June Newsletter 2011

June Newsletter 2011

Welcome to the June newsletter where the main topic of conversation just has to be the launch of NUDE skincare’s Replenishing Night Oil (RNO) on our site. I have never seen anything like it before in the entire history of VH, but records are there to be broken and on the strength of that statement, I have some really exciting NUDE skincare treats for every single one of you, so you need to read this newsletter carefully. Additionally we take a look at some new products from Temple Spa, a new treatment for cold sores from America, a very clever travel product and Shabir gives us the low-down on magnesium. I will also bring you news from the VH Editorial Team and I invite one of the team to step onto The Podium, but before any of that, let’s head straight into our headline story, NUDE skincare:

NUDE Skincare

Once in a while a product comes along and it has the word ‘epic’ written all over it. It will win awards and in the vast majority of cases, it will dramatically change your skin, in the most positive form imaginable. It will make you sit up and in all inevitability it will be the fore-runner for totally rethinking your entire skincare regime. I am of course talking about Nude Skincare’s Replenishing Night Oil, which achieved the highest score ever in the Beauty Bible series of books. If you missed what I wrote on the May newsletter then click here to read all about it, but just to say that your feedback has been astounding and Shabir’s eyes are well and truly rolling up to heaven because I am addicted to this stuff in a very, very major way.
Replenishing Night Oil £44 for 15 ml

Cleansing Facial Oil: When it comes to cleansers, I have to put my hand up and say that I am a ‘cleanser tart’ because I have not been faithful to any particular cleanser. It kind of aggravates me because I’m neat, but in all honesty I haven’t had a long-term relationship with any cleansing product, aside from a short fling with Crowes Cremine, which I had to banish from our site (and my bathroom) after a truly horrible formulation change. I had totally given up on finding a hero, until the day NUDE’s Cleansing Facial Oil (CFO) landed on my desk with a note:

The note was from the lovely girls at NUDE who sent me a bottle of CFO. Just a few words were written on the note, ‘this will change your life forever’. And it has. In a league of its own and after the longest search, I have found my cleansing hero. The first thing I am going to say is that you should ignore the word ‘oil’, because even though this is an oil, it is formulated for all skin types and it is so stunning I almost want to cry, but I need to write this newsletter, so I won’t. I’ll just tell you that it removes every single trace of make-up, including stubborn eye make-up, which makes it a double-whammy product, and on top of that it has also won numerous awards and has been dubbed ‘the holy grail of cleansers’. I completely endorse that accolade and here is how to use it:

Just pump a few drops into the palms of your hands and massage the oil all over your face, including the eye area, for a couple of minutes. Trust me, this is no hardship because it smells divine and it has a ritualistic feel to it. Then splash your face with a few drops of warm water and the oil will transform into a milky substance; you can either rinse clean or do what I do and use a warm water-soaked Konjac sponge for the final cleanse. CFO and Konjacs were made for each other and used together they will help transform your skin rather magnificently. The final step of the cleansing process is to spray your skin with Hydrating Water. I am not a lover of toners because I think the majority of toners are too harsh and strip your skin of natural oils, but I adore the Hydrating Water because my skin has a tendency to become dehydrated and let me tell you, I would bathe in this stuff if I could.
Cleansing Facial Oil £24 for 100 ml; Hydrating Water £14 for 100 ml; Konjac Sponge £12

A NUDE Skincare Treat For Everybody Worth £8

In celebration of smashing all known global records with the release of the Replenishing Night Oil, I have a major treat to share with each and every one of you, so please read this carefully. I have now listed the entire NUDE Skincare range on our site, but not all the products are available right now and I am creating wait lists for certain products, which hopefully will all be in stock by the end of June. I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am because the range is full of hero products and as I’m big on sharing, I’m going to pop a NUDE skincare sample kit collection, worth £8, into every order placed on our site for any product (i.e it doesn’t have to be a NUDE product) between now and the end of June, or whilst stocks last. There are four sachets in the kit and one of them is the Cleansing Facial Oil, as above. The other three are:

Advanced Eye Complex: I’ve been testing this over the last few weeks and I am so impressed that I’ve relegated my existing eye cream to the back of the bathroom cupboard (eeeek, that’s a bit of a major statement). Loaded with CoQ10, Milk Peptides and Acacia extract, the blurb on the back of the pack promises that it will help banish wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness instantly. The thing is that it does just that and as you pat it on you can feel your under-eye area tightening up immediately. At first I thought I was hallucinating, but I have noticed such a dramatic difference I’ve taken to kissing the tube every morning as a mark of respect to an outstanding formulation. So here’s the thing, use up your existing eye cream (or rub it on another part of your body if you can’t wait) and then change over to this little miracle worker and knock your sockets off!
Advanced Eye Complex £62 for 15 ml (Available Now)

Age Defence Moisturiser: This moisturiser has been clinically proven to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles by up to 63%. Suitable for all skin types, this exceptional moisturiser is formulated with Milk Peptides, Hyaluronic Acid (thank goodness!) and Orchid. Pre and probiotics actively help strengthen the skin’s natural defence against premature ageing. This is what you call ‘intelligent skincare’ and after cleansing, I use this moisturiser every morning, adding just one drop of Replenishing Night Oil. Skincare heaven!
Age Defence Moisturiser £54 for 40 ml (Available Now)

Miracle Mask: This has the word ‘hero’ written all over it and before I even tried it, my intuition kicked in and I knew it would perform rather sensationally. It didn’t let me down. It is the essential mask for flawless, youthful looking skin and the natural AHA’s in the formulation work dynamically with Mandarin extract to gently exfoliate, creating incredibly smooth skin. Red Ginseng stimulates the circulation and you just need to apply a thin layer to a clean face, avoiding the eye area. Your skin may tingle as the treatment works, but I like that. Remove thoroughly with warm water after five minutes. If you love it as much as I do, then you will need to put yourself on the ‘Wait List’ for this product because it is not available until the middle of June and I fear a famine!
Miracle Mask £38 for 40 ml (Available Mid-June)

My Supplements

I am constantly being asked what supplements I take and whilst I really do try to keep you as updated as I can, perhaps at some stage going forward I will list everything I take on the site somewhere, although heaven knows where! I am very clear that the majority of you will not want to take as many supplements as I do for varying reasons, not least the cost, but the one thing I will say is that each supplement we take must be the most cutting-edge and pioneering product available on the global market. So all I’m going to say here is that there are two crucial products I take as part of my anti-ageing regime, Hyaluronic Acid and Skin Restoring Ceramides. I have written reams about both of these products, so I’m not going to replicate what I’ve said before, but quite honestly if either of these products were taken away from me, I’m not sure that I would ever recover. Combine these two supplements with an appropriate NUDE Skincare regime and we will all be on the same page!
Hyaluronic Acid by NHS Labs £35 for 30 VegeCaps; Skin Restoring Ceramides £25 for 30 Liquid Capsules

The Airogym

The Airogym exerciser is a pocket sized, inflatable exercise cushion invented by an ex British Airways senior long haul captain. It was originally designed to help prevent deep vein thrombosis (DVT) on plane journeys of more than four hours, as well as e-thrombosis for the desk-bound, er, that would be most of us! It now has a wide-ranging application for many differing markets and has been clinically proven to increase blood flow by up to five times, which is a pretty amazing statistic. Being small, it is easy to carry around and is incredibly simple to use whilst seated.

Endorsed by the world-leading consultant surgeon, John Scurr, The Airogym is brilliant if you suffer from swollen ankles or muscle and joint pain, as well as being hugely beneficial for post-operative treatment. The Airogym got a ‘Five Star Rating’ from The Sunday Telegraph and was voted best travel and DVT product, so please do take time to watch this short three minute video by clicking here. If you think the name ‘John Scurr’ is familiar, you are right because he formulated Zinopin, the incredible supplement, which is a must-take-capsule for long and short haul flights. Meanwhile I have The Airogym under my desk, so do join me and get those legs pumping!
The Airogym £11.99; Zinopin Long Haul £20.60 for 10 Capsules; Zinopin Daily £15.35 for 30 Capsules

Magnolia Rhodiola Complex

This product has a long, long history at VH and has been our bestselling anti-anxiety product for many years. There is no question that this works brilliantly for the vast majority of people suffering from stress and anxiety, so you can imagine my face when the manufacturers told me they were putting the price sky rocket high because of soaring ingredient costs. If you think you have read this before, then you have. The same thing happened with Hyaluronic Acid (HA) a couple of months ago, so the same pattern follows!

The very first thing I did was thump my desk and then I refused to pay the extra cost, which would have meant adding a further £10 to the existing retail price, making it just under £34. Shabir then re-formulated the product, made it even more powerful and I told the existing manufacturers to dream on and that’s the polite version! So, please allow me to introduce you to the ‘new’ Magnolia Rhodiola Complex in all its strengthened glory and whilst we have had to put the price up slightly, it is a ‘next generation’ product and delivers one of the most cutting-edge formulations available globally. It would appear that we are going a bit ‘global’ on this bulletin, but we kind of like that around here!
Magnolia Rhodiola Complex by NHS Labs £26 for 60 Capsules

Miracle Lips

Miracle Lips, for cold sores and fever blisters, is a new innovative lip treatment from America created and developed by Robert Heiman, a well-known developmental scientist, who wanted to create a unique product to treat various lip problems. Miracle Lips is mainly used for the treatment of cold sores, helping to reduce the breakouts of cold sores, whilst helping to prevent them spreading and also helping them to heal faster.

The basic ingredients in Miracle Lips are Tea Tree Oil and Propolis crystals that have anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal and other properties. High concentration of crystalline propolis gives this product its edge because propolis is rich in 27 bioflavanoids, antioxidants and minerals that help boost the immune system of your lips. Tree Tree Oil is long known to have many beneficial properties on skin. Also excellent for blemishes, insect bites, minor cuts and scrapes, Miracle Lips is achieving phenomenal success in America as an over-the-counter treatment and it is suitable for all skin types. Used on a regular basis, Miracle Lips can exhibit a dramatic decrease in the volume of breakouts.
Miracle Lips £17.95 for 10 ml

Optimized Fucoidan – The Japanese Dietary Longevity Factor

In recent years, scientific interest has intensified around ‘fucoidan’, a little-known molecule found primarily in edible seaweeds native to the Japanese diet. Nearly 900 published studies indicate its power to promote healthy immune function, cell-to-cell communication and tissue repair. Many experts now believe that fucoidan is one of the key nutrients responsible for the exceptionally long, healthy lives enjoyed in Okinawa, which for decades boasted the world’s highest concentration of centenarians.

Virtually nobody in the West obtains enough of these critical molecules, which have been shown to play a crucial role across a broad range of physiological mechanisms. Not to be confused with anti-ageing supplementation such as HA and Skin Ceramides, Optimized Fucoidan is recommended as a key to healthy longevity via the critical nutritional benefit of Undaria pinnatifida, which is the species of seaweed used in the majority of scientific studies on Fucoidan. Research is ongoing and a quiet revolution is unfolding in the science of longevity. A single vegetarian capsule of Optimized Fucoidan equals the amount of fucoidan typically consumed daily in the traditional Japanese diet. I’m on it.
Optimized Fucoidan by Life Extension 60 Capsules for £32

Magnesium – The Most Important Mineral We All Overlook

For the past couple of years I have mentioned magnesium on virtually every single newsletter because most of us are magnesium deficient. Magnesium comes in varying forms, but for the past few years we have been recommending Magnesium Oil for joint pain, restless leg syndrome (see more below), relaxation and to help overcome insomnia, to name but a few health concerns.

When Sarah Stacey wrote about Magnesium Oil Joint Spray in YOU magazine, we were inundated with testimonials praising its efficacy then along came Magnesium Oil Original Flakes and we were staggered at the difference a few handfuls thrown into a bath can make. The flakes are particularly beneficial for people suffering with compromised skin conditions, such as psoriasis and eczema, but above all else they are like knockout flakes and they are completely addictive, in the best possible way!

Because magnesium is so often overlooked, Shabir has written an article about this crucial mineral, so please do take the time to read it, it’s important. At this point, I would like to say a very big thank you to Andy Thomas, founder of Better You, for all his support and for walking side by side with us on our magnesium mission. Click here to read Shabir’s article.
Magnesium Oil Original Spray £12.30; Magnesium Oil Joint Spray £12.30; Magnesium Oil Original Flakes £9.95 for 1 kg

Shabir’s Tip of the Month: Tart Cherry Nettle & Turmeric

If you suffer from joint pain and degradation, Shabir recommends using Tart Cherry Nettle & Turmeric in conjunction with Magnesium Oil because Tart Cherries contain antixoidants that help to protect the joints against degradation, whilst Nettle and Turmeric display powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Also included in the formulation are extracts of celery, which help with the elimination of acidic compounds, such as uric acid, which can cause pain and stiffness. Just take half a teaspoon of this powder daily until the pain subsides, which generally should occur within one month, although it is suitable for long-term use if necessary.
Tart Cherry, Nettle & Turmeric by Terra Nova £19 for 50g

The Podium

There are many, many reasons why I am inviting James Duigan to step onto The Podium this month. The first reason is because James’ new book, ‘Clean & Lean Flat Tummy Fast’ became an instant bestseller upon its recent release, the second is because James is completely passionate about his work and the third is because he is down to earth, realistic and fabulous.

So before anything, I need to tell you that for the first time in my entire life, I’ve been to a gym. Not any old gym you understand, but James’ rather famously fabulous ‘Bodyism’ where people like Elle Macpherson and Rosie Huntington-Whitely shape-up. Please don’t think that I went for a training session because I didn’t, most especially because I was wearing 7 inch heels and jeans, but the reason I’m reporting this is because I went to Bodyism to talk about an inspirational journey, which will unfold over the next few months.

Led by James, I think that this journey may well have all the hallmarks of changing each of our lives forever. I know that’s a bit of a dramatic statement, but I love a bit of drama, so all I can say right now is that The Podium is reserved for very special people and the difference they make in their given field of work. There are people and places you read about in newspapers and magazines that are completely out of reach for the vast majority of us, but we are going to be bucking that trend with James and the Bodyism team, so make sure you continue reading the newsletters and may I suggest you swot up and read both of James’ books. That’s it!
Clean & Lean Diet £7; Clean & Lean Flat Tummy Fast £8.25 both by James Duigan

Temple Spa

So many of you are avid Temple Spa followers, so two new products from them:

Bronzini: A cocktail of bronze, bling and body beautiful, this super smooth, tinted lotion glides over the skin leaving it lightly tanned, naturally fragrant and a bit sparkly. This is a body product and therefore should not be used on the face. It is packed with Rosewood, Tagette, Sandalwood, Rose oil and Jasmine and you can use it for adding the finishing touch to your appearance for a special night out (or in, as the case may be!), to help brighten up skin that doesn’t have a tan or to enhance an existing tan. It is really easy to apply and is non-greasy, but because any skin illuminator will reveal dead skin cells on the surface of the body, please buff your skin first either with a loofah or try using Sugar Buff, also from Temple Spa.
Bronzini £32 for 75 ml; Sugar Buff £26 for 255g

Self Defence: Self Defence is a lightweight SPF 30 that quickly absorbs into the skin without leaving any heavy or white residue. Designed to work either under your everyday moisturiser, make-up or by itself, it is suitable for all skin types and has anti-inflammatory qualities. Ingredients include Cherry extract, Alga Lite, Bearberry and Vitamins C & E. This will help protect your skin from harmful UV rays and you can either use it for all year round daily protection against sun damage or 30 minutes prior to sun exposure. This is a face product, not a body product, just thought I’d add that!
Self Defence (SPF 30) £33 for 50 ml

News and Updates

Lanolips 101: Biggest congratulations to Kirsten for winning three big awards within the past couple of weeks. At the CEW (Cosmetic Executive Women) UK Awards, Lanolips 101 won ‘Best New Skincare Treatment Product’ and Lanolips won ‘Best New Brand’. Add those two awards to winning ‘Best Lip Balm’ in the Woman & Home Beauty Awards 2011 for Lanolips 101 and we have a hat-trick. I am so happy for Kirsten because 101 is a stunning product and it speaks volumes for the efficacy of medical grade lanolin. On another level, these awards are made even sweeter because Lanolips is a small, niche brand and it beat the ‘big names’ in each of the winning categories. If you haven’t already done so, you can read the story of Lanolips here . Rock on Lanolips and we have three more exclusive launches later this year, but my lips are sealed at the moment!
Lanolips 101 Ointment £11

Superior Hair: Superior Hair is having a ‘moment’ and I just want to clear one thing up. We are constantly receiving calls asking if this product is suitable for men or women. The answer is that it is suitable for men and women. Hair loss can be traumatic and Superior Hair is in a league of its own in the hair loss/hair thinning stakes, but please don’t expect overnight miracles. These things take time, but you should see a difference after six months of use, if not slightly before.
Superior Hair by Food Science of Vermont £25 for 90 Capsules

Aller-DMG: This from an Addict, posted on Facebook: ‘Just a huge thank you to Shabir for recommending me Aller-DMG by Food Science for my 16 year old son. He has suffered terribly with hay fever since a child and after many years of various products and an expensive course of homeopathy treatment, this is the only product that has helped him. Thank you so much and he can take his A levels this month without feeling so poorly.
Aller-DMG £15.90 for 60 Tablets

Restless Leg Syndrome: Millions of people have trouble getting to sleep due to a condition commonly known as restless leg syndrome (RLS). For reasons unknown, when these people are in bed, their legs jerk, twitch and kick involuntarily. Restless leg syndrome has been linked to the painful night-time leg muscle cramps that affect so many people. A deficiency of magnesium may be involved in RLS and research also suggests that anaemia may also play a role in this disorder. Magnesium helps to relax the nerves that trigger these sensations and we recommend Magnesium Oil GoodNight Spray to help ease RLS.
Magnesium Oil GoodNight Spray £12.30 for 100 ml

The VH Editorial Team

This month’s guest contributor is NUDE founder, Bryan Meehan, it seemed appropriate! So we go behind the brand with Bryan and co-founder Ali Hewson to discover their inspiration, vision and values. Bryan talks about the ingredients that deliver incredible anti-ageing results with a special highlight on probiotics. Result driven skincare is paramount and as so many of you now know, NUDE skincare really does deliver, so I hope you enjoy reading this fascinating article where you will also find out what Bryan’s hero products are.

Also this month, Shelley von Strunckel reveals our Health Stars for the month of June; Kate Shapland writes about her fixation with the lymphatic system; Jo Fairley requests we all stand straight; Margaret Dabbs tells us how to create healthy, beautiful feet at home and the Beauty Bible girls are on a cleansing mission.
VH Editorial

The Final Bit

Margaret Dabbs: Wow, what a launch. Thank you for all your feedback and I am so happy that you love Margaret’s foot products as much as I do. I’m being really disciplined and using the products on a daily basis and the difference they have made is nothing short of miraculous because my feet are inclined to get really, really dry. I am in worship mode and a special mention for the Intensive Hydrating Foot Lotion and the Intensive Treatment Foot Oil. It’s love.
Margaret Dabbs

Chillicious: The heat is mostly on, although in this country anything can happen with our weather as we all know. However, for sultry moments, there is nothing better to cool us down than Temple Spa’s Chillicious. We call it ‘air-conditioning in a bottle’ and it is a revolutionary lightweight gel-balm with an ice-cool formula that instantly chills the skin and gradually reduces body temperature. If you suffer from night-time sweats, keep a tube of this by the side of your bed just because it works!
Chillicious £16 for 100 ml

Famous Dave’s Gradual 10: We have had so much feedback about the brilliance of this product, so I’m replicating what I wrote on the May newsletter. Ever since we released Famous Dave’s last year, we have received loads of comments about how absolutely great this range is. Things like that make me happy and so it was no surprise to me that when we launched Famous Dave’s Gradual 10, which builds a tan gradually, it would become one of the bestselling products in the range. So if you just want a light tan, or want to be in control of how dark you want to go, do try this because it really is rather brilliant.
Famous Dave’s Gradual 10 Self Tanning Lotion £17.99 for 250 ml; Famous Dave’s Tanning Mitt £4.10

Prid: Although ingrown hairs are not a seasonal issue, with the summer months almost upon us, we are all more aware of their existence at this time of year. Prid is an American pharmacy favourite and has been around for over 50 years. We think it is a rather spectacular drawing salve for helping to raise ingrown hairs from under the skin and it’s also great for superficial cuts, minor skin eruptions and helps to heal boils and blisters. I like the tin!
Prid Salve £8.50

Maui Babe Browning Lotion: Who would have thought that Maui Babe Browning Lotion would be in such demand for use in this country! Over the past couple of years this has been our bestselling beauty product throughout the Summer months because nearly all of you stash a bottle of this amazing stuff into your suitcases to take to the sun, but with the amazing weather we have been having here, we all look like we have been to Hawaii without leaving home. Maui Babe rules. Always and forever!
Maui Babe Browning Lotion £23 for 236 ml

Renew Rose Massage & Body Oil: Just because I love writing about award-winning products, I need to tell you that this gorgeous massage and body oil is the award-winning ‘secret’ of some rather prominent pregnant ladies! So if you are pregnant, please start massaging this divine smelling oil onto your tummy in copious amounts and you may well avoid the dreaded stretch mark scenario. For the rest of us, this oil is particularly effective for dry and dehydrated skin and is brilliant for using after sun exposure.
Renew Rose Massage & Body Oil by Aromatherapy Associates £36 for 100 ml

Pets: We are as passionate about pets as we are about people, so Shabir has been doing the research and put together a selection of the most cutting-edge and pioneering products on the market, so check this section out for the very best pet care supplementation.

BioActive Milk Peptides: Launched on the May newsletter, this is the supplement that helps with sleep deprivation. Just pop one capsule a couple of hours before you go to bed and it will help you relax. I like combining a supplement with a flower essence for sleep issues and we recommend Calm & Relax by Flower Essences of Australia. It’s good stuff.
BioActive Milk Peptides £19.95 for 30 Capsules; Calm & Relax £8.50 for 25 ml

Triple Leaf Super Slimming Tea: High praise from an Addict for Super Slimming Tea, who tells me that she has been drinking one cup a day and it acts like liposuction on her stomach! I just love the way some of you write about our products, but I have to say that this tea is rather good and is one of our bestselling teas. No surprises there then!
Super Slimming Tea by Triple Leaf Tea £5 for 20 bags

That’s it! We have come to the end of another newsletter, so all that remains is for me to thank each of you for your amazing loyalty and support. I hope that you enjoy the NUDE skincare gift and that your skin loves it too. In the July newsletter I will be writing about a brand new launch from the fabulous Margaret Dabbs, so make sure you don’t miss it because it is fabulous.

Have a great June.

With love

Gill x