May Newsletter

May Newsletter

Welcome to the May newsletter where we find ourselves celebrating; in some ways it seems like it has just been a moment in time and in other ways it seems like we have loved and used it forever. It is its first birthday today and I am of course talking NIOD. I will tell you now I am going to get rather emotional, but before we go there let me also tell you that we have some new product launches, which are of course pretty spectacular, each in their own way, so we will be looking at Color Wow Hair Cocktails and I am going to introduce you to Smile Makers, a range of personal massagers (yes, vibrators) inspired by the belief that beauty starts with a smile and we are really smiling.

I will follow through with some health concerns, including a pretty immaculate new product for those of us who suffer from hay fever and we will of course be doing all the latest news and feedback, but first I am doing NIOD; the love, the new product and the birthday gift for you, which I ask you to read really carefully. Let’s do it:


So happy birthday NIOD; one year old today and holding hands with Brandon, the first thing we both want to do is to thank you for your incredible love and support. NIOD is a journey, an experience, a way; it breaks all the rules because it demands to and we allow it to, it refuses to conform because conformity doesn’t work for it or us. It is steeped in passion and mystery because its heart and soul beats and vibrates to evolution, innovation, learning and change; irrespective of all else, it tells the truth.

NIOD is committed to bringing responsibility and integrity to the world of skincare; in that world quality is often judged by how expensive the offering is. This perceived quality will always mean that honesty and integrity take longer to be recognized, but NIOD is still very young and we are very patient.

And so we look back, we look back to the beginning; there was no strategy, there were no projections, there were no financial discussions and there were no promises on performance. Just two people, a synergistic trust and two core NIOD products, CAIS and MMHC, and with that we sent it out into the world. And now NIOD is one and it allows the commencement of a new chapter; this is where my emotions really hit in because we are taking NIOD right the way back, not just a year, but to the very beginning of all there is.

I fell into this industry because of my love and fascination of ancient knowledge and wisdom; the journey has had many twists and turns, but ultimately all things are cyclical and since cyclicity is the essence of life, there can be no ending; it was always going to lead back to a shared consciousness of a long-held belief system; this from Brandon:

‘True learning is a form of love – it is humble. It respects that to look forward, it must look backward. The few observers of NIOD’s childhood know that NIOD isn’t a brand. It is a force and it has a soul. While NIOD’s genetics are committed to science, its soul is ultimately rooted in learning. Perhaps the only flaw of modern science is that it grows proud and loses respect for our deserving past, but learning stays humble and looks back.

NIOD’s journey will offer respect to our past with a series of formulations informally called yešti (so it is). NIOD’s caretakers live with exhausting standards in science. The journey of NIOD’s yešti formulations is not one of a lower standard; it is instead one that allows our collective past an overdue chance to speak.

May 2016 is NIOD’s first birthday and marks the birth of NIOD’s first yešti formulation – Sanskrit Saponins’.

Sanskrit Saponins (SS)

Sanskrit Saponins is a viscous and intense cleaning balm for the face formulated with highly-concentrated, very-unrefined Ayurvedic plant surfactants unsupported by any modern cleaning technology. SS contains no purified or synthetic surfactants, sulphates, oils, esters or micellar technologies. It is a pH-balanced suspension of the amino acid, Lysine, in saponins from the Ayurvedic plants Shikakai and Sapindus mukorossi.

Cleaning started with water. Its evolution brought soap. It was later presented that soap was harsh and soap-free surfactants were introduced. Those surfactants became questionable and newer sulphate-free surfactants were introduced, while, in fact, some sulphate surfactants were far gentler and more effective. It was then suggested that surfactants were bad in general and that oils should be used for cleaning the skin instead. The modern day has gone farther to introduce micellar waters and water-free cleaning systems suggesting that water-cleaning should be less frequent to preserve skin integrity – what has become the beginning of questioning the very thing that started both life and the meaning of being clean: water.

The truth is that every advance in the journey of cleaning deserves respect. Each step criticized the previous step more so that it praised itself, but the truth is that water is good, soaps are good, surfactants are good and what there is today is good, each in its own way.

Today, cleaning, or its unnecessarily-privileged language form, “cleansing”, seems to be more focused on removing make-up than actually cleaning bare skin of dirt, of dead cells, and of oils. While many modern products remove make-up and surface dirt very effectively, they largely leave the pores unclean of bacteria, dirt and oils. Such products also leave spent cells more intact than even through water-cleaning, discouraging the skin to behave optimally.

The alternative to these gentle cleaning products (or make-up removers) is the use of aggressive acids, alcohols and exfoliants. Products with these technologies go to the opposite extreme, they interact with the skin’s bonds to peel the surface and/or specifically dry out as much oil as possible. This approach does clean the surface well but causes inflammation and encourages excess exposure of the skin’s lower layers to the environment, allowing for premature ageing.

In our distant past, plant saponins were used to clean the skin well, and they did so very well. These saponins clean the surface of dead cells without peeling the skin. They delete dirt. They clean pores intensely. And they remove the skin’s own oils – yes, the skin’s very own oils and sebum secretions that everyone is so fearful of removing. The skin is not a cover. It is a living organ. Its function is to produce protective oils. To never clean these oils discourages their natural recycling – in a way, it would discourage the skin to engage in “exercise”. And removing these oils too aggressively results in excessive dryness and a compensatory overproduction of oils.

SS is a cleaning balm that concentrates Ayurvedic saponins. They are unrefined and messy. They borrow their colour and smell from a place far away from today’s madding crowd of refinement. But their near-perfect equilibrium between deep cleaning and respecting skin integrity is evidence that – somehow, somewhere – they connected to humankind.

With continued use, SS targets all forms of build-up, blemishes, congestion and impurities. It is suitable for all skin types. After the first use, SS leaves the skin looking nearly pore-free and its surface exceptionally cleaned, as if it’s radiating from within.

Directions: Use once every other day in the AM or the PM. SS can be used more frequently if desired. SS is not intended to remove make-up. If make-up is present, remove first with LVCE or a suitable make-up remover before using SS. Wet face thoroughly. Massage SS between your palms for a few seconds to form a paste-like lather. Apply to the entire face and massage gently, avoiding the eyes. Rinse thoroughly. Dry with a towel.

Just two things to note:

1. Within the first few minutes after using SS, you may feel that your skin feels mildly dry. This temporary feeling is a direct result of SS having removed skin oils gently to encourage recycling of these oils. This feeling is very short-lived and, within a few minutes, you will notice your skin returns to normal.

2. For committed users of SS, the product can be applied for a deeper cleaning treatment as follows: Remove any make-up. Clean the skin with water and dry with a towel. Wet the palms of your hand. Massage a generous amount of SS into your palms until a mild lather forms like a paste. Apply to dry skin, avoiding the eye area. Leave on for five minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Dry with a towel.

I think you are all going to know exactly what I am going to say about SS. I am in love. I am utterly committed to LVCE and so I use both, basically because I use LVCE to remove my make-up and that was more than enough until SS came along and I didn’t know I needed (or wanted) it until I used it. I have written this so often, but it really has taken my skin to yet another level, so just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, it just does.

For some who may prefer to use a cleaning balm, I think you may well die and go to heaven because this is like no other balm (how could it be) and I urge you to experience the five minute deeper cleaning treatment. SS has the same energy as Flavanone Mud; FM was formulated to use once or twice a week after an optional five day intensive course, but the efficacy on that and on SS is so addictive that every night has become a five minute deeper cleaning moment followed by FM to whack down all and any inflammation. If God himself had created this product for us, I would actually believe it.
Sanskrit Saponins (SS) £23 for 90 ml; Low-Viscosity Cleaning Ester (LVCE) £30 for 240 ml; Flavanone Mud (FM) £28 for 50 ml

The NIOD Birthday Gift

Before we do this, I just want to say a few words about NIOD and new product launches. With each and every new product release NIOD is evolving. We do not expect you to use every single product, that is not who we are. CAIS 1% and MMHC remain the two recommended core products, with CAIS 5% following through for an extraordinary boost to the health and integrity of your skin.

It could be argued that FM has also become a core product, although we each have differing opinions of what a core NIOD product is; for some it is the exceptional difference Neck Elasticity Catalyst (NEC) makes over time; for others Hydration Vaccine (HV) is an instant shot of brilliance for younger looking skin. I use every product (of course I do); core products aside, I don’t use all of them every single day, but they are all lined up in my bathroom and I choose what to use dependent on how my skin looks and feels each day. It’s ritualistic, I feel like an alchemist and my skin has been born again.

Now the NIOD birthday gift: Brandon and I wanted to do something very special to mark NIOD’s first birthday; it didn’t take us long to choose what to do and we are both over-the-moon excited to share this with you. As NIOD is steeped in mystery, so too is this gift.

With every NIOD order placed today (Tuesday 26 April 2016) we will send you a new NIOD product six months (give or take a month or so) ahead of launch. We are not telling you what it is; all you need to know is that it is completely stunning. Brandon and I have both been using it for several weeks and at this given time, it is core for both of us. Full instructions on how and when to use it will come with the product. There will be no other information until we launch it; the one and only thing I am going to tell you is that its initials are ‘VM’ and that is the beginning and end of what I am going to say about the product.

A touch of neatness here: there is only one gift per customer, irrespective of how many NIOD products you order; this will not show up on your email confirmation or invoice, but will automatically be included with your order. The gift is only available until midnight (26 April) and we cannot deviate from that stance. We think we have enough, but if we have got it wrong we will absolutely honour all orders placed for NIOD today; we will inform you if that is the case and the lab will rush to make more, which we will of course send as soon as we can.

Finally, I will save you the bother of searching to try and find any information on VM; there is none and there won’t be until the day of launch, whenever that is. So happy birthday NIOD, we hope you love and adore the birthday gift, we can’t imagine that you won’t, and our deepest gratitude to each of you who have held our hands and made NIOD’s first year so tremendously profound in so many different ways.
Copper Amino Isolate Serum (CAIS) 1% £38 for 15 ml; Copper Amino Isolate Serum (CAIS) 5% £130; Multi-Molecular Hyaluronic Complex (MMHC) £38 for 30 ml; Neck Elasticity Catalyst (NEC) £50 for 50 ml; Hydration Vaccine (HV) £35 for 50 ml

Color Wow Cocktails

Many of you will remember when we globally launched Root Cover Up for Color Wow (John Frieda and Gail Federici) and here they come again with a brand new hair care category, leave-in bond-building supplements. They are of course fabulous, I wouldn’t write about them if they weren’t, and there are three in the range, which have specifically been formulated for everyone with colour-treated hair.

Because chemicals in hair colour are notorious ‘evil-doers’ (their words, not mine!) that infiltrate healthy hair, Gail and John felt it was really important to ‘intervene with a cocktail’ to give hair a supplemental boost. Here they are, they should be used in conjunction with whatever shampoo/conditioner you are using and please don’t ask me which is my favourite because I love and use them all and I mix them too:

Color Wow Coconut Cocktail: Colour processing strips away the natural, outer ‘lubricating film’ that keeps your hair moist, mobile and manageable. This super-powered ‘bionic tonic’ bonds to the hair’s surface, mimicking the lost lubricating layer with a precision blend of fatty acids and emollients. Deep penetrating Coconut Oil hydrates deep within the cortex, improving strength and flexibility and instantly transforms dry, unresponsive, dehydrated hair into fluidly-silky, supple strands. Use daily or as needed. Coconut Cocktail may be used along with Kale Cocktail, coming next!
Color Wow Coconut Cocktail £22 for 200 ml

Color Wow Kale Cocktail: This mega-force ‘bionic tonic’ with sulphur-rich sea kale, helps re-link and reinforce hair’s vital internal bonds. Loaded with protein-building amino acids plus B vitamins, this strand-strengthening super-powered formulation smoothes, detangles and has been clinically proven to help reduce breakage by over 50% after one single application. It also helps guard hair against UV ray damage, so one for the sun and it can be used along with either Coconut Cocktail (above) or Carb Cocktail (below).
Color Wow Kale Cocktail £22 for 200 ml

Color Wow Carb Cocktail: Colour processing makes hair porous and causes loss of natural protein mass. Carb Cocktail bonds to the hair’s surface adding a precision blend of corn starch, cellulose and oat bran to help thicken strand girth and expand hair mass. Quinoa and keratin protein help fortify and deliver visibly heftier, healthier-looking hair with a smooth glossy surface. Carb cocktail is activated and amplified when hair is heat-styled helping to create full body and style-holding stamina without stiffness or stickiness. Result! This may be used alongside Kale Cocktail. Mix those blends!
Color Wow Carb Cocktail £22 for 200 ml

Smile Makers

Mattius Hulting and Peder Wikstrom are two Swedish entrepreneurs who are the brains behind Smile Makers, a new range of friendly vibrators focused on women’s sexual wellbeing. Both are seasoned P&G veterans with a mission to normalise and elevate the sexual wellbeing market as a natural and healthy part of life and beauty care. They wanted to create great products in categories where nobody, in their opinion, seems to be doing it right, categories that are either being ignored or mistreated. The brand has been called the ‘Apple’ of the sex toy industry and upon further investigation it is not difficult to see why.

Research shows that UK women really care about the issues of sexual wellbeing and are keen to test and buy, but are more likely do so in a safe environment. The boys have done their homework and their products are already sold, and doing exceptionally well, in 13 countries, so now it is our turn and I have no problem flying the flag with these two boys – somebody has to do it, let it be me!

I am told that 56% of British women have used a vibrator, two-thirds of women claim to be adventurous in the bedroom and 90% of women would buy a vibrator if they felt safe, so please feel safe because the product quality is exceptional and every women deserves to feel empowered and in charge of her own sexual wellbeing. Additionally the personal massager category is estimated to be growing by approximately 17%, so the mission here is to smash those stats, which shouldn’t be too difficult when you read my interview with Mattius, which I urge you to do.

So let’s do the products; there are four of them and they are each made of super-smooth, cryogenically polished silicone; they are completely safe and phthalate free, fully waterproof, surprisingly quiet (of course we tested them extensively), they each have four speeds and a pulsation mode and each of them gives up to four hours of play with only one AAA battery; the battery is not included so you may want to run out now and buy those batteries before your order arrives and/or there becomes a national AAA battery famine!

I see little point in re-writing the descriptions of each of the vibrators; I smiled a lot when I read them, so why change something that made the entire VH team smile too, yes, even Shabir, whose eyes didn’t actually roll up to heaven (makes a change!) when I plonked them on his desk and told him it was really important and normal to talk about these things. For the record, he thinks they are pretty amazing, so with thanks to the boys for writing the copy (anything for an easy life!), it’s time to power-up girls; I have the entire collection (of course I do!), I’m giving them out as presents to my friends (anything to keep them quiet, most especially when I am writing a newsletter), so here they are:

The Millionaire: A classic bullet vibrator with perfectly crafted form: His yacht. His private jet. His island. His thick, long diamond-encrusted fingers. And you. This guy is a collector of the finer things in life and it turns out you’re his favourite plaything of all. He’s a powerful player with a great big trust fund, and he knows exactly how to use it.
The Millionaire £30

The Tennis Coach: A gentle G-spot vibrator for vibrator-curious women: He’s tanned, he looks mighty fine in a pair of little white shorts and he sure knows what he’s doing with that forehand stroke. According to him, perfect play is about skilful aim, so after your sweat session at the net, there’s nothing quite like taking him back to yours for a little off-court, indoor action.
The Tennis Coach £30

The Fireman: A clitoral vibrator featuring an intense nose, exhilarating tip and ‘soft flames’ for extra sensation: The house may be burning, but this helmeted stud isn’t afraid of an intense situation. He’s strong. He’s brave. And, oh my, he’s going to heat you up and leave you smouldering. Lie back and enjoy that lovely towering inferno.
The Fireman £30

The Frenchman: Inspired by a French kiss – super flexible and soft: Who knows what he’s saying, but does it matter? This sexy linguist has got you locked in his gaze and soon you’ll be delightfully fluent in his native tongue. So make yourself comfortable, mademoiselle, because when it comes to passion this master’s going to give you an education.
The Frenchman £30; VH Editorial: Gill meets Mattius Hulting

Let’s do health in the shape of hay fever, the season is upon us and we have a brilliant new product to share:

A Nasal Spray For Sinusitis and Hay Fever

Many sufferers of sinusitis, sinus congestion and hay fever often resort to the use of nasal sprays to help decongest the nose to ease breathing. Some of the nasal sprays are steroidal in nature, or contain anti-histamines, and are not without side-effects.

ChitoRhino Mist is a natural nasal mist spray designed to help provide relief of the sinuses from airborne irritants such as pollen, allergens, pollutants and fungal spores. ChitoRhino spray contains a natural compound, Chitosan, which is derived from the shells of shrimps and crabs. Chitosan, a complex sugar, is the second most abundant polysaccharide after cellulose, which is found in plants.

Discovered in the 1800’s (back we go again!), Chitosan has some remarkable properties. It is completely natural, biodegradable and hypoallergenic. Chitosan also shows powerful antibacterial and antifungal properties and when applied to wounds, it effectively stops bleeding.

Chitosan has been used in natural supplements for weight loss because it binds fats into its chemical structure preventing their deposition on the fat cells. Chitosan is also used as a drug carrier for delivery via nasal sprays and also in toothpastes, mouthwashes and cosmetics.

Chitosan in ChitoRhino Mist is suspended in a saline solution that is compatible with the nasal lining. This nasal spray also contains xylitol and grapefruit seed extract. The chitosan suspended in the saline solution forms an invisible film which soothes the nasal lining preventing the production of excess mucus.

Xylitol is added to the formulation because not only does it have mild antibacterial properties, but it is also an excellent long-chain carbohydrate molecule and has been found to have excellent moisture-holding properties, which helps to treat dry nasal passages. Grapefruit seed extract has been studied extensively and found to possess strong antibacterial properties helping to prevent infections and is really useful for treating nasal and sinus infections.

ChitoRhino Mist nasal spray is suitable for those who suffer from a runny nose due to pollen allergy, such as hay fever; for those suffering from sinusitis and sinus congestion and for the many people who suffer from dry nasal passages, including when flying. It is safe to use on a daily basis, it has no known side effects and it is non-addictive, which makes it a pretty useful product to have around.
VH Editorial: A Nasal Spray For Sinusitis and Hay FeverChitoRhino Mist £12.50 for 30 ml

Hay Fever

We’ve done the nasal spray, now let’s do the rest. Hay fever, or seasonal allergic rhinitis, can severely affect the quality of life. Occurring mostly during spring and summer, the symptoms of hay fever include a runny nose, sneezing, itchy and watery eyes, all of which can leave you drained of energy and generally feeling a bit under the weather.

The causes of hay fever are widely known. It is an allergic response to pollen and other airborne allergens such as fungal spores and the reaction is further heightened by pollution. When airborne allergens, such as pollen, enter the body, the immune system produces just the right amount of histamine, which sends signals to the complex structure of blood cells and chemicals that help to protect the body. In the case of hay fever, the body produces far too much histamine than is required, resulting in the inflammation of tissues, leading to a stuffy nose, watery eyes, wheezing and even headaches.

Fortunately there are some really good supplements that can help people cope with hay fever and there are two we especially recommend, Aller-DMG and Triple Allergy Defense.

Containing well-researched nutrients, Aller-DMG works to regulate histamine levels in the body, improve respiratory function, while ensuring that the immune system does not over-react to allergens such as pollen, thus helping to reduce the symptoms of hay fever. Aller-DMG is equally suitable for use against numerous other types of allergies, including food intolerances, skin reactions and pet dander. Triple Allergy Defense is a homeopathic remedy that helps combat all types of allergies including hay fever, dust and mould allergies. Both are excellent products and you can read more about them in Shabir’s article on hay fever.
VH Editorial: Hay Fever Relief For The FamilyAller-DMG £19 for 60 Tablets; Triple Allergy Defense by Dr Nenninger £24 for 60 ml

Fermented Green Supremefood

With almost two thirds of the adult population not managing to eat five portions of fruit and vegetables on a daily basis and with recommendations now for higher intakes, there may be a need for some people to consider supplementing their diet with the use of an excellent fermented green superfood powder. Fermented Green Supremefood by Divine Health has been formulated by Dr Don Colbert, an expert in integrative medicine. The supplement contains a blend of organic grasses, organic fermented vegetables, an organic fibre blend, digestive enzymes and pre and pro-biotics.

It’s a touch ‘wowee look at me’ because although many people choose to use spirulina and chlorella as a source of greens, Fermented Green Supremefood takes green superfoods to another level and we like that rather a lot. The process of fermentation is thought to have first arisen in the Far East where fermented foods such as tempeh and kimchee are still really popular today. Fermentation increases the availability of nutrients in foods and these foods are often rich in beneficial bacteria, probiotics.

There is evidence to suggest that fermented foods ease digestive disorders and simultaneously improve the absorption of nutrients and there are a number of health concerns linked to imbalances in gut bacteria including asthma, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, candidiasis and gluten and lactose intolerances. No more from me, except to suggest you read Shabir’s in-depth article on the subject and just to say that we get very excited when new pioneering and cutting-edge supplements land in front of us. This is no exception, it is a brilliant product and we think it will benefit many of you rather wonderfully.
VH Editorial: Are You Getting Your Five-A-Day?Fermented Green Supremefood by Divine Health £28 for 210 grams


We have been talking about the importance forever and a day; Shabir has often written about Turmeric and now Pukka Herbs have released Turmeric Gold, which is a delicate golden blend of the finest Indian turmeric, Sicilian lemon and green tea, which has a soothing sweetness with a citrus punch. The benefits of drinking Turmeric tea are several, but it helps aid digestion and helps detoxify the blood. We are saying that you should read Shabir’s article, The Spice with Health Benefits (numerous and important) below, take Super Bio-Curcumin and sip Turmeric Gold. Message delivered!
VH Editorial: The Spice with Health BenefitsSuper Bio-Curcumin £27.95 for 60 Capsules; Turmeric Gold £4.78 (Twin Pack – 2 x 20 Sachets)

And if we are talking teas, a friend has been extolling the virtues of Breathe Deep by Yogi Teas. So the thing is that we live in this mad stressed-out world and there are times when you just want to take a step back for five minutes and gather your equilibrium, or try to! Breathe Deep seems to help rather magnificently in this respect; I have it on very good authority from somebody who really knows about things like this. It’s good to share, so share I will! On a medicinal level it really helps respiratory issues.
Breathe Deep by Yogi Teas £4.58 (Twin Pack – 2 x 17 Sachets)

How To Get Clear Skin

While I am pretty prolific on the subject of topical skincare products, we now take a look at supplementation for compromised skin conditions, which include acne, acne rosacea, blackheads, spots and inflamed skin. There are numerous studies on the relationship between acne and low self-esteem, which cannot be ignored, but the most common misconception is that junk food will lead to acne and spots. For sure that can play a role, but the most common cause of acne and spots are the hormonal fluctuations that can hit in at any age, indeed adult acne has been on the increase for several years.

The exact cause of acne is still not fully understood, but a sound theory is that there is an increase in the male hormone testosterone, which causes the sebaceous glands to become inflamed leading to excess sebum production. The increased levels of testosterone may be either associated with simply the over-production of testosterone or it may be due to the lower levels of the female sex hormones; testosterone becomes dominant in the bloodstream leading to inflammation.

Since a vast majority of skin problems arise from within the body, it is fundamental that you use an appropriate supplement that helps to cleanse and purify the bloodstream of the compounds that lead to inflammation. Shabir particularly recommends Clear Skin Complex as it is loaded with Burdock Root extract, Gotu Kola and Zinc.

If you want to read the full in-depth on acne and compromised skin conditions, then please read the article listed below, but do try Clear Skin Complex because we have had exceptional feedback on the efficacy of this supplement.
VH Editorial: How To Get Clear SkinClear Skin Complex by Viridian £22.05 for 60 Capsules

News, Feedback and Wait Lists

Wait lists completely stress me out; as I’ve written so many times on product delay emails, there are many brands that flaunt wait lists to help increase sales of whatever the world appears to be waiting for. I look at them and laugh, most especially when an announcement is made that 50,000 people seem to be on that list – honestly, do they think we are all stupid! Miniature rant over, it seriously bothers me to keep people waiting for a product that they have ordered, it’s just not who I am (always striving for the impossible – in an ideal world I would like you to receive a product before you have even ordered it!).

Flavanone Mud was a good example, I swear I thought I was going to die because of the raw ingredient shortage, but I knew I had to stay alive for NIOD’s first birthday; with the FM drama now over, we have now managed to swerve into two more critical situations:

Healthy Flora

I introduced you to Dr Nigma Talib on last month’s newsletter (read here if you missed it) and Healthy Flora is of course Dr Nigma Talib’s supplement. The demand was so high that once again we find ourselves in a situation where we have a wait list. If I had a magic wand I would wave it, but I don’t and the reality of the situation is that I think we are going to be out of stock until mid-May; so with huge apologies from both me and Nigma, may I suggest that you get on the wait list now and we will of course send it to you as soon as we receive it. I don’t really need to say this, but just to be neat I think that most of you know that in line with company policy, we will not deduct any monies from your account until the day your order is processed and sent. On countdown. Again. OMG!
Healthy Flora £47 for 30 Capsules

Clove Bud Complex

Ah, little did we know what would happen when I included a section about intestinal parasites on last month’s newsletter; I wrote that Shabir had become totally obsessed with Clove Bud Complex, which contains three key herbs, cloves, pumpkin seeds and thyme, all known for their varying roles in the eradication of parasites and other pathogens in the gut.

What actually did happen was that most of you decided to do one course of Clove Bud Complex, as recommended, and we completely wiped Viridian of all their stock in two days. All I am going to say here is that we think everybody should take Clove Bud Complex at least once a year, but that’s a bit difficult at the moment because we haven’t got any; we are being told that it should be back in stock some time in May, but I am unable to give you a specific date. The moral of the story, you can’t keep a great supplement down and Clove Bud Complex decided it wanted to become famous, and so it has! So sorry for the wait. Sigh!!!
VH Editorial: Most Of Us Have Intestinal ParasitesClove Bud Complex £14.80 by Viridian for 90 Capsules


So having written the Tinted Lip Balm SPF30 in Perfect Nude was set to be the lip colour for spring and summer and that we promptly sold out three times, make that five times now, but it is currently in stock. How long for – who knows, but it is completely fabulous and so is Lano Everywhere Multi-Cream, which is flying out the door and I’m going to fly to the moon (and not come back) if there is one more wait list in the near future!
Lanolips Tinted Lip Balm SPF30 Perfect Nude £7.99; Lano Everywhere Multi-Cream £10.99 for 85 ml

Glow Oil

This from one of our super-addicted customers: ‘Well, I don’t consider myself the tan type, apart from my legs, but I just tried a drop of Glow Oil on my face!!! I didn’t think my skin could look better (note from me: she uses NIOD) but it does! Smug but True!’
Glow Oil by Hand Chemistry £20 for 100 ml

Sarah Chapman

Sit up and take notice if you are a Sarah Chapman devotee, which so many of you are. For the duration of this newsletter, with every Sarah Chapman product ordered, you will automatically receive Overnight Facial Supplement which is worth £46. This is particularly loved by the Beauty Bible girls who are convinced they are having some rather wonderful lucid dreams when they take this, so now you have an opportunity to try it and see if it happens to you, but don’t blame me if it doesn’t – we are all different!

There is only one gift per customer, irrespective of how many products you order and this will not show up on your order confirmation email or your invoice. We will automatically drop it into your order with love and kisses from us. ** This promotion has now ended **
Sarah ChapmanOvernight Facial Supplement £46

Bee Energised Energy & Focus

This is the product that I haven’t written about, but literally within two minutes of us listing it on our site it started to go bonkers mad and it continues to do that thing because it truly deserves to be recognised.

Bee Energised, Energy & Focus is an all-in-one synergistic formula combining nutrient rich ingredients with a proven history of benefits when it comes to supporting energy and focus.

It combines the highest quality organic bee pollen, organic matcha tea, organic spirulina, Siberian ginseng, organic green tea leaf and rose hips along with vitamin B6 and vitamin B12, which contribute to normal energy yielding metabolism, reducing feelings of tiredness and fatigue. This supplement helps provide you with the mental and physical support to help maintain a steady stream of energy, stamina, concentration levels and mental alertness throughout the day, without the jitters and crashes. Seriously fabulous.
Bee Energised Energy & Focus £11.99 for 20 Capsules


Soon many of you will be travelling, so just a reminder that Enterosgel sachets, with 30 years of clinical research behind it, is an amazing remedy to help treat severe indigestion, diarrhoea, food poisoning and IBS. Of course you don’t have to go away to benefit from this pretty extraordinary supplement, but if you are, please put it on your list because it provides fast relief, which is always good.
Enterosgel £18.43 for Ten Sachets

VH Editorial

Coincidentally or otherwise, there seems to be a general theme running through some of this month’s editorial features and it’s mostly about their personal belief systems. So we have Jo Fairley writing about Lunar Beauty, which may sound a touch barmy, until you read what she has written; Carolyn Asome has learnt to say ‘no’ and implores you to do the same; Catherine Turner investigates the Mystique of Meditation.

Sally Brampton writes about lists, lists and more lists and the Beauty Bible girls feel the need to write about some of our products – Our Finds; essentially these articles are not product led, mostly because I don’t want them to be, but Jo and Sarah wanted to do it, so I’ve let them mostly because they recently paid a visit to ‘VH Towers’, which you can read all about on there too. And yes, I nearly fainted and you will understand why when you read it!
VH Editorial: Lunar Beauty; Just Say No; The Mystique of Meditation; Lists; Our Finds

Three More New Products

There are a lot of new products this month, so a couple of lines on each of these and then we do the wrap:

IT Face Cleansing Pad

A new product launch from Cailyn Cosmetics is always worthy of a sit-up-and take-notice moment and this is no exception. There is something marvellously tactile about this face cleansing pad and it has a deep cleansing action on the skin. Its flexible silicon pad features coarse and fine bristles for a deeper or a more gentle exfoliating experience which will help eliminate dirt, oil and other impurities. The sturdy handle features an ergonomic design to fit easily in the palm of your hand and we think it is rather cool.
IT Face Cleansing Pad £25

Energy Bank Skin Glow

We think that This Works fans will rather like this new product; Energy Bank Skin Glow is a multi-tasking, glow-giving serum designed to help shine a light on lack-lustre skin. Described as an anti-ageing skin fuel for an energised complexion, it is loaded with Green Algae and Corn Seed extract to help boost skin function, vitamin C and Red Algae Extract to help brighten the skin and golden mineral particles for on-the-spot illumination. Now you know!
Energy Bank Skin Glow £30 for 30 ml

Margaret Dabbs SPF 30 Sun Defence For Hands

We love Margaret Dabbs and just as the warmer months approach (we can but dream), Margaret launches SPF 30 Sun Defence for Hands. This sun protection spray, factor 30, helps block harmful UV rays from the sunlight and is blended with pure emu and argan oils, known for their anti-ageing properties, skin nourishment and protection.

It is scented with mandarin and geranium and it forms a very thin, transparent, yet breathable film to help shield hands and nails from drying and ageing. Another winning product in a long line of them.
Margaret Dabbs SPF 30 Sun Defence For Hands £22 for 100 ml

And so we come to the end of another newsletter; there are really no words that can adequately describe how I am feeling right now; being emotional doesn’t cover it, it is far more than that and all I can say is that together with Brandon, I give thanks to everybody who has made this such a memorable and amazing first year for NIOD. True love really does run very deep and all that is good in this world is an absolute manifestation of the purest love that binds us.

Thank you.

Gill x