March Newsletter 2014

March Newsletter 2014

Welcome to the March newsletter, where we launch some pretty spectacular new products, notably from In Fiore, Soapsmith, Sarah Chapman and Temple Spa, we take a look at the latest research on Lingonberry, which is trending heavily in America, there is an energy treat, a Phylia treat, the Beauty Bible girls launch their new book, The Ultimate Natural Beauty Bible, and I give you all the latest news and feedback. I will also be writing about a rather fabulous facial hair removal tool and I will take a minute or two to jump onto The Podium, so without any further preamble, let’s go:

In Fiore

A baptism in fresh, vibrant blooms, In Fiore is total floral seduction for your skin and for your soul and I am so, so grateful to Kazu Namise (creator of Phylia) for introducing me to Julie Elliott, a beauty pioneer who launched her gorgeous products in 1999, blended only with pure oils and the finest floral absolutes.

Before anything, let me say that I feel so privileged to launch In Fiore exclusively in the UK; based in San Francisco, the brand has been featured in the Louis Vuitton City Guide, is massive in Japan and is adored by a long, long list of ‘names’, which I am not going to reveal here, but trust me they have all been seduced by Julie’s passion to celebrate the elemental appeal of raw florals and herbs. She established In Fiore to promote the centuries wisdom surrounding their dramatic health benefits and the scent of Jasmine sparked the idea – ‘a fragrance so pure and clean that it is almost primordial in its unadulterated form’. Jasmine, the flower of knowledge, still remains at the heart of the ‘In Fiore signature’.

This distinctive and pioneering range promises wondrous healing benefits, wrapped in the aromatic charms of perfume and the products really deliver. Using the stance of perfumery as medicine, the spirit of In Fiore was inspired by ancient bathing rituals. For centuries, humans have anointed their bodies with floral oils as a way to seduce, protect, transcend and heal. In keeping with this classic tradition, the In Fiore treatment products stimulate the senses, while also offering hydrating and curative effects.

I could carry on writing about the background of In Fiore because the research totally fascinates me and I love learning from experts in their field; however I have an entire newsletter to write, so I won’t carry on, but on that (floral!) note, all I will say here is that do take the opportunity of reading my interview with Julie, discover her three heroes and I will now write about some of her exquisite products.
Gill meets Julie Elliott

As an introduction to the brand, I have chosen just a few products to launch with; it was an incredibly hard exercise to carry out because all the In Fiore products are incredible, but you have to start somewhere and throughout the year I will drip feed more of the range in, so I hope you enjoy the ‘chosen ones’ and I will follow through with an In Fiore regimen so that you can experience the ‘4-2-4’ secret to beautiful skin.

Lustra – Cleansing Balm Concentre: A ‘facial in a jar’, this complex cleansing and restorative skin treat is known as ‘Divine Mud’ to In Fiore devotees. Twelve organic and wild-crafted blossoms are crushed with essential oils: calendula blossoms, rose petals, rosehips, red clover and lavender flowers, as well as geranium and bergamot peel. Deeply cleansing and exfoliating, it brings blood flow to the surface, helps improve circulation, promotes lymphatic drainage and detoxifies, for a truly revitalized complexion. This product is completely fascinating and with dry hands you apply a generous amount directly to dry skin and massage. The massaging action will soften the blossoms, releasing their healing constituents directly into the skin. For deeper penetration, leave the cleansing balm on skin during a shower or bath. Finish with a warm, damp washcloth to remove remaining blossoms and excess oil. Welcome to the In Fiore experience.
Lustra Cleansing Balm Concentre £50 for 50 ml

Fleur Vibrante Healing Floral Essence: Whilst researching, I asked Julie if this was the bestselling product in America, which it is and I fully understand why. This is more than an anti-ageing multi-tasker, it is a vitamin-powered, nutrient-rich antioxidant-fuelled balm, which acts as a healing remedy for burns, acne marks, sun damage, hyper-pigmentation, itching caused by rosacea and eczema, scarring and stretch marks. Fantastic for dry, dull and sensitive skin, Fleur Vibrante also works to help reduce fine lines and crow’s feet, encouraging cell turnover while healing and repairing at a cellular level. I think this is an In Fiore ‘must have’.
Fleur Vibrante Healing Floral Essence £50 for 50 ml

Treate Gentle Cleansing Base: Suitable for all skin types, Treate combines organic aloe vera gel with soothing oils, Bulgarian rose water and a whisper of Indian jasmine blossoms. An essential In Fiore foundation for healthy, flawless skin, it may be used alone or as a cleansing base for a customized healing elixir, such as PUR (add four or five drops) for congested skin, which is of course coming next!
Treate Gentle Cleansing Base £50 for 240 ml

PUR Face Oil Concentre: Facial oils can work magnificently to help re-balance oily and acneic skin, and PUR helps refine the complexion, while helping to prevent a recurrence of breakouts and also helps reduce excess sebum production. Tunisian neroli makes the application of this complexion-compatible oil into the most sensual of skincare rituals and a drop or two is all that’s needed for light moisturisation.
PUR Face Oil Concentre £50 for 30 ml

Complexe De Fleur Cellular Renewal Complex: Anything with the word ‘renewal’ in it makes me sit up and pay attention because I am all for re-invention in every sense of the word. So please allow me to introduce you to this product that is known as ‘liquid gold’ to In Fiore connoisseurs, and there are a lot of them. This repairing concentrate works on even the most damaged skin to help restore radiance and a youthful glow. Active ingredients are blended at a 50% concentration and the twelve effective infusions include age-defying frankincense, essential oil of Tunisian neroli, Bulgarian rose absolute, sea buckthorn and rosehip oils, blended with healing comfrey. As a night-time treat, follow with Fleur Vibrante for added healing power and an amazing glow, which is still there in the morning.
Complexe De Fleur Cellular Renewal Complex £100 for 60 ml

Crème De Fleur: A nutrient-rich moisture complex for deep hydration, revitalization and cell renewal, this mineral and protein rich treatment helps promote cell renewal and deep hydration for ageing, tired or neglected skin. Formulated for dry and mature skin types and skin exposed to dry or harsh climates, it provides a protective barrier from outside elements while regenerating and strengthening cell tissue. Crème de Fleur actively attracts water to the skin, allowing skin to stay moisturized for longer, while the nourishing elements boost skin elasticity, collagen metabolism and helps calm irritated, itchy skin. Apply a small amount morning and evening and it can be layered over Complexe De Fleur (as above).
Crème De Fleur £100 for 50 ml

Veloutée – Multipurpose Balm for Lips and Eyes: I’ve already written about the American bestseller and Veloutée is currently the run-away bestselling product in Japan and I couldn’t wait for this product to land on my desk because inside this beautiful brushed gold mirrored compact, you will discover an essential cure-all for thirsty lips. Offering nourishing extracts and oils such as carrot seed, blackcurrant, olive fruit and resveratrol from Japanese bamboo, Veloutée does more than seal and protect, it penetrates deeply to counter environmental free radical damage and improves skin elasticity by reducing protein glycation, a main culprit of fine wrinkles. Gentle and versatile, it can be used to treat the lips, lip line and the delicate area around the eyes. Apply generously to lips as needed and use also as a nightly treatment for the lip line; it can also be applied directly to the outer area of the eyes. It’s love!
Veloutée £40 for 5 ml

The 4-2-4 Secret to Beautiful Skin – In Fiore Style

4 Minutes: Massage face, neck and décolleté with PUR Face Oil Concentrate for four minutes (2-3 times per week add Lustra Cleansing Balm to the mix). This lipophilic remedy penetrates deeply to help remove impurities.

2 Minutes: Layer Treate Gentle Cleansing Base and massage for two minutes. Emulsified oils treat without stripping the skin or disrupting its protective acid mantle balance.

4 Minutes: Rinse with warm water and a cold finish for four minutes. Start with warm water for two minutes, followed by two minutes of cold. This stimulates circulation and lymphs, revitalizing the skin. Finish with Fleur Vibrante Healing Floral Essence.
In Fiore 4-2-4 Kit £200 (includes PUR, Lustra, Treate and Fleur Vibrante)

In Fiore Body Balms

This is where it all started with Julie’s highly acclaimed body balms, which are hand-blended and infused with essential oils for long-lasting suppleness. To be enjoyed as part of your daily bathing ritual, or in massage, they are best when applied to skin still damp from the shower or bath and work immediately to revive the senses and bring out skin’s natural radiance. Crafted to enhance the long-lasting effects of essential oils, the body balms provide a protective healing barrier offering an intensive treatment and they can truly be described as fragrant wonders. There is a choice of three scents, and just to say that a little goes a long, long way:

Dayala: ‘Paradise on Earth’ – a euphoric, uplifting blend of Indian jasmine flower absolute and essential oil of lemongrass. Jasmin, the Flower of Knowledge, has long been valued for its purity of scent and intensely rich and warm floral aroma. Lemongrass adds a refreshing, grassy-citrus essence reminiscent of the tropics.
Dayala Body Balm £60 for 240 ml

Kashmir: A sensual, compelling blend of dark patchouli leaf, Tunisian neroli flowers and sustainable sandalwood from Australia. Patchouli, sweet, rich, herbaceous and earthy, is an excellent fixative that continues to improve with age. Neroli adds height with its light, sweet floral fragrance and heady top note. Sandalwood grounds the combination with its characteristic essence: deep, soft, sensual, woody. If I’m allowed to have a favourite, this is it!
Kashmir Body Balm £60 for 240 ml

Shevanti: An intoxicating sensation that is sweet, earthy, light and deep, this sensual balm is created with ylang ylang, dark patchouli leaf, Oman frankincense and Bulgarian rose absolute. Ylang ylang’s intense, sweet, floral-balsamic scent pairs exquisitely with the rich herbaceous earthiness of dark patchouli leaves. Frankincense adds a warm, sweet-balsamic undertone. Rose completes the blend with its characteristically sweet, rich, enveloping essence.
Shevanti Body Balm £60 for 240 ml

Before I finish this section, I just need to say that it was really difficult trying to edit down the products because each of them are so very special, so I chose to write about them all. The authenticity of a brand is massively important to me and Julie Elliott represents the authentic essence of an apothecary brand steeped with wisdom and knowledge. She absorbs intimate knowledge of each essence like a character study and this uncommon ability translates into her remarkable products and fragrances. I hope you enjoy discovering and using In Fiore and Kazu, thank you again for the introduction, I’ll be writing about Phylia (with a treat!) very soon!

New: The Body Lift by Sarah Chapman

If I threw a tiara tea party (I may have to now!) for all the girls (girls Shabir, sorry!) I love in this industry, Sarah Chapman would be at that table eating egg sandwiches and red jelly. Not only is she an exquisite aesthetician with a waiting list that is almost impossible to get onto, but she has created her own skincare brand, Skinesis, and many of you are huge fans. She might even have to sit on a throne at the top of the table because she always lets me exclusively launch her new products and I love her for that, so get yourself prepared because I am about to tell you about The Body Lift, and I think you will all want one, so read on:

Many of you will remember when we launched The Facialift, a pretty remarkable little gizmo that incorporates eight massage heads with 48 nodules that, when gently pulled across the face, helps to re-shape, refine and tone the skin. If you don’t possess The Facialift, you are missing a real facial treat, but start getting very afraid, because I’m just about to tell you about The Facialift’s big brother, who is pretty vicious and will not take any prisoners!

The Body Lift is inspired by The Facialift and it brings the benefits of Sarah’s renowned massages techniques to the body. I know that there were several prototypes of The Body Lift, but Sarah kept sending them back because they weren’t strong enough and if you are going to give yourself a body treatment it needs to be strong, not feeble. Eventually, the ‘real thing’ arrived and this beast has twelve unique rolling heads and 72 massaging nodules, helping to encourage the lymphatic system to drain toxins and reduce puffiness from the body, improving the appearance of the skin.

I’ve used it and although I call it a beast, it could actually become your new best friend because it is brilliant for firming up thighs, upper arms, buttocks and calves. All you do is push and roll the Body Lift, allowing the wishbone to separate and start working its magic. I recommend you start using it on your thighs and then move to other areas. The nodules also massage deeply to help ease muscle tension and stimulate the circulation to help sculpt, smooth, tone and define.

By launching it now, it obviously gives you all an opportunity to get into mode so that by the time the warmer weather arrives (if it ever does), then we will all be pretty toned up and fabulous. I have visions of Body Lift parties taking place, rolling each other into firmed-up oblivion whilst watching The Good Wife (had to get that in somewhere – it is one of my favourite programmes!).

You may want to use The Body Lift with Overnight Body Treatment, why not, and the final thing to say is that The Body Lift will be available within the next ten days (we hope), so I have created a wait list and we are all just praying we have enough. Let me just cover off the logistics, we will not take any monies from your account until the day your order is processed and sent. That’s a wrap then and later in the newsletter there is a Skinesis treat, so please read carefully!
The Body Lift £28; The Facialift £25; Overnight Body Treatment £49 for 120 ml

New: Lingonberry Extract

Over the past few months, Shabir has been researching Lingonberry, which is trending heavily in America and I guess it is about to do the same here because there is a weight loss factor involved, which I will write about at the end of this section. This ‘new’ berry is receiving a lot of attention by scientists because it contains very high concentrations of polyphenols which are potent antioxidants and work effectively within our bodies to help neutralise free radicals from environmental factors such as pollutants. Native to the Scandinavian countries, Lingonberries are small red berries the size of a pea and are also known as cowberries. They are related to cranberries, blueberries and bilberries.

Several studies have shown that lingonberries can help lower levels of inflammatory molecules in the body and inflammation is of course one of the biggest causal factors for many age-related disorders, including cardiovascular concerns and cognitive function. A Canadian study found lingonberries were able to reduce the effect of AGEs. AGEs are by-products of sugar metabolism that accumulate in people with high blood sugar, which in turn can contribute to the damage in the blood vessels of diabetics and may further contribute to kidney disease, eye diseases and circulatory concerns. Naturopathic treatments have always recommended exercise, eating low glycemic index foods (complex carbohydrates and low sugar foods), cooking at low temperatures and using blood sugar balancing herbs such as cinnamon and fenugreek. Lingonberry extracts can now be added to that list.

The results of a study carried out by the Lund University in Sweden were recently published in the peer reviewed Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism, which proved the efficacy of lingonberries and their ability to help prevent weight gain. The researchers discovered that lingonberries help prevent the harmful effects of a high fat diet and suggest they could be useful in helping to prevent weight gain and its related disorders. It is not easy to find lingonberries, so we recommend the use of Lingonberry Extract, which actually would be of greater benefit as it contains all the active compounds present in the natural berry, but without the sugar. To discover more, please read Shabir’s article, as below.
VH Editorial: Lingonberries Help Prevent Weight GainLingonberry Extract £12 for 60 Capsules

New: Soapsmith

I have always had a thing about soap; I’m obsessed with soaps and wherever I am, I always bring back soap. Shabir of course thinks I’m completely bonkers, but if there was a ‘Bring Back Soap’ campaign, I would be right there as there is something deeply satisfying about a bar of soap. So you can imagine my excitement when this artisan brand landed on my desk; it had my name written all over it, except it’s not mine as it belongs to Soapsmith’s founder, the incredibly talented Samantha Jameson, whose passion for her work is pretty infectious. Let me give you some background:

Soapsmith creates fabulous handcrafted soaps, bath and body products with bold and evocative scents, which capture the essence of London. Each of the nine scents is named after one of London’s more characterful streets and is custom blended to translate that character into a real olfactory treat. Soapsmith’s core ingredients have been selected from around the world to best represent the history and diversity of London.

Each bar of soap is hand mixed, moulded, cut and stamped and contains cocoa and shea butter for soft, clean skin and comes wrapped with an explanation of each area. Some of the collection is also available in Bath Soaks, Body Butter Melts, Body Lotions and Body Washes. Here they come and there is a treat at the end:

Baker Street – honey, almond and a dash of goat’s milk: The use of the name Baker Street links the word ‘baker’ to products used in the baker process such as oats, milk, almond and honey. This soap has been created to smell as good as freshly baked bread.
Baker Street Soap £6

Bloomsbury – fresh roses, honeysuckle, primrose and peony: Bloomsbury is a heady bouquet of fresh English blooms, mixed together to re-create the smell of the flower beds in Bloomsbury Square Gardens. The range includes the Soap and Bath Soak, which I’m going to write about separately because I’ve become addicted to it and I’m not alone!
Bloomsbury Soap £6; Bloomsbury Bath Soak £12 for 350 ml

Brick Lane – amber, pepper and sandalwood: In recent years Brick Lane has become a vibrant area with a reputation for fine spicy cuisine. When blending this scent, amber and pepper featured heavily along with sandalwood and other spices, all blended together to create an aromatic, mellow mix to evoke the senses.
Brick Lane Soap £6; Brick Lane Body Butter Melt £10 for 100 ml

Green Park – peppermint, spearmint and cedarwood: Green Park is one of the most pleasant Royal Parks in London and is a very lush, woody, earthy space. Hence the mint and cedarwood scents were a perfect combination for Green Park.
Green Park Soap £6

Lavender Hill – lavender with a hint of jasmine: Lavender Hill was so named due to the commercial production of lavender which took place pre-industrial era in that specific part of London. 18th century maps show large areas of farmland in SW11 used for lavender production.
Lavender Hill Soap £6; Lavender Hill Bath Soak £12 for 350 ml; Lavender Hill Body Butter Melt £10 for 100 ml; Lavender Hill Body Wash £12 for 250 ml; Lavender Hill Body Lotion £12 for 250 ml

Limehouse – lime, lemongrass and litsea cubeba: All soap ranges need one strong citrus scent amongst them and Limehouse, as its name suggests, is exactly that, creating a fresh, zesty lemon and lime bar to revive the senses on those early mornings.
Limehouse Soap £6

Camden Town – coconut, bergamot and hint of musk: As you wander through Camden Market on a balmy Sunday afternoon, your senses are assailed by the perfumed aroma of incense, spices and exotic foods. Camden Town recreates this experience in its own seductive and distinctive style.
Camden Town Body Butter Melt £10 for 100 ml; Camden Town Body Wash £12 for 250 ml; Camden Town Body Lotion £12 for 250 ml

Marble Arch – vanilla, tonka bean and a hint of orange: Marble Arch looks exactly like its name implies – a slab of dark brown, almost black marble, speckled with splashes of colour. Its striking appearance is reflected in its strong, sensual scent.
Marble Arch Soap £6; Marble Arch Body Butter Melt £10 for 100 ml

All Scents – floral, fruity, fresh and gourmand: An assortment of eight mini soap bars sampling the entire Soapsmith Soap range. Each beautifully scented mini bar is as diverse as the location it represents.
All Scents £8

Being a London girl, I can really relate to this range, but of course you don’t need to live in London to enjoy using these pretty unique products. I need to tell you that I am desperately in love with the Bloomsbury Bath Soak; handmade from coconut milk and oat powder, Epsom and Dead Sea salts, essential oils and cocoa seed butter, it provides a creamy, invigorating bathing experience. It contains dried rose petals and essentially you will feel that you are bathing in a garden. Simply divine and the scent just lingers on and on, together with my obsession. What a wonderful gift – to ourselves!
Bloomsbury Bath Soak £12 for 350 ml

Launch Gift: With every order for any of the Soapsmith products, we will automatically drop in a slither of soap sample for you to try. We will use our best endeavours to give you a different scent to the one/s ordered and I adore the way these are wrapped. Do so love a bit of style!

The Sibergin Treat

I have always loved Sibergin, I have taken it for about eight years and if I don’t take it, I feel like I’m slumping into oblivion. There is something about Sibergin that makes me extraordinarily happy and I have often referred to it as ‘rocket fuel’. The energy kick it gives is pretty amazing and I couldn’t write a newsletter without it, least of all this one which appears to be going on forever!

Sometimes it’s not all about new products, it’s about products that really, really work and if they have been on the market forever, who cares – they need to perform and Sibergin does. So as a special treat, I have put two tubes of Sibergin together, which would normally cost £31, knocked off £6 and so for £25 you can power your way through to Spring with me – because we’re worth it and you WILL feel the difference. Go!
The Sibergin Treat (Two x Sibergin) £25 (Sibergin £15.50 for 30 Capsules)

New: The Tweezy – Facial Hair Removal

I need to tell you that this product is one of those ‘genius’ finds and everybody in the office wants one, with the exception of Shabir and our IT team! The Tweezy is a facial hair removing tool that you can use yourself really easily. It is a tightly coiled metal spring with a rubber handle at each end and it works in the same way as threading, by trapping the hair between the springs and pulls it out from the root.

To use The Tweezy you need to bend it into a ‘U’ shape, hold it onto the facial hair you wish to remove and twist The Tweezy inwards and upwards. slowly. You will need to play around with it for a few minutes to get the correct twisting action, but once you’ve worked it out, it’s really easy and it grips lots of hairs at once so you can cover a large area quickly.

If you are used to threading or waxing, then the sensation of pulling hair from the root really won’t bother you and you actually don’t need to look in a mirror, you can feel the hair coming out, which is deeply satisfying. It is absolutely perfect for fine hair on the face and for darker hair around the upper lip and chin, but I wouldn’t go near eyebrows – one roll and they could be gone!

Finally, just to say that it doesn’t cut off the hair, so there is no fear of stubble and if you normally go four weeks (or longer) between waxing or threading, this should last you the same time frame and your hair won’t grow back any darker or thicker. Brilliant!
Tweezy £10

New: Lady Prelox

And onto the market bounces ‘the natural pink pill’, which contains premium ingredients combined to enhance sexual pleasure, desire and comfort, according to the manufacturers, PharmaNord. A patented and proprietary formula, Lady Prelox is a result of scientific research and it is said that you should start feeling its effects after four weeks, but for optimal results you may need to wait eight weeks. I’m not going to write any more about this supplement, other than to say it is available and it partners Prelox for men.
Lady Prelox by PharmaNord £37.95 for 60 Tablets; Prelox £34.50 for 60 Tablets

New: The Ultimate Natural Beauty Bible

Hurray – another new launch and another new book from the bestselling Beauty Bible series from health and beauty experts, Sarah Stacey and Jo Fairley. The Ultimate Natural Beauty Bible embraces the award-winning products, home-made remedies and tips that really work – naturally, and provides invaluable expert guidance to the best natural cosmetics and treatments. With all-new scores and trials of the latest product, this book brings together everything a woman needs to know about feeling great, looking gorgeous and being fabulous.

Chapters include guidance on skin, hair, make-up, hands, feet and nails, sleep, exercise and much more including Jo and Sarah’s trademark ‘tried and tested’ reports, reliably tested by over 2000 women. There are also recipes to make your own cosmetics and explanations of the natural benefits these provide.

The book is scheduled to launch on 20th March, but we will be receiving some pre-launch editions within the next couple of weeks, or sooner if the wind is blowing in the right direction. You can of course pre-order right now and you will be amongst the first to receive this new blockbuster from the girls. So another wait list (there is still one to come later in the newsletter!) hovers on the horizon and as before, we will not debit any monies from your account until the day your order is processed and sent. When we released The Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible, it went wild and I’ve got a feeling The Ultimate Natural Beauty Bible will do the same thing. I think I can safely say that this book, as with all the others, has been powered by Sibergin. Rock right on girls, you’ve done it again, so I guess that’s two more seats taken at my hypothetical tiara tea party!
The Ultimate Natural Beauty Bible £14.95 (RRP £19.99); The Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible £12.95

The Podium

This newsletter is a long one, so if you are still with me I just want to say a few things about skincare. The skincare market is crammed to the point of virtual explosion and new brands and products seem to be launched every day of the week, with a very high percentage landing on my desk. The thing is, as I’ve written many times, we know the ingredients that will work and we know the ingredients that will have little, if any effect; we can also see right the way through some of the wild claims that are being made and it’s not cute.

I feel so strongly about inferior products that if I didn’t launch a skincare brand or product for a year, I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it. The other side of the coin is that there are times when several new brands come along, virtually all at once, and their brilliance, coupled with rigorous research and testing from us, means that I have to list them and tell you about them, basically because I get over-excited about excellence.

Over the past few months we have released many new brands and products and I just need to say that we are all different and some products will sing to you, whilst others won’t. What I do know is that each brand has its own following and so I am about to write about another new product and a treat from Sarah Chapman. I think we are having a skincare fest!

Eye Truffle

If you are a Temple Spa fan, you will be thrilled to know that a new star has been born to partner the multi-award winning Skin Truffle. Its special formula includes the Truffle family ingredients, black summer truffles, champagne extract, strawberries and gold and silk actives. It also contains a collagen booster and is designed to help brighten, improve skin density, firm and deeply penetrate to the dermal level. As with all the Truffle products, the instant skin feeling is one of pure cashmere to the touch. Eye Truffle just melts into the skin, with a rich smooth texture and it will help smooth out any traces of fatigue, which is rather wonderful!
Eye Truffle by Temple Spa £60 for 15 ml (this will be released the first week of March – so another wait list!)

Skinesis Ultimate Cleanse Treat

I promised you earlier in this newsletter that I would be writing about a Sarah Chapman treat, so here it is. Ultimate Cleanse is what Sarah describes as an ‘intelligent infusion’ that melts into pores, lifts out impurities and removes eye make-up, transforming into a milk for swift removal leaving clean, glowing skin.

Omega-rich baobab and borage oils blend with a powerful dose of antioxidant vitamins A and E, Dermaxyl peptide and precious white lily. This potent combination deeply cleans, softens and brightens, while gently exfoliating to help prevent pore clogging. Suitable for all skin types, if you buy Ultimate Cleanse then we will throw in seven Professional Cleansing Mitts (one for each day of the week), which are worth £21. This offer will run throughout the duration of this newsletter, unless there is a complete rampage and we run out. Additionally you may wish to read Sarah’s tips for cleansing, which she has written especially for us – saves me writing it!
VH Editorial: Cleansing TipsSkinesis Ultimate Cleanse Treat £40 (includes seven Professional Cleansing Mitts)

How To Prevent and Treat Blepharitis

Blepharitis is a chronic long-term inflammatory condition affecting the eyelids and the skin surrounding the eyes, causing a lot of discomfort. There are two types of blepharitis, anterior blepharitis, which affects the outer edge of the eyelids where the eyelashes are found, and posterior blepharitis which affects the inner edge of the eyelids where the eye lid comes into contact with the eyeball.

There are many causal factors for blepharitis, but the most common one is a staphylococcus infection. This bacterium species invades the follicle of the eyelash or the glands around the eyelids. The eyelid tissues may be sensitive to the toxins secreted by these bacteria resulting in a thick, sticky discharge, which may cause the eyelids to stick overnight.

The symptoms of blepharitis will not improve unless you follow a rigorous treatment regimen. Blepharitis requires ongoing treatment even after the symptoms have improved, otherwise there is a risk of developing it again. Not treating blepharitis in the correct manner can result in thickened eyelid margins due to the inflammation and scarring of the cornea.

Shabir has written an article outlining the causes and symptoms of blepharitis in more detail and he recommends the use of OcuSoft Lid Scrub Plus Pads, rather than diluted baby shampoo, which is often recommended. These are pre-moistened with a totally non-irritating formula that you gently scrub your eyelids with and they contain antibacterial agents together with a moisturising element to control and reduce the symptoms with regular use. Also available is OcuSoft Plus Foam Cleanser which you can use with lint free pads, offering the same protection. For the symptoms of dry, gritty eyes, we recommend Hycosan Extra Eye Drops to help soothe and comfort the eyes.
VH Editorial: How To Prevent and Treat BlepharitisOcuSoft Lid Scrub Plus Pads £9.95 for 20 Pre-Moistened Pads; OcuSoft Plus Foam Cleanser £11.50 for 50 ml

Three Steps to Beautiful Feet

I know the weather is still vile (if you live in the UK), but please don’t forget about your feet, they need to be looked after throughout the year, not just when they go on show in the sandal season. So here are three steps to beautiful feet from Margaret Dabbs, who does of course specialise in all aspects of foot care:

‘At-home foot maintenance is so simple if the correct products are used in the right way. Just three steps and a very small amount of your time will transform the feet. I have formulated these products as a foot expert and these are the products that we use in our clinics in professional foot treatments:

Step One: Everyone should have the Superior Foot File, it is strong, has a long handle for ease of use and removes skin safely, finely and evenly. Used on skin that is dry will give really long lasting results. Use once a week.

Step Two: Apply the Exfoliating Foot Mousse to wet skin and the mousse will rid the entire foot of dead grey skin, whilst at the same time replenishing the skin with oil. Use plenty of water with it as the product is very concentrated. Do this twice a week.

Step Three: Apply a small amount of the Intensive Hydrating Foot Lotion every day and you will have feet that are smooth, silky, sexy, illuminated and light.’

So now you know and I know that we all have the best intentions when we begin a regimen, but this is really worth keeping up and I think you will be thrilled with the results.
Margaret Dabbs Superior Foot File £24; Exfoliating Foot Mousse £18 for 100 ml; Intensive Hydrating Foot Lotion £25 for 200 ml

The Love Candle

This is a Limited Edition candle from Neom and it’s rather gorgeous. It combines the heady scent of delicate, white flowers, Tuberose, Mimosa and Jasmine which together create a sweet, yet warming fragrance. Described as a warming fragrance for the heart, the scent is pretty intoxicating and I say get it whilst you can because who knows if it will ever come back and it really is completely divine.
The Love Candle by Neom £42 (Burns for up to 50 hours)

News and Feedback

As you may have read on the last newsletter, we launched SHEALD Recovery Balm this month and the response has been amazing; a new product from the iS Clinical boys is always pretty exciting and even though I have known about it for three years, it has been well worth the wait. In the short time since launch, we have already had some pretty phenomenal feedback including taking scarring right down from red raw to pink in just four days and how it healed and reduced inflammation considerably on severe facial wounds. Bravo and thank you my LA boyfriends!
SHEALD Recovery Balm £43 for 60 ml

If you regularly read this newsletter, you will know that over the years I have had several rants about eyelash growth products and why I would never list them on our site, so it was great to receive this feedback and to know there are safe alternatives:

‘I must share the news that I received from my beautician who has been looking after my lashes for the past two years. She noticed in the middle of last year that my lashes were improving and were thickening. The only change I had made was that I had started to take Bamboo Extract. We both agreed that it had definitely had an effect and I have continued to take it, so I am happy to share that now my beautician says that my lashes are not only thicker, they have multiplied; I started losing them when I was going through menopause’.

Just to add to this, Brow Boost is perfectly safe to use on your lashes as well as your eyebrows and if you use Phylia, then you can dab either Connect or Re-Connect on your lash line too; just use a cotton bud to do this.
VH Editorial: The Best Kept Secret – Bamboo ExtractBamboo Extract £17.50 for 60 Vegecaps; Brow Boost by Billion Dollar Brows £25; Connect £45; Re-Connect £60

In our editorial section this month, the Beauty Bible girls reveal some of the award-winners from their new book, The Ultimate Natural Beauty Bible, Jo Fairley writes about Spots, Catherine Turner talks about the ‘D’ words – diet and detox and I think I have already mentioned all other new articles above. Just to say that Sally Brampton is away this month and will be back next month.
VH Editorial

Deep Sleep Limited Edition Pillow Spray

In just over two years, Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, has become one of This Works bestselling products, earning itself a devoted following. In a recent user study commissioned by This Works to prove how effective Deep Sleep Pillow Spray is as a natural sleep remedy, it revealed that 85% of respondents claimed they would recommend it to a friend. With this in mind, This Works have developed a covetable supersize limited edition to celebrate the ultimate sensory experience.

The limited edition bottle is over three times the size of the regular bottle and This Works commissioned a student of the Royal College of Art to create an exclusive design that represented the brand’s philosophy of modern, natural beauty and it is rather beautiful. In the words of This Works’ Creative Director, Kathy Phillips, ‘if you don’t sleep well, everything suffers’. Spray your bed cover or pillow before you go to sleep and breathe in the soothing scent of Lavender, Vetivert and Wild Camomile, working together as a natural sedative, preparing you for sleep. Finally, please note this is a Limited Edition and once they are gone, they are gone!
Deep Sleep Limited Edition Pillow Spray £30 for 250 ml

A quick line here to tell you that if you spend £35 or over on This Works products, you will receive Perfect Hands Intense Moisture, which is worth £18, as a gift. We will automatically drop the gift into your order, this will not show up on your invoice and this offer will run whilst stocks last. ** Sorry, this promotion has ended.
This WorksPerfect Hands Intense Moisture £18

Phylia de M – The Scalp Treat

At Phylia de M, they know that the key to hair health lies deep within the body, in the skin, follicles and nerves that make up the eco-system of our scalps. In the modern world, our daily stressors can affect not only our emotions, but every facet of our physicality, even down to the delicate capillaries along the hairline.

Often, if damaged, these capillaries can no longer bring keratin to the skin and hair follicles, so the effect can immediately be seen in our hair, skin and nails. In worst case scenarios, this lack of keratin can cause hair to thin and even cause nerves to become damaged and unable to provide connection to the follicles, and therefore keratin to hair fibres.

A great way to reverse this damage is to massage your scalp with a mix of Phylia’s Clean and Connect formulas. Gentle massage with these two products over the entire scalp will help to re-programme cell memory and help encourage hair to activate and help healthy re-growth.

To nurture and nourish those all-important nerves, massage Clean into your scalp for at least two to three minutes every time you wash your hair, towel dry your hair and then follow through with Connect, spraying directly onto your scalp, and massage again for two to three minutes.

Please read this carefully: I have combined Clean and Connect and called it The Scalp Treat. Together the products would normally cost £73, but because this month marks the second year I have been using all the Phylia products (every day!), I decided to celebrate. I’ve often said that I can’t imagine not having Phylia in my life and quite honestly I can’t ever see myself writing about any other hair brand because in my opinion, nothing comes close. So until midnight on Friday 7 March only, you can buy Clean and Connect together as The Scalp Treat for £65, saving £8. I think I can guess what will happen here!
The Scalp Treat £65 (Clean £28; Connect £45) ** Sorry, this promotion has now ended.

We have come to the end of another newsletter and so together with Shabir, I would like to thank each of you for your continued loyalty and support, it means a lot to both of us.

I hope you all have a wonderful March, Spring is on its way (we hope!) and is there anybody out there who doesn’t have The Dermasuri?

With love

Gill x