June Newsletter

June Newsletter

Welcome to the June newsletter where I write about a new NIOD product that had a rather unusual start to life, we say hello to The Wet Brush, OMGTEA and a few new cutting-edge supplements. We look at Psoriasis, Restless Legs and Osteopenia because they all matter; there is a pretty fabulous treat from Aromatherapy Associates (we are getting ready for the deluge!), Ameliorate and Sarah Chapman and there is a new product launch from Sarah too.

Additionally we’ll do all the news and feedback and despite me announcing that if there was one more wait list I would put myself on a one-way ticket to the moon, I still appear to be here and I’m jumping onto The Podium to talk about it. Really not loving all the delays, but here is something I do love:

Non-Acid Acid Precursor 15% (NAAP)

This is the product that we were meant to launch at the beginning of April, except very obviously we didn’t. And this is why:

Brandon and a lab sample of NAAP came to dinner; I had literally just stepped off a long-haul flight that afternoon and there was no way that I was cooking for him; it was take-away or starvation. We did the former, we ordered sushi. Fast forward: NAAP went onto my skin and within a few hours I was being violently sick, huge welts appeared all over my body and I fell into a virtual-non-conscious state of being. Brandon wasn’t sick (damn!), so it had to be the product, not the sushi; I told him in no uncertain terms that I was not launching NAAP, I would never, ever list NAAP and I was suffering a severe case of near-death-by-product.

Let me just say here that since the very beginning, the NIOD lab has known about my skin; it is extraordinarily sensitive, I can’t use most skincare brands and on top of all of that, there is my massive essential oil allergy; so basically I am the NIOD barometer; if it’s good for me, it’s good for most people, although I acknowledge there are always going to be exceptions. Nobody could understand what had happened with NAAP; the lead NIOD chemist was mystified, the emergency doctor had to give me the strongest steroid shot ever and I rolled around my bed for four days in and out of consciousness.

Brandon flipped; however he sent it for yet another round of independent three-phase testing because nobody understood what had gone wrong with the formulation; it cost him $16,000 to do this and then the results: it was just a few markers short of being as pure as water and it was impossible that NAAP was responsible for my reaction. And on the fifth day, Brandon announced that he hadn’t eaten the tuna sushi. Except I had.

What is the matter with men, why didn’t he say so immediately. OMG. I immediately did a patch test with NAAP. Nothing, no reaction. I did another one. Nothing again. And in that moment Brandon realised that having dinner with me had cost him $16k and I laughed until I cried. The ending of that story is the beginning of another as we launch NAAP here, which now has a whole long history all of its own and will probably go on to become one of the bestselling NIOD products of all time, which will help pay for that dinner! Let’s do it:

Perhaps more than any other NIOD product, Shabir, Brandon and I have spoken at length about NAAP. Collectively, we are vehemently against acid peels, microdermabrasion, certain scrubs and other numerous products and treatments of that ilk; the irony is that the very products and treatments that are ‘touted’ around as being amazing for anti-ageing purposes, are in fact the very products and treatments that can create excessive inflammation, which is the biggest cause of ageing skin. I am not going to write chapter and verse about this, although the temptation is huge, but what we are acknowledging here is that there are so many of us who love the thought of skin resurfacing, but we don’t want the side effects of harsh treatments, of which there are many, not least walking around looking like a raw chicken. Step up NAAP.

NAAP is a non-acidic alternative to acid-based epidermal resurfacing. Instead of using direct acids like AHA/BHA or retinoids that are common in skincare, NAAP uses fermentation bio-derivatives and amino isolates that act as precursors to skin-compatible acids, encouraging visible radiance and surface regularity without the redness and inflammation associated with acids.

NAAP has been formulated for night-time use; apply a few drops at bedtime to the face avoiding the immediate eye areas. This can be used as a stand-alone product, but if used as part of a NIOD regimen, apply after CAIS and MMHC, but before HV and/or VM, if you have it and while it lasts! If you are using ELAN, then please apply after ELAN. If any sensitivity does occur, reduce the application initially to every other night until skin builds tolerance.

And my views on NAAP, well do I really need to write anything, I don’t think so except to say it is another one of those NIOD products that you don’t think you need until you use it and then you realise that actually you, and your skin, wouldn’t want to be without it. And the love deepens.
Non-Acid Acid Precursor 15% (NAAP) £35 for 30 ml

Sanskrit Saponins (SS)

I don’t really know where to begin here; you all watched the launch of Sanskrit Saponins on the May newsletter (NIOD’s first birthday) and then it all kicked off. Firstly the response was truly unbelievable, we thank you, and then a series of events happened, including the loss of two great big boxes of Sanskrit Saponins in transit; at one given time we had four different scenarios going on, which meant four different sets of emails sent to thousands of our customers and I nearly lost my mind and the will to live!

And then came the inevitable wait list; we really, really had it covered, but because of unforeseen circumstances, we didn’t. At the time of writing, we are scheduled to receive another consignment today, tomorrow or the day after, so this has virtually been resolved; near normality has returned, except there is nothing normal about NIOD; it has attitude and let me just say when it’s NIOD’s second birthday I am running away – far, far away!

So the feedback, all for the love of NIOD’s first yešti formulation, which truly delivers on promise and as so many of you have told us, it really does leave the skin looking virtually pore-free. I would love to include every single comment here, but I can’t, space won’t allow, but thank you for your prolific praise of yet another pioneering product from NIOD, which will eventually lead to a new path and another journey. A special thank you here to Prudvi, the lead NIOD chemist; your brilliance and dedication is of another world.
Sanskrit Saponins £23 for 90 ml


After we released the May newsletter, several of you wrote to me saying that NIOD has a life of its own and it truly does. We cannot tame it, it refuses to listen and in its own inimitable way it dictates exactly what it wants to do. The force of its energy is too strong to fight and why would we anyway, we acquiesce. VM, as most you know, was a gift to celebrate NIOD’s first birthday. It came to you if you ordered any product on the day the newsletter was released as a thank you from Brandon and I in celebration of NIOD’s first year. We didn’t tell you what it was, we didn’t tell you its name and I am still not going to give you that information.

For those who have it, you now know what it does and as ever, it does it in a way that a lot of other products can only dream of doing. Once again, the feedback has been phenomenal and we know that when you have finished the jar, you may well be bereft because it is not yet scheduled for launch. I seriously was not going to do this, but things often change in a heartbeat, actually make that two heartbeats, so please read on:

We are now listing VM; it remains as VM with no other information; it is pre-order only, it will cost £30 for 50 ml (yes you were sent a full size lab sample) and one day it will launch. And when it does, there will be mayhem because a product that can virtually knock ten years off overnight (your words, not mine) is going to create yet another riot. So my suggestion is that you put yourself on the pre-launch list, we will not debit any monies from your account until the day we launch it and when we do that launch you will know and you can always cancel on the day (or before) if you change your mind. That’s all!
VM £30 for 50 ml (Pre-launch orders only)

Before I finish the NIOD section (soon it will need its own newsletter), I need to tell you that I think I have over 30 NIOD products in my bathroom; this includes finished products, which you have too, and a whole load of lab samples. Through all of this I had run out of Flavanone Mud and kept forgetting to bring it home with me. So I had days and days of life without FM; for those of you who really care about inflammation, try not to go cold turkey if you love FM, it’s not cute, my skin missed it badly and it is THE only product that I know about that takes down the puff underneath my eyes instantly. Heroic. Also heroic, Lip Bio-Lipid Concentrate with a great big hug and thank you to Lesley Thomas who wrote in The Times magazine that it was the most serious lip plumping product she had tried. And voila – In The Press.
Flavanone Mud £28 for 50 ml; Lip Bio-Lipid Concentrate £38 for 15 ml

The Wet Brush

And so it came to pass that a rather gorgeous hair brush landed on my desk with a note attached to it – please try me, please love me and please list me because I brush with greatness. Bold. I tried it, I loved it, I’ve listed it and I am brushing with greatness, so I invite you to join me.

Properly brushing wet hair out of the shower to avoid breakage is fundamental to beautiful and healthy hair. The Wet Brush uses IntelliFlex bristles that bend around and over knots, working them out gently, without breaking or pulling hair. The result is healthy hair with no tangles, split-ends and much less breakage.

The Wet Brush is safe to use on all hair types and offers the ease of pain-free and effortless detangling; such is its greatness that it has become the number one choice of industry professionals in America and the UK is about to follow. For the moment we are listing Classic Black and Leopard, the latter because it reminds me of living on the wild side – a state of being never too far away! Let’s love, let’s brush and this is just the beginning!
The Wet Brush Classic Black £11.99; The Wet Brush Leopard £12.99

Aromatherapy Associates – Roller Balls and A Gift Worth £26

I suppose it might be a bit strange to love a brand that I can’t actually use myself because of my allergies, but I do really love Aromatherapy Associates and at least I can sniff them, if nothing else. I wish upon wish that I was able to use their fabulous roller balls because they are amazing and my ‘I want them all right now gene’ is sulking. So there are three, Deep Relax, Inner Strength and De-Stress.

Deep Relax helps you to experience the seriously relaxing and restful powers of vetivert, which is deeply sedative, camomile, to help calm and balance emotions and sandalwood, to help ground and comfort the mind. Simply roll onto your pulse points as you prepare yourself for bed. And sleep.

Inner Strength contains a natural blend of clary sage, frankincense and cardamom oils to help instantly restore a positive outlook. It is a real solution driven formulation that can be used at any time and it is perfect for travel.

De-Stress is the wellbeing-on-the-go roller ball; it contains frankincense, petitgrain, wild camomile and rosemary oils and it is another solution driven formulation for those moments when. And there are a lot of ‘when’ moments. Travel with it too.

The Gift: Now this is something that I can actually use and thank goodness because I truly adore Jade Facial Massagers, so when you buy any (or all!) of the above roller balls, you will receive a Jade Facial Massager to roll on your face to give yourself a facial muscle work-out.

The gentle rolling action of the massager helps stimulate lymphatic drainage, tones the facial muscles of the skin to help reduce puffiness and helps improve skin elasticity. The cooling effect of the pure jade stone leaves your skin feeling refreshed and re-energised.

So get this while you can, the Jade Facial Massager is worth £26 and let me tell you it is so wonderful that I would happily buy one, except you don’t need to because it’s a gift. Just one rule, the demand is going to be high, so the gift is restricted to one per customer regardless of how many roller balls you buy and this offer stands whilst stocks last. Let it roll! **Sorry this promotion has now ended **
Deep Relax Roller Ball £16; Inner Strength Roller Ball £16; De-Stress Roller Ball £16 (All 10 ml)

Skinesis Lip Enhancer by Sarah Chapman

Here it comes, another new product from Sarah Chapman and this time it is a multi-tasking lip enhancing duo with two specific formulations, a power base and a tint balm, to help achieve perfect looking lips. The fusion helps deliver fuller, moisturised, volumised and perfected lips with a colour adapting signature Skinesis subtle sheen.

The power base is a non-greasy, lightweight cream to help cushion, fill, smooth and plump both the lip and lip contour and should be used to prime for the tint balm. The tint balm enhances your natural lip colour and gives a touch of a glow.

You can use the Lip Enhancer duo multiple times a day if you wish and while we are doing Sarah Chapman, there is a treat further down the newsletter; just saying!
Skinesis Lip Enhancer £29


Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease which manifests itself on skin. Normally our skin cells divide at a constant rate, but in the case of psoriasis the cells begin to multiply at a much faster pace leading to a build-up of skin cells which causes the characteristic horny outer layers. This increased cell proliferation also leads to inflammation which is characteristic of symptoms. These rashes may appear as red bumps that itch, flat red blotches on the skin or silvery white patches on the skin.

The cause or causes of psoriasis is still not fully understood. There are two theories which may be valid; one theory is that psoriasis is caused by a fault in the outer cell layers with the cells being in a state of hyperactivity. The second theory is that psoriasis is due to a fault in the immune system which causes inflammation of the skin cells and an increased production of skin cells. The second theory is the most widely accepted one because the use of drugs, which suppresses the immune system, often results in a marked improvement in the symptoms of psoriasis. These drugs are not without side-effects which is why many sufferers choose to try a natural treatment for psoriasis.

Psoriasis is not contagious and there is a definite gene marker for this disease because it does tend to run in families. There is no cure for psoriasis, but you can alleviate the symptoms and you can prevent outbreaks.

Kerecis Psoria is a new cream for psoriasis that contains patented mOmega3 proprietary fractions of fatty acids which are delicately extracted from fish skin. It is an Icelandic formulation from a company, Kerecis, that specialise in fish skin extracts and they have peer reviewed studies and investigations into wound healing, skin regeneration and skin repair from fish skin and patented omega 3 fatty acids.

Kerecis Psoria has been specifically formulated to help hydrate the dead skin, reduce itching and to help expedite the removal of skin flakes and scales. The patented omega 3 fatty acids help relieve skin redness, restore suppleness and also nourish the skin with the lost natural oils. It also contains a small amount of dermatological grade glycolic acid which exfoliates the dead skin cells from the outer layer and carbamide to help hydrate the outer cell layers.

According to the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), psoriasis may also be caused by excess heat in the body and/or liver weakness. Many psoriasis sufferers find great improvements in skin quality, texture and reduced inflammation when taking milk thistle supplementation. There is some justification to this since the liver processes all toxins and an inability to detoxify efficiently can lead to skin rashes and inflammation. European Milk Thistle is an excellent product and Shabir really believes this helps a lot with psoriasis and other inflammatory skin issues.
VH Editorial: A Natural Psoriasis CreamKerecis Psoria £17.99 for 50 ml; European Milk Thistle from £24

What Causes Restless Legs

Whilst the subject of restless legs has been studied extensively, the causes of restless legs still remain a mystery to modern science. The symptoms of restless legs begin in a way that is almost contrary to all other types of pain in the limbs. Most types of leg pain ease when you rest the legs whereas with restless legs the pain gets more intense when you relax.

The symptoms of restless legs are variable and they include an uncontrollable desire to move legs, particularly at night-time, the twitching of the legs and leg muscles, pain in the legs which feels like a ‘creepy crawly sensation’, an itching pulling pain and an inability to sleep at night, which subsequently results in fatigue and a lack of concentration during the day.

These various symptoms are often classified into a concern called Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS), also known as Wittmack-Ekbom syndrome and we do know that RLS is a neurological disease, which may be the result of low iron levels, folic acid deficiency, thyroid problems, diabetes and/or poor function of the kidneys.

So here comes the help in the shape of a wonderful new product, Cramp Bark Leg Spray. Cramp bark is a small native tree found in Europe and Asia and its name was derived because it was found that the bark from the tree was good for cramps. Cramp bark, Viburnum opulus, has been traditionally used in herbal medicines to treat painful menstrual cramps, urinary tract pain and abdominal pain because it has the ability to relax smooth muscles such as those found in the intestines and the uterus. It has also been found that Cramp bark relaxes striated muscles, which are found in our arms and legs.

Aside from Cramp Bark, this formulation also contains magnesium brine. Magnesium is a great muscle and nerve relaxant and in the form of this brine it is often referred to as magnesium oil. This mineral further supports the relaxing effect of Cramp Bark and therefore helps to rapidly alleviate the symptoms of restless legs and also helps alleviate tired feet, swollen and/or puffy feet.

If you are suffering from chronic RLS, it might also be good to use a circulatory herbal supplement and we recommend Diosmin Plus which contains a powerful, safe blend of herbs including Ginger and Horse Chestnut, both having a long history of use for improving circulation to the lower limbs. A word of caution here: please do not take Diosmin Plus if you are taking blood thinning medications such as Warfarin and Heparin, although it is perfectly safe alongside aspirin.
VH Editorial: What Causes Restless LegsCramp Bark Leg Spray £16.50 for 237 ml; Diosmin Plus £26 for 60 Capsules

Travel Biotic

Here is a new product for your suitcase and Shabir really loves this formulation. Travel Biotic provides the probiotic Saccharomyces bouldardii in a convenient, professional-strength, one-a-day capsule for travel. S.boulardii has been shown to help prevent traveller’s diarrhoea, stomach upset and quickly helps to reduce symptoms of acute digestive illness in a number of studies due to its anti-diarrhoeal, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and anti-parasitic effects. It’s easy to use too, just take one capsule of Travel Biotic daily for five days before travel and continue for the duration of your trip. Short, sweet and to the point. Nothing more to add.
VH Editorial: A Probiotic To Prevent Traveller’s DiarrhoeaTravel Biotic by Viridian £20 for 30 Capsules


Separate it out and it reads OMG Tea, which is why I looked twice when this product landed on my desk; each day of my life I get several OMG emails from a certain nameless person and it just made me laugh; if I didn’t know better I would think he had created it himself, but he didn’t, it was created by Katherine Swift when she found out about matcha’s incredible health benefits and the OMG actually stands for ‘Organic Matcha Green’, but to me it will always be OMG as in OMG!

OMGTEA has been developed following exposure to the ground-breaking scientific research of Professor Michael Lisanti, one of Europe’s leading cancer and ageing research scientists who also sits on OMGTEA’s scientific advisory board. Interestingly there is also a current study being carried out at The University of Chichester who are testing OMGTEA in relation to fat oxidation and endurance to show how OMGTEA enhances healthy weight loss and can also aid in increasing endurance in sport.

We will keep you updated on all studies, but for now you need to know that there are two different teas, Premium Grade Matcha and Super Premium Grade Matcha and I’m writing about Super Premium.

Super Premium is the highest grade of organic matcha and it supports the immune system, helps boost metabolism and helps regulate both cholesterol and blood sugar levels; the most significant phytochemical in green tea is a polyphenol called EGCG (epigallocatechin-3-gallate) and studies are suggesting that EGCG works at the cellular level and may possibly help prevent cell mutation by protecting the genes. Again, these studies are ongoing, but really interesting.

Super Premium also offers a remarkably high level of ORAC (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) units and with 1685 units, it pretty much surpasses all natural antioxidant rich foods known at this point and it has 137 x the antioxidants of regular green tea. A bit of a superstar tea; the matcha powder is sourced in Japan and you may be interested to read about Katherine’s recent journey to Japan where she follows OMGTEA from leaf to tin in Nishio and also writes about a Japanese Tea Ceremony. Do so love a ritualistic happening.
VH Editorial: OMGTEA – A Trip To JapanOrganic Premium Grade Matcha £19.95 for 30 grams; Organic Super Premium Grade Matcha £21.95 for 30 grams

Right, we are now going to do three things that will make you happy if you love Sarah Chapman, Annee de Mamiel and Ameliorate, so one by one here they come:

Get Summer Body Ready with Sarah Chapman

Here is a very good way to get your body ready for summer, not just for on the beach, but for those other areas that need a bit of TLC after being wrapped up over the past few months (given that I think we may have had three days of summer temperatures, which was all a bit of a shock). These products are worth £61 in total, but together they are available as a limited edition for £30. The products are:

Bodylift: This unique massager eases muscle tension and helps encourage the lymphatic system to drain toxins, reduce puffiness and stimulate circulation resulting in smooth, sculpted, toned and defined limbs – but only if you keep it up and use regularly!

Neck and Chest Rejuvenating Complex (10 ml): An award-winning treatment that provides an invisible micro-lift network across the skin to help restore a youthful neck and chest contour, improved skin density, pigmentation and the appearance of lines and creases.

Chin and Jaw Lift x 2: A visibly-lifting treatment mask. The firming effect from this elastic fibre sling infused with a complex of powerful actives lightens and sculpts the jawline, creating the feeling of a lower-face lift.

With love and kisses from Sarah and us.
Get Summer Body Ready £30 (Bodylift, Neck and Chest Rejuvenating Complex; Chin and Jaw Lift)

de Mamiel Travel Essentials

Lovely Annee and her beautiful products keep winning awards and it makes my heart sing for her because she is one of life’s very special people. As so many of you know, Altitude Oil has been a bestselling product since launch and so we have put it together with two other products, called it Travel Essentials (TE) and hope you love them. TE includes:

Altitude Oil (3 ml): with powerful antibacterial and antiseptic ingredients, Altitude Oil supports and protects the immune system and most health and beauty editors carry this powerful blend in their handbags when travelling. I think it’s become de rigueur for those in the know and an awful lot of us know.

Botaniques Rosey Lip Balm (10 ml): containing Camelia and Monoi, Rosey Lip Balm nourishes and protects your lips against dryness and cracking, but it’s not only for travel, use it as and when needed all year round.

Botaniques Salvation Body Oil (30 ml): For when you arrive, wherever you are arriving, a glowing golden nectar with baobab, argan, camellia, rosehip and coconut oils. Award-winning and fabulous.
de Mamiel Travel Essentials £34

Ameliorate Skin Smoothing Body Lotion

We’ve done this once before, but that was over a year ago, and so we are doing it again now because Ameliorate is loved and adored by so many of you and you don’t have to have Keratosis Pilaris (chicken skin) to appreciate its benefits. So when you buy the Ameliorate Skin Smoothing Body Lotion (200 ml), which is £27.50, you will have the opportunity to receive the travel size Ameliorate Skin Smoothing Body Lotion (100 ml) at a special price. Normally retailing at £17.50, the little one has been put with the big one, we have taken £10 off and you can get both for £35 while stocks last. Another one for the suitcase.
VH Editorial: Treatment of Keratosis PilarisAmeliorate Skin Smoothing Body Lotion Bonus Pack £35 (includes Ameliorate Skin Smoothing Body Lotion £27.50 and Ameliorate Travel Size Skin Smoothing Body Lotion £17.50)


Osteopenia is defined as low bone density or low bone mass, a condition in which a person experiences a decrease in bone structure that is greater than the normal amount for their relevant age. Osteopenia, if left unchecked, may lead to osteoporosis, a serious condition in which the bone density has deteriorated to an extent that increases the risk of breaking or fracturing bones. Osteopenia is more common that osteoporosis affecting millions of women, both young and middle-aged.

It is difficult to identify osteopenia and osteoporosis because in general there are not any noticeable symptoms. Often a medical check may identify osteopenia and it is recommended that women have a bone density scan when they reach perimenopause, which is usually when menstrual irregularities occur between the ages of 45 and 55, although in some cases it could be far earlier.

The causes of osteopenia may be caused by a number of factors including genetics, being thin or small boned, a low intake of calcium-rich foods such as dairy products, excessive meat consumption, low stomach acidity, the removal of ovaries and taking medications such as steroids and proton-pump inhibitors. And of course more women suffer from osteopenia and osteoporosis than men because rapid bone loss in women starts roughly from the age of 35 and rapid bone loss in men generally occurs ten years later.

This is just a small section from an in-depth article Shabir has written on the subject, so please do take the time to read it because it can affect any one of us at any time. For now all you need to know is that Shabir thinks that one of the best calcium supplements for osteopenia is Bone Restore with Vitamin K2, which provides all the nutrients required to build healthy strong bones. Prevention is better than cure, so if you think you are susceptible to osteopenia, please start taking it now. Thank you.
VH Editorial: What Is Osteopenia?Bone Restore with Vitamin K2 by Life Extension £23 for 120 Capsules

Margaret Dabbs Soothing Foot Powder

I really, really like Margaret Dabbs; we have known each other for several years and I am always impressed with her attention to detail, the efficacy of her products and the fact that she really cares about the difference her products make to each of you. She has always supported us magnificently and that really matters to me and speaks volumes about who she is and what she does. Her passion is reflected in her products and so I am delighted to tell you about her latest launch, Soothing Foot Powder.

Soothing Foot Powder helps reduce sweating, calms itchy skin, tackles athlete’s foot and deodorises feet; it also helps fight fungus and bacteria; it is of course expertly formulated and has a really silky feel and is scented with Lemon Myrtle. Simple in description, yet powerful in action, Margaret has another winning product to add to her award-winning collection. And that is a very good thing.
VH Editorial: Sweaty Feet?Soothing Foot Powder £12 for 25 grams

The Podium

Where to begin; I can deal with one or two issues, there are always issues, but when a whole load of them come together at the same time I sit and wonder what on earth is going on and there has been an awful lot going on, so I’m taking this step by step on the four biggest issues:

Let’s do NIOD. I swear this is now becoming the very best soap opera in town; somebody really ought to buy the film rights about the life and times of NIOD; if I wrote everything down that happens in any given day, you just wouldn’t believe me, but it’s all true and we endure.

We endure because we love the products and together with Brandon I am so sorry about the raw ingredient issues, the wait lists, the loss of boxes in transit and customs who just love living with the NIOD ingredients for days and weeks on end. We give thanks to them and we give thanks to you for understanding. Amen and long live NIOD dramas, it would be ever so dull without them.
NIOD from £20

Color Wow Cocktails. These were featured in The Sunday Times and nobody knew they were going to make an appearance, so we all woke up on a Sunday morning and suddenly wished we were all back in bed again because we knew we couldn’t keep up with the demand! We are hoping to clear all back orders no later than the second week of June. Sorry!
Color Wow Carb Cocktail £22 for 200 ml; Color Wow Coconut Cocktail £22 for 200 ml; Color Wow Kale Cocktail £22 for 200 ml

Dr Nigma Talib. Well who knew that three minutes after releasing Nigma’s first product, Healthy Flora, it would go rampant! And once again we had a raw ingredient issue and a wait list longer than both my arms and legs. But the thing is that Nigma is fabulous and her product, which is also fabulous, was worth the wait. Now it is back in stock, we will continue the Nigma journey and it’s going to be a good one, let me tell you.

My very best moments are when I work closely with people I love. And I love her; all you need to know is that we are going to go and see Ab Fab together (it’s anybody’s guess who is Patsy and who is Edina – those close to either of us will know!), so bring on the 1st July for the movie and I’m singing ‘glory hallelujah’ because the wait is now over.
Healthy Flora £47 for 30 Capsules

And then there was the Clove Bud Complex scenario; it’s an extraordinarily good idea to take this supplement for intestinal parasites; it was such a good idea that it triggered another massive wait list. Another day, another raw ingredient issue and another fabulous product. I’m actually blaming Shabir for this one, he wrote the article, but Clove Bud will be with us within the next few hours (I hope!) and another wait list hits the dust. Not before time!
VH Editorial: Intestinal ParasitesClove Bud Complex £14.80 for 90 Capsules

Lyme Disease

We’ve done this before, but we’re doing it again because it needs to be talked about. Lyme Disease is an infection caused by a specific bacteria, which is transferred into the human body by ticks when they bite into the skin. These blood sucking ticks are capable of spreading many life-threatening diseases including Lyme Disease.

Lyme Disease is not contagious because the disease can only be spread by a tick bite. The first symptoms of Lyme Disease include a rash, flu-like symptoms, muscle pain, joint pain, headaches, fever and chills. It is therefore absolutely imperative that ticks are removed as soon as possible.

We recommend the use of a credit card size device called the Tick Remover Card which contains two different size tools for different size ticks and a magnifying lens to ensure proper removal of the tick. Be careful not to twist or crush the tick because the aim is to remove the tick in one piece and seal it in a plastic bag so you can take it to your GP. It normally takes approximately 24 hours for the bacteria to transmit within the body, which is why current thought points to the use of antibiotics as soon as possible.

Lyme Disease, if not detected early, can result in many concerns including numbness, severe joint pain, memory loss, sleep disorders and in some cases paralysis of the facial muscles. British scientists from Bristol University discovered nearly 300 ticks living in just one square metre of parkland; with the warmer weather approaching parks are heavily used, so we think it is really important to carry a Tick Remover Card because the sooner you remove the tick and visit your GP, the greater the chances of not getting Lyme Disease if you are bitten. I’m not being alarmist, but I would rather you were aware than oblivious to the risk.
Tick Remover Card £3.99

Summer Cold Sores

Summer Cold Sores are so extraordinarily common and are caused the infection of the herpes simplex virus. Nearly all of us have this virus in our bodies and it normally remains dormant where it resides in the sensory nerve cells near the site of the infection.

The best way to both prevent and treat a cold sore is to take L-Lysine, taking one tablet twice daily on an empty stomach. Numerous studies indicate that lysine supplementation can help to speed the recovery and help prevent recurrences of cold sores. Lysine itself has anti-viral properties, but additionally it blocks the uptake of arginine, an amino acid that promotes viral growth.

Creams are very popular in the treatment of cold sores and Lemon Balm is an amazing product; the feedback continues to be amazing. The tannins in lemon balm have potent anti-viral and anti-microbial properties and terpines in lemon balm help to numb the painful tissue and provide soothing properties. Simply dab the cream at the first sign of any tingling and re-apply every three or four hours.
L-Lysine by Lamberts £8.50 for 120 Tablets; Lemon Balm Cream £9 for 60 ml

VH Editorial

I cannot write this section without mentioning my and our great sadness at the recent loss of Sally Brampton. I said everything I needed to say in the email I sent to everybody and then again in another email to those of you had expressed your own thoughts, paying respect to a wonderful friend who was so very close to so many of us. To some I responded personally, but I had to give up because it was an impossibility to answer each and every one of you. I hope that for those who wrote to me, you will have received a response, but I just need to say again, for those who are unable to cope with your own personal pain, please, please contact The Samaritans on 116 123; it is a free call.

For now, you can of course read all of Sally’s articles on the link below, but in time, Sally’s website will be updated by her daughter Molly and it will be a testimony to the very important work that she did and in recognition of the help she gave to millions of people. I will of course keep you fully informed.
The Definitive Sally Brampton

In this month’s editorial features, Carolyn Asome voices her opinion on that flat shoe scenario, which has broadly incensed so many of us and she continues with How To Not Look Corporate; Jo Fairley does Scent and the Sun, the Beauty Bible girls Summer Feet and Catherine Turner Celebrates Sally.
How Not To Look Corporate by Carolyn Asome; Scent in the Sun by Jo Fairley; Celebrating Sally by Catherine Turner; Summer Feet by the Beauty Bible girls.

The End Bit

Just a few things to talk about here:

Let’s do sleep and the 100% fruit sleep aid, which is sending people to sleep all over America, so we may as well join in. Berry Sleepy contains three proven fruits, Goji Berry, Tart Cherry and Passion Fruit, which provide natural melatonin, which kind of makes it perfect for natural sleep. All three fruits are sleep-inducing superfruits and they will help you fall asleep quickly and gently. The best thing is that you won’t feel groggy when you wake up and because melatonin is banned in the UK (unless it is prescribed), we’ll go natural instead. Check it out.
Berry Sleepy £24 for 60 Capsules

Leg time: Emerita Hair Removal Pre-Waxed Strips are fast and easy to use anytime, anywhere. They gently remove hair by the roots and are made from natural tree resin, beeswax, castor oil and skin-soothing botanicals of arnica and calendula. That’s it.
Hair Removal Pre-Waxed Strips for Legs & Body £15 for 20 Strips

Body Mint helps eliminate body odours. These deodorant tablets have been created from all natural plant based ingredients and work from within to eliminate body odours completely. I actually can’t remember when we first launched these in the UK, but I do remember them making an appearance in The Sunday Times and I know we had a huge wait list. Some things never change, seriously it must have been about ten years ago, but they remain best in class.
Body Mint £14.95 for 60 Tablets

Still loving, still using Regenerate. It’s been out of stock with the manufacturers, but now it’s back and I have five tubes stashed in my bathroom just in case it goes missing again.
Regenerate Enamel Science Advanced Toothpaste £10 for 75 ml

And for those of you who want to know, after I wrote about Smile Makers on last month’s newsletter, the bestselling personal massager is The Millionaire. Figures.
The Millionaire by Smile Makers £30

And so we come to the end of another newsletter; my love and thanks to all of you for your loyalty and support, which always means so much. When it comes to it, we are all in this world together, so we do the best we can possibly do, but more than anything I just want to say that so many of you were there for me when I was hurting and your emails were so comforting. I thank you.

Together with Shabir and the entire VH team, I hope that you have a wonderful June and of course the NIOD soap opera will continue on the July newsletter, if all goes according to plan!

With love

Gill x