March Newsletter 2013

March Newsletter 2013

Welcome to the March newsletter, where we take a look at new product launches, I fall in love with a nail polish and I give you the feedback from last month’s launches. Additionally, Shabir writes about nourishing your skin and takes a look at PMS. Throughout the newsletter there are some treats thrown in, so do read carefully because I wouldn’t want you to miss anything. We also have some great editorial features this month and I’ll write about those later, but for now all you need know is that one new product brings a lump to my throat and tears to my eyes and it is my fervent wish that both the product and the words will help many of you. That said, I’m up there on The Podium again this month and I have a lot to say – so standby and let’s go:

I normally start each newsletter with new products, but in celebration of the fact that we have all managed to get through the bleakest month of the year, February, I am actually going to begin with two of the treats:

Fabulous Hair

Over the past ten months, we have really thrown the focus on the health of our hair, which has been a really interesting journey. With the launch of the Phylia de M hair care products in May of last year (who can believe it isn’t a year yet!), we have made some tremendous advances in both treating hair loss and thinning hair. The results and testimonials have been nothing short of amazing and together with Kazu Namise, founder of Phylia de M.; we really do not believe there is one case that we can’t resolve. For sure, it takes patience in some instances, but we do get there and the emotional and psychological effect of losing your hair can be really traumatic and together we need to address this.

There are many reasons why we suffer hair loss and in a far reaching article, Shabir has written about menopausal loss, which you can read here. Obviously menopausal hair loss is just one concern, there are numerous others, including stress, but I am not going to go into them here.

What I am going to do is tell you that the key is to combine correct supplementation with a targeted topical treatment regimen for optimum results. As with all supplementation, you should allow at least 28 days for them to kick in, but real results can only really be seen after approximately three months, which does of course vary from person to person and the severity of the issue.

As many of you know, I have varying missions and one of them is that I want each of you to be given the opportunity to have fabulous hair and I’m not sure I will rest until you do. Although I am lucky enough not to have any specific hair issues, it is now exactly a year since I started using the Phylia products and the difference is remarkable. I really do think I have more hair (even though I don’t need it) and the general health and quality of my hair (it shines every day!) is pretty amazing. So read on for the treat:

I have taken Superior Hair, which we believe is the very best supplement available for hair loss, thinning hair and the general health of your hair, and put it together with Clean, the brilliant shampoo from the Phylia de M range of products. Together they would normally cost £54, but I’m switching the figures around, making it £45, which will give you a saving of £9. This is a limited time offer and will be available up until midnight on Friday 15 March. All you need to do is type ‘Fabulous Hair’, or click the link below, and the treat will appear before your very eyes!
Fabulous Hair £45 (Superior Hair £26 for 90 Capsules; Clean by Phylia de M £28 for 265 ml)

Mega Probiotic ND

Yes, yes, I know I constantly write about Mega Probiotic and yes it is another one of my missions, but I can’t help myself because I cannot stress the importance of taking a good probiotic (actually why would anybody want to take a bad one!). It is one of the key supplements that everybody should be taking every day.

By now, we all know that a diet high in processed foods (and no, I am going nowhere near recent events in the food chain) is detrimental to the body, one of the reasons being that high sugar and chemical laden foods destroy the beneficial bacteria in the gut. Another problem is that artificial and chemical laden foods may affect the DNA within our bodies, which can lead to cell mutation. Stress, antibiotics, artificial sweeteners and colours can all contribute to reducing the beneficial bacteria in the gut leading to premature ageing and illness. Additionally, probiotics help reduce bloating significantly and Mega Probiotic is on Shabir’s article, My Essential Six for Optimal Health, which you can read here.

The Treat: I have the cutest little bottles of Mega Probiotic lined up underneath my desk. Each bottle contains 30 capsules, which is half of the regular size, and will last for two weeks. Each of these is worth £9.25 and we will pop one in with every Mega-Probiotic order, whilst stocks last. I am not putting a time limit on this offer because quite honestly I don’t think we will reach that point as I have a limited volume. So it’s going to be first come, first served and this won’t show up on your invoice, we will just include it in your order.
Mega Probiotic ND £18.50 for 60 Capsules

New Products

Right let’s head into the new products; before I start this section I will just say that some of these products will not be released for a few days and others will be released halfway through the month. The upside is that you get to read about them first and you can pre-order, which means that you will get them just as soon as they are launched. There are some treats attached too, so please read carefully.

Inner Strength Bath & Shower Oil

When I was organising in my head the order that I would be writing about our new products, this was always going to come first. Whilst most products have a story behind them, the story behind this product is so poignant, there really was nowhere else for me to begin.

Geraldine Howard is Co-founder and President of Aromatherapy Associates and is a world-class expert in developing aromatherapy products and treatments. Her comprehensive range of products have achieved worldwide acclaim, numerous awards and accolades and now Geraldine’s very personal blend, Inner Strength, has been added to the Bath & Shower Oil collection.

Created during her lowest ebb amidst treatment for cancer, Geraldine looked to her oils, seeking to formulate an essence tailored to give her the strength, courage and a positive frame of mind to enable her to face her fears and continue, strong, on the path to wellness.

The oil combines a powerful combination of uplifting clary sage, frankincense to help focus the mind and calm the thoughts, cardamom and rosemary to help fortify physical strength, rose and vetivert to calm and heal and geranium to balance emotionally and stimulate circulation.

Although created by Geraldine to help give her support through a very stressful time, this blend is for anyone who is experiencing their own personal trauma, be it divorce, bereavement or any profound loss that can challenge the will to keep going.

Whilst I would implore you to try this product if you are stressed, I would also like to think that the good that resides within all of us, will help support others who are facing adversity at this time. The product is just completely divine and 10% of all proceeds from Inner Strength will be given to the charity, The Foundation ATK (Defence against Cancer Foundation), that is helping pioneer new cancer vaccine treatment, of which Geraldine is currently a patient. The money goes straight to the charity and that really matters in my book.

One last thing, the Aromatherapy Associates flagship store is at 5 Montpelier Street, London SW1. It is here that they offer a whole range of treatments to help promote wellbeing. Whoever buys a bottle of Inner Strength during the month of March will automatically have their name put into an ‘electronic hat’ and will be entered into a prize draw. Three people will win the opportunity to have ‘The Ultimate Aromatherapy Experience’, a 60 minute treatment worth £90 each, at the flagship store. This offer is only available to people living in the UK as travel expenses are not included, but just to say if there are exceptional circumstances please let me know and I will do everything I can to help.
Inner Strength by Aromatherapy Associates £39 for 55 ml

Headline Colors

We launched Headline Colors last December and I wrote at the time that I thought the whole concept of having a capsule collection of nail polishes aligned to the fashion catwalks was rather clever and actually rather fabulous too. I have been wearing the polishes since they landed on my desk last year and I have to say that the quality and coverage really impresses me, and I’m fussy (no surprise there!). Now we have the new Spring/Summer collection and I’ve fallen in love, most especially with Centerfold, which is the perfect ‘nude’ and let me tell you, nude is everywhere this spring.

I’m going to run through the colours now, but you will of course have to check them online to actually see what they look like. At the end of this, I have an exciting announcement to make for all dedicated followers of fashion and all I will say is that if I can get a bit of Bond Street for £9, then I’m a happy girl:

Glamour: In AW 12/13 gold was ornate and for decoration only. In contrast, SS13 welcomes gold with a purpose, a structured metallic with an architectural feel. Gold doesn’t just glitter this season. At Balenciaga fingers were encased in hundreds of graphic gold rings like a suit of armour. Cinched waists were belted with gold at Sass & Bide and explosions of gold shrapnel marched down the runway at Ashish and Michael Kors. Gold nails are bold nails.
Glamour £9

Catwalk: There is a reason why this very specific shade of red has always been used as the landing pad of movie stars and A List fashionistas. Its warmth and luxurious depth of colour adds a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ to any outfit. The velvet thick texture of this Russian red skimmed the limbs of models at Rochas, Christian Dior and Dolce & Gabbana – the perfect complement to a toned midriff or a tanned pair of pins. If Jessica Rabbit owned a bikini, it would be in this colour! The abundance of monochrome in SS13 definitely calls for some perfectly manicured red fingertips.
Catwalk £9

Spotlight: A creative penchant for high tech and a mild obsession with sci-fi has resulted in a futuristic trend this season. Erdem presented other-wordly style with holographic over layers and plastic lace-coated 50’s dresses, while the silver runway at Jonathan Saunders could have been mistaken for a NASA space station. Whether you use this colour as a topcoat over a brighter polish, or simply as a subtle sheen, your fingers will look out of this world.
Spotlight £9

Poolside Party: This is the colour that I had to hide; I had one sample bottle on my desk and all the girls at VH HQ wanted it! Designers are bringing a hint of the desert island to those who have chosen a staycation this summer. Ripples of Aqua coloured fabric wafted down the runway at Gucci and turquoise blue eyes flashed with Swarovski crystals at Dior. Will this colour be the hit of the season? Just ask Chanel ……
Poolside Party £9

Centerfold: The fashion pack love a spot of heritage (me too!) and camel is certainly one of the greatest legacies of the 1970’s. It was no surprise then that the 70s themed SS13 shows saw tan skin tones in New York, beige suedes in Paris and plenty of nude tassels in Milan. Nude lips at Alexander Wang complemented high shine leather biker jackets and Balmain and Balenciaga picked similarly soft sandy tones for their fabrics. Fashion week celebrated an old decade in a new era, and they did it with camel.
Centerfold £9

Announcement: I would like to introduce you to the Headline Colors Spy, although as a spy, her identity will of course remain a mystery. Each month she will be reporting to us on the latest trends on her new monthly editorial column, so do follow the life and times of the Spy for breaking fashion news and much more. In her own words:

‘I doubt there are many undercover agents who can boast perfectly manicured fingernails as part of their job description. Admittedly I am fortunate enough not to have to scale any buildings or manoeuvre any car chases, which makes keeping them pristine somewhat easier! Instead of bad guys and illegal operations the things I spy on are a little closer to hand (excuse the pun…)

At Headline Colors HQ my role is to feed our founders with the latest trends from the worlds of fashion and culture. I am the Headline Colors Spy – the secret reporter on the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to fashion and beauty. My aim is to follow so closely in the footsteps of the industry that I bring you the coolest micro trends alongside the insider fashion forecasts. In essence I do all the hard work for you – after all nothing complements a designer outfit better than designer nails!’
VH Editorial: Headline Colors

Ultra Fisetin

Having just written the above, I have to say that I am quite taken with spying activity and essentially this is what we do each and every day as we source pioneering, cutting-edge products and ingredients from all over the world. When researchers discovered a positive correlation between strawberry consumption and mental function, they set out on a fast path to discover why. It turns out that strawberries are high in a flavonoid called Fisetin, which preliminary research suggests may be responsible for the berries’ apparent brain health benefits.

Researchers reporting in the journal ‘Neuroscience Letters’ found that Fisetin is neuro-protective and helps to maintain normal memory processes, while inhibiting plaque formation around synapses. Fisetin is rapidly emerging as a powerful tool in the arsenal against a number of diseases associated with premature ageing and Cognisetin, an advanced Fisetin extract from the ‘wax tree’ (an Asian species of sumac), is included in the formulation.

Cognisetin is produced under license from the Salk Institute for Biological Studies, where much of the exciting research on Fisetin is taking place. In the field of brain nutrition, Cognisetin Fisetin is truly on the cutting edge for memory and cognition.
Ultra Fisetin £20 for 30 Capsules

Temple Spa

Right, you need to know that I’m very, very excited. Temple Spa have just released some fabulous new products and after Replenishing Night Oil, which was one of our bestselling beauty products, was taken off the market last year (for the life of me, I’m still trying to understand why), I have been searching for a replacement and I’ve found it for you. It’s called ‘It’s All Good’ and I’m going to kick off this section with this product, but just to say there is a treat at the end of the section, so please read carefully. Here we go:

It’s All Good: A nutritious skin oil, It’s All Good is a super-nourishing, ultra-light oil for all skin types, including sensitive skin. This restorative facial treatment not only gives your skin some peace and calm, but wonderfully feeds and resolves irritating skin issues too. Massaging this oil into your skin helps enliven the complexion, tones and conditions, relaxes facial muscles, improves circulation, helps reduce wrinkles and leaves skin feeling smoother and more vibrant. Combine that with a skin oil that is formulated with the absolute best of ingredients to help treat skin problems such as hypersensitivity, irritation, stress, stretch marks, scars or inflammation, and the result is all good!

I would recommend using this as a night treatment, so after cleansing, pump two or three drops and massage in using upward and outward movements. You can follow on with your normal skin routine, or leave your skin naked overnight. My testers have informed me that using this at night induces them into a ‘zen-like’ state and they all absolutely love it. Thought they might!
It’s All Good £37 for 50 ml

Be Clear: The purpose of a Temple Spa serum is to be a professional problem solver. All are highly concentrated and have been formulated by the highest calibre of derma-scientists. They work by delivering key, concentrated ingredients deep down into the skin’s structure where they are most needed to treat specific skincare issues. As we get older, skin tone can lose its even and youthful complexion and darker patches and age spots become more apparent.

Be Clear acts as the skin’s dermatologist, giving a bespoke treatment for discolouration, blemishes, acne scarring and open pores. It very cleverly works to help target age spots and areas of excess melanin production without affecting the surrounding area. After cleansing, pump a couple of drops onto a clean fingertip and dot onto forehead, cheeks and under the chin and massage into the skin. You can follow with your chosen moisturiser.
Be Clear £40 for 30 ml

Be Firm: This product acts as the skin’s architect, providing support that acts like scaffolding to skin that is losing its suppleness, elasticity, definition and vitality. As we age, our skin cells and tissue take longer to repair and our collagen levels decline. The result can be sagging skin, skin roughness, lines and a dull or sallow complexion. Suitable for all skin types, Be Firm should be used under your daily moisturiser and your night cream. This partners rather well with Exalt, Temple Spa’s award-winning firming neck gel.
Be Firm £45 for 30 ml; Exalt £37 for 50 ml

Truffle Noir: I have known about this product for nearly a year and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it! Truffle Noir is part of Temple Spa’s ‘Special Attention Skin Therapy Range’, which combines instant results with long-term benefits. Serious facial rejuvenation is an investment and if you already love Temple Spa’s award-winning Skin Truffle (it got the highest score EVER for a ‘miracle cream’ in the coveted Beauty Bible awards), then you will find that Truffle Noir is its perfect partner, enabling round the clock restoration.

Specifically designed to do night duty on your skin while you sleep, Truffle Noir combines brilliant science with turbo charged ingredients to create a luxury formula that repairs, restores and renews. The texture is amazing, it’s very, very rich and I like that in a night cream, and with the addition of Happybelle-PE (happiness in a jar), you will really look great in bed!

For men, Truffle Noir has a satin-matte finish on the skin being ideal for a daytime regimen; it has all the rejuvenating benefits of Skin Truffle, yet without the diamond lustre. If you want a real laugh, it took Shabir a year to release that he was walking round with sparkling diamonds on his face when he was using Skin Truffle. I didn’t feel like telling him, so I didn’t!
Truffle Noir £80 for 50 ml; Skin Truffle £80 for 50 ml

The Treat: There are many things that I love about Temple Spa aside from their products of course. I adore working with them because they are passionate and they always, always support me, which in turn means that I can support you. I also love the inspirational product names, none more so than ‘Windows of the Soul’, which is their moisturising and soothing eye treatment. So if you buy any two of the above-mentioned products, we will gift you ‘Windows of the Soul’ (15 ml) which is worth £27. Again, I am not putting a time limit on this, when we run out, we run out and it will all be over. Please note this will not appear on your invoice, but you will find it enclosed with your order if you have been successful.

Sarah Chapman: Overnight Hand and Nail Treatment

Many of you are huge fans of Sarah Chapman’s skincare range and exactly a year after we launched her amazing Instant Miracle Mask, which I still adore, I am really happy to be launching her latest innovative product, Overnight Hand and Nail Treatment, which is a rejuvenating power potion to condition nails and cuticles and help restore ageing hands, in other words, an overnight facial for your hands. Having a rather inquisitive nature, I am always fascinated to know the inspiration behind a product, so Sarah says:

‘Many of my clients say how much they love ‘Overnight Facial’ and ask for something to give them the same skin improvements on the hands as these are often neglected and mismatched to their well-cared-for faces. This led to my close analysis of many pairs of hands and the formulation of my luxurious elixir with targeted actives to address the different visible signs of ageing on the hands and nails. With the pleasure and science of Overnight Facial in mind, I have created a new results-driven hand therapy with a unique silky luxurious cashmere texture’.

Overnight Hand and Nail Treatment has been blended with a cocktail of eight powerful oils, rich in antioxidants, vitamins and omegas, combined with skin plumping, moisture boosting and pigment perfecting actives. I’m not going to pretend it isn’t expensive, it is, but it is a treatment product, so I would use it once a week and use your favourite hand cream the rest of the time. Finally, this product is not scheduled for release until the middle of the month, so you can pre-order now and be amongst the first in the world to use it!
Overnight Hand and Nail Treatment by Sarah Chapman £35 for 15 ml; Overnight Facial £45 for 15 ml

Spring Facial Oil by Annee de Mamiel

We’re on a bit of skincare fest on this newsletter, but with spring in the air and a lot of new products launching, I am now going to introduce you to Annee de Mamiel’s specialised facial oil. Like Sarah Chapman, Annee has a dedicated following and her Spring Facial Oil launches on 20 March.

With a bright, fresh aroma, this hand-blended oil is packed full of antioxidants and omegas designed to restore and rejuvenate the skin as it enters a new phase. Key oils include juniper, grapefruit, lavender, geranium, thyme, rosemary, clary sage, spikenard, arctic blackcurrant, milk thistle and refreshing spearment.

New to the blend are a host of flower essences, including luffa, which helps eliminate toxicity and rejuvenate the skin, tansy and blackberry to help focus the thoughts, dandelion to aid inner balance and calm and grapefruit to release tension in the face. Flower essences work through the body’s acupuncture meridians, to help create balance, calmness and clarity for the transition through the seasons.

Just smooth 4-5 drops onto a cleansed face and neck, pause for a moment, cup your hands and cover your nose and mouth, breathe deeply for the count of three, then slowly breathe out for a count of five, releasing all tension. Massage gently with small, circular upward movements from the centre out until absorbed.

A lovely oil from the ever-so-lovely Annee de Mamiel, acupuncturist extraordinaire, and I really, really mean that. Everything she does is so special, including putting needles in my face whenever she is in London, which is not often enough in my opinion (nor Sarah Vine’s for that matter).
Spring Facial Oil £60 for 20 ml

Addressing Premenstrual Syndrome

This from Shabir: Premenstural Syndrome (PMS) is a condition that occurs between 7 and 14 days before menstruation. The symptoms of Premenstrual Syndrome are thought to arise as a result of an imbalance in female hormones, mostly an excess of oestrogen in relation to progesterone. Typical symptoms include headaches, tender breasts, bloating, abdominal cramping, irritability and often a lack of energy. There are a number of remedies that are recommended to alleviate PMS and often the consumer is faced with having to take several supplements when this may not be necessary. I am going to outline a simple regimen which for the majority helps alleviate this concern.

Firstly, I would recommend the use of ChasteBerry Fruit. This traditional herb, also known as Agnus Castus, acts on the pituitary gland to increase the secretion of luteinising hormone which leads to greater production of progesterone during the second half of the menstrual cycle. In this way, ChasteBerry Fruit exerts a balancing effect on the activity of the female sex hormones and hence alleviates many premenstrual symptoms.
Chasteberry Fruit £15 for 120 Capsules

Magnesium is a mineral that is important in over 300 biochemical reactions within our bodies and it is estimated that well over half the adult population, and especially women of menstruating age, are deficient in this vital mineral. As far as PMS is concerned, it is required for the manufacture of the female sex hormones and is an excellent muscle and nerve relaxant working to alleviate tension, headaches, some of the symptoms of stress and abdominal cramping. Unfortunately, many magnesium supplements, when in a therapeutic dose, can cause gastric upsets which is why I recommend the use of DynoMins Magnesium, take one tablet daily. This supplement provides a food state of magnesium in a therapeutic dose ensuring maximum absorption and hence utilization by the body without disturbing the gastrointestinal tract.
DynoMins Magnesium Tablets £14.95 for 90 Tablets

For those who cannot swallow tablets or already have pre-existing gastrointestinal disturbances, I would recommend the use of Pure Magnesium Oil Spray to be sprayed twice a day to the soft tissues on the body such as the thighs, arms and any part of the leg. This spray delivers magnesium into the bloodstream rapidly by-passing the gastric route.
Pure Magnesium Oil Spray £16 for 236 ml

A deficiency of essential fatty acids is our diets may be responsible for some of the symptoms of PMS. Women suffering from PMS appear to have a reduced ability to metabolize essential fatty acids which are required for the ultimate manufacture of hormones. Traditionally, evening primrose oil has been recommended to counteract this however several studies have shown it to be no more beneficial than a placebo. Additionally, an overload of omega 6 fatty acids, such as those derived from evening primrose and starflower oils, can lead to inflammation in the body. A more effective approach is to provide the body with the most active form of omega 3’s such as those derived from quality fish oils or krill oil. I would recommend the use of Power of Krill which provides the most utilizable and toxin free source of omega 3 essential fats.
Power of Krill £24.95 for 60 Softgels

The Podium: Part One

If you read last month’s newsletter, you will know that I made an announcement that I was closing down our two Twitter accounts and the jury was out as to whether I shut down our Facebook page too. If you missed what I wrote, then you can read it here, but I just need to tell you that within minutes of the newsletter being released, I started to receive an avalanche of emails and phone calls all supporting my decision. By 2 pm that day, and spurred on by you, I took our Facebook page down and then did a ritualistic dance of liberation around the office!

The emails and phone calls kept flooding in and I spent virtually a week responding personally to each and every phone call, email and card (yes cards!) that I received. I really don’t think that I left anybody out, but if a couple slipped through the net, then I apologise. Social media is an interesting subject matter and if you want my honest opinion, I think the whole thing will horribly implode one of these days, but notwithstanding that, I am utterly relieved to be out of it and I thank you for your amazing support; I thoroughly enjoyed reading all of your emails and took all of your comments on board, as I always do. The reality check was taken and as ever, one thing leads to another, so we leap onto the next section of The Podium, which I am going to share with Sue Peart, multi-award winning editor of The Mail on Sunday YOU Magazine.

The Podium: Part Two

As many of you know, we have looked after the health and wellbeing of the YOU magazine readers for many, many years. Most weeks you will find us on Sarah Stacey’s Health page in the magazine and I have to say that it is an extraordinary privilege to have been invited to take care of the readers, a role that requires knowledge, commitment and compassion.

I am of course eternally grateful to YOU magazine, and all print media, because without their unswerving support there would be no VH. Although I dabbled for two years on social media platforms, I have never, ever lost my love for print media and each and every time we are mentioned in a newspaper or a magazine, I still get that same buzz from the very first time we were mentioned in the press, I kiss the page (yes, I know … a bit sad!) and I never take anything for granted.

Just before I took down our social media pages, I had a long conversation with Sue Peart; actually we were bouncing thoughts backwards and forwards, always good! What most of you won’t know is that Sue and I started doing Twitter at the same time; she did one post, told me she hated it and never went on it again. Such wisdom!

The decline of print media has been very well documented and I’m not having that discussion here, save it to say that Sue and I often talk about it. Without print media, I very much doubt that you would be reading this and one of the things we all long for is a return to reality. Reality means many different things to many different people, so in a fascinating and uplifting article, Sue reveals her own reality and it is of course the journey that led to her love for newspapers and magazines.

I will just end by saying that some of the words Sue uses are very similar to mine; we share the same philosophy and we passionately care about our respective readers in the same way. I know that many of you are YOU magazine readers, so I hope you enjoy reading this ‘letter from the editor’ and like me, Sue is always, always on the end of an email and that’s what really matters. Next month: A Day in the Life of Sarah Vine (The Times). I feel a bit of a print media campaign coming on strong. Just leave it to the girls!
VH Editorial: Why I Love Newspapers by Sue Peart

Nourish Your Skin

I have already written about many new topical skincare products, but the ageing of skin is a multi-faceted process, which is impacted by lifestyle dietary choices and genetics. The cells of our bodies are programmed to have a finite lifespan. Each time a cell divides, some genetic material is lost so that on average, thirty to forty cell divisions are usually the maximum and after this the cell is considered to be aged. Obviously, external factors play a role in this process by damaging the genetic material, diets which enhance free radical production halt the regenerative process and the decline in the uptake of nutrients by the cells themselves results in the inability of the cells to regenerate due to lack of energy. In this far-reaching article, Shabir looks at how skin ages, and how the use of ceramides helps maintain youthful skin.
VH Editorial: Nourish Your Skin; Skin Restoring Ceramides £25 for 30 Liquid Capsules

News and Feedback

I could run a competition and ask you what the bestselling product was on the February newsletter, but actually most of you could guess it quite easily. It was Good Glide with Love Beads. Within a few hours of releasing the newsletter we had completely sold out and we had to send an urgent SOS to America to send more. If you missed what I wrote, then click here and you will understand. I personally think it was the ‘exploding’ hemp oil beads that did it, but nevertheless it is now back in stock, sorry if you had to wait and I did tell the manufacturers that I was leading an army of rampaging women who all wanted it that minute! Shabir just sighed – who cares!
Good Glide with Love Beads £15 for 100 ml

Extreme Protect: I don’t think I could possibly get to the end of a newsletter without mentioning Innovative Skincare, so I was particularly thrilled to receive this from a VH Addict; I’m replicating it in its entirety because it made me laugh and it has inspired me to sample an Innovative Skincare product, which I will do at the end of this:

‘I have been struggling with winter skin and never realised Extreme Protect could work as a winter product, until they posted a note on Facebook about it being useful in cold windy weather, but it is richer than the moisturiser and my skin literally drinks it up. Within a couple of days of using it, a horrid red patch under my eye that I’ve had for a month has gone. I will send them a thank you using the dreaded medium of Facebook, but of course I couldn’t have tried it as a solution without the sample you sent me, so I am grateful’.

So the moral of the story is treasure your samples, because you never know when you will need them; also Extreme Product is an absolutely sensational product and is the perfect antidote to dull winter skin. May I suggest you use it for a week and see the difference it makes to your skin. I think you will love it and just for the record, Jo Fairley says it is THE best sun screen she has ever, ever used. High praise from the Empress of Hastings (check out VH Local: Hastings here).
Extreme Protect SPF30 by Innovative Skincare £64 for 100 grams

The Treat: Buy any Innovative Skincare product during the month of March and we will pop a sample of Instant Smoothing Gel (5 ml) in with your order. Known as ‘spanx for the face’, Sarah Stacey would like it delivered to her in very large vats and I just keep slapping it on, because my face is not going south. The sample is worth £30, so treat it with respect please! This will not show up on your invoice.
Instant Smoothing Gel by Innovative Skincare £92 for 15 ml

HealGel Intensive: Continual wonderful feedback about the efficacy of HealGel Intensive. A friend, who has just had an operation, is staggered at how quickly her scar is healing, it really is miracle stuff. We are also getting more and more feedback on their latest two products, HealGel Face and HealGel Eye, which is also really positive. Another treat coming up: if you buy any of the HealGel products during the month of March (or sooner if we run out of stock!), we will automatically throw in a 5 ml sample of HealGel Face.
HealGel Intensive £37.50 for 30 ml; HealGel Face £48 for 50 ml; HealGel Eye £32 for 15 ml

VH Editorial

I have already written about several editorial pieces throughout this newsletter (which seems to have taken on a life of its own), so the first thing I am going to do here is introduce you to three new contributors for this month:

Maggie Alderson: Maggie is a UK-born Australian author, magazine editor and fashion journalist. She has edited four magazines: British Elle and ES in London, then Cleo and Mode in Sydney, Australia. She has also worked on the Evening Standard and the Sydney Morning Herald. Maggie is the author of five bestselling novels and currently lives in Hastings Old Town (yes, yes, near Jo Fairley) and this month she reveals all her favourite haunts in Sydney. I hope you enjoy it.
VH Local: Maggie Alderson’s Sydney

Steve Mellor and James Osborn of are the hottest trainers around and responsible for motivating and building strong, lean and healthy bodies for their clients, as well as being nutritional experts. They have been signed up as the fitness bloggers for Harper’s Bazaar and were recently credited in Vogue as being ‘training perfection’. This month they talk about energy boosting and top training tips.
Energy Boosting

In other editorial features, Shabir writes all about gout, the Beauty Bible girls talk all about being a ‘Blushing Beauty’, Jo Fairley writes about Herb-y Skin Solvers, there are some new recipes loaded on VH Eats and in the latest Gill meets, I talk to leading fertility and pregnancy expert, Zita West.
Relieving Gout Naturally; Blushing Beauty; Herb-y Solvers

Just to say that I found the interview with Zita fascinating and it makes a great read for each of us, whatever our age. Shabir has always recommended Zita’s premium supplements and her new book, Your Pregnancy Company, is a comprehensive guide to pregnancy, birth and the first few weeks of parenthood. You will also discover which supplement Zita takes herself.
Gill meets Zita West; Your Pregnancy Companion £25

Love Crush

This month I have a love crush on the following products:

Nail Magic Cuticle Oil: From the makers of Nail Magic, the American cult nail strengthener, Nail Magic Cuticle Oil is a moisturising blend of organic and all natural ingredients. This unique blend of oils helps repair dry and damaged cuticles and peeling nails. I actually think that a bottle of this will last half a lifetime and please remember your toes; if we get lucky our feet will be on show very soon.
Nail Magic Cuticle Oil £5.95 for 14 ml; Nail Magic £9.95 for 7.4 ml

Geisha Smoothing Towel: Vintage VH, I recently put this amazing product on ’60 Seconds’ recently and it went wild. I think my love affair with this product has endured for at least eight years. Used extensively in Japanese bathing spas, this easy-care, nylon Geisha towel exfoliates all over the body, buffing the skin to a smooth even shine. The unique fast-drying nylon fibre is mildew resistant and the towel can be used wet or dry. Let me tell you two things, the first is that there is some kind of sadistic pleasure in watching all your dry skin fall off and secondly, the word ‘nylon’ is hugely evocative of a past era …. Nylon, nylon, nylon, love it!
Geisha Smoothing Towel £5.65

Evenly Radiant Overnight Peel: I don’t often write about Derma E products, they are an American skincare brand and we have stocked their products forever. They have a really big following so when this latest product in their Age Reverse category launched, I grabbed a tube and tried it out. So easy to use, after cleansing just apply a generous layer over the face and neck and leave it on overnight. I loved the results and it’s fragrance-free and non-abrasive. Try it!
Evenly Radiant Overnight Peel by Derma E £20 for 60 ml

Uplifting Orange Clove & Cedarwood Candle: I’m using one word – wow! I have got a major candle crush going on and it’s Zita West’s signature candle. Thankfully you don’t need to be pregnant to use it because I have to tell you it is majorly sensational. Within moments of lighting it, my entire room was filled with the uplifting fragrance and that’s a big ask for a candle because I have tremendously high ceilings. I am so impressed with this candle that I am listing it on our site because I can’t and won’t live without it. Hope Shabir will be oblivious to the quantity I order.
Uplifting Orange Clove & Cedarwood Candle by Zita West £25

Beauty Bible Lip Balm: Just ongoing love really, pure, unadulterated love. That’s all.
Beauty Bible Lip Balm £6

So, we come to the end of another newsletter and I’m going to end with a treat, because if you have got this far it is a miracle and you deserve to be treated; also spring is my favourite season of the year, so the first 50 people to call Customer Care on 020 8951 4144 will receive a free VH Addict membership, which is worth £30. This offer is not available to existing Addicts, or previous Addicts (sorry!). Check out the advantages on the link below and I will welcome you on the VH Addicts bulletin, which gets released halfway through the month.
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On behalf of Shabir and the VH Team, I thank you as ever for your continued support and loyalty. Just to say here that I have taken to putting the very latest news across the front of our site, under the heading ‘Breaking News’. I post virtually every day, so if you want to know what is going on, check it out!

I hope you have a great March and I think I’m going to release the April newsletter on Tuesday 26 March, just before Easter.

With love

Gill x (Aries and proud of it!)