all three products. I have suffered from Lupus for a decade and much to my dismay I lost two thirds of my hair. I have used the products as directed, including applying Condition to dry hair the night before I went to get my roots done. My hairdresser (of 18 years) was astounded at the thick, shiny state of my hair. Although you say you need to use the products for a few months to see the full benefits, at this rate I am going to end up with more hair than when I became ill. Anyone hesitating – buy it now – the whole kit!’

I have nothing to add except to say that we are going straight into a section on Condition and there is a treat at the end. Of the three products, Condition is perhaps the one I have written the least about, but it is an integral of the hair care regimen and I am now going to share some extra tips on using Condition:

1/ This nourishing formula can be used as an intensive ‘night before’ treatment (as mentioned above) to help protect your hair from damaging salon chemical processes and to strengthen your hair to its very best:

•Spray Connect into the scalp and all over hair
•Immediately apply Condition all over hair and ends. Wrap up and leave overnight

2/ Custom Conditioner Leave-In Treatment: In an extra Connect spray bottle, mix in part Condition with Connect (30-70 ratio), shake and spray into the hair as a daily or weekly ‘leave-in treatment’.

3/ Good for hair means good for skin and nails too. After applying Condition into your dry/damp hair for a leave-in treatment, or just on its own, you can massage Condition into your body, skin and nails – works as a moisturiser in a pinch!

4/ Condition works brilliantly as a shaving cream on the body as it helps keep skin very moisturised and protected from razor burn.

The Treat: The first 100 people to buy either Clean, Condition, Connect or Rephyl will receive a bottle of Condition (worth £30) as a gift with love from me and Kazu. There is only one gift per customer and I think these are going to fly out the door, so you will need to be pretty fast. If you haven’t tried Condition before, you are in for a big treat! Please note that this will not show up on your invoice, but if you are in the first 100, then we will just drop it into your order for you.
Clean £28 (265 ml); Condition £30 (265 ml); Connect (120 ml) £45; Rephyl (570 ml) £180; Three Step Kit £103

Miracle Glo – Perfecting Glotion

This newsletter is turning into a tribute to the word ‘miracle'; we have gone from a ‘miracle molecule’ to ‘a miracle hair care system’ and now I am about to introduce you to a product that I have been using from the beginning of this year. It so deserves to have the word ‘miracle’ in its name because I fell in love with this genius ‘glotion’ before I even applied it to my face; it was one of those rare moments when shivers go down your spine as you hold the sample bottle in your hand, so do read on:

Miracle Glo is a very special pink lotion and has been dubbed ‘après make-up’ as it has been formulated to be applied over make-up, or you can use it on naked skin too, which is what I have been doing throughout the summer. Upon impact Miracle Glo delivers a baby-faced, cherub-like glow and acts like a make-up artist in a bottle. Seeing is believing – seriously!

On the surface, Miracle Glo acts as an extra barrier of protection against damaging, ageing free radicals. It gives skin an instant lift effect, helping to tone, tighten and improve colour. If you wear foundation or powder, the formula helps fill in lines and pores and will leave your skin feeling plump to the touch, but more than this, Miracle Glo brings skin back to life by restoring an intense multi-dimensional glow and that’s the reason I will not live without this product – it is transformational. Product formulator Dr Joe Cincotta states:

‘Miracle Glo utilises two exciting new technologies; symmetrical molecules, which reflect light in a mirror-like fashion, as well as our proprietary dual-refractive index technology, which creates a dynamic fluid-gel matrix over make-up that actually produces a 3D optical effect’.

For me, Miracle Glo is the icing on top of a brilliant skincare regimen and I honestly don’t think my skin could look any better; in other words it is a secret weapon that is no longer a secret because if my skin is glowing in a 3D kind of way, then I need to share this with you so you can join in. It’s so easy to use; just apply a few drops to the back of your hand, dab the brush into the product and lightly apply all over the face. Now for some tips:

1/ Using your index finger, dab a tiny amount on each eye to set make-up.

2/ If your mascara drops, wipe it away easily with a tiny amount of the product.

3/ This is the best one; if you have dark circles under your eyes, then apply your regular concealer and then brush a small amount of Miracle Glo over the top and it will instantly disguise darkness. Clever, clever product.

Let’s wrap this by saying that if I am using foundation, my skin looks air-brushed, if I have a slight tan, then it enhances the bronzed glow rather magnificently and when I’m not using make-up, it actually makes my skin look at least ten years younger. There is no more to be said other than it was love at first sight and that love has endured the test of time. Go Glo!
Miracle Glo Perfecting Glotion by Federici Brands £40 for 60 ml (with brush included)

Innovative Skincare

Another celebration; it is the tenth birthday of Innovative Skincare and we are going to rock our way through this section with a birthday treat for 50 of you at the end, but before that we are going to throw the focus on Exfoliating Enzyme Treatment and then head into some feedback.

The first thing I want to say here is that I have just come back from LA and of course I spent time with Bryan and Alec, my LA boyfriends. I’m not too sure that my respect and admiration for the work they do could go much deeper, but every time I visit them my mouth drops open when they share current research and development. As with Phylia, it is an awesome privilege to work alongside the boys and I still maintain that Innovative Skincare is the most scientifically advanced, result-driven skincare in the world, bar none.

There is no getting away from the fact that the products are quite expensive, but less is more and quite honestly I would rather have one product that worked brilliantly, rather than try two or three less expensive products that did little/nothing for my skin. On last month’s newsletter, I released a review of the range from one of our customers, Yenli Izzillo, and this is what she wrote about Exfoliating Enzyme Treatment:

‘This stuff is like magic in a tube. I’ve come to the conclusion that it must be filled with thousands of microscopic Pac-Men because just one application of this wonder product and all my dead skin and dull patches get munched away to reveal fresh, glowing and oh-so-young-looking skin. I now understand why all the VH Addicts on Facebook say they count down the days to being able to use this again. I’ve joined the club. As of today, I only have 10 days before I can use it again. The instructions say use every two to four weeks. Ha! I can’t wait that long, so two weeks is the absolute maximum I’ll go between applications’.
Exfoliating Enzyme Treatment £73 for 50 ml

As you all know, I absolutely love receiving your feedback, but quite honestly if I included every email I have received about Innovative Skincare over the past month, this newsletter would run forever and you would kill me, so I’m going with just one email because it made me smile – a lot:

‘Oh Gill, what have you done to me? I have all these products on my bathroom shelf, but now I can’t stop using Innovative Skincare …. WOW! Yesterday a young male shop assistant at Ryman’s asked me whether I had a Students Pass so he could give me a discount. I said to him, don’t you think I am a bit old to have a Students Pass, after which he replied, but your face looks so young. I thought it was hilarious, but there you are, it must be Innovative Skincare’.

The Treat: There are a whole load of us (notably on Facebook!) who have an absolute hatred of water based cleansers and for the most part we have stayed away from them for most of our lives because for they tend to strip our skin of natural oils and dry us out. And then along came Daily Cleanser, which gently and thoroughly cleanses and has been designed to naturally maintain the skin’s pH balance. Suitable for all skin types, this is a water based cleanser, it smells divine, it performs to perfection and if you have a compromised skin condition, such as acne, it will help control that too.

And so, we have all done a great big ‘U-Turn’ because Daily Cleanser is pretty sensational, we have found love in a water-based product and I have 50 Daily Cleansers to give away to the first 50 people who buy any product from the Innovative Skincare range. There is only one gift per customer and once again, this will not show up on your invoice, but if you are amongst the first 50 people we will just drop it into your order and you can scream with delight when you open your big black VH box!

Finally, just to say a happy, happy tenth birthday to Bryan and Alec …. Innovative Skincare is going from strength to strength and from the research I have seen, we will all soon look as if we have just been born! Congratulations and thank you boys, you really are the best. And now back to us, go claim your treat and I hope you love Daily Cleanser as much as I do – oh and take a look at the new banner on the front of our site – Smooth Operator – what a hero!
Innovative Skincare; Daily Cleanser £45 for 150 ml; Instant Smoothing Gel £92 for 15 ml

Interlude and a Bit of a Rave

At the beginning of this newsletter I said that I was writing this after just coming through a general anaesthetic, so in a couple of lines let me just say that a few weeks ago I knocked one of teeth out on the washing machine door (don’t even ask how on earth I managed that); at the same time it made all my front teeth loose, so I landed up in hospital having a whole load of implants done, back to back on arriving in London from LA, so quite honestly I’m not sure which way up I am, but I am compos mentis enough to write about the product that saved me (well actually my lips) throughout the procedure.

Hail the mighty Beauty Bible Lip Balm. I have adored this lip balm forever; loaded with Aloe and Vitamin E, nothing comes close to its healing and moisturising qualities. Cracked dry lips and cold sores just don’t seem to exist if you use this daily and I take it everywhere with me, including the Californian sunshine. Before I went into theatre I smeared it all over my lips and the first thing I did when I woke up was to smear it on again and again – the nurses thought I’d had a lip plumping procedure as well as implants – wrong!

This is the only product that Sarah and Jo (the Beauty Bible girls) have ever put their name to and I completely get it because it is pretty amazing and with the cold winter winds making an appearance, it now becomes an essential ‘must-have’. Final thing, if you are plagued with cold sores, then do take a course of L-Lysine, it really helps eliminate them.
Beauty Bible Lip Balm £6 for 8 grams; L-Lysine by Lamberts £6.08 for 90 Tablets

And Now – Shabir

It is now firmly established that Shabir writes a section of this newsletter and of course not a lot could make me happier for a couple of reasons. Firstly it gives my brain a rest and secondly his editorial features seem to have acquired a cult following; additionally we will soon be releasing short videos of Shabir talking about health concerns and specific products, so do watch out for those.

In this section Shabir throws the focus on Krill Oil, coming hard and fast on the back of me dropping my fish oil and taking Krill instead; he also talks about the virtues of Vitamin B12 and we end with the Post-Nasal Drip Regimen. Let’s go:

Is Krill Oil the new Fish Oil?

Krill oil is manufactured from krill, tiny shrimp-like crustaceans that inhabit the cold ocean areas of the world, such as the North Pacific Ocean and the Antarctic. Despite their small size, roughly six millimetres in length, krill makes up the largest biomass in the world, more than the combined weight of all humans on earth. Krill oil is now gaining in popularity by way of supplementation due to its numerous advantages and benefits.

I have consistently said that the two most important categories to maintain health are to increase your antioxidant intake and to ensure you take Omega 3 supplements. Until a couple of years ago, I used to recommend high strength fish oils as a source of Omega 3. High quality fish oils are good sources of Omega 3 fatty acids, however they have no antioxidant activity and thus Vitamin E is added to supplements to help protect the oils from turning rancid.

Taking fish oils actually requires you to take high levels of antioxidants since fish oils have weak/little antioxidant protection. Fish oils are perishable and their oxidation in the body may lead to free radicals, which may damage our cells. Therefore when you take fish oils, you need to increase your antioxidant intake, whereas krill contains one of the most potent antioxidants, astaxanthin, which occurs naturally within krill giving them their distinctive salmon pink colour. Krill oil also contains naturally occurring Vitamins A, D and E further adding to its extraordinary antioxidant properties.

In this far-reaching article, Shabir further compares fish oils to krill oil and then goes on to write about the benefits and sustainability of krill. As ever, research and development necessitates a change of stance on the supplementation we recommend and over the years I have often written about stopping one supplement in favour of another. We call it ‘next-generation supplementation’ and this is one of those occasions.
VH Editorial: Is Krill Oil the new Fish Oil?; Power of Krill £24.95 for 60 Softgels

Are You Getting Sufficient Vitamin B12?

Vitamin B12 is commonly referred to as the energy vitamin, although it has a number of other very important functions within our bodies. It is estimated that up to 40% of the UK’s elderly ‘meat-eating’ adults may be deficient in Vitamin B12 and that half of the adult population may have sub-optimal levels. These figures indicate that millions of adults may be deficient in Vitamin B12.

Historically, many experts believe that Vitamin B12 deficiency was solely associated with vegetarians since plant sources have virtually no Vitamin B12. This belief was wrong because Vitamin B12 deficiency is actually widespread and the older you get, the more likely you are to be deficient.

Vitamin B12 is scientifically named ‘cobalamin’ and it is normally found in its natural state only in animal sources of food, including beef, lamb, venison, chicken, salmon and eggs. Vitamin B12 is actually a co-enzyme that is required by the enzymes within our bodies to perform wide and varying roles and it is involved in many critical functions in the body.

To discover the role that B12 plays in our body, the symptoms of a B12 deficiency and how that deficiency occurs, then please do read Shabir’s article, most especially if you are over 40.
VH Editorial: Are You Getting Sufficient Vitamin B12?; Methyl B-12 £20 for 100 Lozenges (V)

The Post-Nasal Drip Regimen

Post Nasal Drip is associated with the excessive production of mucus by the nasal mucosa, which can then accumulate at the back of the throat, or in the nasal cavity, causing difficulties in breathing and other associated concerns. We know that the big culprits of Post-Nasal Drip tend to be acid producing foods, dairy products, tomatoes and potatoes and a moderate intake of these foods would be helpful. I set out below my recommended regimen:

Firstly, I would recommend the use of Marshmallow Capsules; take one capsule three times a day. Marshmallow contains ‘mucilages’, which are long chain molecules that work to soothe and calm the inflamed mucus membranes and work very effectively at reducing the amount of mucus produced by the respiratory tract.

Secondly, I recommend the use of Plantago Tincture; take 15 drops three times a day in water. Plantago works to help break down the bonds that form mucus and thus eases its expulsion as well as having mild antibacterial properties, which prevent the mucus from getting infected. This is a major problem that often results in the prolonging of this concern and often antibiotics are prescribed to help clear the infection.

It might also be prudent to use Ivy Thyme Complex; again take 15 drops two or three times a day in water. This specific tincture works for coughs and bronchitic conditions, but has also been found to help a lot of people with asthma as Ivy extracts soothe the lining of the respiratory tract. Asthma attacks are often triggered when inflammation occurs in the respiratory tract.
Marshmallow Capsules £4.60 for 30 Capsules; Plantago Tincture £9.15 for 50 ml; Ivy Thyme Complex £9.15 for 50 ml

VH Community and Editorial

Right, back to me and I will begin by introducing you to one of our fabulous customers, Linda Randell. If you are a regular visitor to our Facebook page, then you will know Linda as she posts very often. A few weeks ago we received a post on FB about ageing and Linda was right onto it. Within 24 hours she had written and sent an article to Claire and I about the joys of ageing and we both had great big lumps in our throat when we read it. Whatever your age, I implore you to read it, it may bring tears to your eyes, but it is really wonderful and as Linda writes: laugh as much as you can and love as much as you can. My love and gratitude go to Linda for caring enough to respond and to Claire for curating the VH Community.
VH Community: The Joys of Ageing, and Is It All About the Free Bus Pass?

In this month’s editorial, Jo Fairley writes about the magic of moisture, Lulu loves hats and the Beauty Bible girls ask whether your bottom is heading south (heaven help us!). I have already written about the rest of the editorial features all over this newsletter, so I hope you enjoy reading them.
VH Editorial

Triple Flu Defense (2012-2013)

Around this time every year we release the latest version of Triple Flu Defense as the formulation changes each year to target specific viruses prevalent during the season. It has a massive following and its efficacy has been realised year after year as it has helped so many of you.

Triple Flu Defense has three essential components to help combat the flu-virus. It contains influenzinum, a homeopathic preparation that has been proven to help ward off viral infections. Added to this is a select blend of homeopathic remedies and the third component helps strengthen the immune system, which is necessary to help fight off the many viruses anticipated this winter.

Dosage: 20 drops once a week for preventative purposes. Should the need arise, use 20 drops three times a day until full recovery.
Triple Flu Defense by Dr Nenninger £22.95 for 30 ml

Banish the Burn

With the kind permission of Sarah Stacey, Health Editor of the Mail on Sunday YOU magazine, I am going to replicate a short piece she recently wrote. The response and the feedback about D-Mannose has been quite extraordinary, so if you suffer from cystitis, please read this:

‘A reader who suffered from persistent cystitis emailed me to “shout from the rooftops” about the benefits of a natural product called Waterfall D-Mannose. “I tried repeated courses of antibiotics and also over-the-counter remedies (in vain). Since taking this treatment, my life has been transformed. I now only need to take a couple of tablets when I suspect the first signs”.’
Waterfall D-Mannose Super Strength £21 for 50 Tablets

Mega-Probiotic ND

For the third month running I am going to write about Mega-Probiotic and this time I am keeping it short and straight to the point. If I could wave a magic wand (and I was fabulously rich – but not famous!), I would ensure that each and every one of you took this powerful supplement. It makes a huge difference with bloating issues and at this particular moment I am double dosing because I have been put on a course of three antibiotics after my hospital drama. I can’t tell you how much I detest antibiotics and I need to rid my body of them rapidly – Mega P to the rescue once again and if you missed what I wrote on the October newsletter, read it here.
Mega Probiotic ND £18.50 for 60 Capsules

Five Gifts for Christmas

I actually can’t believe that I’m writing this and I also can’t believe that I will soon be writing the last newsletter of the year. I just want to say here that whilst it is of course fabulous to receive gorgeous and extravagant gifts, I would like to take a moment to reflect on another aspect of gifting. Gifts that change people’s life, or make life more acceptable, are the greatest gifts of all. Making a difference is paramount and if each of us can do that with compassion and thought for the people we love and care about, then the world becomes a better place.

So I am going to suggest five gifts that I believe will help make a difference and whilst they are not traditional offerings, I hope that each of them will help change or turn around a life in a positive way:

Phylia de M – The 3 Step Kit: There is no other place to start; to lose your hair is traumatic, to watch your hair thinning is not too cute either. As one of our customers wrote as her hair grew back, she regained her femininity and that is no small thing. If you have been using Clean, Condition and Connect and your hair is fabulous, then this is a wonderful gift to share.
Phylia de M – 3 Step Kit £103

HealGel Intensive: A little pot of wonder that helps heal scarring and it has a myriad of other benefits too. If you know somebody who has any scarring, most especially facial scarring, then please consider gifting HealGel Intensive.
HealGel Intensive £37.50 for 30 ml

Magnesium Oil – Original Flakes: Let’s get past the packaging because it’s the contents that really matter. I have an ongoing love affair with this product and a Magnesium Oil bath is one of the best therapeutic treats I know. Effective for stress relief, relaxation and sleep disturbances, these flakes are also great for soaking aching muscles and joints and they really help compromised skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. I suppose you could open the packet and decant the flakes into a beautiful box to add a bit of glitz.
Magnesium Oil – Original Flakes £9.95 for 1 kg

Supplementation: Whilst I know that gifting supplementation is not going to be on anybody’s glamour list, I’m skipping past that and heading straight to the end result. If Superior Joints can help ease joint pain; if Seditol can give somebody a good night’s sleep; if Femergy can kick-start energy and if HA can help prevent somebody’s face dropping south, then tie a big red ribbon round the bottle and write a little note of explanation.
Superior Joints £29.95 for 60 Capsules; Seditol £18.25 for 30 Capsules; Femergy £10.25 for 60 VegiCaps; HA £35 for 30 Capsules (V)

The Essentials Kit by Innovative Skincare: We finish this section on a slightly more glamorous note and by including the Essentials Kit I am making a stand for transformational skincare that does what it is meant to do. To use Innovative Skincare is to love Innovative Skincare and that is all I am going to say on the subject, except if you haven’t read my interview with Bryan Johns, then please do, print it off and include it in the gift. Tra la!
The Essentials Kit by Innovative Skincare £41.50; Gill meets Bryan Johns

The End Bit

Earlier in the newsletter I wrote about the tenth birthday of Innovative Skincare and I need to tell you that it is our tenth birthday too; perhaps there are no coincidences in life!

I could have made a great big song and dance about our birthday, but I have chosen not to for varying reasons. Mostly I just don’t think it is appropriate to party at a time when the world is in such a dreadful state. Like most of you, I am completely horrified at recent news events and although I will refrain from specifically commenting, I think if there is one call to be made on all things, it would be transparency.

My celebration will come the day ‘cover-ups’ cease to exist, but maybe I am just being delusional and/or idealistic in my thinking. I will however continue to make a stand for truth and integrity in the health and beauty industry because I know no other way and whilst I am fully aware that there is a whole army of people out there who would like to silence me, I don’t really care.

But perhaps there are rewards in taking this stance; just perhaps ‘like’ attracts ‘like’ and if that is the truth, then I am blessed on this birthday to have been given one of the most profound health products of this generation to launch, Fulphyl, and I can ask for little else.

So finally, together with Shabir, Andrew (my amazing techno-wizard Digital Director), the VH Editorial Team and the VH Team, I thank each of you for your incredible loyalty and support over the years; it means so much to all of us.

I hope you have a fabulous November and as the long dark nights draw in, just keep safe and well and I’ll be back with the December newsletter, with a few 60 Seconds thrown in between.

With love

Gill x