November Newsletter

November Newsletter

Welcome to the November newsletter where we continue the NIOD journey with the release of another pioneering product, which once again stands alone in its brilliance; we take a look at immunity, and we have new product launches from Sarah Chapman, Lanolips and there is a new O! Wow Brush to talk about (start getting excited!). We will also take a look at some Christmas gifts, we have another new book launch and we do some health concerns, but I think you all know where I’m going to begin, so let’s do it:


If you have been on the NIOD journey with me since May, when we globally launched this brand, you will know that with each passing month I get more and more emotional about these products, so much so that I think I am fast turning into an emotional wreck! I read your emails, I listen to you talking, I see your response to new launches and at times I have to pinch myself to ensure that I am not in the middle of a dream because, as many of you are experiencing, we have virtually reached Utopia on skincare products. And on we go.

Let’s talk about necks. To quote the late, great Nora Ephron, author of ‘I Feel Bad About My Neck’ (if you haven’t read it, you need to!), ‘we all look good for our age except for our necks’. In the past I have blown hot and cold about dedicated neck products, I suppose because there really hasn’t been anything available that staggers me to the extent that I want to jump up and down and tell the world about it – until now.

So please allow me to introduce you to Neck Elasticity Catalyst (NEC) and let me tell you that you really don’t want to live without this pioneering product for several reasons, but primarily because we don’t want to walk around with a pretty fabulous face and a sagging neck. Perish the thought. I don’t want to feel bad about my neck and so I (and we) won’t.

Enter Brandon. He created the product; he is passionate about the product; he is passionate full stop. We both believe that love in its purest selfless form means that the word ‘compromise’ cannot exist; there is no compromise and what remains is an acceptance of the status quo and a dedicated belief that we can, and will, change everything in the health and beauty industry with pioneering products.

We stand in total alignment and in that stance it really doesn’t matter whether it is me or Brandon writing about NEC, so let it be Brandon; I hope you enjoy his words and just know from me that once again we are doing chapter and verse because we believe in transparency. You can skip the in-depth, but please don’t skip the opportunity of having a fabulous neck; Brandon, the podium is yours:

Neck Elasticity Catalyst (NEC)

Skincare brands have a tendency to repackage similar ingredients and similar promises into different formulations that offer largely the same functions but categorize them for application on different skin areas. This categorization offers two positions: a) it offers an opportunity to sell largely the same thing more than once; and b) it offers a way to convey differences in skin needs by area of application without the inconvenience of innovating for each area.

This approach is never more exaggerated than through offerings of neck cream formulations, which have gained popularity in the last decade. Neck creams today largely promise to target lines and wrinkles in the neck area, which is the promise most face anti-ageing formulations make. It is very unclear why this separation is drawn between face and neck if the function of products targeting them is largely the same. Oddly but rather irrelevantly, it’s notable that even in surgical terms, a facelift, which actually means a lower facelift by default, is technically mostly a neck lift as it relates less to wrinkles and more to elasticity and below-surface regularity.

With this introduction, it is important to be clear about what the function of NIOD’s NEC is not: NEC does not target visible lines and wrinkles in the neck area. NIOD’s core formulations (CAIS and MMHC) target multiple visible aspects of ageing––including lines and wrinkles––and for aspects of neck ageing that are common with the face, application of CAIS and MMHC to the neck area would continue to be the ideal regimen.

However, there is a very distinct difference between neck ageing and face ageing. Since the skin of the neck is subject to exaggerated and ongoing tension changes as a result of lower facial movements, as elasticity in the skin of the neck area is lost, these tension changes are not as easily accommodated and lead to persistent deformation in the skin. In simple terms, as elasticity, or to be correct, viscoelasticity (the ability to return to the original state), is lost with age, the skin doesn’t bounce back to its neutral tension through lower facial movements.

This distinct difference between neck and face ageing allows for neck lines (very different from general wrinkles on the face), slackness and sagging (from the inability to hold structures below the skin tightly) to be formed. (Note: media and industry frown upon the use of the term, “sagging”. NIOD celebrates the term as it is the correct clinical word to describe this specific aspect of ageing and NIOD celebrates correctness over feelings.)

NEC offers a very highly focused and singular effort on the increase of and the protection of visible skin elasticity, which in turn counteracts signs of persistent skin deformation (neck lines), slackness and sagging. NIOD’s CAIS and MMHC continue to offer a larger effort around signs of overall skin ageing, including lines, wrinkles, dehydration and textural age, all of which affect the neck area as well but are not the focus of NEC.

NEC’s technologies can be divided into three main categories.

Pro-Elastin and Pro-Elastic-Fibre Technologies

These technologies help increase and strengthen the important elasticity protein – or elastin – and elastic fibres for a direct visible increase in skin elasticity.

Fundamental Protein Tetrapeptide
Supports fundamental steps and key protein syntheses for the assembly of functional elastin while supporting cellular cohesion.

Leontopodic Acid (Plant Biotechnology)
Helps restore mitochondrial network of fibroblasts and strengthen elastic fibre against DPPH, lipid peroxydation and singlet oxygen.

Plantamajoside Phenylpropanoid Complex (Plant Biotechnology)
Helps inhibit microRNA activity and restore elastin protein synthesis for a direct visible increase in skin viscoelastic properties.

Anti-Elastase and Anti-Progerin Technologies

These technologies help to inhibit the key enzyme that breaks down elastin – or elastase – and progerin–a truncated protein that causes dysfunctional cellular ageing. (Please note that Elastin is “good” and Elastase is “bad” and some articles misspell, or, worse, mistake these two components for one another.)

Anti-Elastase Amino Complex of Arginyl-Tryptophyl-Diphenyl-Glycine
A direct inhibitor of elastase activity, this complex helps fight against persistent visible skin deformation as a result of ongoing elastin breakdown.

Anti-Progerin Complex of Trifluoroacetylated Tripeptide
A biomimetic enzyme-inhibiting peptide, this technology counteracts the production of progerin, specifically fighting visible cell maturation and skin slackness.

Dermal and Subcutaneous Density Technologies

These technologies work to increase visible skin density, in relation both to surface and subcutaneous levels, as a secondary mechanism to help visible viscoelasticity and reduce visible formation of persistent irregularities.

Circulatory Push-Pull Biotechnology of Caffeine, Carnitine and Bitter Ginger
A counter-intuitive approach to keeping the skin “active” for visible toning and below-surface density, this technology combination encourages both increases and decreases in fluid motion concurrently. The net result of the activity is both visible density from below the surface as well as surface evenness as a result of a more even distribution of fluids.

Multi-Stimulatory (<10 kDa) Direct-Form Hyaluronic Acid
Not to be confused with any form of hyaluronic acid used generally in skincare, this technology is not a sodium salt of Hyaluronic Acid, or in simple terms, not to be confused with sodium hyaluronate, and is able to bind to multiple receptors to target concurrent stimulation of proteins to increase dermal density, which results in overall strength and elasticity in a novel way not directly – or solely – correlated to elastin. (It’s important to reiterate that this non-salt, 10kDa-molecular-weight form of direct Hyaluronic Acid is not a surface or below-surface hydration technology. It is an advanced encourager of multiple protein production pathways.)

Directions: If used as part of a NIOD regimen, apply to the lower face and neck areas in the morning and evening in this order after cleaning: CAIS, MMHC and NEC. If used as part of another skincare regimen, apply after serums but before any heavier creams. If NIOD Hydration Vaccine (HV) is used, it should be applied after NEC. Massage thoroughly for 10-20 seconds onto the lower face and neck areas after each application.


  1. This product does not target general lines and wrinkles. It focuses on skin elasticity and, while the visible results of elastic skin are phenomenal, it takes patience for dermal elasticity and density to begin showing their effect on the surface. The truly measurable surface results of NEC do not become apparent for up to six weeks. NIOD acknowledges that patience is a very difficult virtue to maintain but, in the case of NEC, it is an essential component of treatment, unlike the case with most other NIOD products.
  1. NIOD maintains a very strong position that viscous emulsions impair penetration of active technologies and, as such, most NIOD formulations are very low in viscosity. In the case of NEC, as thorough massage is an important part of application, a highly-advanced temporary viscosity builder is used in the formulation which facilitates massaging but breaks down quickly to allow penetration of the technologies in the formula.

Nothing to add from me, really nothing – rendered speechless (by a man – OMG – how did that ever happen?!!).
Neck Elasticity Catalyst (NEC) £50 for 50 ml; Copper Amino Isolate Serum (CAIS) £38 for 15 ml; Multi-Molecular Hyaluronic Complex (MMHC) £38 for 30 ml; Hydration Vaccine (HV) £35 for 50 ml

O! Circle Brush

We launched the O! Wow Brush at the beginning of the year; since that time this remarkable brush has been everywhere, all over the press and in most of your make-up bags. It has been gifted to thousands, adored by thousands and has been described as the ultimate make-up brush and it truly is, nothing comes close. Except something has just arrived that is very close, in relationship only, because they have different uses; I’ve got (and need) both and I guess you will too, so let’s celebrate the arrival of the O! Circle Brush and he is a real bad boy of a brush.

The O! Circle Brush differs from the O! Wow brush in that it gives a faster application by applying more palm grip pressure, or conversely less pressure if you want a lighter look. It hosts over one million micro-fine, ultra-soft bristles (1,254,400 to be precise) and it is perfect for using on larger areas – and yes I am using it to apply Glow Oil all over my body, something that is making me extraordinarily happy. Face, legs, arms, legs, décolletage and anywhere (and everywhere) else … wash and use, wash and use!

So I’ve become a two-brush-girl; I use O! Circle to apply my foundation (I like fast), swoosh, swoosh and then I take the O! Wow and go over the top for a more precise air-brush finish; its handle shape makes it easier to get into the corner of the eyes and the shape and size of the O! Wow makes it easy to create a contoured look, making easy transitions from concealing to contouring.

This now joins the genre of ‘I-didn’t-know-I-needed-it-until-I-got-it’ products; need it you do, love it you will, care for it you must; he is very special and he will last forever if you cherish and respect him. Just amazing.
Cailyn O! Circle Brush £35; Cailyn O! Wow Brush £20; Pure Ease Brush Cleaner £12 for 100 ml

Glow Oil by Hand Chemistry

I’m interrupting the flow of new product releases, basically because I’ve just mentioned Glow Oil above, so a few things to say here. Announcing the death of DHA, well as far as we are concerned, provoked an unbelievable response, all positive of course. Telling the truth remains the single most important aspect of the work that we do; all I will add to that is that there is absolutely no fear in the truth, the only fear rests in lies or lying by omission. If you missed what I wrote on the last newsletter, please click here because it matters.

So Glow Oil; yes we sold out within 24 hours; we were prepared for madness, but madness transformed into a stampede that none of us could possibly have forecast. I apologise if you were on the wait list, but I make no apology for writing about yet another pioneering product that once again changes everything.

Many of you want clarification on whether Glow Oil can be used on the face; the answer is yes you can, but please note that the product contains prismatic tone enhancers for an immediate effect while building a glow in the background over a few days. My recommendation would be to go easy with it on your face, try applying every other day and if you want more, just do it. One last thing here, Glow Oil + Glow Molecule = another marriage made in heaven – so many weddings, so many dresses, but so much happiness.
Glow Oil by Hand Chemistry £20 for 100 ml; The Glow Molecule by Fountain £38 for 240 ml

Triple Flu Defense (2015-2016 Flu Season)

Triple Flu Defense has a big, big fan base; every year a new formulation is released because there are many different influenza viruses and they are continually mutating to form new strains. What has worked in previous years may not work well during the current flu season and the 2015-2016 formulation builds on strengthening the immune system and helps reduce the duration and severity of flu-like symptoms such as fatigue, body aches, headaches, sore throat, cough, fever, chills and nausea.

There will be an entire section on immunity later in the newsletter, but this had to come first because it is pretty sensational, so many of you swear by its efficacy and we have had a wait list since September – so the question remains, why can’t we get it earlier, the answer is beyond me – I don’t know, but I’m just grateful it is finally here.
Triple Flu Defense (2015-2016 Flu Season) by Dr Nenninger £25 for 30 ml

Silica – The Overlooked Mineral

Shabir’s turn to jump onto the podium as he explores Silica while I sit with my feet on my desk, examining my pedicure (red toenails), which is all you really need to know. Go Shabir:

Silica is a mineral that is often overlooked and yet silica forms the foundation of life. All forms of life, insects, animals, plants and humans, require silica to provide structure and strength in order to stand upright. Silica is also required for supple skin and adds lustre and shine to hair.

Second only to oxygen, silica is the most abundant element on earth and is literally silicon dioxide found in sand and soil. Although abundant, it is estimated that deficiencies of silica are widespread because like calcium, iron and other minerals, inorganic silica needs to be taken up by plants and converted into an organic form that the body can absorb and use easily.

Silica-rich foods include oats, cucumbers, rice, wheat, onions, flaxseeds and avocados, although this list is far from extensive. What is clear is that the silica content within these foods has diminished over the years and there is a major consensus indicating that we may be deficient in silica.

If you suffer from weak bones or have a history of osteoporosis, silica may be of great benefit. Whilst the majority of us have heard of calcium and vitamin D3 as being important for helping to strengthen bones, silica is a crucial mineral if you wish to help strengthen your joints and bones. Calcium still remains a large part of the Western diet, but it would seem that much more is involved in preventing and treating osteoporosis than by simply taking a calcium supplement.

Silica works in two ways; it works to enhance the re-mineralisation of the bone tissue, helping to ensure calcium and other minerals are deposited onto the bone. Bone tissue is composed of silica, which gives it the strength required for every day function. Silica also works to balance the ratio of calcium and magnesium within the body. This mineral balance is important because achieving this may also help promote hormonal balance. Hormonal imbalances may lead to osteopenia, borderline osteoporosis, which in turn can lead to brittle bone disease, also known as osteoporosis. It is interesting to note that bone actually has more silica in it than calcium.

Silica is also one of the most important components of collagen; collagen, and therefore silica, helps regenerate skin, hair and nails by repairing connective tissue, so it is important that if you are supplementing with silica, you use the best possible source.

Silica in supplements is obtained usually from horsetail grass, also known as shave grass, as well as bamboo and diatomaceous earth. Although it is generally thought that horsetail has the highest source of silica, it is not the richest source of silica; bamboo extract contains higher levels.

I have just taken extracts from Shabir’s article to give an overview, but do please take time to read the article in its entirety because Silica supplementation is important and we recommend Silica Drops, which contain 6 mg of Silica as Orthosilicic Acid together with vitamin D3, zinc and boron.
VH Editorial: Silica – The Overlooked MineralSilica Drops by Life-Flo £29 for 60 ml

A Natural Lubricant for Dry Mouth Symptoms

At some point most people will experience, or will have experienced, a dry mouth. For the majority, dry mouth symptoms disappear without causing any major problems, however for some a dry mouth becomes a chronic condition medically termed ‘xerostomia’.

Xerostomia is derived from the Greek words that literally mean ‘dry mouth’ and the symptoms of a dry mouth can be wide-ranging, although not everybody will suffer from all the symptoms, which include: being thirsty frequently; a sticky dry feeling in the mouth or throat; low saliva production or ‘stringy’ saliva; cracked lips and sores in the mouth; a pebbled appearance on the tongue, which may be sore and feel tingly and halitosis.

There are many possible causes of a dry mouth, which may be due to physical and/or environmental factors, internal causes or a combination of these. Added to this, there are many medications that are responsible for causing a dry mouth including antihistamines, antidepressants, cholesterol-lowering drugs, analgesics and some blood pressure reducing drugs. Some autoimmune diseases such as Sjogren’s and Lupus may result in a dry mouth and also some systemic diseases such as diabetes can be responsible.

Many people do not realise that they need help until it’s too late, but a good indication that there is a problem is with the reduction of saliva. Saliva is a good buffering agent working to help protect against acidity in the mouth. Reduced saliva results in bacteria that thrive and there is a strong link between poor oral hygiene, which can often lead to gum disease and cardiovascular disease.

If you are experiencing dry mouth symptoms, the first thing is to get yourself checked by a GP to ensure that there is not an underlying medical condition, but a good treatment plan would be to increase your water intake, pay particular attention to oral hygiene, keep your mouth and lips moist and try to use a mouthwash without alcohol, we recommend Spry Oral Rain Mist.

We would also recommend Hyalogic’s Hylamints, containing hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is the compound (as many of you are aware) that holds over 1000 times its weight in water. In this instance the hyaluronic acid is blended with Xylitol, Pectin and Slippery Elm, which upon contact with even the smallest amount of saliva, helps keep the mouth moist. Hylamints are vegan and are free from sugar. We like a lot.
VH Editorial: A Natural Lubricant for Dry Mouth SymptomsSpry Oral Rain Mist with Xylitol £14.99 for 134 ml; Hylamints £15 for 60 Lozenges

The Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible

Over the last two decades, Sarah Stacey and Jo Fairley, have heard from thousands of women who, as well as feeling healthy, want to look as lovely as they can. In this fully updated edition of their bestselling book, Jo and Sarah bring together everything a woman needs to know about feeling great, looking gorgeous and being fabulous, whatever your age.

Throughout, there are top beauty tips and of course Sarah and Jo’s trademark ‘tried and tested’ reports on an abundance of health and beauty products. As well as revealing new cosmetic products that have scored highest with their ten women tester panels, there is expert advice on the issues that concern women from 35 to 85 (in their words!) and on.

You really won’t want to miss this, so out comes the sharing gene once more as I hold hands with Jo and Sarah and tell you that we have priced this for sharing and gifting; but don’t forget to treat yourself too, because it is fabulous and we all need to self-gift every now and then. Make it now perhaps!
The Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible £11.99 (RRP £16.99)

Pinpoint LED Tweezer

This is going to be short, succinct and to the point – ahem! So we all know I’m fussy, we all know that unless something lives up to its promise, it goes. Mostly products don’t get near our site unless they do what they say, but there are always some products that make it, but then manage to spectacularly fail somewhere along the line, or in some cases manufacturers manage to annoy me so much that I don’t want them, or their products, anywhere near me (tell it as it is!). I’ll save that chapter for the book (the imaginary book that I’m writing in my head – in all its splendid glory – Brandon is beyond desperate to be my co-author – unsurprising!).

So I loved the LED tweezers we had, until the day that I didn’t. I didn’t because somehow the quality went downhill, but I am a sleuth and I spotted it. So out they went and please say hello to these professional-grade stainless steel tweezers from Cailyn featuring a bright, built-in LED light to tweeze hair with accuracy and precision. I only want to use tweezers that light up; they make me happy because there is no escape for even the tiniest hair – doomsday arrives for all unwanted hair, oh and splinters. Thank you Cailyn.
Pinpoint LED Tweezer by Cailyn £10

Immunity For the Winter Season

As winter approaches, many of us will experience bouts of colds, infections, catarrh and similar concerns. Often we blame bugs as the cause of our illness rather than addressing varying weaknesses in our immune system.

The immune system is unlike any other system within our bodies with a complex interaction between several glands, proteins, tissues, chemical compounds, hormones and gut bacteria. These interactions are all involved to help achieve optimal immunity and in its simplistic form, the immune system comprises specialised white blood cells, which learn what belongs to the body and what does not.

The role of the immune system is to protect the body against many pathogenic bacteria and viruses on an ongoing basis. Any organism that attacks our system will cause infection and disease and it is the optimal working of the immune system that helps destroy these organisms in order to prevent any further damage and infection. This process is referred to as the immune response.

There are three categories of immunity: innate, passive and adaptive. Innate immunity gives the body general protection against germs that affect other species; passive or ‘borrowed’ immunity is taken from another source and lasts for a short period of time and adaptive immunity develops throughout life as we are exposed to different kinds of viruses and bacteria.

When bacteria and viruses (known as antigens) are detected in the body, white blood cells work together to respond to the threat. They prompt a specific type of cell, called a ‘B lymphocyte’ to produce a specific protein called an ‘antibody’, which locks onto the bacteria or virus. Once an antibody has been created, it exists in the body for the rest of one’s life and confers immunity against that specific bacteria or virus. The antibody itself does not destroy the pathogen, but allows a specialised cell called ‘T lymphocyte’ to destroy it. The T lymphocyte also signals other cells and organs to assist in the destruction of the pathogens.

In order to ensure that we do not go down with a cold or infection, our bodies require that we obtain the maximum nutrients from food, avoiding sugar and processed foods, which weaken our immune system. Shabir strongly believes that cutting-edge supplementation plays a key role in helping to protect against infections and he always tends to recommend Daily Immunity, which should be taken from now, right the way through to the spring months.

You can read more about this comprehensive supplement together with a more in-depth view on immunity on Shabir’s far-reaching article, but in the meantime, if you care about your immunity, do start taking Daily Immunity, sooner rather than later; it sits well with Triple Flu Defense if you want to take both.
VH Editorial: A Daily Supplement That Supercharges Your ImmunityDaily Immunity £25 for 60 Capsules

Sarah Chapman

We are on a roll with all the new products coming from Sarah; two more this month and if you are a Sarah Chapman fan, you will love both of these, so let’s take a look:

Liquid Facial Resurfacer: This is a correcting liquid refiner, which has been formulated to act as a daily resurfacer, dissolving dulling dead skin cells and surface residue while tightening pores, revealing smoother skin. A carefully calibrated combination of face-friendly acids negates the need for harsh exfoliation. Ingredients include Cuivridone, a copper active to aid sebum control and it is fragranced with an uplifting blend of neroli and petitgrain.

Dubbed as a liquid facial, this should be used after cleansing, morning and evening, before continuing with your specific skincare regimen. Sarah created Liquid Facial Resurfacer after many of her clients told her how much they love the results-driven peel and resurfacing treatments at her clinic and asked for something to give them similar ongoing skin improvements at home. And so Liquid Facial Resurfacer was born and we think you will like the idea of taking a little piece of Sarah’s clinic into your home.
Liquid Facial Resurfacer £36 for 100 ml

Facial-In-A-Box: Another Sarah Chapman take-out in this carefully curated kit. Sarah has specifically selected products to ensure that they are not only suitable for all skin types, but will also work synergistically to help even tone, smooth lines and amp up radiance. The products included are Ultimate Cleanse (15 ml), 2 x Professional Cleansing Mitts, 2 x 3D Moisture Infusion Masks, Overnight Facial (5 ml) and Eye Recovery (5 ml). Basically the Facial-In-A-Box contains two luxurious facials together with travel size products. The price is £43, it has a retail value of £65 and I will just tell you that this is a limited edition. That’s a wrap.
Facial-In-A-Box £43

Lanolips – Christmas Limited Editions

Waving to Kirsten (creator of Lanolips) in Australia, we are really happy to celebrate another fabulous year for Lanolips by releasing these new products. For sure they are meant to be Christmas gifts, but does it really matter, they are gorgeous and we don’t have that many, so get them whilst you can:

Lanolips Lips Cosmetic Case: A really cute keepsake illustrated cosmetics case by Regina Yazdi, an international artist based in Los Angeles who works across many fashion and beauty brands. Lips Cosmetic Case includes two bestselling Lip Ointments with Colour SPF15 in Rose and Rhubarb. The cosmetics case is the perfect inner size for your handbag and it’s a bit of cinch buy as you get all three components for less than the price of the two Lip Ointments. No brainer.
Lanolips Lips Cosmetic Case £13.99

Lanolips 101 Ointment Fruities: Cranberry: so Lanolips have taken the 101 Ointment and added a single magical ingredient – Cranberry Fruit Extract. Rich in antioxidants, cranberries are not only a great addition to our diets, but also great when applied to skin. Presented in Christmas packaging, you can hang this from a tree or attach it to another gift (a yellow diamond perhaps pretty please!).
Lanolips 101 Ointment Fruities: Cranberry £7.99 for 10g; Lanolips 101 Ointment Fruities: Apple £7.99 (please note 101 Apple is not all dressed up for Christmas)

Temple Spa – Christmas Gifts

We love Temple Spa; we love their products and we love the support they give us; they always have really great gifts at Christmas time; this is another occasion where I could write reams, but I just don’t have the space. But do take a look at ‘Anointed’ (anointed, anointed, anointed – wonderful word – I wish to be anointed) which contains Drift Away, In Good Spirits and Work It Out. Follow through with ‘Do Not Disturb’ and then take yourself into Temple Spa’s ‘Relaxation Room’, which includes The Repose Suite, an album of calming music. How magnificent. Thank you Temple Spa.
Anointed £30; Do Not Disturb £39; Relaxation Room £50; Temple Spa

NEOM – Christmas Gifts

I think you may want to check out Three Nights of Peace; it contains three beautiful bath oils, which not only smell wonderful, but have true therapeutic benefits for the mind and body. Three Nights of Peace is the most precious gift of all according to Neom; it was the bestselling Neom Christmas gift last year and I think it will do the same this year, but perhaps it just may fly faster because this year it contains Neom’s Ultimate Sleep ebook, which is worth £9.99, but comes free with the set. Also check out their Christmas Wish Candles.
Three Nights of Peace £14.95; Christmas Wish Scented Candle £34.95 (one wick); Christmas Wish Luxury Scented Candle £49.95 (three wicks); Neom Organics

Aromatherapy Associates – Christmas Gifts

Three from Aromatherapy Associates: The Star, containing the award-winning Revive Morning Bath & Shower Oil; Bath Jewels containing a trio of bath and shower oils, Deep Relax for a peaceful night’s sleep, De-Stress Mind to focus the thoughts and Revive Morning to awaken the senses. Finally, Relax & Revive, Revive Morning and Deep Relax are presented in convenient roller balls – revive the senses at sunrise and deeply relax them at nightfall. Just divine.
The Star £10; Bath Jewels £28; Relax & Revive £18; Aromatherapy Associates

This Works – Christmas Gifts

Three from This Works: Calm Hug, experience an indulgent moment of calm with this skin-softening balm enriched with Lavender, Monoi and Coconut Oils – dab on pulse points for a calming olfactory hug; Calm Kiss, roll on a calming kiss to relax a racing mind, contains two x Deep Sleep Stress Less and to celebrate, the Sleep Plus Cracker, helping to combat restless nights and broken sleep with Sleep Plus Pillow Spray.
Calm Hug £10; Calm Kiss £10; Sleep Plus Cracker £12; This Works

News and Feedback

At this point I think the best I can do here is to say that virtually, without exception, every email we have received over the past few weeks has been about NIOD; when I walk into the office, all I can hear are people talking on the phone about NIOD and everywhere I walk there are DECIEM boxes stacked high.

So on feedback, I am just replicating one email because it speaks volumes, I’ll do one liners on some of the products and I’ll end with an article written by Laura Craik, which was published in the Evening Standard; NIOD made the Front Row in Paris – yay!!! My love and thanks to Laura and all my FROW girls – you are amazing:

‘I’ve never felt compelled to write to a website before, but I had to just drop you a line to tell you much I adore NIOD. It started with the purchase of Photography Fluid after spotting it when I was buying some vitamin supplements. I bought two by accident, but no regrets as I used it for the first time!

I then decided to try the Copper Amino Isolate Serum, which I quickly decided I couldn’t live without, which then promoted me to try the Multi-Molecular Hyaluronic Complex (I have just bought another bottle). I ordered the Low-Viscosity Cleaning Ester (LVCE) pretty much as soon as I opened your latest newsletter, which has turned out to be the best cleanser I have tried by a country mile.

My husband has told me my dressing table has started to resemble a high-end chemist rather than my usual jumble of bottles and jars, but is totally bemused by the need to keep one of them in the fridge as well. Thank you for introducing me to this fantastic range’.

Note from me: This email was sent before we announced that CAIS no longer to be refrigerated and on LVCE, everybody is saying the same. It is the best cleanser (cleaner!) ever, ever, ever, ever and I write ever several times because everybody is doing the same!
Photography Fluid £20 for 30 ml; CAIS £38 for 15 ml; CAIS £60 for 30 ml; Low-Viscosity Cleaning Ester £30 for 240 ml

After launching Ethylated L-Ascorbic Acid 30% Network (ELAN) on last month’s newsletter, we received an enormous volume of feedback after we took such an in-depth look at Vitamin C Serums. If you missed what I wrote, please click here to read because it is really important to know that if you are using oxidized Vitamin C in a serum form, it’s not a very smart thing to do.

Meanwhile ELAN is brightening faces everywhere and that makes me very happy. It is truly sensational, you only use it at night and it goes underneath Hydration Vaccine – on that note yet more emails about developing the ‘stroking-the-skin-afflication’ after using HV; I said at the beginning of this newsletter that I was fast becoming an emotional wreck, you would be too if you could read everything that is being said about HV, which still remains the fastest-selling NIOD product to date.
Ethylated L-Ascorbic Acid 30% Network (ELAN) £50 for 30 ml; Hydration Vaccine £35 for 50 ml

Finally, Fractionated Eye Contour Concentrate (FECC); performing magic everywhere with its drone technology; what I find so incredible is that so many of you are using the same words for each of the products. On FECC people are weeping with joy, so all I will say is try not to weep for at least 20 seconds after you have applied it – we need this to work and not get diluted in an emotional moment. Thank you.
Fractionated Eye Contour Concentrate (FECC) £43 for 15 ml

Smooth Operators

If the front row has been looking a little more youthful than usual, it’s not due to a let-up in the Paris schedule. Their secret? NIOD, a technologically advanced skincare range founded by Brandon Truaxe, whose Toronto based HQ bears the legend The Abnormal Beauty Company because he refuses to pander to standard beauty-industry bullshit.

NIOD’s growing list of devotees certainly swear there’s something abnormal about the products, which range from an unlikely looking bright-blue liquid (Copper Amino Isolate Serum) to a velvety-smooth caramel-coloured cream (Hydration Vaccine). It’s this last unguent that has fashion folk most excited: so smooth does it render skin that users can’t stop stroking their own faces in wonder. I’m suspicious of hype, but I’ve never heard so many fashion mavens rave so much. Even better: it isn’t stupidly pricey.
CAIS £38 for 15 ml; CAIS £60 for 30 ml; Hydration Vaccine £35 for 50 ml

VH Editorial

Here come the girls; this month Sally Brampton writes about our reticence on asking for help; I don’t know what it is, but most of us can put our hands up and say we own full membership to that club, so Sally takes a look at how to accept that help, rather than just saying ‘I’m fine’, which mostly we’re not. Just to add here, Sally is having a rather spectacular year as she has broken her wrist and is in a plaster cast up to her elbow. Don’t even ask me how on earth she is typing copy, but she is, but then again she is pretty intrepid. Hope it mends soon Sally (hugs from us x).
Being ‘Fine’ by Sally Brampton

Carolyn Asome takes a look at how to stay looking current when you want to knock ten years off your age via their clothes, in short how do you NOT look like the mother of the bride as you get older.
How To Stay Looking Current by Carolyn Asome

Catherine Turner investigates the science which shows that spending time surrounded by forests is healing; ‘forest bathing’, known as Shinrin Yoku in Japan is gaining momentum – Catherine leads the way.
Into the Woods by Catherine Turner

The Beauty Bible girls offer 25 brilliant tips (how I love a good tip and these girls know quite a few) and Jo Fairley writes about the Yoga of Food and Drink – recipes involved here.
25 Brilliant Tips by Sarah Stacey and Jo Fairley; The Yoga of Food and Drink by Jo Fairley

And so we have come to the end of another newsletter; together with Shabir and the entire VH team, I would like to thank you for your ongoing loyalty and support, it never, ever fails to touch me. Together with Brandon, I would like to thank you for trusting us as the NIOD journey continues; we feel blessed and humbled to have this level of acceptance in such a very short space of time.

I hope you have an amazing November filled with much happiness.

My love to each of you.

Gill x