Mindful Beauty Is On The Rise

Mindful Beauty Is On The Rise

At this point most of us are more than well acquainted with the idea of mindfulness. From embracing weekly yoga classes to taking up daily journaling, we’re all being encouraged to switch-off and hone in on our physical and mental wellbeing. The philosophy has crept into our relationship with food, as well as how we parent with the help of new-age how-to books.

Unsurprisingly, the mindfulness wave hit our beauty and wellness routines a few years back and popular hashtags such as ‘selfcaresunday’ proves that the trend is showing no sign of falling out of fashion. There’s a growing interest in crystal-inspired products that elevate your routines – cue Ila Spa’s Healing Heart Facial. As well as a growing appreciation for cleansing balms and oils, which encourage you to incorporate massage into your evening routine.

According to research and analytics company NPD UK, Brits are embracing mindful beauty more than ever, in particular the power of aromatherapy oils. Sales of lavender-based products were up by 552% between January and April this year, while rose-based beauty products saw an increase of 6% and lemongrass infused products saw a 5% lift to sales.  

“2019 has been a challenging year for many people and in uncertain times, customers return to natural, heritage ingredients and products that offer a comforting, nurturing effect on skin, body and soul,” says June Jensen, director of NPD UK Beauty. “The emergence of the Mindful Beauty trend is a response to the need to achieve solace and self-care in beauty rituals that calm the mind, cleanse the skin and offer a little ‘me-time’ during the morning, evening and weekend beauty ritual.”

But why have aromatherapy oils specifically seen such a sharp increase? For centuries they have been used for their healing powers and rose is regularly included in skin-soothing formulas. Last year, researchers at Kagoshima University in Japan concluded that just smelling lavender can help reduce stress and anxiety.

David Edwards, an inventor and professor of bioengineering at Harvard University has taken this one step further and created a sensory playlist. Together, the oNotes app and scent speaker waft out a playlist of different olfactory experiences to help us relax and unwind. The scent speaker uses combinations including guava, suntan lotion, lime and sea breeze to help transport us to a more chilled out environment.

So far Edwards creation has only been tested in one pilot study, but the speaker is set to be installed in cars from a high-end European automaker this summer, so expect to hear more from this Harvard professor. What can you use in the meantime to help raise the bar on your beauty routine?

Soak away your stresses: We’ve yet to meet someone who has tried Soapsmith Lavender Hill Bath Soak and not felt the relaxing powers of the carefully curated blend almost instantly. The 100ml tub is perfect for those who travel for work. If you’re more of a shower person, look to Ilapothecary’s Beat The Blues Bath & Shower Oil.

Embrace the art of massage: While cleansing balms and Gua Sha tools might have encouraged us to incorporate massage into our evening facial cleanse, few of us make time for tired, heavy limbs. de Mamiel’s Botaniques Salvation Body Oil does just that. Annee de Mamiel is renowned for her healing blends and this formula leaves your skin feeling softer and lighter.

Ease your road rage: From calming rose to warming sandalwood, Roadscents fragrances are so much more than air fresheners. The clever blends have been formulated to upgrade your driving experience, proving that mindful beauty isn’t a trend restricted to the bathroom.