June Newsletter 2013

June Newsletter 2013

Welcome to the June newsletter where we launch one of the best mud products ever, ever, ever; I introduce you to an amazing panacea for unhappy skin and after last month’s launch of Billion Dollar Brows, I write about more new products from them and there is a treat in there too. For lovers of This Works (and there are a lot of you), I have two rather wonderful treats to tell you about, we launch three new products from Color Wow, which are of course pretty wonderful and I bring you all the feedback from the launch of Re-Connect from Phylia de M. Additionally, Shabir takes a look at eczema and psoriasis and he also writes about the most common summer holiday problems. With news and feedback thrown in along the way, together with this month’s editorial features and a very brief appearance on The Podium from me, we are ready to begin, so let’s go:

Hungary Mud

Let me tell you, there is a lot of mud flying around at the moment; I have had so many mud products thrown at me (well, not literally!) over the past couple of months, it is pretty obvious that there is one great big mud fest going on, so the buzz is mud and it’s trending heavily. As ever, a touch of discernment is needed when evaluating the various products on the market and after a rigorous testing exercise, I am beyond excited to launch Hungary Mud in the UK.

I think one of the most important things to me is the health/beauty crossover this product achieves; for sure we can all slap a bit of mud on our faces, but I want more. I want a product that has deep therapeutic benefits, I need it to make a difference and Hungary Mud ticks all the boxes on that score.

Certified as ‘curative’ by the Hungarian National Health Service, Hungary Mud is rich in minerals and is prescribed by Hungarian doctors for treating degenerative skeletal and muscular disorders. It is perfect for relaxation and soothing aching muscles and joints and the detoxifying effect of the mud and absorption of its minerals also helps regenerate skin cells, resulting in a brighter, tighter (we LOVE ‘tight’) complexion.

Highly versatile and suitable for all body parts, it comes in a dry natural state. Its fine texture makes it easy to blend and will work within a range of treatments from mud packs to soaks, exfoliation and poultices. One tester reported that it was the only treatment that eased her tennis elbow and another tester was stunned at the positive effect of her mud bath; on that note, let me tell you that if you have visions of cleaning mud from your bath, don’t stress, it is a very fine powder and you just have to rinse the residue left in the bath after a treatment.

This treatment mud comes with full instructions for use on the body, face or in the bath, a little goes a long way. Finally Hungary Mud is pretty perfect for helping to promote deep sleep, so a series of mud baths before going to bed could be the order of the moment. Just do it!
Hungary Mud £20 for 250g

Peace Balm

I do love a bit of synchronicity and when I received two glowing reports on the efficacy of this product within 24 hours, it was enough to make me sit up and do my research. I have to say that I nearly had heart failure when I saw the price of the product, £99, but then I dug a bit deeper and discovered that was for the large size and there was another option at £39, which is just fine because you only ever need to use a tiny amount at any given time.

Let me say that I don’t have an issue with expensive products, but they need to work hard to justify their existence and I am not up for writing about products where the vast percentage of the price goes on marketing and packaging. This is absolutely not the case with Peace Balm and in a world where I will only write about extraordinary products, let me introduce you to peace for unhappy skin.

Peace Balm is a replenishing skincare product, researched and developed in Switzerland. It particularly caters to the needs of extremely dry, sensitive and irritated skin and can also be used as a treatment for mild to moderate eczema and rosacea. The great thing about this balm is that it is not only ideal as an intensive remedy for unhappy skin, it is also an all-round skincare product that comes to the skin’s rescue when the need arises. Three testers told me they had used it on their feet with pretty miraculous results, which I like, so guess what, it has gone on my feet too, with equally dramatic results.

Peace Balm is formulated from 21 highly concentrated, natural ingredients and contains the exclusively developed ‘Serenity Seed Complex’, an active seed oil compound extracted from blackcurrant seeds and black cumin seeds; the use of these natural remedies is centuries and external applications of compounds with blackcurrant are traditionally used to treat and intensely calm cases of reddened, scaly and itchy skin. The use of Black Cumin dates back to ancient Egypt, where it was used to treat a wide range of symptoms and is particularly suited to care for extremely dry, sensitised and cracked skin.

The Peace Balm story began with one woman’s quest to pursue a path of discovery after she suddenly experienced problems with her own skin, which included extreme redness and irritation. That woman is Elena Herdieckerhoff and you can read her story on my latest interview in the ‘Gill meets ….’ series.

Finally, I just need to tell you that I am prone to eczema and just a few days ago I had an ‘attack’ right across my chest, which was rather unpleasant as it itched horribly and looked pretty awful. Peace Balm to the rescue, I just rubbed the smallest amount (it is very, very thick, so less is more) across the affected area and within two hours, the redness had gone, the itching had stopped and my skin had returned to normal by the following morning. Result-driven skincare is important to me and Peace Balm has more than earned the right to take a podium place in my bathroom; many products get there, but very few stay. This is a ‘keeper’ and I hope you love using it as much as I do. And then there is the name …. Peace Balm, gorgeously evocative.
Peace Balm £39 for 30 ml; Peace Balm £99 for 75 ml (you have the choice!); Gill meets Elena Herdieckerhoff

Billion Dollar Brows

On last month’s newsletter, we launched Billion Dollar Brows and the response was just amazing, so thank you. If you missed what I wrote then please click here to read all about the range and the two hero products, Brow Buddy and Brow Boost. So before I tell you about the remaining products in the range, I have a treat for you, so please read carefully.

Brow Buddy is a completely genius tool for you to use at home to achieve the perfect shape brow; it allows you to define exactly where your eyebrows start and end, and precisely where the arch should be. I have been seeking an ‘arch’ forever and now that I have perfect arches, I need to share! Brow Boost does exactly what it says, it helps boost eyebrow growth and used morning and evening, in time those gaps will fill in and the over-plucking era of our youth diminishes with each new hair grown. In order to achieve the best results, you have to be disciplined and use as instructed, otherwise you may wait forever for it to work. Just needed to say that.
Brow Buddy Shaping Kit £22; Brow Boost £25

The Treat: If you buy the two heroes, Brow Buddy Shaping Kit and Brow Boost, we will throw in the Universal Brow Pencil, worth £17, which is rather brilliant too, I use this every day and wouldn’t want to live without it. This self-sharpening pencil goes on smooth and natural for most hair colours and skin tones. Eyebrow pencil can look drawn-on and unnatural if applied incorrectly. To avoid this, simply blend the pencil into your brows with the attached brush. It’s pretty amazing how a couple of simple brush strokes can dramatically improve the natural appearance of brow pencil. This offer is available until midnight on Friday 14 June.
Billion Dollar Brow Treat £47 (includes Brow Buddy Shaping Kit, Brow Boost and the Universal Eye Pencil)

New this month are the Brow Powders, so if you prefer to use a powder to fill in the gaps (I use the powder and the pencil combined) then do try these powders to go on smooth and natural, giving your brows a brilliant sheen of colour. Every shade has been rigorously tested to ensure absolute quality and colour accuracy. They are formulated to stay on all day (and they do!) and you just simply dab the powder and glide along your brow with the Brow Brush and then blend with the attached spoolie brush.
Brow Powder Blonde, Light Brown, Taupe and Raven £18 each; Brow Brush £17

Just to wrap this section, I now have an eyebrow routine every morning, which I’ve got down to a fine art. Given that I believe that good eyebrows are a brilliant anti-ageing trick, this routine will go on forever and a day! I start with the Brow Boost first thing in the morning and then when I put my make-up on, I brush my brows with the Brow Brush, lightly fill in the gaps with Brow Powder in Taupe (I’m brunette!) and the Universal Eye Pencil and keep them in shape with the Brow Gel.

This is the best bit, I take the Brow Duo Pencil and highlight my brow bone, smudging it in with the Brow Brush, which gives an infinitely better result than using my finger to rub it in. If I want a more dramatic result, I use Hint of Tint in Taupe and voila, I have perfectly professional ‘film star’ eyebrows. I am so thrilled with them that I show them to Shabir at least twice a day, but he just grunts and tells me he is busy, which is most annoying. I might have to mix up a mud pack and slap it on his head; it might have a therapeutic effect on his brain cells, which clearly need re-aligning!
Brow Gel £17; Brow Duo Pencil £20; Hint of Tint £20 (Blonde or Taupe)

Phylia de M – Re-Connect

I’m just taking a break from this month’s new product launches, to write about the feedback we have received after we launched Re-Connect last month. If you missed what I wrote about it, then click here to get updated, but essentially Re-Connect has been specifically formulated to help stimulate the hair follicle and to strengthen and invigorate existing hair, while new hair is generated where stress has caused nerve and follicle damage, resulting in hair loss and thinning hair.

Many of you have been using the three step kit, Clean, Condition and Connect for the past year with outstanding results, so Re-Connect has been introduced to be used alongside these products to powerfully boost growth.
I seriously didn’t think my hair could get any better, but having used Re-Connect for the past month, the results have been so dramatic, even I can’t believe it! For sure, you can use Re-Connect as a stand-alone treatment, but for optimum results you should use it on alternate days with Connect and if you can, please use Clean and Condition too.

Although Re-Connect has only been available for the past month, we are already getting amazing phone calls and emails about its efficacy, which of course makes me very happy; one customer shrieked down the phone because she was so excited about the difference Re-Connect had made after just a couple of days; meanwhile another customer wrote the following about the range:

‘The products are absolutely amazing. I am in my sixties and have short, highlighted hair, which just didn’t grow and was lacklustre. I have used other things and nothing has worked, but I saw a difference in the texture and shine after just one use of Connect and now have used Clean and Condition for two days and my hair looks much healthier and thicker – it’s a miracle.’

In a world saturated with hair loss products, I am so extraordinarily grateful that Phylia came into my life and has led the way. The pioneering essence of the brand continually astounds me and the difference the products have made to so many people is awesome. Thank you.
Clean £28; Condition £30; Connect £45; Re-Connect £60; Three Step Kit (Clean, Condition and Connect) £103

Color Wow

Here we go again, we have launched Root Cover-Up, Color Security Shampoo and Condition and last month we launched One Minute Transformation, the miracle styling cream for frizzy, brittle hair. This month we have the final three products to launch in the Color Wow range, which has been developed by Gail Federici and John Frieda, the award-winning team behind the revolutionary product lines that figured out frizz and perfected blonde.
One Minute Transformation £16.50 for 120 ml

Color Wow harnesses the power of cutting-edge technologies to keep hair looking like it did the first day it was coloured. It is estimated that 75% of women colour their hair and Color Wow provides a comprehensive, at-home solution to unsightly roots, fading, brassiness and more.

Just to say here that the phenomenal success of the ground-breaking Root Cover Up doesn’t surprise me. Available in four shades, all the colours seamlessly cover grey roots and the pigments adhere to the hair without being sticky or oily. I have lowlights in my hair and I use Blonde and Light Brown to perk them up a bit, but the most important thing is that Root Cover Up dramatically extends the time between colouring and highlighting and is completely brilliant if you are going away and can’t get your colour done. Hurray for Root Cover Up and now onto the three new products.
Root Cover Up £28.50 available in Blonde, Light Brown, Medium Brown and Dark Brown

Brass Banned Mousse: The name says it all really and knowing a thing or two about hair colour, Gail and John have created two brilliant new coloured mousses, which have been formulated by cosmetic chemist, Dr Joe Cincotta, the scientific talent responsible for formulating many of the products launched by Gail and John.

Hair colour can go wrong – blondes can look brassy, while dark hair can oxidize leaving it looking orangey/red. Enter the Brass Banned Mousses designed to counteract and eliminate those unwanted tones. These alcohol-free formulations will not dry out hair and will help make hair texture more responsive to styling, whilst giving hair ‘guts’. Both products contain plasticizers for added flexibility and to help eliminate stiffness, distinguishing it from other mousse formulas, which harden and stiffen hair.

Brass Banned Mousse for Blonde Hair has a lavender-tinted formula that instantly counteracts harsh, brassy blonde tones to restore soft, true blonde tones. Brass Banned for Dark Hair uses a unique teal-tinted formula which instantly counteracts harsh orange and red brassy tones to help restore true brown tones. Both rather fabulous!
Brass Banned Mousse for Blonde Hair £16.50 for 200 ml; Brass Banned Mousse for Dark Hair £16.50 for 200 ml

Pop & Lock Crystallite Shellac: Introducing a new category in hair care: innovative shellac technology and hydrating ingredients that work to seal the cuticle to trap colour and moisture and lock out dryness. Pop your colour and transform your style instantly! Typical styling products tone down and dull hair colour, but you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your brightest, boldest colour for style.

This prescriptive formula creates a protective shellac on the hair’s surface that makes colour ‘pop’ on contact. Containing Mica for added shimmer and shine, the colour is preserved, protected and optimized with a mirror-like shine. Pop & Lock does not contain waxes or emulsifiers and an UV filter adds an extra layer of anti-fade protecting for colour that stays true. Let your hair go the distance, because we are worth it – ahem!
Pop & Lock Crystallite Shellac £14 for 55 ml

This Works

To celebrate the anniversary of the ‘Perfect Range’ from This Works, two limited edition bespoke box sets have been released for the month of June. Now I don’t know how many years we are celebrating, but I’m guessing five and if I’m wrong, then shoot me, but actually the only thing that matters is that if you love and use the products, you will be saving money and that’s a very good thing in my book. So, two limited edition offers:

Perfect Body Collection for Cleavage and Legs: The award-winning Perfect Cleavage Firming Lotion (60 ml) to tighten and nourish your décolleté is paired with a travel-sized Perfect Legs Skin Miracle (50 ml) to help repair and enhance legs with a bronzy glow. Together they have a value of £53, but this Limited Edition treat is £38, giving you a saving of £15. Nice!
Perfect Body Collection for Cleavage and Legs £38

Perfect Miracle Collection for Face and Legs: The bestselling Perfect Look Skin Miracle (30 ml), which helps to brighten and nourish the complexion, is paired with the award-winning (lots of awards going on here!) Perfect Legs Skin Miracle to help give legs a sun-kissed glow. Together they have a value of £65, but this Limited Edition treat is £45, giving you a saving of £20.
Perfect Miracle Collection for Face and Legs £45

Clearly This Works are throwing the focus on legs as we edge into summer (if we are lucky) and so if you want to sort your legs out, we recommend the following:

Step 1: Nourish: Skin Deep Dry Leg Oil: Multi-award-winning product which contains an ultra-nourishing blend of 16 oils, including Rose and softening Evening Primrose; designed to help repair the skin barrier and tackle dry stubborn patches. Apply nightly.
Skin Deep Dry Leg Oil £39.50

Step 2: Tan: Perfect Legs Gradual Tan: Create an even, streak-free golden colour. This natural self-tan is suitable for all skin types. Apply daily over the course of a week.
Perfect Legs Gradual Tan £38

Step 3: Finish: Perfect Legs Skin Miracle: As above, but just to be neat, this is the award-winning and bestselling skin product for legs containing Vitamin C and E. With a subtle shimmer, this product provides an instant solution for even the palest of pins! Delivers immediate colour, shimmer and moisture. Just massage into the skin after Steps 1 & 2, or just before leaving home for a fresh party glow.
Perfect Legs Skin Miracle £37

Finally, do check out the new In Transit range released last month. There is something about these products that we all love; we think they are clever and you don’t have to travel to use them. Particularly loving In Transit Camera Close-Up, which freshens up dull, tired skin and is a leave-on mask, moisturiser and primer in one. Think this is very clever indeed.
In Transit; In Transit Camera Close Up £30 for 40 ml

Cold Sores

Cold sores are problematic and just as we are about to embark on the summer cold sore season, a new product has arrived from America called Lip Clear Invisible Cold Sore Bandage; these patches use a technology to help maintain skin moisture necessary for optimal healing, they are gentle on the skin, they help protect against scarring and are easy to apply. They will stay on for hours and help protect the cold sore from further injury or infection whilst healing. The cold sore bandage is made from a semi-transparent material so it blends in with your lip colour, but if you don’t want to use them during the day, at the very least go to bed with a bandage for overnight healing. The bandages can be used in conjunction with Super Lysine Cold Sore Treatment for daytime use.
Lip Clear Invisible Cold Sore Bandage £10 for 12 Bandages; Super Lysine Cold Sore Treatment £6.95

Alleviating Eczema and Psoriasis

Skin problems can give a lot of discomfort and for some people, it may be debilitating. Most of us use the term eczema and psoriasis very loosely and yet these two concerns are similar, but distinctly different. The terms eczema and psoriasis are both of Greek origin. Eczema literally means ‘to boil out’, whilst psoriasis means ‘to itch’. Eczema affects both children and adults, whereas psoriasis seems to predominantly affect adults.

Surveys suggest that nearly 20% of children living in the UK, and 5% of the adult population suffer from eczema, whilst 3% of adults suffer from psoriasis. When you put these percentages into numbers, we are talking of millions of sufferers and it is little wonder that there are a plethora of both natural and pharmaceutical products aimed at both these concerns.

With eczema, the itch starts before the rash develops, whilst with psoriasis there is an increased growth in the outer part of the skin, which gets inflamed resulting in white thick layers of skin. Both eczema and psoriasis are potentially allergic concerns that can be triggered by environmental factors, external allergens and even food intolerances. Although not fully understood, psoriasis has a hereditary component and may be triggered by stress and infections. Whilst there are different types of eczema and psoriasis, essentially the treatment for these concerns remains similar.

In a far-reaching article, Shabir takes a look at natural treatments, how to hydrate the skin, dietary factors and recommends Vitamin B-12 Cream. He has a BIG thing about this cream at the moment and has been talking about it non-stop for the past few months. I think I shall bequeath a new name upon him – The Talking Pharmacist, not to be confused with Mr Ed, The Talking Horse. Tra-la-la!
VH Editorial: Alleviating Eczema and Psoriasis; Vitamin B-12 Cream £20 for 113 grams; Power of Krill £24.95 for 60 Softgels; Skin Restoring Phytoceramides £25 for 30 Liquid Capsules

The Most Common Summer Holiday Problems Solved

Most of us do not worry about our holiday health until we come down with something and we then rush to the local pharmacy trying to explain the symptoms. Some forward planning can make this unnecessary since most common problems are easily preventable or treatable.

Shabir has put together some of the most common summer concerns that we are contacted about, giving brief explanations and possible ways to help prevent or treat them. The conditions include Traveller’s Tummy, Prickly Heat, Insect Bites, Deep Vein Thrombosis, Jet Lag, Travel Sickness and Plantar Fasciitis. If I can say just one more thing here, we are continually getting outstanding feedback about the efficacy of Acqua D’Alfresco Anti-Bug Bite Spray and Moisturiser, so do check them out and they are on the article.
VH Editorial: The Most Common Summer Holiday Problems Solved; Acqua D’Alfresco Anti-Bug Bite Spray £25 for 50 ml

The Podium

I am literally just jumping onto The Podium for a short moment. On last month’s newsletter (and the one before!), I wrote about The Anti-Ageing Beauty Show where the Beauty Bible girls, Sarah Stacey and Jo Fairley, were exhibiting. Shabir and I went along for a few hours on the Saturday and we were both overwhelmed by the sheer volume of VH’ers who turned up to see us. Mostly everybody wanted to talk about Phylia and I had tears rolling down my face (I’m a soft touch) when I discovered two customers had travelled from Sheffield to London to discuss hair loss. To each of you who came along, thank you, it moved us deeply. A big thank you also to Mr Renouve who also came along in support together with his brilliant product, which is the best anti-ageing hand sanitizer in the history of the world. Fact!
Renouve £22 for 30 ml

Vintage VH

With evolving research and development, I do tend to focus on new products in the newsletters, which is appropriate because we are always seeking next-generation products and I will often recommend moving on, i.e. from fish oils to krill, which if you are interested, you can read all about here. Essentially the issue here is that current research is showing that fish oils can be toxic, so it is important that you are given the choice.
Power of Krill £24.95 for 60 Softgels

Having said that, there are many supplements that we have listed forever; I don’t often write about them, but they deserve to be in the spotlight, because in their category, they are best in class. Here are three for this month:

BodyMint: I can still vividly remember when we launched this product in the UK, it appeared in The Sunday Times and it went completely bonkers. Basically BodyMint helps eliminate body odours and has been created from natural plant-based ingredients, which work from within to help eliminate body odours completely.

It is a unique, highly specialised formula, which was created in Hawaii for effective anti-odour treatments in tropical regions where sweat and odour can be a major concern. The product contains a derivative of chlorophyll, the green pigments in plants that facilitate photosynthesis. The odour retarding qualities of chlorophyll have long been known and are scientifically documented. With continual use, BodyMint will help stop odours from different areas of the body including underarm body odour, problem foot odours and bad breath (halitosis). Fabulous product!
BodyMint £14.95 for 60 Tablets (Dosage One Tablet Twice Daily)

Erigeron Breviscapus: I will never forget sourcing this product; Shabir and I were in San Francisco (research trip, honestly!) and we got lost in the back streets of China Town. We walked into a pharmacy and this bright blue box virtually jumped off the shelf into my hands. To cut a long story short, it is one of the most profound supplements we have ever come across and if I had to choose 50 all-time-amazing-supplements, this would be on the list.

Formerly known as LifeFlower, Erigeron Breviscapus has a long traditional use in the maintenance of a healthy cardiovascular system and increased concentration. It is formulated by using the effective elements extracted from a herb named Erigeron Breviscapus, which has been prescribed for centuries to help treat cerebrovascular disorders. It was named as such in the belief that many patients get a second chance of life after taking Breviscapus where there are cerebrovascular complications, thus LifeFlower.

Breviscapus has been proven in many pharmacological studies; it has conspicuous biological activities that help increase cerebrovascular blood flow and other functions including raising the permeability of the blood-brain barrier, increasing nutritional blood flow, which in turn helps increase peripheral coronary (heart) blood flow, whilst helping maintain a healthy brain.

This was many, many years ago, but at that time we were working closely with Chris Kilham, a ‘medicine hunter’ and an adjunct Professor of Ethnobotany at the University of Massuchusetts, who had conducted a research project on Lifeflower. He stated at the time that it was one of the most remarkable plants he had ever encountered, and that remains true today.
Erigeron Breviscapus £34.50 for 30 Capsules

Super Cleanse for Colon: This little workhorse has been around forever, but it remains one of the best supplements to help ease constipation as well as cleansing the colon effectively without the harshness of laxatives.

Super Cleanse is an extra-strength formula designed to help stimulate colon cleansing and facilitate the ability of the elimination system to function on its own. It is a bowel cleanser synergistically formulated with 100% natural ingredients and has been created to ‘jump-start’ the sluggish and less efficient colon.

Containing 13 powerful cleansing and nutritive herbs, colon cleansing is vital to optimal health because when food mixes with digestive enzymes, a plaque like substance, called mucoid plaque, adheres to the walls of the intestines harbouring bad bacteria and fungi. This prevents the absorption of nutrients and slows the motility of the intestines resulting in fatigue, sluggish bowel movements, impaired immunity and numerous other concerns including constipation.
Super Cleanse for Colon £16.75 for 100 Tablets

In The Press

I really do need to slap myself because I was not very good at keeping our ‘In the Press’ section updated on our site, so I took it down, as one does. I’m not saying that I won’t reinstate it at some point because we are forever changing the front of our site, but until such time I will be doing an ‘In the Press’ feature on each newsletter. So to kick it off, two products and one brand that have been featured over the past week:

Lanolips: Wow, my eyes nearly fell out of my head when I saw a big feature on Lanolips in The Sunday Times Style magazine; thank you India Knight and all things Lanolips have been flying out the door. Although we launched Lanolips in the UK a few years ago, it is always fabulous to see brand recognition for award-winning products and Lanolips thoroughly deserves the attention it gets. Starting with the cult Lanolips 101 Ointment, through the SPF Lip Ointments, the Herbal Treatment Body Oil, Golden Ointment, Lanolips Lemonaid Lip Aid et al, these products continue to delight so many people and the thought that people are discovering Lanolips for the first time, thrills me.
Lanolips – The Entire Range of Products

Stinging Nettles Root: Answering a reader’s question in YOU magazine regarding hives, Sarah Stacey recommended Stinging Nettles Roots and it would appear to be a big health concern for many people. Also known as nettle, this herb has a general ability to increase urinary flow thus aiding the removal of toxins from the body. Nettle also provides relief from hay fever, pet dander and other allergic symptoms. In addition to the herb’s reduction of inflammatory substances, nettle is a rich source of the flavonoid quercetin, which is known to inhibit histamine release, making it invaluable in the treatment of all inflammatory skin concerns, including hives, dermatitis and prickly heat. It has also been found to be useful to arrest excessive bleeding and this may warrant its use in women who suffer from heavy periods. Great product.
Stinging Nettles Root £14.95 for 120 Capsules

Macular Degeneration – Nutrof Total: Your sight is one of your most important senses and the eye uses a very delicate mechanism to ensure that vision is transmitted correctly to the brain. Nutrof Total has been specifically formulated to help assist you in ensuring that your eyes have the correct nutritional intake to help maintain healthy eyes.

Each daily dose, which is an easy to swallow capsule, supplies essential vitamins required for strong eye health; these include antioxidant vitamins, Lutein and Zeaxanthin, Omega 3, plus essential minerals. This formulation is continually updated to reflect the latest studies, including AREDS 2, which is the Age-Related Eye Disease Study.
Nutrof Total £14.99 for 30 Capsules

News and Feedback

This from a customer about Magnolia Rhodiola Complex, which is our bestselling supplement for stress and anxiety:

‘I want to comment on Magnolia Rhodiola Complex because quite simply it has changed the way I sleep … since I have started to take it, my mind no longer races when my head hits the pillow, which had previously kept me awake for hours. The first day I took two capsules after dinner, I went to bed and actually had a ‘floating’ sensation in my mind. I am a natural worrier and have suffered over the past few years with many, many sleepless nights due to distressing events that have occurred. I found it difficult to get them out of my head, but I now go to sleep with an easy, less worrying mind and my thoughts aren’t racing in my head. I am now sleeping so much better, which is really a revelation for me.’
Magnolia Rhodiola Complex £26 for 60 Capsules

This from a customer about Hyaluronic Acid and Skin Restoring Phytoceramides:

‘I need to tell you about the number of comments I am receiving about how well I look, even when I’m unwell and feel awful! So many people have told me that my skin looks amazing and that they don’t know what I am doing, but whatever it is, I should carry on! I can only assume this is because I am taking HA and Skin Restoring Phytoceramides, which at 45 is great to hear, most especially when I am bunged up with sore sinuses!’ Note from me: A girl after my own heart; I owe my skin to these two great supplements.
Hyaluronic Acid High Strength £35 for 30 Capsules; Skin Restoring Phytoceramides £25 for 30 Liquid Capsules

This from a customer about Fulphyl by Phylia de M:

‘I am really enjoying all the Phylia products, but particularly Fulphyl, it is amazing. I have been taking supplements for years, but nothing has had anything like the effect of Fulphyl. My hair and nails seem to grow quicker and I feel healthier, my skin is softer and doesn’t dry out as it used to. My eczema has completely gone, I feel like a have more energy and I sleep better. I haven’t been ill once since I’ve started to take it and I really am quite amazed at the difference it is making to my overall health and wellbeing’.
Fulphyl by Phylia de M £160 for 360 ml (Dosage 5 ml daily).

The Ko-Bi-Do Facial: On last month’s newsletter I wrote all about an extraordinary Japanese facial that I had at The Wellington Centre in Hastings. If you missed what I wrote then please click here. Walking my talk, I went back to Hastings because I decided to take a friend and she was blown away (not as far as the sea!) as well. The one thing that has really made me happy is that so many of you have been to Hastings following the newsletter. I am stunned as Hastings isn’t exactly the centre of the universe, but one of our lovely customers flew (yes flew on a plane) to have the treatment. As I wrote last month, The Wellington Centre is owned by Jo Fairley, but I promise you I am not on commission. I just want you to have fabulous skin and Jo can buy me a cake – er, actually she doesn’t need to buy me a cake, she owns Judges Bakery, also in Hastings and I think I’m up for one of the massive meringues in the window!
The Wellington Centre

Finally, a massive apology from me. On last month’s newsletter we launched Foot Hygiene Cream from Margaret Dabbs, there was a treat attached and I also wrote about a couple of other products from the range. The response from you was brilliant, but there was a problem, I didn’t have any of the products despite the fact that I was told they would be with us before the newsletter went out.

Ever hopeful and trusting, I thought we could cover it off for a couple of days and we immediately adjusted our website to show that the products were on pre-order only. I am not going to go into a whole long story, save it to say that an entire month has passed and I still don’t know when the products will be in.

Within the past 48 hours (at the time of writing) I have been told that there is an ingredient issue, but aside from that I have been left in the dark. At the end of the day I have to take responsibility for this; I wrote about it and the inevitability of all this is that I have let you down. There is no point in screaming and thumping my desk, it is what it is.

What you need to know is that in line with company policy, we have not debited any monies from your account and we will only do so on the day we process and send your order. When that will be is anybody’s guess, so I completely understand if you can no longer wait for the products. If you have any issues at all, then please call Natalie or Jo in Customer Care on 020 8951 4144 and they will endeavour to help you. I am so, so sorry and I think I should start taking some heavy duty drugs, or emigrate. The latter would be preferable!

VH Editorial

I have already written about some of the editorial features this month, but just to add, Catherine Turner Eats Like a Yogi, the Beauty Bible girls reveal the supplements they take (click here to discover them) and Jo Fairley is ever-optimistic as she writes about The Great British Tan.

The End Bit

Nail Magic: I know that many of you are huge fans of Nail Magic, the American cult product that helps your nails grow stronger and longer. If you order Nail Magic throughout the month of June, we will pop in the Nail Magic Cuticle Oil (6 ml) as a gift, whilst stocks last. This will not show up on your invoice, but will automatically be included in your order with love and kisses from us.
Nail Magic £9.95 for 7.4 ml

NUDE Skincare: Throughout the month of June, with every order for any of the NUDE Skincare products, we will automatically drop into your order a free Pro-Genius sample (5 ml) which is worth just under £10. Again, this will not show on your invoice, but will be in your order. There are a lot of NUDE Skincare fans out there, so I hope you enjoy the treat.
NUDE Skincare

Miracle Glo Perfecting Glotion: At the Anti-Ageing Beauty Show, Jo and Sarah hauled a whole load of products onto the stage when they were doing a presentation. The first product they demonstrated was Miracle Glo Perfecting Glotion, which we all love and we all use. I use it in all different ways, one day it might be a primer, the next day it will go on top of my make-up, but my favourite trick is to gently brush it on underneath my eyes and along the top of my cheek bones. It makes me look alive, even if I feel half-dead, so check it out because it’s fabulous.
Miracle Glo Perfecting Glotion £40 (with brush); Miracle Glo Perfecting Glotion £33 (without brush)

Maui Babe Browning Lotion: If you are going away, then please remember to pack Maui Babe, which helps achieve a real tan in short sun time. If you don’t know about Maui Babe, let me tell you that it is amazing and it will give you the safest, fastest, most beautiful tan of your life! Maui Babe hails from Hawaii (obviously!), but I first discovered it in LA a few years ago and loaded my suitcase with it. Maui Babe Browning Lotion is safe for all skin types and can be used in conjunction with sunscreens. It is water resistant and insects hate it. It is not a stain or a self-tanner, it contains Aloe and you don’t need to sit for long, torturous hours trying to cultivate a tan, which is good with me.
Maui Babe Browning Lotion £24 for 236 ml; Maui Babe After Browning Lotion £22 for 236 ml

Red Raspberry Ketone + Green Tea: All over the press and everybody is talking about the benefits of Raspberry Ketones for weight loss.  The American manufacturers, Futurebiotics, have cleverly added a therapeutic strength of Green Tea to their formulation, which helps encourage fat burning.
Red Raspberry Ketone + Green Tea £27 for 60 Capsules

So we come to the end of another newsletter and I would just like to thank each and every one of you for your ongoing loyalty and support. Striving to make a positive difference to the health and wellbeing of each of you continues to be our mission statement and together with Shabir and the VH Team, I hope you have a fabulous June.

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