May Newsletter

May Newsletter

Welcome to the May newsletter where we celebrate NIOD’s second birthday with the launch of a product that crept under the radar and decided to take the spotlight, which may well surprise many of you, but you know how it is, you can’t keep a great product down. So we’ll do NIOD first, The Ordinary second and then we’ll head into some new product launches, one of which has already gone wild before I have written one word about it. We mourn the loss of yet another product (and this one may well make you gasp), there are a few treats throughout the newsletter and we have a new columnist who has somehow managed to enter the inner sanctum, but first NIOD:

So Happy Birthday NIOD. Two years old, multi-award winning and we celebrate all that NIOD is and all that it will be because we are about to embark on another NIOD journey, which will see the launch of three (or more – who knows!) products over the next few months. It has been exceptionally difficult deciding the order of launch, but we are going to begin with a new version of Multi-Molecular Hyaluronic Complex, MMHC2, for several reasons, not least because there is a groundbreaking first, direct ‘hyaluronic acid’; here it comes:

Multi-Molecular Hyaluronic Acid 2 (MMHC2)

More than anything, the introduction of the next generation of MMHC demonstrates NIOD’s genetic commitment to being at the very edge of ever-evolving science. It is tremendously easy to be complacent in the skincare world; a bestselling product is created, it receives massive media attention for its brilliance, those who use it absolutely swear by it (that would be me too), but nothing in the world of NIOD stays static and therein the excitement. We now take a look at this exceptional new formulation:

I am calling MMHC2 ‘the mother of all (hyaluronic) serums’ because it is and trust me, nothing comes close. The updated edition, MMHC2, introduces two new forms of hyaluronic compounds, including a first-ever use of direct hyaluronic acid not in sodium salt form, for a combined total of 15 forms of hyaluronic compounds, hyaluronic precursors and a hyaluronic support technology in a peptide-charged delivery system.

Brandon talks: ‘Perhaps the most notable addition to the formula is an extremely rare direct form of hyaluronic acid. Almost universally in the world of beauty, the term “hyaluronic acid” is used loosely to refer to “sodium hyaluronate” which is the sodium salt of hyaluronic acid. When brands refer to “hyaluronic acid” in their information and marketing materials, in almost every case the reference is to forms of “sodium hyaluronate” which appears in the ingredient listing of the products.

While several sodium salt forms of hyaluronic acid are included in MMHC2, the formula now also includes 1.0% direct hyaluronic acid which appears as “hyaluronic acid” in the ingredient listing. This inclusion is exceptionally rare for a broad range of formulation and commercial reasons. Direct hyaluronic acid offers pro-repair support far beyond basic water hydration that sodium hyaluronate offers, resulting in improvements to the elastic appearance and the general healthy look of skin.

The formula also introduces a marine form of hyaluronic complex (exopolysaccharides) derived through fermentation of marine genus Pseudoaltermonas sp., sustainably sourced from Brittany. This complex supports water content of tissues in exposure to temperature variations, a factor that was not directly addressed in the original version of MMHC.

Finally, the formula introduces a hyaluronic support system of adaptogenic water-starved clary sage flavonoids, phenylethanoid glycosides from narrow leaf plantain and several dermal amino acids. This complex system acts as a non-clogging water-protective barrier to optimize the function of hyaluronic compounds and help support dermal water retention’.

Let’s do the logistics. MMHC2 will be available within the next ten days (we hope!) and of course I am constantly subjected to phone calls and emails from Brandon who seriously doesn’t know when to stop talking about how his skin will always be better than mine because he has been using MMHC2 longer, but that goes with the territory.

Full product information on MMHC2, together with all the ‘science’ is on the product information page for those who want it in-depth and because we like to be neat, we launched NIOD two years ago with CAIS (Copper Amino Isolate Serum) and MMHC; the second generation of CAIS launched last year, MMHC just grew up too. Together they are formidable. Skin-changing and for some (rather a lot of you) life-changing. CAIS comes first, MMHC2 follows. And now we are Two.
MMHC2 £38 for 30 ml; CAIS £38 for 15 ml; CAIS £60 for 30 ml; CAIS 5% £130 for 15 ml

I’m not quite finished with NIOD in this section (more later in the newsletter). So please allow me to introduce you to another new NIOD product. It is a stainless steel spatula available for optional use with higher-viscosity NIOD products offered in jar formats. It is called Spoon. You can only buy him when you buy a NIOD product. One day he may end up in a design museum. He has attitude.
Spoon by NIOD £1.80

The Ordinary

Thankfully, there are no new launches from The Ordinary this month; I say thankfully because as much as I absolutely adore launching new products, my head is virtually spinning out of control with everything that is going on, namely Colours, but more on that in a minute.

Having just launched MMHC2 as above, I think it is worth clarifying the difference between NIOD and The Ordinary; I have of course done this several times, but in each moment there are people discovering these brands and I just want to take a moment to talk about this, most especially because the bestselling product from The Ordinary is Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5.

The ingredients used to create all of The Ordinary products are relatively inexpensive for you and for us, whereas the new technologies that are used to create the NIOD products are still more expensive for you and for us. Each brand plays an important role as we believe there has to be a choice in all things. So if we are doing pioneering, cutting-edge products, nothing can touch NIOD for result-driven efficacious skincare. NIOD was created to be extraordinary.

The Ordinary has truly changed everything in the beauty industry and is acting as a catalyst for truth and integrity. In this scenario everybody wins as consumer transparency across brands will eventually become the norm, surely it has to. None of us know how long this will take, but we stand firm in our belief and in recognition of this, The Ordinary has just scooped another award, this time winning ‘Best Beauty Brand – Mass’ in the CEW Beauty Awards 2017, which is an amazing testimony to the brilliance of both the concept of the brand and Brandon (as I choke at the mention of his name!).

Let’s do Colours. It’s no good writing that I’ve never seen anything like this before, because I have already said that. I’m not even going to tell you how many people are waiting because you will think I am making it up, except I wouldn’t be making it up because I don’t do things like that.

So instead, I will just say that if ever there was a make-up revolution, this is it and we are in the process of trying to keep up with the demand, which is really difficult, but we are doing the best we can. Many of you will have received the foundations, even more of you are still waiting. A few things to say; we are working through in date order, without exception; if you are on the wait list please know that we have not taken any monies from your account and we will not do so until the day your order is processed and sent; in other words you have not yet paid for your product.

At this current time I am keeping the status on our website as pre-order only, which is, in other words, a wait list. We will get through it, although I am unable to give you specific dates at this time. And while we sort all of this out, we won’t be launching any more new products from The Ordinary, unless something unexpected happens, which I suppose is rather fortuitous as it is NIOD’s turn to bask in the sunshine; and therein a cryptic clue.
The Ordinary; The Ordinary Colours

The MakeUp Applicator and The Original Mini MakeUp Eraser

Two new products from those wonderful people who gave us the Original MakeUp Eraser and I’m going to do the MakeUp Applicator (MUA) first because this is the product that has gone crazy wild without me writing anything about it and everybody in the office is talking about it and using it, well not the boys actually, but you get the gist.

It’s a simple little thing; it is designed to eliminate waste and it perfectly applies and blends your favourite foundation (ha!), blush, concealers and highlighters. It is made from a silicone like material and to use just drop cream or liquid onto the MUA and apply in a circular motion or go side to side or up and down, your choice, and then pat your face for the perfect blend. Now why didn’t we have this when we launched The Ordinary Colours – well we didn’t, but it’s here now and it is ever so cute. So all I’m going to say is ‘voila’ and I think you are going to love it.
The MakeUp Applicator £9.95

Many of you will remember when we launched the The Original MakeUp Eraser, the magical pink cloth that removed 100% of makeup with water only. It remains one of our bestselling beauty products because it is just amazing and now a new set has been launched, The Original MINI MakeUp Eraser, which contains four mini pink cloths, each reusable, as per the original, for 1000 washes. A multitude of reasons why these may well become an essential; think travel, think handbags, think correcting smudged makeup easily and then think small, compact and niche. As above, you get four of them, so share or otherwise!
The Original Mini MakeUp Eraser (Four Mini Cloths) £24.95; The Original MakeUp Eraser £16.99

Organic Curcumin Latte

Curcumin/turmeric is the number one search term across all food and health searches; it is of little surprise because although we have all known about its benefits for the longest time, suddenly there are new turmeric products popping up all over the place. As ever, we sift our way through all the new products and then write about the best, so please allow me to introduce you to Organic Curcumin Latte, with a little background first.

Curcumin is the major curcuminoid component found in turmeric which is a member of the ginger family. Turmeric has a long history of traditional use, stemming from Ayurvedic medicine, as a treatment for inflammatory conditions, and it is often cited as being beneficial for numerous health concerns including cognitive function, depression and rheumatoid arthritis to name a few.

Curcumin Latte, traditionally known as ‘Golden Milk’ or ‘Haldi Ka Doodh’ is a combination of turmeric powder alongside a mixture of aromatic spices mixed into warm, plant based milk. Originating from South East Asia, this drink has a rich history within Ayurvedic medicine for vitality and acts as a healthy, caffeine free alternative to coffee.

And it’s so easy, all you do is stir half a teaspoon of the powder into the warmed milk of your choice. I have had bad thoughts about stirring it into my regular latte so I get a double-shot, but I suppose that is a bit naughty and when Viridian read this bit, they will despair and throw their hands up in shock and horror. Oh well, I’ll take it as it comes, but it is a brilliant product!
Organic Curcumin Latte by Viridian £16 for 30 grams

Death of a Product – Femergy

Let’s do this now and yes I know it’s pretty shocking news, but Femergy is about to join many other brilliant products in product heaven. When I broke the news to the Beauty Bible girls, Sarah went into a catatonic state of disbelief and Jo went into a flat-spin panic because they have both taken Femergy since it launched.

And what a launch it was. Sarah, in her role as Health Editor of YOU magazine, wrote about it; it dramatically helped to increase energy and legions of women started to take it. We were the Femergy girls, we held hands and we were propelled into another way of being, fuelled by Femergy.

I don’t really know what to say other than we still have some stock, so if you are Femergy-addicted, this will be your last chance to stash it away and the search is on for an alternative. When we find it, I will of course let you know, but we are extraordinarily fussy and it will need to jump through several hoops before I write one word and I guess it will also have to pass the Sarah and Jo test, which should be rather interesting! Anyway, I’m sorry, but as one Better You product dies, another one is born, which is next up.
Femergy £10.25 for 60 Vegicaps

Magnesium Gel

As many of you know, we are huge magnesium fans and we have been writing and advocating the use of magnesium for many years. The magnesium journey continues with the release of Magnesium Gel.

Magnesium Gel has been specifically formulated for helping to relax muscle tension, joint stiffness and cramping. Using a transdermal delivery system, which means it is absorbed through the skin, it is the most effective form of magnesium delivery as it is absorbed into the highly porous epidermis and through to the blood vessels and muscles underneath. Completely bypassing the digestive system, where many nutrients are not absorbed, it targets the areas where magnesium is needed the most.

It is often said that we are mostly magnesium deficient and a lack of magnesium is often linked with other health issues such as migraines, anxiety, fatigue and sleep issues. We love this product and we have loved Magnesium Oil Original Flakes and Magnesium Oil Original Soak forever. There is nothing like a magnesium bath just before you go to bed, it is akin to being semi-knocked out and I sulk if I haven’t got a stash of flakes in my bathroom (waving to the Better You boys!). My final words here, try massaging the Magnesium Gel into the soles of your feet if you do have sleep issues, either after a magnesium bath, or as a stand-alone before you go to bed. And dream!
Magnesium Gel £11.95 for 150 ml; Magnesium Oil Original Flakes £9.95 for 1 kg; Magnesium Oil Original Soak £19.95 for 100 ml

Botanical Cream Deodorant

Now that things are slightly calmer on the Botanical Cream Deodorant front, I have a treat to share with you. Just to do a quick recap, India Knight wrote about the deodorant in The Sunday Times and there was a massive Botanical Cream Deodorant famine; the wait list kept getting longer and longer, I was banging my desk like an out-of-control person and I very nearly wrote to everybody telling them it wouldn’t ever be available, but I didn’t because Shabir managed to calm me down, I’m still not sure how because the wait was about three months for some of you and it really upset me.

In the history of wait lists, this one was particularly shocking, but the other side of that is the success of the product and it always makes me extraordinarily happy when a product is acknowledged for its greatness because we live in a world where millions of products just don’t live up to their promise.

So the treat, which is short, sweet and to the point; if you buy two Botanical Cream Deodorants, we will automatically send you a miniature travel size Botanical Cream Deodorant as a gift. Perfect for travelling, this is a limited edition offer and once they are gone they are gone. Please also note, this will not show up on your invoice, we will automatically drop the gift in when you order two of the deodorants. With love from us and Aurelia Probiotic Skincare.
Botanical Cream Deodorant by Aurelia Probiotic Skincare £18 for 50 grams

The Jet Set Collection by Sarah Chapman

Before I write anything, I just need to tell you that The Jet Set Collection is a limited edition offer, so if you use Sarah’s products and you want this, please don’t think about it for too long because I can’t guarantee how long this offer will last and we are not going to be able to replenish our stock levels.

Right, that said, this travel companion is a complete regimen of products to cleanse, hydrate, protect and treat; in other words it offers everything you need for your holiday to refresh, nurture, protect and restore your skin to help give you that glow-on-the-go.

The Collection features Ultimate Cleanse (15 ml), a Professional Cleaning Mitt, Skin Insurance (10 ml), 3D Moisture Mask x 2 Sachets and Overnight Facial (5 ml). It has a retail value of £83, but the price for this Collection is £49, so fingers on the keyboard!
The Jet Set Collection by Sarah Chapman £49 (Retail Value £83)

Eliminating Vaginal Odour

There are many health concerns that are really common and amongst those there are some health concerns that, for some, are quite embarrassing to talk about and in many instances the embarrassment prevents seeking professional help. We would of course always urge you to seek professional advice, but acknowledging these issues and writing about them may be a first step to helping resolve the issue.

The vagina is an odourless organ of the body, but if your vagina is releasing an odour or an unhealthy smell, there has to be an explanation. Vaginal odour can be extremely unpleasant and embarrassing on many levels and one of the main causes may be Bacterial Vaginosis.

Bacterial Vaginosis is an infection caused by the overgrowth of a bacteria species, Gardnerella vaginalis, in the vagina. Women who suffer from bacterial vaginosis may also experience an increase in the amount of discharge which may be white, greyish or yellow in colour and often has an unpleasant fishy smell. Itching and/or burning may also be associated with Bacterial Vaginosis.

Other causes may include poor hygiene and sweating; a forgotten tampon is an extremely common problem and of course this can lead to a noticeable odour. Weight gain, wearing tight clothing can also be issues and douching is another common cause since it can result in the removal of healthy vaginal bacteria, especially if the products are loaded with chemicals.

Vaginal odour changes during menstruation and between ovulation and is more oderous during a period than in-between cycles. A lack of oestrogen during menopause may also cause the vaginal tissue to thin and become less acidic allowing bacteria to thrive and in this instance it may result in water discharge.

Depending upon the severity of the symptoms, vaginal odour can be effectively controlled by the use of Feminesse Gel, which has been shown to help eradicate unpleasant vaginal odour. Feminesse Gel maintains healthy pH balance, which in turn helps combat the development of odour producing compounds. Using a unique bio-adhesion technique, each application of Feminesse Gel works to relieve vaginal odour for three days at a time and in some cases it may be longer. It is perfectly safe to use during a period.
VH Editorial: Eliminating Vaginal OdourFeminesse Gel + Applicator £8.99 for 20 grams

Computer Glasses

I am not following format on this newsletter; I normally write about our editorial features towards the end of each newsletter, but I am breaking my own rule because rules are made to be broken (conforming is boring) and I need to write around a few of the articles.

So first up is Jo Fairley on computer glasses; she sent me an email asking if I had heard of computer glasses. I hadn’t. Aha, she said, I’m going to write about them because she had only just discovered them and she thought the world needed to know that they existed as none of her friends had heard about them either.

The article duly arrived, I read it, I re-read it and I got in my car and drove to Vision Express because I was not going to miss out and that is all I am going to say on the subject, bar one thing. I was so impressed with Vision Express, they were thoroughly professional and I have had my eyes tested in many different places. When a service is completely outstanding, it needs to be written about and I know Jo concurs. So well done Vision Express and a personal thank you from me to Shilpa at the Brent Cross branch, you are a complete star. Enjoy the read.
I Can See (My Computer) Clearly Now by Jo Fairley

Conscious Water

Here comes another treat, so please read carefully. I wrote about and introduced you to Conscious Water on the March newsletter, so if you missed what I wrote, then you can read it here, which actually saves me writing a whole lot more about them. Just know that I adore everything about these products.

Because we love to share, the very lovely people at Conscious Water have put together a free treat, which once again is limited, so please don’t beat me up if they run out really quickly, which they may well do.

We are calling it Happiness in a Glass and it is an ever-so-cute Wellness Pack containing three of their flower essence water enhancers, Happiness, Rejuvenation and Love. The beauty of the gift is that you don’t have to do anything; we will automatically drop a Wellness Pack into each order which has a value of £40 or over and is applicable across all brands and products on our site, whilst stocks last. A big thank you from me to Ilan Azouri, Founder of Conscious Water – you have such style! ** Sorry, this promotion has now ended **
Conscious Water

Perfect Legs for Everyone

Two products: Perfect Legs Skin Miracle and Perfect Legs Sculpt And Shine by This Works, put together they become Perfect Legs For Everyone and this is what they each do:

Perfect Legs Skin Miracle is a serum that helps even out the tone of your skin; streak-free in its application, it helps reduce the appearance of imperfections such as scarring and pigmentation. Ingredients include vitamins C & E and caramel, adding a tint of warm colour.

Perfect Legs Sculpt And Shine instantly helps tighten the contours of your legs with a shine. The formulation includes algae extract and reflective minerals, apply this to highlight the good spots. Both products can be used on other body parts – why not!
Perfect Legs For Everyone by This Works £20 (RRP £32) includes Perfect Legs Skin Miracle 50 ml and Perfect Legs Sculpt and Shine 30 ml


I have written about this health concern before, but we receive so many emails and phone calls about bloating, we are going to re-visit this common issue, which may be attributable to over-eating or eating foods that do not agree with you. However, constant bloating may be associated with hormonal insufficiency, irritable bowel syndrome, food intolerances and high stress levels. Whatever the cause, at the centre of all of this is our digestive system.

Our bodies obtain nutrients from foods that are broken down efficiently by digestive enzymes, which are released as soon as we ingest food. The effects of improper digestion are widespread and including feeling lethargic, uncomfortable, a bulging stomach, bloating, rumbling or gas and wind.

It is often said that ‘you are what you eat’ and whilst this remains true to a certain extent, what is equally important is the state of your digestive system because even if you eat healthily, if your digestive system is not functioning at its optimal level, then the body will not receive all the nutrients that it depends upon. Every single cell within the human body depends upon the supply of vital nutrients and an optimal digestive system depends upon the production of digestive enzymes.

Enzymes are necessary for all functions carried out within our bodies and currently more than 3000 enzymes have been identified, although experts believe that there are literally thousands of enzymes that have yet to be identified.

Enzymes basically act as catalysts working to help quicken any process that they are involved in. Every organ, tissue and cell has their own specific enzymes designed to carry out appropriate processes. Without enzymes we would not be able to digest food, breathe, move or think.

Digestive enzymes are produced naturally by the body, but their production can diminish for several reasons including ageing; studies have shown that enzyme production can decline from the age of 20. Other reasons include stress, poor eating habits, imbalanced diets, inadequate vitamin and mineral levels and also not eating sufficient raw foods which contain naturally occurring enzymes.

With thousands of digestive enzyme products available, it is important to take one that contains a mixture of enzymes to help break down all food groups and it should contain the enzyme activity, rather than just the weight of each ingredient. Shabir always recommends Enhanced Super Digestive Enzymes because it does the above and it also helps many digestive complaints as well as helping to prevent bloating. Additionally it can help enhance energy production, fight inflammation in the body and help fight infections.
VH Editorial: Do You Experience Bloating, Gas or Indigestion?Enhanced Super Digestive Enzymes £23.25 for 60 Capsules

The Podium

I am jumping onto The Podium for this announcement; we have a new columnist. She is a VH Addict. I wrote about her anonymously on the last newsletter. She is NIOD addicted and has discovered more ways to use the products than I have, which is saying something. I am actually in a bit of a blur as to how this has actually happened, all I know is that there was a huge email chain between us and somehow at the end of it she had entered the inner sanctum.

She is an author; The Sunday Times have called her ‘Lolita with a Brain’ and her lifetime ambition was to appear on The Podium, which has now happened, so I guess she needs to create a new ambition. She has several alter-egos, she calls her husband ‘Dangerous’ and she is living in semi-fear that I may well sack her if she doesn’t behave.

Completely unconventional in her writing, she lives in London’s Soho, and please don’t Google her if you have a sensitive nature, you may not be able to cope. Instead of writing one article, she has written two, I think she wanted five gold stars for effort. The first article is all about her love of NIOD, which really didn’t surprise me even though I didn’t tell her what to write, I believe in freedom of speech and declarations of love are good with me.

Her second article is called the ‘2.0N Club’ and I fell over laughing when I read it. I suppose I am partly to blame for this one. When writing about Colours by The Ordinary on the Addicts Bulletin, I mentioned that a really high percentage of people had ordered 2.0N, which means the wait could go on forever and a day; she begged me for a ‘gold-dust sample’ and then wrote about it. I hope you enjoy her. I have had thousands of emails and several years of her. She is Carole Morin.
Confessions of a VH Addict; The 2.0N Club


Her name is Arly. She is a VH Addict. She is also addicted to NIOD. She is a blogger (Detail Oriented Beauty), but I honestly didn’t know that until some point last year. She also happens to be a prolific emailer and I was halfway through writing this newsletter when I received an email from her telling me she had posted the following on CAIS 5%. I didn’t know she was doing it and I smiled rather a lot when I read it. No more words from me needed, I’ll wrap after you have read this:

‘I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love this stuff. I have used and been obsessed with CAIS 1% ever since it launched almost two years ago now, but this is my everything. I remember reading Brandon (DECIEM founder) say that the average consumer doesn’t need to use CAIS 5% because in a year of using the 1% your skin would be in the same place and at the time it made total sense and I completely overlooked it.

Even though I had a bottle in my stash thanks to Gill, I wasn’t in a rush to use it, but all that changed when the legend that is India Knight declared this as one of her ‘Five Beauty Must-Haves’. I immediately pulled it out, mixed it up and slapped it on my face and oh my – this is CAIS 1% on steroids.

Obviously this should work ‘better’ than the 1% because it is five times stronger, but because of what (naughty) Brandon said, I didn’t think it would be that much of a difference, but it absolutely is.

I pretty much credit this for everything now – even skin tone, reduction in breakouts, healing my congestion/inflammation, improving texture etc etc. Everything that CAIS 1% does, this does it more. I am going to have a full blog post on this because I honestly think it has been massively underrated and it completely changed how my skin responds to retinol.

Obviously I stopped using anything like that while I was doing this method, but I didn’t care because this does it all. I applied it to dry skin after removing Flavanone Mud and then just waited five minutes before moving on. This is a superstar of a product and since my blog post won’t be up for a couple more weeks, I will say that if you’re a ‘picker’ (semi-reformed over here) then you need this. It heals my skin like nothing else and for that alone it is completely worth it’.
CAIS 5% £130 for 15 ml

My love and thanks to Arly for this; some of you may remember that on the day we launched The Ordinary, Arly stayed up throughout the night and posted her thoughts on The Ordinary. She was the first and I choked with emotion when I read it. I honestly didn’t know she was doing it, but it became, and remains, one of the most-read articles on our site and has helped so many people. If you missed it, the link is below. Arly, thank you.
The Ordinary

Wayne Goss

Let’s talk about Wayne. If you read the last newsletter you will know that I have interviewed Wayne and he is the subject of this month’s ‘Gill Meets’, which I’ve linked below; I hope you enjoy it.

But there is more. A couple of weeks ago Forbes announced their Top Ten Beauty Influencers and Wayne was in their top ten. Being of the emotional kind, I had tears running down my face because the recognition was so, so deserved. Making a real difference to people’s lives is the ultimate reward; for sure he is an extraordinarily talented make-up artist, but he is so much more.

He is unaffected by his ‘fame’, he is down to earth, he is normal, he is fabulous, he is loving, he is caring and I truly love him. We rarely miss talking each day and it is almost never about ‘work’. It’s about the things that matter to us; the things that make us laugh, the pain that hurt can bring and the importance of being true to ourselves.

In a work sense, I love and respect that not everything Wayne does is about products, not everything is sponsored and there are times when he just stands in front of the camera and talks to all of us. There is something very special in that, but then Wayne is special. Very, very special and I am extraordinarily privileged to have him as a friend.
Gill Meets Wayne Goss

VH Editorial

By this time you will have realised that I have written about some of this month’s editorial features, but there are still three to mention. The Beauty Bible girls write about small changes in difficult times – a poignant article because nobody reaches adulthood without discovering that life is a rollercoaster. The very lovely (and very pregnant) Carolyn Asome investigates ‘The Great Wedding Guest Conundrum’ and Catherine Turner writes about the scalp.
Small Changes in Difficult Times; The Great Wedding Guest Conundrum; Healthy Scalp, Healthy Hair

The End Bit

Just three things here:

The Hay Fever Season is in full swing, so if you are suffering, then please check out Shabir’s article below, which I hope helps.
Hay Fever Relief For The Family

My apologies if you had to wait for Superior Joints; there was an ingredient issue, which was totally out of our control, but thankfully it is now back in stock. I have always thought that the efficacy of a product can truly be put to the test when you stop taking it; I have always written that about Hyaluronic Acid (HA), but the same can be said about Superior Joints and I am so, so sorry for the delay because for so many this is an essential supplement for joint aches and pain.
Superior Joints £30 for 60 Capsules

And finally, Hyaluronic Acid High Strength (HA). Please do not panic when you see that we have changed brands and that HA now comes in different packaging. The product is identical to the one that went before, it’s just that the previous manufacturers didn’t behave themselves and I’m sorry but we just can’t live with continual stock issues on our bestselling supplement. The least said the better in this instance. Ahem.
Hyaluronic Acid High Strength (HA) by Food Science of Vermont £35 for 30 Vegecaps

The Wrap

Once again we come to the end of another newsletter; during the course of the next few weeks I will keep you updated on wait lists and any other information which may not be able to wait until the next newsletter.

Finally, together with Shabir and the entire VH team, I would like to thank you for your ongoing loyalty and support and I hope that you have a wonderfully happy and healthy May.

With love

Gill x