May Newsletter 2014

May Newsletter 2014

Welcome to the May newsletter where recent events are rather dominated by Sheald Recovery Balm by iS Clinical, we launch three new fabulous products from In Fiore, two new products from Lanolips, another two new products from This Works and if you love Aurelia Probiotic Skincare, we have a gorgeous gift for you and yet another two new products. There are a couple of first anniversaries to celebrate, there is an opportunity to have your hair cut at John Frieda, we take a look at all the latest news and feedback and Shabir writes about the importance of Zinc.

That said, I normally start the newsletter with new products, but on this occasion we are heading straight into an amazing accolade for iS Clinical, at the end of which I am going to tell you about another new product launch from my LA boyfriends, Bryan Johns and Alec Call, co-founders of iS Clinical and Innovative Skincare. Let’s go:

Sheald Recovery Balm

We launched Sheald Recovery Balm on the February newsletter and right now I don’t think I can do anything better than replicate below an article about Sheald written by India Knight in The Sunday Times Style magazine, so here it is and I’ll see you the other side:

Beyond Repair – India Knight discovers a recovery balm to heal all your skin woes

We’re doing useful rather than glamorous this week, and we’re going slightly first-aid kit (as in the cupboard, not the totally great band David Cameron almost ruined by saying he liked them). Sheald Recovery Balm is by a company called iS Clinical that, as the name suggests, does heavy-duty clinical products. This one is designed specifically for use after cosmetic surgery and procedures such as laser treatment. Yes, I know you probably don’t have invasive procedures or laser treatment. Keep reading please.

Formulated to use on wounds, it a) speeds up recovery, b) prevents scabbing and peeling, c) restores healthy skin asap, and d) is about a specific amino acid, 4 hydroxyproline, that basically tells the skin to start making new collagen. That’s all very good, and if you have any kind of invasive treatment on the cards, you want a tube of this for afterwards. It would also come in handy following a bad facial, when you leave all red and swollen, cursing yourself for your lack of research.

I do not have invasive treatments, but I do have a child who had open-heart surgery last October. The surgeon went in through her existing scar this time. It’s a beautiful scar as it happens, but, obviously, it’s a scar. And it’s a scar that had finished healing when I approached my guinea-pig daughter brandishing my tube of Sheald. Or so I thought. Turns out this was not the case: this stuff is incredible on scars, even if the scars are old. After a month of use, it has all but erased my daughter’s. I would strongly recommend using this on post-pregnancy stretch-marks or any other kind of stretch-marks or scarring, even if the marks or scars are not new. And if you know anyone who’s going for surgery, turning up at the hospital with a tube of this is going to be a lot more use than a bunch of flowers and some boring magazines. (Sheald and a Kindle loaded with comfort reads, that’s my advice.)

Sheald has multiple other applications, none quite as dramatic, but all as effective. If your skin is dry to the point of desiccation, whack this on all over before you go to bed. If your skin is behaving weirdly, ditto. If you get a stress rash, like I do – strangle little inflammations that come, itch and go away again – this stuff will get rid of them (it contains kava, which has a mild local anaesthetic effect, so the itch goes almost immediately). If you have ‘princessy’ skin that gets irritated by cleaning products – I spring-cleaned the kitchen recently and the oven cleaner made me come up in giant hives – this will sort you out. Strange dry patches: gone. Knackered looking skin under your eyes after too many late nights: gone. Dry elbows/knees/feet: banished. Mild allergic reactions that show up in your skin as annoying red splodges: zapped.

This stuff has tons of uses other than its chief cosmetic one; it’s quasi-miraculous. Parents of small children should keep a tube handy in case of cuts, falls, nicks and grazes, and I have a feeling Sheald would work brilliantly on chickenpox scars. I’ve not tried it on acne scars, but if anything’s going to work, it’s this. And if you have an elderly relative who is prone to banging their shins on things, get them some Sheald and their skin will heal faster. I don’t quite know why it’s marketed with the ‘post-procedure’ tag so much to the fore; everyone needs this stuff, not only ladies who like scalpels. Not cheap, but one of the most effective products I’ve ever come across.’

The other side: I read the above at 5 am on the morning it was published, probably about eight times; the first thing I did was to call Bryan and Alec (they are eight hours behind us) and started screeching because I knew we would be bombarded, we were and our site stood up to it, which was a huge relief. Right now, I cannot express my gratitude deeply enough to India for writing from her heart and to iS Clinical for the most immaculate research and development on a life-changing product that also works on open wounds. Words seem inadequate at this point, but together we are helping people heal and this has probably been one of the most humbling experiences of the work we do with iS Clinical.

Logistically, although we were stocked heavily, we went out of stock within three hours, but the boys pulled all the stops out and we were able to fulfil the majority of the first week’s orders. We have taken the entire American stock, so in effect there is now a global famine of Sheald on rather a large scale. The issue at the moment is that there are no tubes left; I told the boys that I’ll take it in white plastic tubs and stick a label on; who cares about packaging, we want the product, but of course they won’t do that. I tried!

So for now we are running a wait list and if you want to try Sheald I recommend you get on the wait list now because we fulfil in date order; just also to say that in line with company policy, we do not take any monies from your account until the day your order is processed and sent to you.

The current information I have is that another consignment will be arriving around 8 May, at this point I don’t know if we will receive enough stock to cover all orders, but they are doing double somersaults and cartwheels in America, so we expect another delivery approximately two to three weeks after the above order, but please don’t hold me to those dates. That’s that, and now I’m going to tell about the Post-Procedure Kit, which we have just launched.
Sheald Recovery Balm £43 for 60 ml

The Post-Procedure Kit by iS Clinical

When we launched Sheald Recovery Balm in February, I deliberately didn’t launch the Post-Procedure Kit at the same time as I didn’t want to bombard you with two outstanding product releases, so we listed the kit on our site a couple of weeks ago, I mentioned it on ‘Breaking News’ across the top of our site, and although we have a few kits left in stock at the time of writing, I think by the time you read this there will be another wait list, read on:

The Post-Procedure Kit incorporates another new product from iS Clinical, Copper Firming Mist, which we will be launching as a stand-alone product soon. I have been using this product for over a year as it forms part of the professional Fiszz Facial and I begged the boys to let me have it, so they did. This innovative, refreshing mist helps to smooth and tighten skin immediately after application. It is infused with copper, an important trace element necessary for collagen synthesis and it works to leave skin taut, while rich emollients protect the skin’s moisture, repairing damage to the protective skin barrier; all you do is mist lightly after cleansing. So the kit contains iS Clinical’s Cleansing Complex, Copper Firming Mist, Sheald Recovery Balm, Pro-Heal Serum, Hydra-Cool Serum (which is one of my all-time favourite products, see below) and Eclipse SPF 50+.

The Post-Procedure Kit comes with a full set of instructions, but this is not only to be used for post-procedure, it is completely and utterly brilliant for all compromised skin conditions; its versatility is in essence a repair and protect kit with all the products specifically formulated to provide a ‘go to’ for the healing and reparation of the skin; we call it ‘Skins First Aid Kit’, because we can! The kit is £72, but the value of the contents is £106.00, so that’s a good thing too and if you have never used any of the iS Clinical products, this is a great introduction to the brand.

The iS Clinical boys will probably turn red, yellow and white when they read this; I think they really wanted the kit to appear on the next newsletter, but hey, a girl has to do what a girl has to do and as above, we will be receiving our next consignment around 8 May. Keep pumping those tubes boys!
Post-Procedure Kit by iS Clinical £72 (worth £106.00)

Before I wrap, I just want to say a couple of things, the first is that I’m jumping on The Podium later in this newsletter to talk about make-up primers and will be featuring a product from the Innovative Skincare range, the second thing is that I have been doing the ‘Hollywood Glow’ secret for nearly ten years, so it’s time to share: mix a couple of drops of Hydra-Cool Serum into your foundation, you won’t believe the difference, actually you will when you try it! It also happens to be brilliant for dry, dehydrated skin – I drench my skin with Hydra-Cool when I’m doing long haul and if I overdo it in the sun (yes, shock of all shocks, I sunbathe), Hydra-Cool rescues me.
Hydra-Cool Serum £48 for 15 ml; Hydra-Cool Serum £80 for 30 ml

In Fiore

When we launched In Fiore, I said at the time that there were so many fabulous products in the range, so I would be drip feeding them onto our site throughout the year. The response to In Fiore has been really amazing and I couldn’t be happier for Julie Elliott, the creator of In Fiore, whose knowledge and support has been outstanding. This month we are looking at three new products, all of which are solutions to common beauty problems. The first of these products is Firmante Elevating Leg Tonic, which sold out when I wrote about it on the Addicts Bulletin, but it’s back in stock now (become an Addict here if you want the latest news before anybody else):

New: Firmante Elevating Leg Tonic targets the unwanted effects of circulatory stagnation and tissue laxity, including fluid retention, vein visibility and cellulite. Whilst we know that nothing can get rid of cellulite, we need all the help we can get to help change the appearance of cellulite, so this firming cellulite-fighting tonic contains cypress oil and black spruce to help increase blood and lymphatic flow, which in turn helps flush out toxins and excess water. It helps strengthen connective tissue and fortifies capillaries while simultaneously oxygenating surrounding tissues. The rejuvenating effects of neroli oil help boost cell activity and also help repair broken veins; horse chestnut helps reinforce circulatory activity and Echinacea, calendula, fennel, horsetail, comfrey, alfalfa, red clover and dandelion complete a powerful herbal profile that stimulates the skin, detoxifies, revitalizes, provides immune support and ameliorates pain.

Just start with a full dropper, using upward motions to massage it into the skin, starting at the feet and working your way up towards the thighs and hips, focusing on areas with visible veins and cellulite. Use it once daily for three to four weeks and then three to four times a week. It’s a great routine to get into now and it can be used with other modalities such as exfoliating with The Dermasuri Deep Exfoliating Mitt, which I highly recommend and then complete the regimen with Sarah’s Chapman’s Bodylift. Yes, Firmante is expensive, but it should last right through the summer months, a little goes a long way and it works spectacularly well; when it comes to blending products, Julie Elliott is a total genius.
Firmante Elevating Leg Tonic £75 for 120 ml; The Dermasuri £19.95; The Bodylift by Sarah Chapman £28

New: Bikini Balm: Skin around the bikini area requires serious attention when it is exposed to the sun, so this is an absolutely perfect product for summer preparation and it has been blended for irritated skin along the bikini line. Presented in a cute littlejar, it is a non-greasy treatment containing natural antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory ingredients that melt into the delicate skin and promote rapid healing of the hyper-sensitive bikini line.

To keep the area smooth and comfortable, Evening Primrose comforts on the spot, while razor burn, bumps and redness are alleviated from the Cape Chamomile Flower Oil, prized for its high concentration of protective Azulene; additionally Arnica Montana and Calendula Flower extracts penetrate to deeply relieve and prevent rashes. Richly scented with fresh Bulgarian Rose absolute and Ylang Ylang botanical essences, it smells completely divine and is highly decadent. What could be better than a sophisticated balm in a beautiful little travel-friendly jar – not a lot!
Bikini Balm £35 for 50 ml

New: Décolleté Luxury Balm: This is an In Fiore classic, it is a best-selling treatment product in both America and Japan and as with all the balms in the range, this luxury balm should be applied daily and it performs best when applied to skin still damp from the bath or shower.

This highly concentrated balm is a luscious blend of essential oils, which are known to help reduce the signs of premature ageing, improve skin tone and counter the dry effects of sun exposure. Rich, warm, floral absolutes of rose and jasmine help to replenish dry and sensitive skin and help reduce swelling. Frankincense is a powerful lymphatic, while myrhh helps revitalize and repair the skin. Considered by alchemists to be the gold of the plant kingdom, saffron is also included in this blend for its rejuvenating qualities. Undeniably decadent, the results are fabulous and unless you go completely wild, this balm will last the rest of the year, accommodating plunging necklines or otherwise!
Décolleté Luxury Balm £50 for 50 ml

Lanolips – Two New Product Launches

I always get very excited when there are new products from Lanolips and this month we exclusively launch two of them, here we go:

Lanolips 101 Ointment with Strawberry: Based on the multi-award-winning 101 Ointment, this is the first of the 101 Fruit Extracts Collection. Unlike Banana Balm and Lemonaid Lip Aid, which are just for the lips, Strawberry is powerfully pure and is suitable as an all-over multi-purpose dry skin and lip ointment. It does of course have all the benefits of 101 plus vitamin E and 100% natural fruit and I think this little baby is going to be another winner, in a long line of them, for Kirsten Carriol, the creator of Lanolips, who calls it ‘a little tube of magic’.

As Kirsten says, ‘usually strawberries are associated with love and romance, but this powerful little fruit’s main ingredient is alpha-hydroxy acids, which helps slough off dead cells so that new, youthful skin is revealed’. Another must-have for handbags and beach-bags, everywhere. Clever Kirsten.
Lanolips 101 Ointment with Strawberry £7.99 for 10 grams

Lanolips Antibacterial Hand Cream: The Lanolips Antibacterial Hand Cream, with lanolin and aloe vera, is an antibacterial ‘liquid glove’ that has been independently proven to kill 99.99% of germs, including Staphylococcus aureus and E.coli. With medical strength antibacterial ingredients, plus ultra-pure-grade lanolin, this light liquid cream settles on the skin to form a protective moisture barrier ‘glove’. It is alcohol free and will not strip the skin of natural oils; this might want to live in your handbag too.
Lanolips Antibacterial Hand Cream £8.99 for 50 ml

Super Ubiquinol Co-Enzyme Q10

This is what Sarah Stacey wrote in YOU magazine, and after you have read it, I will tell you what happened, although I’m sure you can guess, it’s been one of those months:

Q: My doctor has recommended the supplement ubiquinol, but I am not sure why. Could you explain?

A: This is one of my must-take supplements. Ubiquinol is the antioxidant version of a nutrient called Co-Enzyme Q10 (CoQ10 for short), which is vital for energizing every cell in your body, for muscle function and to fight off damaging free radicals. As we get older, our levels of CoQ10 diminish and it becomes harder for our bodies to access ATP (adenosine triphosphate) – the fuel in mitochondria, the powerhouses of our cells. Taking ubiquinol provides CoQ10 in the active state that your body can use immediately.

For me, it is like turning on a light switch: I feel much more energetic in the mornings and when I get tired, it’s normal fatigue, rather than the ‘running on empty’ exhaustion I used to experience. Researchers are also exploring the role of ubiquinol in conditions including Parkinson’s and ME, and it has a long history of helping gum disease. People on statins should also consider taking it, as it may help ease the common side effect of fatigue.’

So once again we were stocked very heavily, but within 24 hours we had completely gone through our supply, but worse was to come, the American manufacturers could only send a very small amount of replenishment stock and we found ourselves with another global shortage. We particularly recommend this brand because in our opinion it is the best formulation on the market and we were told at that time that it wouldn’t be back in stock until at least the third week in May.

The product mentioned in the above article was the standard Super Ubiquinol Co-Enzyme Q10, however there are two different strengths available and the Super Strength is double the strength (100 mg) and double the quantity (60 softgels). Shabir recommends using this strength if you want to help build up levels of this important energizing and protective nutrient quickly; this product will last you two months.

The very latest update I have is that the manufacturers have managed (under pressure!) to bring the date of delivery forward to around 10 May, but once more, please don’t hold me to that precise date. So to everybody who is still waiting for the standard Super Ubiquinol Co-Enzyme Q10, please accept my apologies once more, we will process your order immediately we receive our delivery from America; we are currently stocked with the Super Strength version, just so that you know.
Super Ubiquinol Co-Enzyme Q10 (50 mg) £20.75 for 30 Softgels; Super Ubiquinol Co-Enzyme Q10 Super Strength (100 mg) £42 for 60 Softgels

How to Combat Stress Effectively

Modern-day lifestyles often dictate a more hectic and faster-paced way of living, which can often result in raised stress levels. The classic definition of stress is ‘any real or imagined threat, and your body’s response to it’. Stress is often considered a mind-altering state and the causes of stress produce a physical reaction in the body.

When a person feels overwhelmed by a situation, they throw their bodies into a ‘fight or flight’ response. This response physically increases the heart rate, increasing blood pressure and blood is moved from the mid-section of the body to the legs, arms and head for quick thinking and for fighting and fleeing.

We all have different ways of dealing with stress and in her latest article, Jo Fairley reveals what really helps her to get through when her stress levels peak. Jo has recently lost two young people she was very close to, so it is a poignant and informative read. In response to Jo’s article, I have posted an article about friendship on ‘The Collective’, which I hope helps support you, and those around you, when all seems lost and finally Shabir takes an in-depth look at stress and recommends Magnolia Rhodiola Complex, our bestselling supplement for anxiety and stress. Holding hands here.
VH Editorial: How to Combat Stress Effectively; Stress by Jo Fairley; The Goose FormationMagnolia Rhodiola Complex £26 for 60 Capsules

Aurelia Probiotic Skincare

Aurelia launched their probiotic skincare range last year with a core range of skincare products, five of which have swept the board in the recent Beauty Bible awards, achieving incredibly high scores. In celebration, we have joined together with Aurelia and we are offering their limited edition ‘Discover Aurelia Set’, worth £14, as a gift to the first 200 people who buy any product from the Aurelia range; once they are gone, they are gone! ( Only one gift per customer) ** Sorry this promotion has now ended.**

The set includes Miracle Cleanser, Revitalise & Glow Serum, Cell Revitalise Day Moisturiser, Cell Revitalise Night Moisturiser (which achieved the highest score), Cell Repair Night Oil and a Bamboo Muslin Cloth. In a very short space of time, Aurelia have not only won many other awards, but they have a dedicated following, so I went face to face with Claire Vero, the founder, to get a more in-depth view of the brand. And now, I am going to tell you about two new products in the range, here they come:
Gill meets Claire Vero; Aurelia Probiotic Skincare

Refine & Polish Miracle Balm: A double-action, multi-use enzyme polish, Refine & Polish Miracle Balm works to help transform and brighten dull, rough, congested and lacklustre complexions. Aurelia’s signature probiotic and peptide complexes help balance and protect the skin, while a medley of pure skin-brightening BioOrganic oils emulsify on contact with water. The balm contains natural refining beads to gently dislodge dry skin cells, helping to boost circulation through manual massage; use after cleansing.

As a mask, the powerful fruit enzymes are activated to deeply exfoliate skin by targeting dead surface cells and on contact with water the balm will instantly turn into a milky fluid, rinsing completely clean. If you are using it as a mask, then apply to clean skin and leave it on for five minutes and don’t worry if your skin starts to tingle, this is perfectly normal.
Refine & Polish Miracle Balm £57 for 75 ml

Firm & Revitalise Dry Body Oil: This is the first body product to be launched by Aurelia and it has been formulated to firm and deeply hydrate parched skin. It is blended with Aurelia’s signature oil blend of Neroli, Lavender, Rose and Mandarin, combined with BioOrganic botanicals.

Enriched with precious oils, Macadamia and Borage oils provide rich essential fatty acids, which help to firm the skin, Mongongo oil offers high levels of Vitamin E and Kukui oil helps hydrate and repair. The addition of Kalahari, the lightest oil, enables this dry body oil to sink effortlessly into the skin, leaving no residue. As many of you know, I am unable to use products containing essential oils because of my silly allergy, but I’ve had this tested and the results and feedback were wonderful. Suppose this will also win an award at some point!
Firm & Revitalise Dry Body Oil £48 for 100 ml

The Wrap: For a brand to become multi-award winning, which Aurelia is, it takes an awful lot of work behind the scenes to create products that do what they say they will do. But there is something else that matters hugely and that is passion and integrity; Aurelia is abundantly rich in both and it shines through their products. I cannot write about this brand without acknowledging their ongoing support and honesty; for sure we all run businesses, but when the bottom line becomes more important than the product, then there is something very wrong. So just rock on Aurelia, you have got it very right. That’s all.

Managing High Cholesterol Naturally

In a recent press article, Earl Grey tea was featured as the brew that could tackle heart disease because scientists had discovered that Bergamot, found in the tea, could be as effective as statins in controlling cholesterol. Although no specific product was mentioned, the demand for Bergamet Mega peaked and so we are taking another look at this product.

Bergamet Mega is a patented polyphenolic extract derived from the Citrus Bergamina Risso fruit grown in Southern Italy. Bergamot is different from any other citrus fruit, it is yellow, like a lemon, it is the size of an orange, but far more bitter than grapefruit. In clinical studies, Bergamot delivers impressive cardiovascular benefits by positively affecting the amount of cholesterol produced by the body naturally, promoting healthy cholesterol and helping to reduce blood glucose levels, while supporting healthy weight management.

Its mode of action is the inhibition of an enzyme called HMG-CoA, which is involved in the production of cholesterol, without any side effects. Cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death in the Western Hemisphere and heart disease and stroke are also the number one cause of death and disability among people with Type 2 diabetes. In a far-reaching article, Shabir takes a look at managing high cholesterol naturally, so do take time to read this important paper.
VH Editorial: Managing High Cholesterol NaturallyBergamet Mega £42 for 60 Tablets

First (and Second) Anniversaries

I like nothing more than a celebration, most especially when I can look back and think, wow, look what has happened in a year. I am going to begin this section with Phylia because it is exactly a year since we launched Re-Connect and as you will have read on last month’s newsletter, it has just won a prestigious award in the Tatler Beauty Awards for The Best Hair Treatment for 2014. So please excuse me for replicating, but this is an abridged version of what I wrote a year ago and as you will realise, it is exactly two years since we launched Phylia in the UK, here we go:

Re-Connect by Phylia de M

It is exactly a year since we launched Phylia and what a year it has been; as I have written regularly, the feedback from the Three Step Kit, Clean, Condition and Connect, has been completely phenomenal and this includes many testimonials from people who have suffered hair loss or thinning hair through critical illness.

In Japanese there are two words for hair growth: ‘hatsumou’, which means to birth a new hair, and ‘ikumou’, which means to raise the new hair into a full hair fibre. Like the process of raising a child from birth to adulthood, hair must be nurtured and guided to reach its full potential. If neglected, progress can be reversed.

Re-Connect features an exclusive, hyper-concentrated version of the Phylia de M formula to help achieve visible hair growth and re-growth. This super serum was designed to work in tandem with the Connect treatment and helps to activate new growth, while maintaining the strength of existing hairs.

While Connect serves as the ‘ikumou’ to detox the nerves, heal the skin and scalp and fortify the existing hair, Re-Connect serves as the ‘hatsumou’ to stimulate the hair follicle and maintain the results of Connect. Existing hair is invigorated and strengthened, while new hair is generated where stress had caused nerve and follicle damage, resulting in hair loss. We encourage starting this treatment after using Phylia Connect for at least one month and then alternate between the two products each day.

I think it is important here to say that the action of growing hair is an essential mechanism for optimum health. Our hair and scalp protect the network of nerves that surround our skull and brain. Hair helps to draw out toxins, such as heavy metals, and when our internal health is in balance (Fulphyl does it for me), skin, hair and nails are growing, looking healthy and playing a part to maintain overall health. When we are overwhelmed by stress, our hair reflects this imbalance and growth can become stunted. As a result, the toxins normally released as hair grows remain in our bodies, causing further internal imbalance.

Today I remain in total awe of the knowledge, research and development behind the brand; due to overwhelming demand, we recently went out of stock of virtually all the products in the range, so I apologise if we kept you waiting, it wasn’t that long, but it seemed an eternity. I didn’t have any stashed away, so I nearly had a full-on panic attack and told Kazu Namise (the creator of Phylia) that I might have to stay under the duvet because I refuse to use any other hair product and I wash my hair every day. Actually my absence would have given Shabir far too much pleasure; resolution was tremendously sweet!
Clean £28; Condition £30; Connect £45; Re-Connect £60; Fulphyl £160; Three Step Kit £103; Four Step Kit £163; Phylia Complete £323

In Transit by This Works

This month also marks the first anniversary of the In Transit range of products from This Works. It launched with five products, each offering daily skincare solutions for the long haul, although as I said at the time, I don’t believe there is a requirement to travel in order to use them. This anniversary is marked by the release of a new product in the range, In Transit Spray on Moisture, so I will write about that first and then follow through with the release of a luxury version of an iconic product.

In Transit Spray on Moisturiser: In Transit Spray on Moisturiser is a quick and effective solution to help rescue the skin when it becomes irritated or dehydrated as a result of moving between different environments. It has been dermatologically tested to help reduce irritated skin, it helps reduce redness and is suitable for use on children and for those with sensitive skin.
In Transit Spray on Moisturiser £18 for 100 ml; In Transit Range

Deep Sleep Bath Oil: Another celebration and this time it is This Works who wanted their heritage elixir to have a bigger and more glamorous bottle, giving it the distinction it deserves. This highly concentrated, multi award-winning bath oil is specifically blended to help soothe you to sleep and contains a therapeutic blend of Lavender, Vetivert and Chamomile. Formulated to help relieve tension, stress and physical exhaustion, we suggest using it in conjunction with Deep Sleep Pillow Spray.
Deep Sleep Bath Oil £80 for 100 ml; Deep Sleep Pillow Spray £16 for 75 ml; Deep Sleep Limited Edition Pillow Spray £30 for 250 ml

Zinc Supplements: Uses, Side Effects and Benefits

Zinc is an important mineral that is found in every single cell of the body. The red and white blood cells, our bones, retina, kidneys, pancreas and liver all store zinc. The tenth most common element in the human body, zinc is vital for the functioning of more than 300 hormones and countless enzyme systems in the body. Zinc is also vital for cells to divide and replicate during the production of new tissues.

Most of us assume that we have sufficient zinc from our diet, however there is a growing amount of evidence that indicates that approximately 20% of the world’s population is deficient in zinc. Whilst zinc is best known for its role in fighting colds and flu, it has a wide range of effects on human health, including playing a crucial role in supporting optimum immune system function.

To discover more about the important role of zinc, then please read Shabir’s overview, together with the product he recommends for zinc deficiency, because of course, all zinc supplementation is not created equally.
VH Editorial: Zinc Supplements: Uses, Side Effects and BenefitsZinc Caps High Potency by Life Extension £9.95 for 90 Capsules

Post Nasal Drip Regimen

This is such a common health issue and we are constantly receiving emails about this subject, so here is a regimen to help alleviate the symptoms. Post Nasal Drip (PND) is associated with the excessive production of mucus by the nasal mucosa, which can then accumulate at the back of the throat, or in the nasal cavity, causing difficulty in breathing and other associated concerns. We know that the big culprits of PND tend to be acid producing foods, dairy products, tomatoes and potatoes; a moderate intake of these foods would be helpful; here is the regimen:

Marshmallow contains ‘mucilages’, which are long-chain molecules that work to help soothe and calm the inflamed mucus membranes and work very effectively at reducing the amount of mucus produced by the respiratory tract. Take one Marshmallow Capsule three times a day.
Marshmallow Capsules £4.70 for 30 Capsules

The second product we recommend is Plantago Tincture. Plantago works to help break down the bonds that form mucus and thus eases its expulsion as well as having mild antibacterial properties, which help prevent the mucus from getting infected. This is a major problem that often results in the prolonging of this concern. Take 15 drops, three times a day in water.
Plantago Tincture £9.15 for 50 ml

Finally we recommend Ivy Thyme Complex as this specific tincture works for coughs and bronchitic conditions, but has also been found to help a lot of people with asthma as Ivy extracts soothe the lining of the respiratory tract. Asthma attacks are often triggered when inflammation occurs in the respiratory tract. Again, take 15 drops, three times a day in water.
Ivy Thyme Complex (Bronchoforce) £9.15 for 50 ml

The Podium

Please excuse me whilst I leap onto The Podium for a moment and although the bottom line of this is going to result in me recommending another product from Innovative Skincare, there is an underlying reason why I am doing this.

As many of you know, I am extraordinarily close to Kazu Namise (Phylia) and we speak to each other a lot; it is not always about Phylia, because we often have entire conversations about girlie things like make-up and hair ties (Kitsch of course!). There is an ongoing love fest going on in LA between Phylia and Innovative Skincare, each respecting and adoring each other’s products, so you need to know that Kazu and I spent an entire skype call taking about the brilliance of Innovative Skincare’s Reparative Moisturiser.

I don’t really have the space to write everything Kazu said and wrote about the product, other than it is the best moisturiser and make-up primer she has ever used and I have to agree with her. It is my responsibility, which I take very seriously, to recommend products that work, whatever the brand, whatever the price, high or low, it has to perform, it has to deliver, it has to make a difference.

Skin primers are a big sector in the cosmetic market and I think I’ve probably tried most of them, well the ones that I’m not allergic to. I am not given these products, I visit the beauty counters and buy them myself; I have to know that when I write about the brilliance of a product, I am not hallucinating or misleading you. It may sound glamorous, but it’s not, so with my hand on my heart I will tell you that if you can afford it, there is nothing that comes close to Reparative Moisturiser and its multi-faceted role as an outstanding moisturiser, after-sun treatment and make-up primer.
Reparative Moisturiser by Innovative Skincare £64 for 50 grams

Root Cover-Up by Color Wow

In the very shortest time, Color Wow has become a brand synonymous with focused treatments on hair colour. Launching at the end of 2012, Root Cover Up was the first product to be released from industry-renowned product innovator Gail Federici and internationally acclaimed hair stylist, John Frieda and several more products have been added to the range, including One Minute Transformation, Color Wow Speed Dry and Brass Banned Mousse.

To this day, Root Cover Up remains one of our bestselling products because it covers roots seamlessly, it camouflages re-growth in lightened or highlighted hair, which of course means that roots are a thing of the past. Root Cover Up now comes in six different shades and if you buy any product from the Color Wow range from now and during the month of May, your name will be entered into

an electronic draw and three of you will receive either the opportunity of having your hair cut at John Frieda, or alternatively you can choose to receive the entire Color Wow product range, worth £158. The reason we are giving you the choice is because I am very aware that most of you don’t live in London, which is where the salon is; unfortunately we are unable to pay travel expenses and these prizes will be co-ordinated by the Color Wow team.
Root Cover-Up £28.50; Color Wow

VH Editorial

I have already written about many of the feature articles previously in this newsletter, so just to add to the mix, the Beauty Bible girls write about How to be Naturally Confident, Catherine Turner discovers A New Kind of Naturaland Sally Brampton muses on Gardening.

News and Feedback

Margaret Dabbs: On the March newsletter I wrote about three steps to beautiful feet and the response was overwhelming, which made me happy because I deeply respect the work that Margaret does. If you missed what I wrote, then you can read it here, but just to say that the Superior Foot File went flying out the door, across the globe.

I just have to highlight an issue here, we have no problem within the UK, but customs were stopping all international orders, taking the foot file out of the packaging (I think it is being perceived as a dangerous weapon) and just delivering the plastic packaging; I therefore regret that we can’t send this product out of the UK, but for the rest of us, it is truly fabulous and works wonders on hard skin.
Margaret Dabbs Superior Foot File £24

The Tweezy: Almost blanket press coverage for The Tweezy, the clever little tool that removes unwanted facial hair at home. You can check out some of the reviews on our In the Press section. Everybody got one? We all swear by it, actually probably not Shabir!
The Tweezy £10; In the Press

Kitsch: After launching this heavily trending LA brand on last month’s newsletter, the response has been amazing with the Bohemian Mantra and Back to Basics hair ties being the bestsellers. We can barely keep up with the demand, but we will and in the meantime check the section on Kitsch often, because we are constantly updating the new styles as they come in and heavens above, you wouldn’t want to lag behind in the fashionista stakes, unless you are a man, in which case move on, with respect of course!
Kitsch from £6

Hay Fever: Here we go, another season is upon us; do try Triple Allergy Defense, it’s pretty wonderful; if you prefer capsules then for about the seventh year running, we recommend Aller-DMG – it doesn’t need to be new to be fabulous!
Triple Allergy Defense £24 for 60 ml (120 Adult Doses); Aller-DMG £18 for 60 Tablets

Rapid Cooling Mist: Launched on last month’s newsletter, helping peri-menopausal and menopausal women everywhere; take that hot flushes and horrid night sweats – you are G-O-N-E.
Rapid Cooling Mist £9.99 for 125 ml

Soapsmith: There are bath soak wars going on; I am in the Bloomsbury Bath Soak corner and Amy from Beauty Bible is in the Lavender Bath Soak corner. At the moment I’m on the winning side (without any manipulation, I promise), but it could all change at the end of May and I have a feeling I just might have to concede defeat, graciously of course. Whichever you look at it, these Bath Soaks are a phenomenal bathing experience and we are all pretty hooked around here.
Bloomsbury Bath Soak £12 for 350 ml; Lavender Bath Soak £12 for 350 ml

The End Bit

We have come to the end of another newsletter and as ever, together with Shabir, I thank you for your loyalty and support, it means a lot. I realise that many of you will be reading this newsletter for the very first time and so I thank you too and welcome you to the VH family.

It has undeniably been a very emotional and humbling few weeks and I couldn’t do it without some key people holding my hand as we hold yours. I am not going to do a roll-call of names, the list is long, they know who they are and I am eternally grateful for their support, wisdom and care. However, there is one person I will name, Krishna Montgomery, who might actually expire when she reads this. Krish, thank you for putting up with me all these years, for your friendship, for your belief and for your support – breathe, you finally made it onto the newsletter!

I wish you all a healthy and happy May and just know that if you are on a wait list for a product, we are doing everything we can to get it to you as quickly as we can. Thank you for your understanding.

With love

Gill x