May Newsletter 2013

May Newsletter 2013

Welcome to the May newsletter and I need to tell you that I have been skipping round the office in a state of over-excitement because we have the exclusive global launch of a new product from Phylia de M and I have THE most perfect eyebrows in the world, which trust me is a big deal. I will write about my eyebrows after I’ve told you about Phylia and we also launch some new products from This Works, Famous Dave’s, Margaret Dabbs and Color Wow. Throughout the newsletter there are some special treats, including a fabulous gift from HealGel, so please read very carefully because I wouldn’t want you to miss out! Additionally I jump onto The Podium to write about an extraordinary treatment and Shabir takes a look at two big health concerns, haemorrhoids and cataracts. Finally, we have some great new articles in our editorial section. Right, let’s go:

Re-Connect by Phylia de M

It is exactly a year since we launched Phylia and what a year it has been; as I have written regularly, the feedback from the three step kit, Clean, Condition and Connect, has been completely phenomenal and this includes many testimonials from people who have suffered hair loss or thinning hair through critical illness. Following on from this, we launched Fulphyl late last year, which I wrote about in the last newsletter, so if you missed what I wrote, read here because I believe this is one of the most important health products to have launched in the past decade.
Fulphyl £160 for 360 ml (recommended dosage 5 ml daily)

Before I tell you about Re-Connect, I just need to say that I have waited six months for this product, I have used it (of course!) and although I don’t have any major health issues with my hair, within a few days of using this, in conjunction with Connect, my hair went to new levels of fabulousness; it is healthy, it is glowing and having quite fine hair (but a lot of it), it has never looked so thick and bouncy, which makes me extraordinarily happy. So, let me introduce you to Re-Connect:

In Japanese, there are two words for hair growth: ‘hatsumou’, which means to birth a new hair, and ‘ikumou’, which means to raise the new hair into a full hair fibre. Like the process of raising a child from birth to adulthood, hair must be nurtured and guided to reach its full potential. If neglected, progress can be reversed.

The new Re-Connect treatment features an exclusive, hyper-concentrated version of the Phylia de M formula to help achieve visible hair growth and re-growth. This super serum was designed to work in tandem with the current Connect treatment and helps to activate new growth, while maintaining the strength of existing hairs. While Connect serves as the ‘ikumou’ to detox the nerves, heal the skin and scalp and fortify the existing hair, Re-Connect serves as the ‘hatsumou’ to stimulate the hair follicle and maintain the results of Connect. Existing hair is strengthened and invigorated, while new hair is generated where stress had caused nerve and follicle damage and resulted in hair loss.

Directions: We encourage starting this treatment after using Phylia Connect for at least one month; alternate between the two products each day. After showering, gently towel-dry, part your hair in sections and spray directly onto the scalp and into the hair; there is no need to rinse and it can also be used on dry hair any time for additional treatments.
Re-Connect £60 for 120 ml; Clean £28 for 265 ml; Condition £30 for 265 ml; Connect £45 for 120 ml; Three Step Kit £103

I think it is important here to say that the action of growing hair is an essential mechanism for optimum health. Our hair and scalp protect the network of nerves that surround our skull and brain. Hair helps to draw out toxins such as heavy metals, and when our internal health is in balance (Fulphyl does it for me), skin, hair and nails are growing, looking healthy and playing a part to maintain overall health.

When we are overwhelmed by stress, our hair reflects this imbalance and growth can become stunted. As a result, the toxins normally released as hair grows remain in our bodies, causing further internal imbalance. Phylia de M products work to restore the full function of the follicle again, to keep hair growth healthy and active in its role to maintain total body health.

My final words: I have been in the health and beauty industry a long, long time and Phylia de M is one of the most profound and far-reaching brands I have ever launched. It is exceptional in its integrity, honesty and delivery and I am so, so grateful to Kazu Namise, creator of Phylia de M and to her scientist godfather, Dr Miyayama. This is his life’s work and as ever, I am in awe of his knowledge and research.

Billion Dollar Brows

I have eyebrow envy; I can’t help it, it’s just the way it is. There has only been one occasion when I have had perfectly symmetrical brows and that was a long time ago. I’ve been plucked, waxed and threaded to within an inch of my life and still end up with wonky brows. Stencils, forget it; I don’t want a generic ‘film star’ look and anyway, I can never get them on straight, so I’m either incredibly stupid, or this is a worldwide dilemma, and speaking to the Beauty Bible girls, I tend to think it is the latter.

To cut a very long story short, I first came across Billion Dollar Brows a few years ago in LA, but at that time I was doing other things. Over the years, the products have come in front of me several times, but it wasn’t until I received a phone call from Claire Gardner (VH Addict extraordinaire) telling me she had the best eyebrows in the world that I took another look. If she had perfect brows, then I wanted perfect brows too and let me tell you, I now have THE most perfect eyebrows in the world too, I just can’t believe it and I can’t stop talking about them. I think Shabir would quite like me to shut up, but I’m not going to, so he will have to endure because here comes The Brow Buddy, which is selling massively in America just because it is so clever and so simple:

The Brow Buddy: We can all say goodbye to ‘biscuit cutter’ brow stencils because The Brow Buddy is the ultimate brow shaping tool and unlike stencils, this amazing little gizmo takes into account YOUR facial shape, giving you perfectly symmetrical, beautifully shaped brows. Most eyebrows are either too far apart or too close together; The Brow Buddy solves this problem by showing you exactly where your brows should start. Creating an arch is tricky unless you have the Brow Buddy Tool and by using your unique facial features, this tool takes the mystery out of creating a beautiful arch. Finally a common brow shaping mistake is taking too much off the ends, but The Brow Buddy makes this impossible by showing you exactly where your brows should end.

I could write reams about The Brow Buddy, my new best friend, but all I will say is that I think every girl should have one of these and I can visualize ‘eyebrow parties’ on the horizon, just because it’s good to share. Glamour Magazine (US) wrote that The Brow Buddy is ‘The most genius eyebrow tool ever! Seriously! It gets you perfect, totally, symmetrical brows!’ I agree, of course, and I am following through with the supporting products, which have been tested rigorously and trust me, they win five gold stars from me!
The Brow Buddy £22

Brow Boost: Jump start your brows with this vitamin and protein enriched conditioner, which works to help condition your brows for a fuller, thicker and healthier appearance. Just apply Brow Boost to your brow line nightly; it goes on clear and dries instantly. In trials, most people began to see results within 30 days of use. This formulation is prostaglandin free, which is really important, is fragrance free and the key ingredient is Pelvetia Canaliculata, a form of seaweed that is rich in antioxidants. You can also use this this product safely on your eyelashes. Just to say that this product will become available within the next 10-14 days, so you can get on the wait list now and as soon as it arrives, we will send it to you (without taking any money from you until the day we process your order).
Brow Boost £25

Brow Duo Pencil: I’m in love with this secret weapon! In America they call it the ‘magic marker’ because of the way the Duo Highlighter illuminates and creates the most beautiful set of eye catching brows. Watch your brows ‘pop’ as you glide the highlighter end of the pencil over your brow bone, directly under your eyebrow for maximum definition. As an added bonus, there is a handy universal concealer on the opposite end of the pencil. This we need!
Brow Duo Pencil £20

Universal Brow Pencil: Once you have achieved the perfect brow shape, you will probably need to ‘dress them up’ with colour, I know I do. Also once you start using The Brow Buddy, there could be gaps in your brows, so they need filling in until the hair grows through. This self-sharpening pencil goes on really smoothly and is good for most hair colours and skin tones. Apply the pencil using ‘hair-like’ brush strokes and blend with the spoolie brush on the opposite end of the pencil. For darker skin tones and hair colours, apply the pencil until you have reached the desired shade; apply less pencil for lighter skin tones and hair colours, blending until perfection.
Universal Brow Pencil £17

Hint of Tint: Hint of Tint is a bold blend of temporary colour is an easy-to-use tube and is the perfect quick fix solution. It covers grey hair in an instant, is water resistant and lasts all day. Using the mascara wand applicator, gently sweep the wand across your brow to add colour and hold. The more you apply, the deeper the colour and it comes in two shades, Blonde for blonde to light brunette colour and Taupe for medium to dark hair colour. Kind of addicted to the dramatic look and am thinking of using Taupe on my eyelashes, just because I can!
Hint of Tint Blonde £20; Hint of Tint Taupe £20

Brow Gel: Lock in the look! Give your brows a long-lasting polished, finished look. This Brow Gel does not flake (most do!) and all you need do is apply with the wand applicator as the last step in dressing up your brows. Voila – eyebrows to die for, well not literally of course!
Brow Gel £17

Color Wow

We launched Root Cover Up by Color Wow in December of last year and this amazing, innovative hair-care product has gone on to become one of our bestselling beauty products, which doesn’t surprise me at all. No more roots ever, because you can cover up dreaded roots and re-growth quickly and easily, with no mess. Root Cover Up not only covers roots seamlessly, but also camouflages re-growth in lightened or highlighted hair. The feedback we have received has been phenomenal; we subsequently launched the Color Wow shampoo and conditioners and now we launch ‘One Minute Transformation’, which lives up to its name and is the latest product from industry renowned product innovator Gail Federici and internationally acclaimed hairstylist, John Frieda.
Color Wow Root Cover Up £28.50 (in four shades); Color Security Shampoo & Conditioners £16.50 each

One Minute Transformation: Known as the miracle styling cream, One Minute Transformation has been formulated to use on dry hair and literally helps re-style your hair in just one minute. It helps transform damaged-looking, distressed hair into liquidy-smooth, silky hair with a healthy looking shine. This lightweight blend of humectants penetrates frizzy, brittle hair to help replace natural oils lost to chemical treatments, blow-drying and daily stress. For a quick fix or re-style, apply to any unruly areas (including bed-head) and brush through, or lightly apply to sections of hair and using a round brush, hit with a blow-dryer for several seconds. You can also apply One Minute Transformation throughout the day to quench thirsty hair and just so that you know, this product does not contain waxes or emulsifiers.

I think this product is going to be enormous because it helps tame frizzy hair and it is so easy to use, whatever your hair type. If you want to see how it’s done, then check out this video, where Kevin Moss, Creative Director at John Frieda UK, reveals all.
One Minute Transformation £16.50 for 120 ml

In-Transit from This Works

A whole lot of you are big This Works fans, so I am about to tell you about a new range called ‘In-Transit’. There are five products in the range and they each offer daily skincare solutions for the long haul, although quite honestly I don’t think there is a requirement to travel in order to use them as the range has been designed to be supportive companions in every facet of your daily life. The products are as follows and just to say, I love the packaging and there is a treat at the end, so please read carefully:

In Transit Camera Close-Up: Love the name; got a suspicion that this may become an iconic bestseller because it freshens up dull, tired skin and is a leave-on mask, moisturiser and primer in one. Delivering hydration and radiance to all skin types and tones, this is being billed as a ‘handbag must-have’ to be used daily or as a top-up whenever needed.
In Transit Camera Close Up £30 for 40 ml

In Transit First Aid: Brilliant in a crisis, this is ideal for life’s little emergencies; a natural anti-bacterial and antiseptic formula in a convenient rollerball tube, this is made with the highest quality essential oils of Lavender, Geranium and Rosewood, delivering quick relief to stings, itches, spots and blemishes.
In Transit First Aid £16 for 10 ml

In Transit Muscle Therapy: This helps relieve muscle tension and headaches with an invigorating aromatherapy blend of Marjoram, Black Pepper and Clover. Again, this is a rollerball and it helps deliver penetrating warmth to aches, pains and stiffness.
In Transit Muscle Therapy £18 for 50 ml

In Transit No Traces: Natural cleansing wipes to remove make-up, cleanse, brighten and balance without the hassle. Suitable for all skin types.
In Transit No Traces £17 for 60 Pads

In Transit Skin Defence: A protective moisturiser with antioxidants and SPF 30 to help defend against the elements.
In Transit Skin Defence £29 for 40 ml

The Treat: Whoever purchases any of the above In-Transit products will have their name entered into an electronic draw and the first three names drawn will receive the gift of all five In-Transit products. This is applicable up to and including 31 May 2013 and the winners will be notified individually by us. This gift is worth £110, so get those fingers tapping on the keyboard. Fun, fun!!

World Foot Health Awareness Month

The month of May has been designated as World Foot Health Awareness Month, so I decided to trot off to Margaret Dabbs, the world-acclaimed podiatrist, to talk all things ‘feet’ and you can read all about it in Gill meets Margaret Dabbs. As many of you may know, Margaret has developed a range of products specifically to help treat feet at home and I am going to tell you about a new product, which has just been added to the range, but as above, please read carefully because there are two treats in this section:
Gill meets Margaret Dabbs

Foot Hygiene Cream: This cream has been specifically formulated by Margaret Dabbs to help address common complaints relating to the skin of the feet. It is a great hygiene measure for sports and sweat prone feet and is suitable for men and women. Effective and quick-acting, the combination of ingredients include Benzoic and Salicylic acids to treat as well as Emu Oil to help promote skin renewal and hydration. This cream also helps eradicate the symptoms of sore, scaly, dry, cracked, blistered skin and discoloured nails and will also help eliminate the symptoms of Athlete’s Foot and odour.

Directions: Use daily for two weeks to help clear up fungal skin conditions and as necessary thereafter should a further flare-up occur. For general foot hygiene, apply Foot Hygiene Cream twice weekly and it can be used alongside other products from the range. Just warm a small amount of cream in your hands and then apply all over the feet and nails. Also do take the time to read the latest feature from Margaret, where she writes about common foot complaints.
Foot Hygiene Treat £18; Common Foot Complaints by Margaret Dabbs

The First Treat: If you buy the new Foot Hygiene Cream, then we will automatically include the Margaret Dabbs Exfoliating Foot Mousse (worth £18), which is an ideal way to pamper your feet. Made from ground Tea Tree leaf and Pumice, this rich, creamy textured mousse will help scrub feet to perfection. It helps remove dead skin build-up and it also hydrates and smoothes skin. This offer is only applicable until midnight on Friday 17 May; this will not show up on your invoice, we will just pop it in with your order, so don’t panic! If you love the sound of this and you want to buy it as a stand-alone, the details are below.
Exfoliating Foot Mousse £18 for 100 ml

The Second Treat: If you buy any product (including the new Foot Hygiene Cream) from the Margaret Dabbs range up to and including 31 May 2013, your name will be entered into an electronic draw and the first three names drawn will receive the ‘Foot Health Pedicure Kit’ which includes cult favourites, Exfoliating Foot Mousse, Intensive Treatment Foot Oil, Intensive Hydrating Foot Lotion, Crystal Nail File and the Super Shiner Buffer. This gift is worth £79 and the winners will be notified individually by us. Also do check out Shimmer Bodycare…. the summer months are coming!
Intensive Treatment Foot Oil £20 for 100 ml; Intensive Hydration Foot Lotion £25 for 200 ml; Shimmer Bodycare £23 for 50 ml

NEW Product: Life Drink

Synergy for Life – Drink it in! Deeply nourishing, Life Drink features fresh freeze dried botanicals, concentrated wholefoods and other natural actives. It provides an array of naturally-occurring phytonutrients, micronutrients, balanced protein, enzymes, essential fatty acids and more! I’m not giving up on Fulphyl, Mega-Probiotic or Power of Krill, but this is a great nutritional foundation to start your day

in a powerful sort of way, most especially if you don’t like taking multi-vitamin capsules. Take one scoop daily in juice or mix it into a smoothie. Also do take the time to read Shabir’s article about multi-vitamins, which helps explain the multi-vitamin minefield.
Life Drink £25.75 for 227 grams; Are All Multi-Vitamins The Same?

Whilst we are on the subject of Shabir’s articles, I am now going to write about two new editorial features for this month. Both are very common health concerns and are hugely problematic for so many people. After this section I will return to new product launches, followed by a hay fever report, news and feedback, The Podium and a HealGel gift, in no particular order:

Preventing and Treating Haemorrhoids

Haemorrhoids are badly swollen, inflamed veins located both around the anus and along the very lowest part of the colon in the rectum. The swollen veins that are external are commonly referred to as ‘piles’ or ‘external haemorrhoids’. It is estimated that nearly 75% of all adults in the Western world will suffer from haemorrhoids at some point and that is why the causal factors are thought to be predominantly dietary and ageing.

The symptoms of external haemorrhoids, those that protrude outside the body, typically tend to itch, are painful and can bleed. When faecal matter passes through the anal region, some of these inflamed veins cannot resist the pressure and hence rupture, releasing their contents, which causes pain, itching and blood spots.

Internal haemorrhoids on the other hand are usually painless and whilst you may see some blood spots or staining, the discomfort is significantly less, however we recommend that at the first sign of blood, you should visit your GP to rule out any possible links to other diseases.

Your lifestyle can have a great influence in keeping haemorrhoids at bay and in this far-reaching article, Shabir talks about his recommendations and then discusses the use of supplementation and topical treatments.
VH Editorial: Preventing and Treating Haemorrhoids; Complete Fiber Cleanse £18.50 for 168 grams; Diosmin Plus £25 for 60 Capsules; Presto Gel £6.95 for 25 grams

Preventing Cataracts

Cataracts commonly occur in the elderly and are the leading cause of blindness worldwide, affecting up to 40% of people over the age of 75. The astounding fact is that cataract formation is present in all adults over the age of 30. In an eye that has no cataract, the lens is clear and light can pass through the lens onto the retina so that a clear image can be seen. The lens in an eye with a cataract is clouded and the image produced is not clear.

A cataract develops when proteins aggregate in the lens of the eye with a progressive loss of transparency. This is akin to what happens to the white of an egg when it is cooked. As the protein becomes oxidised, it hardens and loses its transparency.

Whilst the exact pathway leading to the formation of cataracts still remains unknown, there are some risk factors that pre-dispose us to cataract formation. These include age, diabetes, smoking, alcohol, high sugar intake, high blood pressure, genetics, diets deficient in antioxidants and exposure of the eyes to excessive sunlight.

In his article, Shabir takes a look at recognising the symptoms of cataract formation and recommends the products that can help this health concern.
VH Editorial: Preventing Cataracts; Alive Once Daily Multivitamin £26.00 for 60 Tablets; High Potency Astaxanthin £17 for 30 Softgels; Can-C Eye Drops £39.95 for 10 ml (2 x 5 ml)

More New Products

Onwards we go, more new product releases:

Time Bomb Complexion Cocktail with a shot of Vitamin B12

When you are stressed, exhausted and run down, it can be written all over your face; dull, grey, lifeless and puffy skin can look as tired as you feel, so this new Complexion Cocktail will instantly help re-charge skin for a smoother, plumper and well-rested looking complexion.

The Complexion Cocktail is not a toner or a tonic, rather it is like an energy drink for tired skin that instantly helps replenish the skin. It contains a complex mix of ingredients formulated to give skin back its vitality. Ingredients include vitamins B12, B3 and Brown Algae, working synergistically to re-energise and de-puff. Centella and Ginseng work to help increase micro-circulation in capillaries connected to muscles and cells and all these energising ingredients are blended with a naturally moisturising mix of 12 amino acids and two hyaluronic acids. Just apply with a cotton pad every morning (and whenever else you feel you need it) and give your skin an early morning wake-up call. Alternatively you can decant it into a spray bottle, keep it in your bag (or on your desk) and spritz, spritz, spritz!
Complexion Cocktail £24 for 100 ml

Computer Eye Relief

Clever Similasan for coming up with eye drops specifically formulated for those of us who spend most of our lives in front of a computer screen. These drops help your eyes feel refreshed by stimulating the body’s natural ability to help relieve the symptoms of eye fatigue that may include blurred vision, hyper-sensitivity to light, redness and strained eyes. I particularly like using these sterile eye drops in conjunction with The Eye Doctor eye mask; just put two or three drops of Computer Eye Relief in each eye, put the warmed Eye Doctor mask over the top, which is brilliant for resting and de-puffing eyes and climb into bed and rest for at least 30 minutes. Sheer bliss!
Computer Eye Relief £13.95 for 10 ml; The Eye Doctor £19.95

Famous Dave’s

Three new products from Famous Dave (I always laugh when I type ‘Famous Dave’ – just my random sense of humour – I mean who exactly is Dave!!); however, I love this brand and I also love the packaging on these new products, so I am going to write about two of the products, pause for a treat, and then write about the third, stay with me …..

Tan & Tone Self Tan Lotion: Firming & Toning: The newest glow-getters for 2013 give you a great tan, with added benefits. More than merely a tanner, Famous Dave’s new Tan & Tone Self Tan Lotion also helps firm and tone the skin besides being super-moisturising.

As well as helping to turn skin the perfect shade of sun-kissed, golden brown, this creamy, lightweight, body lotion style tanner contains added plant extracts and moisturisers to help improve the skin’s tone and texture. Free from parabens, artificial colours and fragrances, Tan & Tone goes on white and is applied exactly as you would a body lotion (no mitt required). Exfoliate or dry body brush the skin beforehand and apply the self-tan lotion by massaging into the body in upwards strokes. For best results, leave on for eight hours or more before showering.

Suitable for all skin types, Tan & Tone gives a natural, medium tan that lasts for around one week. We recommend using it in conjunction with Sculpt & Smooth Firming Gel.
Tan & Tone Self Tan Lotion £24.99 for 250 ml

Sculpt & Smooth Firming Gel: Famous Dave (here he is again!) comes to the rescue this summer with the launch of the new Sculpt & Smooth Firming Gel. Whilst we all know that there isn’t a cellulite cream or gel on the market that can actually get rid of cellulite, we can use products that help improve skin tone and texture, and after testing, I need to tell you that this is one of them.

Loaded with a blend of natural extracts and antioxidants, the ingredients include Aloe Vera to soothe, Co-Enzyme Q10 and Juniper Berry to help tone, Horse Chestnut to help promote circulation and Grapefruit extract and Butchers Broom to help fluid retention. Used daily, you will see an improvement in your skin tone and I will just add that it helps if you drink a few glasses of water every day.
Sculpt & Smooth Firming Gel £29.99 for 250 ml

The Treat: To celebrate the launch of these new products, we have an introductory offer for you which will run through until 31 May 2013. Individually these two products cost £54.98, but if you buy them together, they will cost £39.99, a saving of £14.99. This allows you to try both of Famous Dave’s new firming products, which we hope makes you happy. Just click on the link below to access this offer.
The Famous Dave Treat £39.99 (includes Tan & Tone Self Tan Lotion and Sculpt & Smooth Firming Gel)

Famous Dave’s Fast Tan Express Tanning Liquid: Fast Tan Express is the third new launch from cult favourite Famous Dave and it is their fastest tan yet. This innovative tan-and-go self-tanning liquid gives skin an immediate tint of natural looking, moisturising colour that develops to leave a long-lasting tan over the course of an hour.

Perfect for busy people, this special time-saving formula includes fast-acting tan accelerators to speed up development time, so a long-lasting golden glow can be achieved in just 60 minutes. This lightweight, non-sticky formulation absorbs quickly into the skin, drying instantly, while the wash-off guide colour takes the guess-work out of application for the ultimate streak-free finish.

Enriched with Aloe Vera, as well as Vitamins A and E, apply this moisturising tan to your face and body using the Applicator Mitt. If you want a deeper shade, then Fast Tan can be left on longer, but we do not recommend leaving longer than four hours.
Famous Dave’s Fast Tan Express Tanning Liquid £13.99 for 100 ml; Famous Dave’s Tanning Mitt £4.10

Hay Fever

On last month’s newsletter I wrote all about hay fever, together with Shabir’s Hay Fever Regimen. Retrospectively I should have saved it for this newsletter because I doubt whether many people developed hay fever in the snow. I am not going to replicate it here, but will just refer you back to what I wrote and you can read it here. The one thing I will say is that Aller-DMG continues to be one of the best supplements we know to help regulate histamine levels and is brilliant for all forms of allergic reactions.
The Hay Fever Regimen; Aller-DMG by Food Science of Vermont £16.50 for 60 Tablets

Hyaluronic Acid

It is very well documented that I have taken HA for almost ten years and I would cry like a baby if somebody took it away from me. Aside from being the most crucial anti-ageing supplement, in our opinion, HA is extraordinarily beneficial for joints, gums and eyes, so do take time to read the inside story on HA, because it is important to know that it HA is multi-faceted and of course all HA supplementation is not created equally, so it is vital that you take the correct therapeutic dose.
Hyaluronic Acid: The Anti-Ageing Nutrient; Hyaluronic Acid Capsules High Strength £35 for 30 VegeCaps


We launched the original Heal Gel (in a jar!) several years ago on behalf of five of the UK’s leading plastic surgeons and over the years this little miracle worker has achieved outstanding success for addressing a wide range of skin problems, including helping to calm eczema and psoriasis, reducing the appearance of scarring and soothing irritated skin.

The evolutionary process of this hero brand saw the release of HealGel Intensive last year (replacing the original), together with two new products, HealGel Face and HealGel Eye, all of which were received to great acclaim. In celebration of HealGel, and all that it is, we have a very special treat for you, so read on:

HealGel Treat: If you buy HealGel Intensive, then we will automatically throw in HealGel Eye, absolutely free (worth £32). This treat will not show up on your invoice, but will just arrive as if by magic! This offer is only applicable until midnight on Friday 17 May, so if you want it, get it whilst you can!
HealGel Intensive £37.50 for 30 ml; HealGel Eye £32 for 15 ml; HealGel Face £48 for 50 ml

News and Feedback

On last month’s newsletter, we launched Renouve, the brilliant anti-ageing hand sanitizer that I have fallen deeply in love with. If you missed what I wrote about it, then you can read it here, but just to say that the feedback has been beyond amazing. I would love to print them all, but it would lengthen this newsletter considerably and you would be reading forever, so this comment from a customer sums it all up rather neatly:

‘I’ve just got my Renouve – I AM STAGGERED – having spent fortunes on hand creams over the years, my hands show my life’s work, this is something else, it lifts, it smoothes and makes them look YEARS younger’. Nothing to add!
Renouve £22 (available in two colours, No. 1 and No. 6 – the product is the same in both!)

This is a good one; we have sold SilvaFresh toothpaste for years. It was (note the word ‘was’) a great toothpaste and it made an appearance in YOU magazine on Sarah Stacey’s Health Notes. We had placed an order well in advance of the press mention, but it didn’t arrive and despite chasing and chasing, we got no response from the manufacturer. The Friday before YOU magazine was published on the Sunday, we discovered that the company had been sold and the toothpaste had been discontinued temporarily (or otherwise!).

There was literally nothing that we could do (except a few thumps on the desk from me) and I sincerely apologise if this is a product that you use. It’s always difficult to deal with the demise of a bestselling product, but in the absence of SilvaFresh, we are now recommending PerioBrite, a natural whitening toothpaste with Co-Q10 and Folic Acid. It is preservative and fluoride free, relieves dry mouth syndrome and daily brushing helps promote healthy teeth and gums.
PerioBrite Toothpaste £5.99 for 113 grams

Yet more love as Magnolia Rhodiola Complex was featured in The Sunday Times Style magazine; well the thing is that it is an outstanding supplement and it helps relieve stress, anxiety and mild depression pretty magnificently. Despite years of research, we don’t believe that there is a supplement available that comes close to the efficacy of Magnolia Rhodiola Complex. Just felt the need to say that, and Sally Brampton, thank you for writing about it.
Magnolia Rhodiola Complex £26 for 60 Capsules

The Podium

So the story here is that I have been to Hastings and I feel a distinct urge to write about it. As you may, or may not know, Jo Fairley opened The Wellington Centre in Hastings several years ago. The centre offers a wide range of health and beauty treatments in an exceptionally beautiful setting; for years Jo has been talking to me about The Wellington Centre and how each of the therapists are experts in their field. A few weeks ago she was telling me about a new Japanese facial, called Ko-Bi-Do, and before you could blink an eyelash, I was in Hastings.

Before anything, just to say that I have had various treatments all over the world (in the name of research of course!) and I am really fussy. I’ve jumped off more treatment beds than I care to think about because I’m prone to panic attacks if I get bored or the treatment is rubbish. The other thing I need to say here is that I went as myself, and not in the name of VH, the treatments were a gift for my birthday from Jo and Sarah and there was absolutely no expectation of me writing about The Wellington Centre whatsoever, but I was blown away and basically I can’t keep my mouth shut.

Ko-Bi-Do is an ancient 14th century Japanese facial ritual, which was reserved for Japanese Empresses. Today, Ko-Bi-Do is used in Japan to help improve the skin and to help improve the tone, texture, radiance and muscular contours of the face, creating a natural facelift. The process includes a magnificent finger walking technique that is extraordinarily relaxing and effective in helping to remove stress held within the muscles, caused by everyday worries.

It is described as a ‘majestic treatment’ and it is. After a soothing welcome massage, an application of the hand-made Ko-Bi-Do collagen balm is applied and the anti-ageing process begins. I think it is the first time ever that I nearly fell asleep during a treatment, the only thing keeping me awake was the fact that I didn’t want to sleep through and not know what was happening.

Without reservation, I think I can say that this is most intriguing facial I have ever had; the results were so stunning that I kept being asked if I had been under the knife! Karen Dunn, the therapist, is one of only three people in the world who has been trained by the Japanese Master of Ko-Bi-Do and she has a very rare talent, which is so exceptional that I would migrate to Hastings just to be near her.

I also had a massage with Karen and Craniosacral with the equally amazing Caraline Menzies; I was actually staying with Jo and after the treatments I could barely keep my eyes open and I very nearly fell face-first into the dinner that Jo’s husband, Craig Sams, had lovingly prepared for us. I slept the sleep of the dead and I am now so addicted, I have vowed to try and get to Hastings once a month; I am also taking a friend on a day trip because after I wouldn’t stop talking about the treatments, she is beyond desperate to have the same.

Just to wrap, I would run Ko-Bi-Do tours to Hastings, but alas there is only one Karen in the world and The Wellington Centre Hastings is about a six minute walk from Hastings Station. If you can get there, do, it is so worth it and with my hand on my heart I am not writing this because Jo is a very close friend, I am doing it because this is one of a very few beauty wonders of the world.; Ko-Bi-Do Facial (one hour) £55; Jo Fairley’s Hastings

VH Editorial

I have already written about several features throughout this newsletter, but just to add that Catherine Turner has written a masterpiece about breathing; she is the consummate professional, her knowledge is vast and I have loved her forever; the Headline Color’s Spy goes behind the scenes to reveal the very latest fashion news; Jo Fairley writes about Tomato Beauty and together with Sarah Stacey, the Beauty Bible girls reveal Summer Legs. I hope you enjoy the read.
Free Your Breath; Tomato Beauty; The Spy; Summer Legs

The Love Crush

Lanolips: Another brand we exclusively launched in the UK, I love everything about this cult brand and Kirsten Carriol, the founder. Lanolips has won so many awards, we have all lost count and it now has an enormous global following, which it richly deserves. Cue the summer months and Lemonaid Lip Aid naturally exfoliates winter lips and you can wear it on its own for a bit of a shimmer; the Lip Ointments with Colour (SPF 15) ‘has the looks and the brains’ and of course the hero will always be Lanolips 101. Check them out, but I love the Rose and Rhubarb Lip Ointments, just so that you know!

Glynis Barber’s Anti-Ageing Yoga Secrets: In this DVD, Glynis Barber, with the expertise of well-known expert, Howard Napper, shares her secrets to natural beauty at any age. This includes three workouts to help you feel fitter, more energised and more flexible, plus a stress-buster relaxation sequence. We quite like the 12 minute yoga workout to help achieve a flexible spine and the 15 minute relaxation sequence. Do try!
Glynis Barber’s Anti-Ageing Yoga Secrets £14

Kiddy Balm: Formulated especially for children and babies from three months of age, this balm can be used by everyone and it offers gentle, but fast relief from varying symptoms including nasal congestion, insect bites, stings and skin irritations. This can be used on sensitive skin and it’s one for the beach bag this summer.
Kiddy Balm £4.05 for 8 grams

Yu-Be: I have known and loved Yu-Be for many, many years, so when I got a phone call asking why I hadn’t listed it on VH, the only answer I could come up with was the fact that I must be dumb! So in a nutshell, a young pharmacist called Yoshikiyo Nowatari first introduced his now famous moisturizing cream to Japan in 1957. His invention was created at the request of a woman long-suffering from dry, cracked skin. With the help of a chemist, he created a glycerine-based moisturizer that would go on to become one of the longest-selling skincare products in Japan and the number one selling medicated, vitamin-enriched cream on the market.

Yu-Be can be used anywhere on the body, it helps heal split cuticles and helps smooth rough, cracked and dry skin; it absorbs instantly and works for hours; camphor soothes irritation and helps stimulate blood circulation to improve overall health of your skin and basically it is fabulous and it is cult. As you probably realise, I have a BIG love of all things Japanese.
Yu-Be Tube £13.50

Finally, before I wrap, I just want to remind you that Shabir and I will be making a guest appearance at The Anti-Ageing Beauty Show on the Beauty Bible stand. Please click here to read all about it and to get your special discount. On from that, I’ve decided that we are going to party hard, so along with the champagne, that I will surreptitiously slip into my bag, Mr Renouve (Denis Borre), will also be with us and I have wonderful visions of him massaging my hands with Renouve for hours on end. Do join us if you can!

So, we have come to the end of another newsletter, so all that remains to say is that I hope you love the new product launches as much as I do; we are on the road to even more fabulousness (if there is such a word) and together with Shabir and the entire VH team, I thank you once again for you incredible loyalty and support. Couldn’t do it without you!

With love

Gill x