Just Juicing

Just Juicing

If you’re anything like us, you probably never want to see another mince pie or cheeseboard again, after the festivities. And although we loathe the word ‘detox’, January certainly seems time to give the over-taxed digestive system a bit of a rest, for at least a week or two.

Juicing is the perfect way to do that – but we admit: it used to be that we’d start with good intentions and pretty swiftly, get lazy and get out of the habit of juicing. The debut of the Nutribullet, however, has changed everything. If you don’t yet have one of these gadgets, invest now – because they make creating juices and smoothies easier than anything that’s gone before. Juicing always used to be a faff: juicers seem to have a million pieces, and invariably one gets lost at the back of a drawer rendering many a juicer into a dust-collector. You can pretty much throw anything into a Nutribullet, however, and within seconds it’s pulped – keeping the valuable fibre in, rather than extracting it.

Best of all, this high-power blender can be cleaned in a flash – just rinsed under running water – and it’s good to go again. With a Nutribullet (no, we’re not on commission – though we rather think we should be!), it has never been easier to create supercharged, sippable nourishment.

If ever you wake up feeling blah, just down a juice (slowly, please – think of it as soup rather than water), and abracadabra: you have enough get-up-and-go for a whole day (and night). Drunk first thing in the morning, fresh juices kickstart your metabolism into working joyously. Do it daily, or as often as possible: we’ve seen pallid, podgy, apathetic people transformed into vital, energetic human beings with bright, healthy skin and sparkling eyes via juicing.

Juiced raw vegetables are, of course, high in natural vitamins, minerals and plant enzymes. ‘There’s no food or food product that can provide the same amount of vital nutrients at such low cost,’ says our naturopath friend Roderick Lane.

We promise that The Ultimate Juice Formula featured below will give you a lift at any type of day. (And if you’ve made a resolution to give up caffeine, nicotine or alcohol, by the way, juicing can really help with the craving.) We’re big on experimentation: pretty much everything goes into the Nutribullet, and the combinations are infinite. But what we also like to do is to add nutrient powders – such as Aduna Moringa Green Superleaf Powder, Good Green Stuff, or Green Origins Maca Powder, for instant energy. (You’ll find many different powders listed on this site.). So…

• Have a juice before breakfast every day, or at any time – if you come in from work famished, have a juice straight away to avoid raiding the fridge.

• Do a one-day fast, replacing meals with juices – best done at a weekend, so you can rest – and then continue with one juice daily, possibly replacing the evening meal.

And here’s the how-to…

• Wash the raw vegetables or fruit under cold water.
• Scrub any root vegetable.
• Peel thick-skinned fruit, such as pineapple, melon, citrus fruit and kiwi; stone cherries and peaches etc.
• With a Nutribullet, you can also add fibrous fruit which might clog up a normal juicer – such as bananas and apricots. But you may want to add a little extra water, to get a drinkable texture.
• Chop fruit and vegetables. No need to do this too finely, with a Nutribullet.
• Again, leafy veggies such as parsley and celery are fine in a Nutribullet – but if you’re using a more conventional juicer, roll them up and put them in stem-end first.


• 2 carrots
• 2 handfuls of sprouted bean shoots
• 4-6 stalks celery
• 1 small beetroot
• handful of spinach or any other dark green vegetable in season (spinach, chard, Savoy cabbage, beet tops, broccoli etc.)
• 1 apple (eating or cooking) or a pear
• 2.5 cm peeled ginger

Whizz together and add water, if it’s too thick.

Glug – and enjoy!