March Newsletter 2015

March Newsletter 2015

Welcome to the March newsletter where we launch some more pretty amazing products. We have apatented micro-current solution to puffy, tired eyes and I will then tell you about a really clever product that I wish I had invented, except I didn’t!  Together with all the latest news and feedback, we have a limited HA treat, we take a look at some health concerns and we have two more new products from Cailyn. I have a feeling this is going to be another long newsletter, so let’s get this show on the road:

The Hyaluronic Acid (HA) Treat

I am always writing about HA, so before the new product launches, I am going to begin with a little treat.  I think everybody knows my views on HA (unless you are new to VH – in which case hello – waving – welcome) so I’m just saying that HA, in our opinion, is the most crucial of anti-ageing supplements, my face is not going to slide south, ever, I have been taking HA for over ten years and will probably take it forever and a day.  Not only does it help plump up skin, but it eases joints too.  What’s not to love and worship!

So out comes my ‘sharing gene’ and for a limited time only, whilst stocks last, instead of receiving 30 capsules, you will receive 40 capsules for the same price; that means ten days of free HA (worth just over £11.60).  I don’t know how long this offer will last, but I suspect it won’t last long, so get it while you can! **Sorry this promotion has now ended**
Hyaluronic Acid Capsules High Strength £35 (30 Capsules)

Patchology – Treatment Eye Patch Kit

Now you need to know that I am an expert on eye patches; I could go on Mastermind and I would win because I think I have tried most patches that are available on the market.  I have a vested interest of course; I am prone to having puffy eyes, primarily because I sit in front of a computer for hours on end. The search for the ‘holy grail’ of eye patches is an ongoing mission of mine, so whatever I have written before on eye patches, please forget it and read on.

There are times when a next-generation product gets launched that literally blows everything else out of the water. Patchology is that product and in the same way as I have requested in the past to stop using certain supplements because they have been superseded by ‘next-generation’ supplements, the same applies here.  Nothing remains static in ‘product land’, so with some pretty hefty research and development behind it, please allow me to introduce you to Patchology.

Coming from a medical foundation, Patchology eye patches deliver effective cosmeceutical ingredients to the skin utilizing patented micro-current technology via a transdermal patch.  The first commercially available prescription patch was approved by the US FDA in December 1979 and since that time, transdermal drug delivery has grown into a billion dollar industry in the US.  Patchology takes the knowledge from its medical background (Iontera Inc) into the beauty forum and let me tell you, the results are stunning.

So the details; it is a three step kit and it comes in two different sizes, the starter kit, which contains one set of patches that can be re-used up to four times (four separate treatments) and the full size kit that contains three sets of patches (giving 12 separate treatments).

Each kit includes the Activating Gel Rollerball Tube, The Micro-Current Eye Patches and Refreshing Wipes.

Now, let’s look at how to use them and it is really simple; all you do is thoroughly cleanse and dry the under-eye area; apply a liberal amount of the Activating Gel using the rollerball tube to the back of each Energizing Eye Patch; wait for 5-10 seconds and then place the patch on the under-eye area.  The Energizing Eye Patch begins to work when it makes contact with the Activating Gel and you may experience a cooling and tightening sensation as the patches begin to work.

It is recommended that you customize the time for each patch treatment based on the condition or age of your skin, but each patch should be worn for a minimum of 20 minutes, although tired and dehydrated skin will benefit from wearing them for 60 minutes; they are safe to be worn for up to 12 hours and are created to be used as an adjunct to your regular eye cream.

To remove the patches, begin by slowly lifting the outer edge and working inward; after removal place the Eye Patches onto the clear patch sheet and put back into the pouch for future use.  The last thing to do is gently wipe the under-eye treatment area with the Patchology Refreshing Wipes to remove any Activating Gel residue.  Papaya and Pineapple Fruit Extracts cleanse as Cucumber Extract, Chamomile Flower Extract, Marshmallow Root Extract and Aloe Leaf Extract soothe and protect treated skin.

Winning the 2014 Cosmetic Innovator of the Year Award in New York, Patchology was recognized as being the best new breakout product, which is quite an achievement and I think you are going to be like me and fall in love with these. The first time I used them, I kept them on for 60 minutes as my eyes were quite puffy, actually strike that, they were very puffy, so I nearly fainted when I took them off and all the puff had gone.  Anything that has the ability to do that can sweep all and every award as far as I’m concerned; I might have to create my own award ceremony one of these days – that will be fun!

The final thing to say here is that the price probably prohibits everyday use, but you can use them once a week and of course whenever you have a special occasion, just whip them out and slap them on. I’m metaphorically on my knees in gratitude and to quote the brand, ‘Patches Make Perfect’ – they most certainly do!
VH Editorial: Gill meets Chris Hobson (President and CEO Iontera Inc)Patchology Energizing Eye Patches Kit: 4 Treatment Kit £25; Patchology Energizing Eye Patches Kit: 12 Treatment Kit £50


When I came across this product, I sat looking at it in amazement.  Such a simple concept and in those moments you think why hasn’t anybody done anything like this before, or in my case, why didn’t I invent that!  Maybe my brain isn’t wired that way, but all I know is that the instant I saw it, I wanted it and if I wanted it that badly, I kind of thought you would too.

Swoon’s universal lip gloss scoop and applicator is part scoop and part applicator, designed to retrieve every bit of gloss from a lip gloss tube.  It features a non-porous, easy to clean and flexible application head with an extra-long neck to reach every spot of gloss that is unreachable by the applicator.

Founded by Keisha Wright, the concept for Swoon came about when Keisha faced a predicament that’s all too frequent to women; whilst on holiday, she came to the end of her lip gloss tube, only to see that there was a lot of gloss left in the tube. She vowed to develop a way to put an end to this beauty gripe and Swoon was born.

When you find yourself running out of your favourite gloss, you may have tried to remove the stopper or cut the tube in half; all that happens is that you end up with a sticky mess and probably throw the whole lot away, which is a bit of a waste when there is often a lot of gloss left stranded in the tube.  It’s even worse when you know that the colour has been discontinued and it has gone to product heaven, never to be seen again!

Swoon is huge in America, this tool rules and don’t think for one minute that it is only for retrieving lost lip gloss; that alone is enough for me, but you can also use it to clean up mascara smudges and correct eyeliner that has gone wrong.  It’s really easy to keep clean too, just swipe with a wipe.  Is this going to be in everybody’s make-up bag, well I think it should be.  Genius product.
Swoon £10


Like so many of you, I am having an absolute love fest with Cailyn; their products are innovative and I can’t imagine life without Dizzolv’It because after several months of using it, I’m still completely fascinated at its efficacy in melting make-up and everything about it (the smell, the texture, the concept) makes me want to sing.
Dizzolv’It MakeUp Melt Cleansing Balm £20

The O! Wow Brush is of course a phenomenon, as I thought it would be; in the history of make-up brushes, I don’t think anything comes close to achieving the ‘air-brush’ effect and foundation perfection.  Most of you have one, it’s kind of a VH must-have, and now several people have told me that they are stashing them up to give away as birthday (or other!) gifts.  This includes one Ms Josephine Fairley (Beauty Bible); if you are a friend of Jo’s look away, because I wouldn’t want to spoil your surprise as this is her default birthday present.  Do so hope she doesn’t give one to Sarah Stacey, whose birthday is coming up, she already has one!
O! Wow Brush £20

As this is the new product section, I am here to tell you about two new products from Cailyn, but before that I will just say that after releasing Bounce It on last month’s newsletter, it literally bounced out the door.  This is the mad space-age skincare product that still intrigues me.  I think we should create a ‘mad product’ section on our site, most especially after you read about the Rainbow Volume S Brush later in the newsletter!  Oh, and one more thing, how much do you love the little Cleansing Pad; so cute and no batteries required!  Enough, on with the new products.
Bounce It Aqua Memory Gel £40; Cleansing Pad £8

CellBorn Peeling Gel:  I do so like skin peels; there is something about doing a peel that excites me, mostly because I visualize all my grubby old skin cells vanishing down the plug-hole, which is all a bit sad really, but then household cleaning products excite me too. Back on subject, CellBorn gently exfoliates dead skin cells and also removes dulling dirt and excess oil.

This peeling system is formulated with papaya extract, which dissolves dull skin cells to improve smoothness and brightness, Vitamin C protects against free-radical damage to help prevent skin from ageing and it also assists in better absorption of skincare products.  It also includes Jojoba that has a high percentage of ceramides (yes, yes, do take Skin Restoring Phytoceramides for a double whammy effect), which cover the skin’s cells and are responsible for the regulation of their hydration.

I recommend you use this once or twice a week, it’s a bit habit forming, but don’t use it every night.  After cleansing your skin, gently dry your face and hands.  Massage CellBorn in a light circular motion until built-up dirt and skin cells come off and then rinse with warm water and apply your regular skincare products.  It’s a bit of a rivet!
CellBorn Peeling Gel £30 for 30 ml; Skin Restoring Phytoceramides £25 for 30 Liquid Capsules

Water Drops Cream:  As is so often the case with the Cailyn products, it is the name of the product that draws me to look at it and Water Drops Cream is no exception.  It is an evocative name and all the product really needs to do is live up to its title, and of course it does.

Water Drops Cream is a weightless, gel formula that provides instant hydration to help promote smooth, bright and healthy skin.  Rose water, a mild antiseptic, regenerates and helps combat redness and irritation associated with sensitive skin; Carrot essence, a blend of antioxidants and vitamins A and C, help bring a glow to the skin and Mushroom and Ginseng extracts help reduce puffiness.

This is quite a versatile product; you can use it as a moisturiser, but it comes into its own for whenever your skin feels dry; just apply a generous amount of cream over your face and neck and massage gently.  And yes, it can be used on top of your existing skincare; consider it as an extra oomph, and a very worthwhile oomph it is!
Water Drops Cream £30 for 100 ml

Right, let’s do some health issues, after which I will write about some more new product launches:

Natural Remedies For The Relief Of Sinus Congestion & Sinusitis   

A very high percentage of people suffer from sinus congestion and blocked sinuses every year.  The medical term for this is sinusitis and it is a condition where the sinuses become infected or inflamed.

Sinuses are hollow spaces or cavities near the bones in the skull around the nasal passages.  Each sinus has an opening that allows the free exchange of mucus and air and the four sinuses are joined together by a thin membrane.  Nearly two pints of fluid moves through the sinuses every day and helps to clean and moisten the membranes lining the nose and throat.  Fine hairs in the sinuses ensure that the fluid does not get blocked within the sinuses.  When the membrane joining the sinuses becomes infected or inflamed, the fluid simply accumulates causing pressure on the sinus walls, leading to pain in the region.

Sinus infections usually occur as a result of being infected by a virus or fungi.  Fungal spores in the air are thought to be one of the most common causes of sinusitis, as are pollen from winter and summer flowering shrubs and trees.  There are over 40 types of airborne fungal spores and sufferers of sinusitis have been found to have an average of two within the sinus cavity.  Where your pain is located is often an indicator of which sinus is inflamed or infected, although most people with sinusitis have pain in multiple locations.

The most common symptoms of sinusitis, or sinus infections, are pain in the head, ear or neck; headaches in the morning; pain in the jaw, cheeks and teeth; pain between the eyes; stuffy nose; loss of smell and tenderness around the nasal passages.

In his article, Shabir takes an in-depth look at this health concern and recommends the products that will help alleviate sinus congestion and sinusitis.
VH Editorial: Natural Remedies For The Relief Of Sinus Congestion & SinusitisNasal Support £19 for 45 Capsules; Plantago Tincture £9.15 for 50 ml; Sinuforce Nasal Spray £6.95 for 20 ml

Try Gentian Tincture For Heartburn, Acid Reflux and GERD

My feet are up on my desk (pedicured and toenails painted red, Lollipop by Essie if you need to know) as Shabir (with his pharmacist hat on) now writes about this very common concern:

Millions of people around the world suffer from acid reflux, heartburn and gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (GERD).  People often resort to antacids and if these don’t work then they may be prescribed proton pump inhibitors and acid blockers.  These drugs are not without side effects and the most common one is depleting the body of many vitamins and minerals, referred to as nutrient malabsorption.

The herb Gentian, when used regularly, can help decrease the incidence and severity of the above concerns.  Gentian is one of the best herbs for digestion as it enhances the body’s natural digestion process and does not work against it.

The digestive process begins with the secretion of saliva in the mouth to start the digestion of carbohydrates as well as proteins, to a lesser extent.  The stomach produces hydrochloric acid to further break down proteins; the body, through its other glands, secretes various digestive enzymes from the gall bladder, liver and pancreas to further assist in the breakdown of carbohydrates, proteins and fats.  The stomach and the intestines engage in peristalsis, a rhythmic movement that ensures that every bit of food is in contact with digestive enzymes in order to maximize the nutrient availability from food.

Gentian is a very bitter herb, which is precisely why it works.  When you eat something bitter, the first response is, in most cases, to spit it out.  This is instinctively the body trying to protect itself from a potential poison.  But if you do end up swallowing Gentian, then the body tries to eliminate it quickly by producing digestive enzymes to break it down and to encourage peristalsis.  Gentian is not poisonous and the increase in digestive enzymes and movement in the gut helps to counter acid reflux, GERDs and heartburn by ensuring the complete breakdown of all food groups.

The best way of taking Gentian is slightly different from taking other herbal preparations.  Whilst most other supplements are swallowed quickly, with Gentian you ideally need to use 15-30 drops in some water and sip the mixture slowly, allowing its bitter action to stimulate salivary, stomach and intestinal digestive enzymes.

The Gentian tincture supplement I tend to recommend is Gentian Angelica Bitters Tincture by Eclectic Herbs.  This supplement contains wild-crafted Gentian extract with the addition of several excellent digestion enhancing and soothing herbs, such as Fennel, Liquorice and Angelica.  Angelica contains volatile oils that have an anti-inflammatory action on the digestive system, easing colic, wind and reducing flatulence.  For those who cannot tolerate anything bitter, you can disguise the taste in some orange juice.
VH Editorial: Gentian Tincture For Heartburn, Acid Reflux and GERDGentian Angelica Bitters Tincture by Eclectic Herbs £12.50 for 30 ml

Banishing Hot Flushes

Hot flushes are mostly associated with women both before the menopause (perimenopause) and during the menopause.  Hot flushes occur without any warning and usually last for a few minutes.  Cluttered by a feeling of intense heat that suddenly invades the chest and neck, climbing onto the face, hot flushes can also be accompanied by redness and swelling.

In most cases, hot flushes can be directly attributed to declining female hormones, particularly oestrogen, leading to an imbalance between the female sex hormones.  Certain drugs may induce hot flushes, but these are in the minority of cases.

Most women may begin to experience hot flushes between the ages of 45-55 with the onset of menopause.  Menopause is explained as an uninterrupted time span of 12 consecutive months when a woman experiences no menstrual periods and also signals the end of her child-bearing years.

This is a normal, natural event in every woman’s life and should be considered simply as a phase, rather than a condition.  Nevertheless, hot flushes are uncomfortable and many women resort to taking conventional hormone replacement therapy, although increasingly women are now choosing natural remedies that help to alleviate hot flushes, reduce their intensity and help to cope with this transition phase.

For those women seeking a natural supplement, we recommend Sage Complex.  This supplement contains a comprehensive formulation of herbs that are considered ‘phytoestrogens’, herbs that mimic oestrogen in their chemical structure.  Because they are not actually oestrogen itself, generally they are free from side effects.  Sage Complex also helps to alleviate night sweats, anxiety and low energy levels.

Additionally, whether the hot flushes are associated with the menopause or simply due to heat in the body, we also recommend using Physicool Rapid Cooling Mist.  Using rapid evaporation technology, Physicool works instantly to help draw heat away from skin and thus reduces skin temperature to cool the face quickly.
VH Editorial: Banishing Hot FlushesSage Complex £24.50 for 90 Capsules; Physicool Rapid Cooling Mist £9.99 for 125 ml

PurAir – Air Purifying Spray

Back to the new product launches we go, so please allow me to introduce you to a new product from France.  We have been all over the world with product launches over the last few months from Tokyo, Korea, America and Thailand to name but a few, so we are on a bit of a European kick on this newsletter with PurAir from Paris.

When this product landed on my desk, the first thing I said was that I loved the name of the brand, 1001 Remedies; now don’t panic, I am not about to write about 1001 different products and this is the first product to be launched, so I’m going to tell you about PurAir while I’m left wondering what the other 1000 products will be; actually my head is pounding even thinking about that scenario.  Let’s move on:

PurAir is the perfect antidote to combating environmental pollution and helps reinforce the body’s natural defences; it is infused with an aromatic and sensual blend of 129 essential oils, combined for their air-purifying and anti-viral properties.  The ingredients include Cinnamon, a primary ingredient for helping to boost the immune system, as well as Ravintsara, Peppermint and Ho Wood (also known as White Camphor).  Ho!

Formulated at the 1001 Remedies Parisian laboratory, PurAir contains tried and trusted ingredients from across the globe (ho, ho, we’ve just gone global again!).  Each ingredient is utilized to deliver the curative essences of plant based solutions that deliver a powerful synergy for personal wellbeing.

The brand requests that you ‘stand up for your wellness’; I’m requesting that you try this spray because it is rather gorgeous and I’ve been spraying it everywhere.  It has that ‘feel-good’ factor about it, not least because I’m spraying this around my head as I’m writing this newsletter and it’s keeping me focused; if there was any pollution around my head, I now know it’s gone!  Just a cautionary note, please do not use if you are pregnant or around children under the age of 36 months.
PurAir £24 for 100 ml

With Sleep Comes Beauty

At the heart of This Works’ philosophy on beauty and wellbeing is a good night’s sleep, so they have put together this beauty heroes set to help make a good night’s sleep the foundation of your beauty routine.

The set contains Sleep Plus Pillow Spray (75 ml), a fast acting natural remedy to help restore healthy sleep patterns for restless sleepers, which has been clinically proven to help provide a better night’s sleep.  It is coupled with In Transit Camera Close Up (40 ml) formulated for that ‘close-up’ with a mask, moisturiser and primer in one.  Together the products have a value of £55, but for a limited time only you can get this set for £38.  I suggest you run, don’t walk!
With Sleep Comes Beauty £38 (Sleep Plus Pillow Spray and In Transit Camera Close Up)

Margaret Dabbs Discovery Kit

So many of you are massive Margaret Dabbs fans and I’m guessing you will be thrilled to know about the new Discovery Kit, which serves an introduction to the world of fabulous feet.  These luxurious foot care products have been expertly formulated to help give you healthy, gorgeous feet.  Using organic emu oil for its anti-ageing, moisturizing and healing properties, together with scented lemon myrtle, these products will help give you amazing long lasting results and beautiful feet.

The set contains a 50 ml version of the Intensive Hydrating Foot Lotion, a 50 ml Hydrating Foot Soak (soak is such an evocative word, soak, soak, soak), a 30 ml Intensive Treatment Foot Oil and a 30 ml Exfoliating Foot Mousse.  All the products are housed in bottles and jars replicating the main range product sizes.  They are perfectly sized for everyday use, to take to the gym (if you go – I don’t thank you very much) or for when you are travelling.  Go Margaret!
Margaret Dabbs Discovery Kit £39

Sarah Chapman

As with the very lovely Margaret Dabbs, so many of you are huge Sarah Chapman fans and she is so supportive to us, which of course means in turn she is supportive of all of you.  There are some very exciting new developments coming from Sarah later in the year and we have been seriously plotting together, mostly hiding in the restaurant on the second floor of Fenwick in Bond Street – ahem!

We launched Sarah’s Bodylift exactly a year ago, so happy birthday to Bodylift and if you haven’t discovered Bodylift, do check it out because its 12 unique rolling heads and 72 massaging nodules help encourage the lymphatic system to help drain toxins and reduce puffiness from the body, thereby improving the appearance of the skin.

To celebrate (how we love a celebration), we have 50 x Overnight Body Treatment (40 ml) to give away to the first 50 people who spend £30 or more on Sarah’s products.  Up go my feet onto my desk once more, as Sarah talks about Overnight Body Treatment. **Sorry this promotion has now ended**

‘Overnight Body Treatment offers the perfect combination of advanced scientific skincare and my signature blend of precious flower essential oils.  It works to improve your skin’s elasticity, firmness, uneven skin tone and texture to achieve smoother, younger looking skin.  This unique, rapidly absorbed serum-oil leaves skin with a silky, cashmere texture.  Go to bed cocooned, comforted and relaxed for a perfect night’s beauty sleep’.

Nothing to add to that, except I hope you enjoy the treat.
The Bodylift £28; The Facialift £25; All Sarah Chapman Products


Two new products from Better You to tell you about; the first is Magnesium Body Butter, which is a nourishing blend of Magnesium Oil with shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil and vitamin E, formulated to create a rather fabulous skin experience.  The Body Butter can be used daily to help improve skin elasticity, while helping to promote overall skin health.  Magnesium Body Lotion contains the same ingredients as the Body Butter, but it is in a lotion form and should also be used daily.  As I have written many times, we are mostly magnesium deficient, so the more magnesium we can get, the better you will feel and just in case you didn’t know, magnesium really helps you sleep well, so taking a good magnesium supplement alongside topicals is a rather good idea.
Magnesium Body Butter £9.95 for 180 ml; Magnesium Body Lotion £9.95 for 150 ml; DynoMins Magnesium £14.95 for 90 Tablets

We Give Thanks …

As ever, there are many people I need to thank this month and I’m going to begin with India Knight:

I don’t really know what to say, other than I can’t thank India enough for falling in love with the Rainbow Volume S Brush; in case you missed it, but actually I don’t think that many people did, India wrote an entire feature about the mad brush in The Sunday Times Style magazine; everybody has been calling it mad/silly and I couldn’t stop laughing when I read the article. I’m not saying much more on the subject, just read India’s article here and know from me that we are getting them out to you as quickly as we can.  One more thing, if you love India’s style of writing, you might just want to read her book; controversial, yes of course, but why not, somebody has to be!
Rainbow Volume S Brush £12; In Your Prime: Older, Wiser, Happier by India Knight £11.75 (RRP £16.99)

To Sarah Stacey, health editor of YOU magazine: thank you for continuing to put Sheald Recovery Balm on your page; it has made several appearances mostly because we continue to receive such incredible feedback about its wound healing abilities.  Surgeons applaud it, your readers applaud it and as ever I will continue to applaud my LA boyfriends at iS Clinical.  Nothing, but nothing, comes close to achieving such miraculous results.  To read what Sarah wrote click here.
Sheald Recovery Balm by iS Clinical £43 for 60 ml

To Carolyn Asome:  We have been inundated with phone calls and emails about your Wardrobe Detoxing feature; on the last newsletter I wrote that I was petrified Carolyn would turn up on my doorstep and take a look at my wardrobes, so I did the wardrobe detox.  It’s like cooking, which I find extraordinarily therapeutic (when I have the time) and after I finished, I felt a real sense of achievement.  Anyway, if you missed it, here it is and further down this newsletter you will discover what Carolyn is writing about this month.
Wardrobe Detoxing

To Jo Fairley for all she is: co-founder of The Beauty Bible, The Perfume Society, Green & Black’s, as a much sought-after public speaker (geez, can I be your agent please!) and for still having time to listen to me rambling on about varying subjects, including new products.  Always there, always so supportive and you have more than earned the right to be trusted by all of us. Case in point, Three of the Absolute Best, which achieved a massive amount of hits when we released it last month. Thank you.
Three Of The Absolute Best

Back From The Dead

Honestly, honestly there are times when I despair about products, especially when they go on the missing list and we are left to try and fathom out what on earth is going on.  It’s bad enough when a product goes out of stock for a week, when products go out of stock for several weeks I begin to have a severe sense of humour failure and sometimes they vanish for so long, I wonder whether we will ever see them again.

Bye Wart falls into the latter category; I’ve given up counting the months it has been out of stock, but thank goodness it is back because this really is an amazing product for helping to eliminate facial and body warts.  I still haven’t really got to the bottom of what actually happened, but can only assume it was an ingredient shortage.  Anyway, it’s back and it is one of very few wart preparations that can be used on the face, so let’s take a brief look at the condition:

Warts are small growths caused by the human papilloma viruses (HPV) of which there are at least 60 different known strains.  They can appear singly or in clusters and are most common on the hands, fingers, elbows, forearms, knees, face and the skin around the nails.  Usually they occur on skin that is continually exposed to friction, trauma or abrasion.  This is a highly contagious virus and warts can easily spread to other parts of the body where there is a break in the skin.  We recommend the use of Lysine, alongside Bye Wart, which is a powerful amino acid that helps inhibit viral replication.
Bye Wart £9.95 for 15 ml; L-Lysine by Lamberts £8.50 for 120 Tablets

VH Editorial

This month the Beauty Bible girls report on how to tackle wee-small-hours insomnia, Carolyn Asome is back with ‘The Holy Grail of Style’, Catherine Turner writes about keeping your feet on the ground and Jo Fairley investigates post-workout beauty, all the while wishing for the Lanolips Lip Collection, although she doesn’t go to the gym either, so that’s two of us then.  I’d rather go to bed quite frankly!
How To Tackle Wee-Small-Hours Insomnia; The Holy Grail of Style; Feet On The Ground; Post-Workout Beauty

On the subject of our features section, I am so thrilled to tell you that Sally Brampton will be back next month after taking a sabbatical.  So many of you have phoned or mailed us to ask about her, which is always so appreciated, so we look forward to her return.  Sally has asked me to tell you two things, the first is that she is so looking forward to touching base with you all again and to also tell you that she recently went away and forgot to take Clean, Condition and Connect (Phylia) with her and her hair hated her; she had super-cross hair and she has vowed that it will never, ever happen again!
The Three Step Kit by Phylia de M £103

The End Bit

Just three pieces of feedback to share with you; as ever I thank you all for your amazing feedback, unfortunately I just don’t have room on this newsletter to include everything, but I have chosen the comments that may go some way to helping many of you:

‘I have started taking Migra-Mag with Brain Shield in the hope it would help with my 40 year-long battle with headaches and migraines and my growing concern for the need of daily pain killers.  I am absolutely amazed that after ten days, I have seven of those days headache and pain killer free’.
Migra-Mag with Brain Shield £25 for 90 Capsules

‘The latest wonder from your site is Bounce It, which arrived yesterday just as I was thinking that maybe my skin has finally succumbed to being 51, despite me telling it it’s 23.  But no, it really is 23, it just needed reminding!  Oh, how I love this product.  I’ve used it just twice, last night and this morning, and already my skin feels less taut and sad; my heart is singing once again’.
Bounce It Aqua Memory Gel £40 for 50 ml

‘I have been using Sheald Recovery Balm religiously since my breast operation, which was a year ago.  For the first five weeks I was using another product, but that just rubbed off.  I must say that I have never looked back after trying Sheald.  My surgeon who saw me last September was very impressed at how well I had healed.  I have similar colouring to Nicole Kidman and he was amazed that there was no redness at all on the scars after eight months, which he said is unusual.  I continue to be delighted with this product and thank you’.
Sheald Recovery Balm by iS Clinical £43 for 60 ml

Finally we come to the end of another newsletter, so together with Shabir and the entire VH team, I thank you as ever for your amazing support and loyalty, which means so much to us.

As we head towards the first day of Spring, I hope you all have a wonderful March and I’ll be back throughout the month with e-blasts, 60 Seconds and of course the Addicts Bulletin.

This newsletter is dedicated to Krishna Montgomery and Hilary Vallieres.

Thank you.

With love

Gill x