July Newsletter 2011

July Newsletter 2011

Welcome to the July newsletter where the NUDE phenomenon goes on and on, I catapult myself into hair care heaven, which will make you want to ‘shout’ (all will become clear, I promise!), we have a new product from the queen of foot care, the amazing Margaret Dabbs, and Shabir gives us the inside track on fibre. Additionally, we take a look at some rather fabulous feedback, I announce another NUDE skincare treat and straight after that a prize draw on the second section of this newsletter that is so sensational that I would like to win it myself, except I can’t! I am also going to introduce you to our new editorial contributor, so with a lot to get through, let’s go:

NUDE Skincare

When launching a brand, most normal people would start with the global bestselling product and then work their way through the rest of the range. When Advanced Cellular Renewal Serum was launched onto the global market, it sold out within a week, such is the brilliance of this targeted treatment serum. So I’ve saved it until last on the basis that I love bucking trends and I love it even more when I’m writing about an extraordinary product, which has been formulated to help correct ageing and also helps control acneic skin.

This breakthrough serum activates the skin’s cellular renewal system in three key ways. It contains the highest concentration of NUDE’s Probiotic Technology and has been clinically proven to help repair cellular damage, stimulate cellular renewal by up to 70% and reduce cellular damage by up to 50%. NUDE use a cocktail of Probiotic-derived proteins to trigger specific and targeted responses within the skin, which also helps to control the levels of acne causing bacteria, oil production and breakouts, whilst speeding up the repair process of acneic skin. Heroic!

Bioactive Peptides help boost levels of Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid and Fibronectin, but I need to tell you that the most exciting part of the entire formulation is their Hyaluronic Acid (HA) System. It is a unique three way system to help increase natural levels of HA on the surface and at structural level, while also preventing its breakdown with antioxidant Japanese Sea Kelp, which visibly firms and hydrates the skin. As most of the world (well the VH world!) know that I consider HA to be ‘God’s Gift’ to help prevent our faces from sliding south, the thought of popping a pill in conjunction with using this sensational serum almost sends my excitement levels off the Richter Scale!

Advanced Cellular Renewal Serum has been designed as an overnight treatment to work in synergy with the skin’s night time cycles of repair and renewal. In the evening, just apply a drop or two to your fingertips and massage onto a cleansed face, including the eye contour, and follow with the award-winning Replenishing Night Oil. Using one drop per night, the serum will last approximately two months. This is skincare investment at its very best and Shabir had just better get used to the fact that I am besotted with the entire range. You want to see his face every time I load more products into my oversized (for good purpose) bag. Who gives a damn!
Advanced Cellular Renewal Serum £68 for 30 ml; Replenishing Night Oil £44 for 15 ml; Hyaluronic Acid High Strength by NHS Labs £35 for 30 Vegecaps

In the June newsletter, I wrote about NUDE Skincare’s Cleansing Facial Oil and I told you that after the search of a lifetime, I considered it the best cleanser I have ever used, but I have to reprimand myself for not telling you that there is another wonderful cleanser in the range. I got so carried away with Cleansing Facial Oil, I forgot to mention the Cleansing Facial Wash. I know that many of you like to use a foaming cleansing gel, so this gorgeous cleanser works wonders on normal and combination skins. Many people tend to use the Cleansing Facial Wash in the morning and the Cleansing Facial Oil in the evening, so forgive me for not writing about it earlier.
Cleansing Facial Wash £14 for 100 ml; Cleansing Facial Oil £24 for 100 ml

NUDE Skincare Treat: For the month of July, or whilst stocks last, if you buy any NUDE Skincare product you will receive a free ‘Summer Sensation’ duo containing a 5 ml Miracle Mask and a 30 ml Hydrating Water. This gift is worth £8.75 and it needs to be said that the Miracle Mask really does live up to its name. A little goes a long, long way and I take mine down my neck and onto my cleavage, followed by a quick spritz of Hydrating Water. To complete the treatment I massage in the Replenishing Night Oil. Indulgent yes, but after just one treatment, your eyes might just pop out of your head at the result. Do this on a bi-weekly basis (or weekly) and you will be worshipping at the altar of an epic beauty tip! Ah, one more thing, if you are travelling, the Hydrating Water is a gift from heaven and will help prevent your skin from drying up like an old prune!
Miracle Mask £38 for 40 ml; Hydrating Water £14 for 100 ml

We are still in the throes of making changes to our website and quite honestly I don’t think we will ever stand still on this front. So it gives me great pleasure in inviting you to look at the NUDE Skincare mini-site. Here you will find all the products, you can read what people are saying about NUDE and you can watch videos about some of the products, including how to use Cleansing Facial Oil. If you feel so inclined and you would like to star on our site, nothing would make me happier than to include some of you talking about the products. It doesn’t have to be a whole MGM production, because a home shot video is really cool. It’s just another way of sharing and whilst I can’t promise to include everything, it takes us into another dimension and I like that a lot.
NUDE Skincare Mini-Site

Lulu’s Operation Glam Hair Care

I hardly need to introduce Lulu to any of you, but what I do need to tell you is that I share the same hair type as Lulu, which is fine, limp and lifeless – how smart is that! As a fine hair sufferer, Lulu knew exactly what was needed to create a range of products to address this issue. Her hair care range has been created by the same genius chemist who came up with John Frieda’s Funky Chunky, a ‘wonder’ hair thickening product that many women swore by before it was discontinued. Lulu says, ‘my love of hair and hair products is legendary … I know from experience that making fine hair look glamorous isn’t easy – you need exceptional products’.

Lulu tried and tested each formulation at every step of the way until they reached her exacting standards and the result is a complete collection of revolutionary products that help transform hair, making it appear thicker and stronger. They contain a peptide complex, which also addresses the special needs of ageing hair. The Glam products contain procapil, a unique ingredient which fights against premature hair loss by anchoring the hair follicles more firmly in the scalp to help prevent thinning.

I have been testing these products over the past few weeks and I have to say that I am massively impressed. I wash my hair every morning, it’s just the way it is, but quite honestly I can now get away with washing it every other day. With one shake of the head it looks like I’ve just washed it, which I find pretty astounding and life-changing! I’ve been writing about life-changing skincare products (above!) for the past few weeks, so here comes life-changing hair care with love and kisses from Lulu (and me!):

Larger-Than-Life Shampoo: This is the shampoo that helps build up hair, making it look naturally thicker and stronger. It is gentle and non-irritating and also helps provide colour care, whilst helping the fight against premature hair loss.
Larger-Than-Life Shampoo £16.50 for 250 ml

Larger-than-Life Conditioner: It is really tricky to add shine to fine hair without making it limper, but this brilliant conditioner is ultra-light to help create volume and thickness without weighing the hair down and trust me, it really does make your hair shine.
Larger-Than-Life Conditioner £16.50 for 250 ml

Glammunition Thickening Elixir: Hero product! Let me kiss that genius chemist man for this amazing elixir. I don’t know how on earth he created this, but it helps shield out the moisture that often flattens the hair. Over the years I have tested so many hair products, I’ve lost count and very, very few live up to their promise. In the worst case scenario, my hair has resembled a pair of worn-out curtains, but I hereby declare big love for Glammunition.
Glammunition Thickening Elixir £18 for 100 ml

High Profile Thicken & Lift Spray: I use this spray together with Glammunition as this is the product that helps create body and bounce. Unlike a lot of traditional resins, it is not sticky and it doesn’t have a brittle after-effect, which is all rather fabulous because I don’t particularly want to walk round with helmet-hair!
High Profile Thicken & Lift Spray £16.50 for 150 ml

Strike A Pose Modeling Hair Spray: I have to say that I haven’t tested this product myself, but I will get round to it one of these days. My testers tell me that it is excellent and allows continuous restyling with a flexible hold that lasts. What more does a girl need!
Strike A Pose Modeling Hair Spray £16.50 for 200 ml

The above products were the first products created by Lulu, but she has gone on to create two more products, Lock Star Shampoo and Conditioner. Once again, Lulu called on the team of chemists behind the hugely successful John Frieda collection to develop two very special anti-ageing products that help your hair turn back the clock. Formulated for medium to thick hair, Lock Star Shampoo contains a unique blend of oils, including Argan oil, and proteins to help create younger-looking, smooth and shiny hair. For most women hair texture changes due to colouring and/or turning grey and hair often becomes coarse, wiry, dry and dull, so these two products help tackle those issues. The Lock Star conditioner contains a unique and hi-tech conditioning agent that selectively targets the frizzy, wiry and rough areas of hair and helps give it new life and gloss. Hurray!
Lock Star Shampoo £16.50 for 250 ml; Lock Star Conditioner £16.50 for 250 ml

Prize Draw: Lulu, John Frieda & Kevin: Right, please don’t burst a blood vessel when you read this paragraph! Wherever Lulu goes, the first thing people always talk to her about is her hair. Mostly, we all want hair like Lulu, so for two lucky VH-ers that dream is just about to come true. Lulu’s hair is cut by the incredible Kevin at John Frieda, so for the month of July only, if you buy any of Lulu’s hair care products, your name will be entered into a prize draw. The first two names chosen electronically will win a free haircut with Kevin (worth £180), so two of you are going to be extraordinarily lucky because you could get hair like Lulu! Just a couple of things to say here; John Frieda is based in London and we cannot pay for your travel expenses to the salon, most especially if you happen to live in Hong Kong or Australia! When placing your order, please ensure that you enter your correct contact details (including a telephone number) so that we can contact you. We will inform the two winners on 1 August 2011 and I just want to send a great big hug and kiss to John Frieda for supporting us so brilliantly. Catch them John!
John Frieda: 4 Aldford Street, London W1K 2AE; 020 7491 0840

VH Editorial – Lulu: Tra la la and let the excitement peak because Lulu is our latest editorial contributor and over the next few months she will be sharing some of her beauty tips, with a little bit of life thrown in along the way. In her first article Lulu reveals what you will find in her DIY hair kit, so do check it out and keep reading because we have a whole lot of ‘Lulu treats’ lined up for the future. Oh, and if you are still wondering why I wrote ‘it will make you want to shout’ in the opening paragraph of this bulletin, the sad fact of life is that I remember watching Lulu & The Luvvers performing ‘Shout’ on Ready Steady Go in 1965. Watch it here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IAbbXbZKph0 whilst I go and triple dose on HA and Skin Ceramides!
VH Editorial: Lulu

Margaret Dabbs

Before anything, I just have to say that I am so thrilled to have Margaret’s incredible foot care products on our site. There are a gazillion different foot care products on the market, but this range beats the lot of them. The feedback from you has been so incredible, but I’m not surprised because each product has a mountain of research and development behind it and they perform. Performance products are key and on that note I am going to introduce you to a new product in the range, but please note I am writing about it now, but it will not be available until mid-July (or slightly earlier if we are lucky!) so I am creating a wait list because it’s fabulous and that’s the official line from me and Jo Fairley, who got to test hers 24 hours ahead of me – hmmm!

The Margaret Dabbs Superior Foot File: When this foot file landed on my desk, I held it up and announced to the office that it looked like a contemporary designer object, it is so cool. Shabir was of course completely oblivious to all of this, despite me dancing around the office waving the file like a lunatic, so I’m afraid I had to hit him over the head with it to get his attention. Before you all start sending me ‘poor Shabir’ emails, I didn’t hit him hard, mostly because he was in the middle of writing a masterpiece about fibre, which I’ll tell you about soon, but a girl has to do what a girl has to do, end of!

So back to the subject matter; designed using Compressed Crystal Technology, this amazing foot file is perfect for removing hard skin from the feet effectively and safely. It has a re-usable stainless steel body for increased hygiene and the Compressed Crystal Technology pads remove layers of dead skin quickly and evenly. To obtain the best results, use on dry (this is important) skin once a week, filing areas of thickened or calloused skin towards the mid line of the foot. Please do not use this file on broken or irritated skin.
The Margaret Dabbs Superior Foot File £24 (pre-order only)

I am going to end this section by telling you that we have been flooded with emails and phone calls praising Intensive Hydrating Foot Lotion and Intensive Treatment Foot Oil. I am convinced that once you get into the habit of using both these products every day, you will not be able to give them up. If you haven’t already read it, please do read Margaret’s article on how to create beautiful, healthy feet at home, but for ease I will just tell you that I spray the oil onto my feet first and then follow it up with the lotion. It’s almost ritualistic, but I have a thing about feet (clearly!) and I can’t recommend these products highly enough. There you have it!
Intensive Treatment Foot Oil £20 for 100 ml; Intensive Hydrating Foot Lotion £25 for 200 ml; Margaret Dabbs Article

What’s All The Fuss About Fibre?

Most people will tell you that fibre is important for health. We keep reading about fibre on cereal packets and through advertisements on billboards and mainstream television. In fact there is universal acceptance of a well-balanced diet containing fibre and yet just how important is fibre? How much do we require on a daily basis? How can we increase our intake, if required, and what are the best food sources? Shabir gives us the inside track, explains in depth why fibre is so important and recommends one of his all-time favourite products, Complete Fiber Cleanse (it’s American and they spell ‘fiber’ that way!), which can be used either as a supplement for added fibre or every three months as a comprehensive gut cleanser. Suppose it’s like having a chimney swept, if you follow the drift, which reminds me of Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins! I would like to tell you I wasn’t born when that film came out, but I was. Enough!
What’s All The Fuss About Fibre; Complete Fiber Cleanse £17.95 for 168 grams


As most of you know, we are continually researching ingredients and new products. We watch trends from the East and from the West and if they get through our stringent testing and evaluation processes, then we write about the products, but only if they are exceptional. I have always maintained that it is very easy just to list a whole load of health and beauty products and hope for the best, but that would be cheating and completely irresponsible. The most important thing to us is that the products we recommend make a difference, in a positive way and nothing is more rewarding than your feedback. There has been a lot of it this month, so here are just a few comments from you, supplements first and then we hit beauty:

Skin Restoring Ceramides: This from Jo in Customer Care: I have so many people calling to share their Skin Restoring Ceramide stories, it really is wonderful to hear the difference it is making to everybody’s skin. I had one customer whose legs were as dry as the Sahara and we recommended Skin Ceramides. She took the supplements for a week and made a point of not using moisturiser on her legs because she wanted to see if it worked. She called back to tell me that she was so amazed at the difference this supplement had made within days of starting to take it and she said that her legs didn’t even need moisturiser. I love that story’.
Skin Restoring Ceramides £25 for 30 Liquid Capsules

Femergy: ‘I have just received my second order of Femergy and do not know how I lived without it! It did take a couple of weeks to kick in, but I am so glad I stuck with it. I do have an under-active thyroid, so my energy levels can be a bit up and down, but since starting Femergy, I am on fire!’
Femergy £10.25 for 60 Vegicaps

Hyaluronic Acid: ‘I had two months off Hyaluronic Acid and started to get a painful finger joint and noticed more lines on my face. Two days back on it and I can’t feel the finger joint at all – is that possible, or is this all in my mind?’ Note from me: I have to say that it is absolutely not all in the mind. As I’ve written before, I have a ‘clicky’ ankle, which doesn’t click when I’m taking HA, if I forget to take it for just one day, my ankle ‘clicks’ the next morning. So the moral of the story is don’t forget to take HA every day!
Hyaluronic Acid High Strength by NHS Labs £35; Read Shabir’s article on HA here

Magnesium Oil Original Spray: Two pieces of feedback. The first comment: ‘Just to let you know that I have only recently started using the spray (2 days) and have had the best sound sleep in ages and have noticed my energy levels are better. What a ‘wonder’ product. This would be a desert island product already.’ The second comment: ‘I’ve left a note about Magnesium Oil after Shabir’s article as it has really helped me with joint pain, also probably with energy levels too.’ Another note from me: More on the Original Spray coming after this section and just to say that Shabir’s articles are getting quite a following. Hey, he could be famous one day!!
Magnesium Oil Original Spray £12.30 for 100 ml; Read Shabir’s article on Magnesium here

Konjac Sponge: ‘I want to say how amazing the Konjac sponge is! It sat on my desk here at home for a long time as I couldn’t believe how this cough-lozenge look alike could do all that it said. Wow, noticed the difference after just one use and have just got one for my husband. Brilliant!’
Konjac Sponge £12

I’m going to end this section with some of your one-liners: Margaret Dabbs foot oil is seriously good; adore Famous Dave’s tanning stuff, brilliant coverage; NUDE Skincare’s Advanced Eye Complex and Age Defence Moisturiser are hugely effective … I am on a restricted budget and need to know what I buy works … I was delighted to receive the free sample kit of NUDE’s products with my last order.

As ever, a great big thank you to all of you for your phone calls and emails, it makes me very happy. You can of course also post comments on our Facebook page and it would seem that anything goes. I happened to post something about Rafa Nadal’s legs and although you can’t see the stats, I can, and I need to tell you that more people read that than anything else on there. Kind of figures!

Magnesium Oil Original Spray

I have never written about the oral use of Magnesium Oil Original Spray before, but a customer enquired whether it could be taken orally for constipation. The simple answer is yes, you can certainly add it to either water or fruit juice and it will act as an electrolyte to help replace lost magnesium, and in higher doses it will act as a laxative. The laxative effect will vary from individual to individual, but we recommend using 1ml – 2ml (10-20 sprays) into a 250ml drink. It is completely natural and will have absolutely no side effects, apart from the desired one, and it should be sipped throughout the day.

Just one more thing to demonstrate the versatility of Magnesium, Andy Thomas of Better You tells me that they all spray Magnesium Oil onto their gums before brushing their teeth. Apparently it is well absorbed by the gums and dramatically helps gum and teeth health. Simply spit out after brushing and the vast majority of the magnesium will have absorbed. Now that’s clever, but please note that oral usage can only be done with the Original Oil, so please don’t use any of the magnesium products with essential oil added. I love Better You products, it just needs to be said. Their research is of the highest calibre and that really, really matters.
Magnesium Oil Original Spray £12.30 for 100 ml

VH Editorial

As ever, we have some truly fabulous articles from our editorial team this month. Before I tell you what they are, I just want to thank those of you who have responded with posts, emails and phone calls. I always pass the messages on to each contributor and so I will begin by telling you that we received a whole load of requests for Kate Shapland to write about leg massage. As our regular customers know, Kate is ‘The Legologist’ and has researched ‘leg care’ for over two decades, so I hope you enjoy this month’s article, which is of course all about how massage can help the look and health of your legs.
VH Editorial: Massage

Hail the wonderful Beauty Bible girls, Sarah Stacey and Jo Fairley. This month the girls write about the ‘Supergreens Facelift Diet’, which is dead easy to follow and separately, Jo writes about ‘Cooling Summer Beauty’. Can I just say here that sales of The Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible are going through the roof, which makes us all extraordinarily happy. Later in the year I will be announcing a celebration event and an opportunity to meet Sarah and Jo, but for the moment just know that we have the only signed editions of the book and if you haven’t got one yet, then do treat yourself, or somebody else, because it is brilliant.
VH Editorial: Supergreens Facelift Diet; How to be very very cool; The Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible £12.99 (signed edition)

Additionally, Shelley von Strunckel discusses predictions and free will, together with Health Stars for July and Margaret Dabbs writes about the dangers of self-diagnosis and feet. The fabulous James Duigan is on location (without me!) at the moment, so for the moment I am not changing his editorial. I just might do it mid-month, but I will post news about this on Facebook and Twitter.
VH Editorial

Flower Essences of Australia

A couple of months ago I wrote about the launch of this new range of flower essences from Australia. As I wrote at the time, I am a big fan of flower essences, they are completely safe to take with any medication and very often the results are pretty powerful. So I am thrilled to announce the arrival of the Essence Kits. Here are three of my favourites and the first two kits contain three flower essence combinations, which are designed to work together to complement each other. These combinations can be used together or individually at different times depending upon the need. The third kit has been specifically formulated to help support stress-free travel:

Emergency Kit: The Emergency Kit is particularly useful as a first-aid flower essence kit when challenging situations occur and it contains Emergency Essence, Calm & Relax and Dynamic Recovery. The essences in this kit are designed to be used frequently and Emergency Essence should be taken, seven drops orally, every 15 minutes in acute situations and then continued as often as required. Calm & Relax is supportive taken frequently in panic and nervous stress situations or at night if you are too wound up to sleep. Dynamic Recovery should be used if you are stretched beyond the point of exhaustion and energy reserves are needed to meet challenges.
Emergency Kit £19.95 for three essences

Woman Kit: The three essence combinations are Woman Balance, Detox Essence and Dynamic Recovery. Woman Balance should be used as a baseline essence by taking seven drops in the morning and again in the evening. I think that this is a brilliant essence when used adjunct to Sage Complex for peri-menopausal and menopausal symptoms, or for PMS. I really like using flower essences with supplementation, it means that all bases are covered, which is a very good thing. The Detox Essence should be taken in the evening followed by Dynamic Recovery in the morning. Sounds pretty essential for us girls to keep us in mode and fabulous!
Woman Kit £19.95 for three essences; Sage Complex £23.95 for 90 Capsules

Travel Well Kit: The Travel Well Kit has been specifically formulated to help support stress-free travel and contains Travel-Well Essence and Travel-Refresh Spritz. It is recommended that seven drops of Travel-Well should be taken orally morning and evening one week before travel, during the travel and for one week upon return. The Travel-Refresh Spritz is a hydrating flower essence, lemon myrtle and rose water mist designed to create a sense of ease. In the June newsletter I wrote about The Airogym and Zinopin, both of which I consider to be pretty crucial when travelling. If you missed what I wrote, then click hereto find out all about both of these outstanding, innovative products.
Travel Well Kit £19.95; The Airogym £11.99; Zinopin Long Haul £20.60 for 10 Capsules; Zinopin Daily £15.35 for 30 Capsules

Annee de Mamiel

How I love Annee de Mamiel, acupuncturist extraordinaire and just one of life’s amazing people. Each season Annee releases a Limited Edition facial oil and so I am delighted to announce the launch of Annee’s ‘Summer Facial Oil’. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, summer is represented by the heart, the motive power of blood circulation and the root of life. Summer Facial Oil contains ingredients that will look after skin that is ‘in bloom’ during the summer months, bringing optimum levels of moisture to the skin, whilst helping to protect it from over-exposure to the sun or sensitivities brought on by the season. Loaded with some gorgeous ingredients, including Rose de Mai, Geranium, Ylang Ylang, Borage, Yuzu and Kiwi, just smooth 4-5 drops onto a cleansed face and massage gently with small, circular upwards movements from the centre out until absorbed.
Summer Facial Oil by Annee de Mamiel £58 for 20 ml

With the release of her seasonal facial oils, Annee also releases a new tea and Time to Bloom is an uplifting blend that allows you to blossom and flourish in the summer months. It combines the calming and uplifting floral notes of Chamomile and Elderflower, with the delicate warmth of Rose, refreshed by a hint of Spearmint and the Citrus honey of Lemon Balm. Just use one heaped teaspoon per cup, pour on fresh boiling water and steep for 8-10 minutes.
Enrichment Tea: Time to Bloom £15 for 50g

Dark Circles Under the Eyes

Over to the Beauty Bible girls for some tips on how to deal with dark circles under the eyes, so in their words: ‘There is no guaranteed solution for this problem. Apart from heredity, which is impossible to overcome, dark circles are often due to lack of sleep. However, the most common cause is, surprisingly, a bunged-up nose. When your nasal passages are congested, veins that usually drain from your eyes into your nose become dilated and darker; fluid retention can dilate the blood vessels under your eyes adding to the effect. Aller-DMG helps to clear nasal congestion, including hay fever.’ So now you know, and what you also need to know is that I am prone to puffy eye syndrome and I am having extreme moments of the deepest love for the efficacy of NUDE’s Advanced Eye Complex.
Aller-DMG £15.90 for 60 Tablets; Advanced Eye Complex £62 for 15 ml

The Finale

I’m very, very excited that I am seeing ‘Kirsten Lanolips’ very soon because we will be talking about her three new products, which we will be exclusively launching later this year. At this point I would just like to say that if you want gorgeous lashes, then just stroke a small amount of Lanolips 101 onto your lashes before you go to bed. It’s magical and safe.
Lanolips 101 £11

Here we go again, the Maui Babe Browning Lotion rampage has started again, must almost be time to pack the suitcase! I’m wondering whether it will be this year’s bestselling summer beauty product as it has for the previous three years. A lot of stiff competition from some pretty remarkable products in the beauty sector, but in the sunbathing stakes, Maui Babe stands alone for getting really tanned, really quickly! Traditionally, Bee Sting Lip Plump has always come second, basically because I think it’s the best lip plumping product on the market. We’ll have to wait until the end of the summer to discover our summer beauty hero, but I think I know what it will be!
Maui Babe Browning Lotion £23 for 236 ml; Bee Sting Lip Plump by Valerie Beverly Hills £21

If you missed the June newsletter, then do please read what I wrote about Optimized Fucoidan by clicking here. I love this innovative supplement, it has nearly 900 studies backing it up and I put myself on it immediately after reading the research.
Optimized Fucoidan by Life Extension 60 Capsules for £32

Superior Hair remains one of our bestselling products of all time, which is a huge testimony to its efficacy. As long as you accept that it can take time to kick in, I still believe that aside from hair loss, this product is incredible to help promote the condition of your hair. I am thinking that a marriage made in heaven is on the cards, Superior Hair and Lulu’s amazing hair care products. How neat!
Superior Hair by Food Science of Vermont £25 for 90 Capsules; Operation Glam

The praise goes on and on for Nail Magic, so if you have weak nails just paint this on and see the difference it can make to your nails.
Nail Magic £9.95

Right, before I wind this bulletin up, it is my turn for a great beauty tip. None of you noticed, but I escaped the country for a few days with a bottle of Maui Babe recently. I use iS Clinical’s SPF25 Treatment Sunscreen on my face and I added a couple of drops of NUDE’s Replenishing Night Oil into the mix and it worked brilliantly and my skin has a healthy ‘Californian’ glow, even though I wasn’t in LA!
SPF25 Treatment Sunscreen by iS Clinical £36 for 90 ml; Replenishing Night Oil by NUDE Skincare £44 for 15 ml

As we come to the end of another newsletter, I would just like to thank each of you for your continued loyalty and support. So together with Shabir, the VH team and the fabulous VH editorial team, we wish all of you a happy and healthy July.

With love

Gill x