July Newsletter

July Newsletter

Welcome to the July newsletter where we do a whole lot of summer loving with the launch of two (yes, two!) new NIOD products, there is important news about Sanskrit Saponins, VM gets partially revealed and of course we do a NIOD update. So that takes care of the first, second and third sections of the newsletter (seriously). Following on we have a special treat from Sarah Chapman, we launch several other new products, including something pretty wonderful for eczema and we take a look at Prickly Heat, Fungal Toenails and Varicose Veins. There is also a new product from Margaret Dabbs and somewhere in the middle of all of this there is a treat thrown in. Let’s do it:

Photography Fluid Tan Opacity 8% (PF 8%)

It is just over a year since we launched Photography Fluid Opacity 12%; it was the third NIOD product to launch, after CAIS and MMHC, and the first stand-alone. It captured the light and it captured everybody’s love too; it was one of the top five products written across the media in July last year and it remains one of NIOD’s bestselling products. And now PF 8%, I am convinced I had heart palpitations when I was testing. The results were phenomenal and think I need chill pills for future NIOD testing!

What I am going to do here is give you the low-down on the product first and then tell you about a myriad of ways to use PF 8%, which kind of blew me away as I was putting it through its paces. Brandon actually thought I had been blown away because he knew exactly when I took PF 8% into my bathroom and I didn’t emerge for ages; I would not give him that much pleasure, trust me!

So PF 8% is a serum-textured surface treatment which complements the approach of PF 12% by balancing light absorption effects (in contrast to light reflection focus of PF 12%) with selective reflectiveness of darker interference pigments. Like PF 12%, this effort is supported by perfecting prisms and topical photo-finishing technologies to offer radiance in life and specifically through the camera lens. It all happens because of groundbreaking technologies, which are as follows:

HD Suspension Technology: Bio-derivatives of Iceland moss and adaptive esters form a superb matrix for suspension and spreading of very fine high-definition interference pigments that would otherwise feel powdery. This unique matrix offers incredible skin compatibility, spread-ability and even distribution of hues.

Chromatic Radiance Technologies: Nano-Prismatic Bronze Technology; an ultra-fine interference pigment, this mesh bronze suspension (in contrast to fluid coverage pigments) blends into skin tone for a natural bronzed hue to highlight the base caramel tone of the formulation when applied on the skin and Nano-Prismatic Gold Technology, which disappears immediately upon application with a natural golden hue as a foundation to healthy-looking, radiant skin.

Hue Technologies: Caramel Saccharides; the natural tan tone of the formulation is entirely from natural caramel which is dissolved in sea polysaccharides that completely prevent drying and unevenness common with caramel application on the skin. It is followed through with a nano-prismatic yellow-red camera hue corrector and then a sixth-generation, ultra-fine hue corrector blacks out red tones and minimizes undesirable yellow ones for skin that looks instantly better in life and on camera.

Support Technologies include a Hydrophilic Polymer System, which is a suspension of perfectly-spherical hydrophilic polymers offering colour stability and light refraction to minimize visible skin imperfections that colour formulations generally highlight further (which is why make-up often makes the skin look older – now you know!). Finally, Filmogenic Polymers: a studied suspension of long-chain filmogenic polymers prevents evaporation and offers evenness, consistency and hydration throughout the day.

Right, the technology section over, I am now going to share my thoughts; I tested in two different ways, on my face and on my body (yes, yes – on the body, please don’t die of happiness – save that for after you read about the next new product!). Let’s do the face first; I began by using it neat and on make-up free skin – it gave a natural golden tan radiance and looked amazing. I then mixed a couple of drops into Hydration Vaccine (HV) and the palpitations began, I took that off and put a couple of drops into my foundation and I thought I was hallucinating; how on earth could my skin look beyond perfection, heaven only knows but it did and it continues to do so.

But more for the face; contouring is BIG at the moment; everybody is writing about contouring, but there is contouring and contouring and while PF 8% can be used on its own to add a natural golden tan radiance to any skin tone (as above), it can also be used alongside PF 12% to create a natural and blended contouring effect, with PF 12% used above the cheekbones and PF 8% used below. The effect is stunning.

And now the body; enter Hyaluronic Concentrate (if you haven’t got this, please get it fast!); squirt some Hyaluronic Concentrate into the palm of your hand, add a few drops of PF 8%, mix together and you can apply this all over the body or just the parts on show if you wish. Don’t even ask me what it does to your legs, your arms and your décolletage, I think you will know without any further direction from me. Another marriage made in heaven – in a long line of them!

Finally, just when you thought there couldn’t possibly be any more, there is and here is where I thank Lisa Armstrong (The Telegraph) for her inspiration. She combines Hyaluronic Concentrate with Glow Oil for a longer-lasting tan and has told the world about it. So you can do that too, and as an option you can add a couple of drops of PF 8% for further depth of colour and wonderment. Oh and one more thing on tanning, add a drop or two of PF 8% into your SPF for that bronzed-goddess look. OMG I feel a PF 8% famine coming on strong. Get!
Photography Fluid Tan Opacity 8% £21; Photography Fluid Opacity 12% £20; Hyaluronic Concentrate £28 for 240 ml; Glow Oil £20 for 100 ml

Superoxide Dismutase Saccharide Mist (SDSM)

It seems a bit wicked to throw another new NIOD product at you, but I am not going to hold back and this came out of the NIOD lab a few months ago so together with Brandon, I have been testing and using it every day since it landed in my bathroom. Testing NIOD has become a ritualistic part of my life and we test for ages before we launch, fundamentally because we need to see short-term, medium-term and long-term results, with the exception of the ‘immediate’ products. I suppose anybody can write about a new product, but it is our collective duty and responsibility to ensure that we have it completely covered and SDSM will not only cover your face, but your body too, and we are so excited about this. So detail first, followed by my thoughts, but you will of course guess before you read all about it, that this is yet another product that I refuse to live without.

SDSM is a dermal treatment mist, not to be classified mistakenly as a ‘toner’, that acts as a fundamental daily force against many forms of oxidative stress, dermal water loss and inflammation, all of which contribute to loss of visible skin quality over time. It comes big on promise and big on size; the large 240 ml mist format allows for generous and frequent application to the face and the body as desired. Once used, the desire becomes addictive; if you are interested in the technologies, they are as follows, if not skip to the end for my comments:

Yeast-Derived Superoxide Dismutase (SOD): Superoxide is the main reactive oxygen species in each cell and SOD is the body’s natural way of out-competing the ongoing and very damaging effect of superoxide in cells. Arguably, SOD is the most important force against oxidation in the human body and since one of the main oxidative stressors of the skin is UVB, the potency of SOD was measured under direct UVB application.

The area treated with SOD had an increase of 1100% lactate dehydrogenase activity, which is used to measure human cell viability. Further, the treated area enjoyed a 100% reduction (to zero) in synthesis of prostaglandin E2, which is a cause and marker of skin inflammation. SOD has in the past been difficult to obtain or to stabilize. SDSM contains a very high concentration of SOD in completely stable and solubilized form. Note: SDSM uses SOD to a peak saturation level. As such, over time, a very small amount of precipitate may be noticed, which will re-solubilize easily with a mild shake.

Purified North American Four O’ Clock Flower: A studied bio-derivative of this Aztec plant reduces pro-inflammatory mediators to help reduce visible inflammation. This technology supports the anti-inflammatory effects of SOD by targeting inflammatory causes unrelated to oxidative stress for a broader spectrum of inflammation targets. This added support is important because inflammation, regardless of its source, is one of the key causes of ailments and ageing. (You have to love something that is called a Four O’Clock Flower!)

Marine Exopolysaccharides: Derived entirely through fermentation processes, this sustainably-sourced marine polysaccharide is able to preserve water significantly more than the highest molecular sizes of hyaluronic acid, without any of the drawbacks associated with topical application of such higher weights. This ability prevents dermal water loss even in extreme cases where cell viability was measured under severely cold temperatures (-20 C) where this polysaccharide increased cellular viability preservation by 60% – and in comparison, high-molecular weight HA increased viability by only 11%. The longer-term benefits of preserving hydration are far beyond just hydration itself; however, from a more immediate perspective, this technology increases skin hydration by more than 35% and measurably reduces roughness within two hours.

From a personal perspective, I have not used a toner since I was a teenager and didn’t know better; we are of course all different and the only reason I ever used a toner was because it gave me some kind of sadistic pleasure to see how much dirt there was on the cotton wool, until the day I realised that it was actually stripping my skin. For sure times and products have changed, but still there is not one part of me that wants a toner in my skincare regimen; however I have always loved mists and if that mist can perform in the way that SDSM does, we will all be misting with magic and over time you will see the difference it makes, which is basically awesome.

SDSM is intended to be used twice daily after cleaning and before CAIS, but that’s only half the story, although quite honestly that half is fabulous enough in its own right; hydro-misting inflammation, oxidative stress and dermal water loss on your face is the dream. Doing it on your body as well is a separate dream, but they come together as one and body-worshipping commences as you see and feel the difference.

I use it after showering in the morning and in the evening I mist just before I go to bed and sleep in it. If you are going away, take it with you; if you don’t want to pack the entire bottle, decant it into smaller spray bottles; so that would be one for the plane, one for the beach/pool, one for the bathroom and one more, because someone somewhere is going to want it steal it from you! Let’s mist!
Superoxide Dismutase Saccharide Mist (SDSM) £34 for 240 ml

Sanskrit Saponins (SS) – An Update

Who loves watching pores disappear on your face, we do; this is the new clean, a cleaner from another time and another place and an ongoing efficacy that stuns us with each use. With each and every launch, Brandon and I remain in total awe at your response and for the support and loyalty you share with us.

The launch of Sanskrit Saponins was no exception and of course the inevitable happened, such was the demand and before we knew it, we had another wait list, which thankfully did not go on for too long. To cut a long story really short, Brandon decided to order the raw ingredients in bulk and I really do mean bulk – as bulk as it can get actually. And then the pricing structure for the raw ingredients came in and we both knew what needed to be done.

Because of the larger commitment to the Indian suppliers, the price of the ingredients came down and so two things here, we are taking the price down of the 90 ml Sanskrit Saponins to reflect this. Additionally we are introducing a larger size because we know that 90 ml is not big enough for most of you, so we now say hello to Sanskrit Saponins 180 ml and we recommend that the smaller size be used for travel, if you travel! There is more to tell on this story, which I will do another time, but for now our commitment to each of you remains absolute and our hearts beat on.
Sanskrit Saponins £21 for 90 ml; Sanskrit Saponins £34 for 180 ml

VM – The Continuing Story

Just to bring everybody up to speed; VM was gifted to many of you to help celebrate NIOD’s first birthday in May; we didn’t tell you what it was, we didn’t tell you its name and for those who did receive it, you know what it does and as I wrote on the last newsletter, it does it in a way that most other products can only dream about. There was a cryptic clue in that comment, because this ‘dream’ product is actually a night-time masque, which you may have guessed anyway because I also wrote that so many of you were saying that it virtually knocked ten years off overnight, which was another clue. And then something else happened.

It was a little bit naughty, but Brandon and I felt like having a bit of fun and so we posted a ‘guess the name’ competition on our Instagram page. The only clue we gave was that it was a night-time masque and it had a non-scientific name; the winner would receive a one-year-supply of NIOD products and then it began. Eight hours (it felt like 28 hours) of explosive madness, until we had a winner.

So I will share the name with you now: it is called Voicemail Masque; we are not going to tell you the story behind the name until it launches and it is not launching yet, but as I also wrote on the last newsletter, there will be a riot when it does. You can add yourself to the pre-launch wait list by clicking on the link below; I normally hate wait lists of any description, but this really isn’t a wait list, it’s kind of a ‘happening event’ and it is making many people smile, which can only be a good thing. Oh, one more thing, anything can happen on our Instagram page, so please follow us – who knows we could even launch a new product on there!
Voicemail Masque (VM) £30 (pre-order only); Instagram

Finally, I just want to mention NAAP. Non-Acid Acid Precursor continues on its mission to re-surface skin without acid, so we are saying ‘drop the acid’ and forget chemical peels, really just forget they ever existed because we are shooting down the hype alongside irritating AHA’s and BHA’s. The truth will always win and so will your skin, so this from one of our addicts:

‘Wow! Gill, I used NAAP for the first time last night. This morning my face was transformed! My skin tone is even – redness is gone, and the texture of my skin! My goodness I don’t remember the last time my skin looked so perfect! I must say of the recent launches this has made the biggest impact on my skin! It’s wonderful! And it lasted throughout the day, not just a ‘looked good when I woke up’ product!’
Non-Acid Acid Precursor (NAAP) £35 for 30 ml


This, because it is important: we know that there is a connection between the brain and the gut and we also know that having healthy microbes will be of great benefit for a number of issues, including anxiety and mild to moderate depression. We also know that certain beneficial bacteria produce GABA, which is a neurochemical found in the brain. We also know that others produce serotonin and dopamine, dopamine for its stimulating properties and serotonin for its nerve calming properties. Whilst there are one or two supplements with a specific strain of a probiotic which may enhance GABA, various studies indicate that it is the whole microbial environment that helps enhance mood and helps calm the mind, which is why a broad spectrum probiotic is so important.

A fascinating trial involving three major strains of probiotic bacteria showed great promise in the scores for depression. Mega Probiotic ND is of course a great acid resistant probiotic and it also contains the three strains used in the trial; I think most of you take Mega P (as we call it), we believe everybody should take a probiotic and if, as the study indicates, it helps relieve anxiety and mild depression too, well it just became super-heroic. Take it alongside Magnolia Rhodiola Complex (provided you are not on anti-depressants) and that’s two of our bestselling supplements synergistically working hard to help lift mood. We are smiling; please smile too.
Mega Probiotic ND £19 for 60 Capsules; Magnolia Rhodiola Complex £26 for 60 Capsules

CocoBaci – 15 Day Oil Pulling Programme

It is over two years since we published Catherine Turner’s article about oil-pulling; since that time this ancient Ayurvedic practice has gained momentum and as night follows day, you would have expected us to follow through on that article with an oil-pulling product, except we didn’t. We didn’t because although there have been an abundance of products released in this sector over the past couple of years, we didn’t like any of them. As you all know, ancient wisdom and rituals completely fascinate me and now we finally join in with a product that both Shabir and I love, so please allow me to introduce you to CocoBaci.

Basically oil pulling is an ancient practice where coconut oil is swirled in the mouth for 10-15 minutes. It is used to help strengthen gums, to help remove stains for whiter, brighter teeth, safely, and to help detoxify, dislodging plaque and bacteria from the mouth, specifically the cavity causing germ called Streptococcus Mutans. Containing organic coconut oil, it is free from chemical bleaches and alcohol, found in many oral health products and it tastes good too, which is a relief!

It comes in three different flavours, Cool Mint, Lemon Sparkle and Raspberry Kisses. There are 15 individual sachets and you simply use one each day, squeeze the contents out into your mouth, swirl around for ten minutes and then spit it out. Please don’t spit it out in the sink, down the toilet would be a good option. You can use this as an ongoing treatment or as a periodic ritual; enhance it further by using the ten minute swirling time to be still and meditate. Stillness is good. Fabulous products are good too, and this is more than good, it is excellent and we really recommend using it.
VH Editorial: Swimming in OilsCocoBaci Cool Mint £19.95; CocoBaci Lemon Sparkle £19.95; CocoBaci Raspberry Kisses £19.95

Bunion Support by Margaret Dabbs

There is no stopping Margaret and I say bravo to that; so last month we had her new Soothing Foot Powder, which literally flew out of the door and continues to do so, and now she tackles bunions, seriously unsexy, but so very common and nobody does it better than Margaret Dabbs.

The Bunion Support is perfect for anybody who is concerned that they are either developing a bunion, are experiencing the ache of the bunion joint and who have a family history of bunions. Perfect if you have developed a bunion which is apparent visually with or without pain, the bunion support also helps to alleviate pressure on the big toe joint by supporting the big toe and encouraging normal alignment. If you don’t have a bunion, they can also be used as a comfort aid, which is a rather fabulous thought if you are on your feet a lot. So left foot, right foot or both because seriously who needs or wants painful feet, certainly not us!
Bunion Support Left Foot £30; Bunion Support Right Foot £30; Soothing Foot Powder £12 for 25 grams

How To Treat Eczema

Eczema is a common skin concern that can affect virtually anybody and the term ‘eczema’ is loosely used to describe a skin condition in which the outer skin layer is inflamed. The common symptoms of eczema include redness of skin, itching, inflammation, dryness, cracking, swelling, skin blisters and oozing of skin. Because eczema can be a repetitive concern, many people will experience some skin discolouration, but scarring is rarely a problem.

Eczema is often mistaken for psoriasis, but there are several differences, the main one being that eczema invariably affects the flexible part of any of the joints. There are different types of eczema which are generally classified by the location of the breakout or the physical appearance. A common type of eczema is atopic eczema, also referred to as infantile, flexural (elbows, wrists and knees are flexural joints) or atopic dermatitis. Atopic eczema is an allergy disease with a hereditary trait and is common in sufferers of hay fever and/or asthma.

Contact dermatitis is another type of eczema; there are two divisions within this type of eczema called irritant and allergic. Contact allergic dermatitis results from a deferred reaction to an allergen, whereas contact irritant dermatitis, which is more common, occurs as a result of contact with irritants such as chemicals in hair care and body products. Other types of eczema include seborrheic dermatitis, xerotic eczema, discoid eczema, venous eczema and numerous other types. Big, big health concern.

There is no cure for eczema. Eczema treatments aim to reduce breakouts, calm inflammation and help relieve itching and discomfort. The most frequent treatment is the use of prescribed steroid creams and they work very quickly, but their long-term use is thought to be responsible for thinning skin and may also cause skin discolouration, so we are constantly searching for the very best natural eczema treatment.

This is the moment when we say stop whatever you are using because Shabir believes that he has found one of the best creams for eczema that he has ever come across, it is called Kerecis Xma, it is the sister (or brother) to Kerecis Psoria, which I wrote about on last month’s newsletter for psoriasis, more of which later, but for now, Kerecis Xma.

Kerecis Xma cream contains a blend of proprietary omega 3 fractions, mOmega3, derived by gentle extraction from fish skin. It is indicated for the treatment of eczema-prone skin and helps to alleviate sensitive, red and inflamed skin. It is specifically formulated to form a protective, yet invisible layer on skin, which comforts and soothes to help relieve itching.

Like so many inflammatory skin concerns, the ‘cement’ between the outer cell layers diminishes as a result of inflammation resulting in vulnerability to dehydration, loss of natural oils and to external aggressions. Kerecis cream helps to replenish the natural oils within skin, calms and soothes skin and helps form a barrier to prevent dehydration and external aggressions from further inflaming the skin.

Kerecis Xma is suitable for use in babies, children and adults and can be used anywhere on the face, hands, knees and scalp to also help relieve the dryness that accompanies eczema. It is free from steroids and this will do what Keracis Psoria is doing for psoriasis, in a major way.
VH Editorial: How To Treat EczemaKerecis Xma with mOmega3 £17.99 for 50 ml

Virgin Krill Oil – The Treat

Virgin Krill Oil capsules contain omega-3 in a unique phospholipid form, which are believed to be more absorbable than those found in omega-3 fish oil capsules and supplements. Additionally they also mitigate the ‘fishy’ after-taste and reflux so often associated with fish oil capsules.

Krill Oil capsules are often referred to as red krill oil due to the content of astaxanthin, which gives it its colour. Astaxanthin found in krill oil capsules protects the omega-3 fatty acids from degradation, while fish oil capsules have to have added antioxidants such as vitamin E.

And the treat: Virgin Krill Oil is £25 for 60 softgels; we kind of like World Organics and this is the one we are currently taking, so please join us as we put two together and £50 becomes £40 while stocks last, which I don’t actually think will be that long! ** Sorry, this promotion has now ended **
VH Editorial: Is Krill Oil the New Fish OilVirgin Krill Oil by World Organics Twin Pack £40 (Virgin Krill Oil £25 for 60 Capsules)

Sarah Chapman Summer Skin

And another treat, this time from Sarah Chapman, who has curated this collection of products to help support your skin throughout the summer. The collection includes Ultimate Cleanse (15 ml), Dynamic Defence (full size – 40 ml), Overnight Facial (5 ml) and a Professional Cleaning Mitt.

So to all you Sarah devotees, you know what the products do, we really think you are going to love this and saving the best to last, this collection is worth £75.50, but as it is a limited edition, it becomes £46, which means that you are saving £29.50. And just to say again, it is a limited edition, we know this is going to be really popular, so get it while you can!
Sarah Chapman Summer Skin £46 (products and sizes listed above).

Prickly Heat

Prickly Heat, also known as miliaria or heat rash, is a skin condition that occurs in hot, humid weather conditions when small particles of sweat block the sweat glands causing a rash to appear on the body. The rash can develop anywhere, but it most commonly occurs on the face, neck, back, chest and thighs. It is composed of tiny spots or bumps that are surrounded by an area of red inflamed and itchy skin. The trapped sweat causes localised irritation and the characteristic heat rash.

Whilst prickly heat can also occur during the winter months in those who sweat excessively, there is a theory that it is the exposure of the skin to the sun that can cause a photochemical reaction, which releases compounds that may cause the blockage of the sweat glands.

We recommend Stinging Nettle Root for both the prevention and treatment of prickly heat. Nettle is commonly employed to provide relief of hay fever and other allergies because of its ability to inhibit the release of histamine, which is responsible for the rash. Additionally, nettle extracts are powerful diuretics helping to eliminate the compounds that are responsible for the inflammation of the sweat glands. Topically we recommend either Extreme Protect by iS Clinical, which is one of the best SPF treatments we have ever come across (and used!) or Ultrasun Extreme Sun Lotion 50+, which is free from oils and perfumes that may aggravate skin.
Stinging Nettle Root £14.95 for 100 Capsules; Extreme Protect SPF 30 by iS Clinical £60 for 100 grams; Ultrasun Extreme Sun Lotion 50+ £20 for 100 ml

Fungal Toenails

Fungal toenail infections are very difficult to treat, this is because although the infection arises at the nail bed initially, it is embedded within the nail which is difficult to reach. Some of the symptoms of fungal toenails include discolouration of the toenail, irregular shaped nails and discharge from the nail bed. The toenail receives little blood supply and grows slowly, so often antibiotics and fungal toenail treatments only reach the infected site in small quantities, making the treatment slow and difficult to eradicate. Re-infections often happen because antibiotic resistance occurs due to prolonged use. Enter another new product, Excilor Fungal Nail Infection Pen, which should be used every morning and evening.

Excilor Fungal Nail Pen is a clinically proven nail fungus treatment product which acts fast to help prevent the fungus from spreading. It contains a technology, TransActive, which effectively ensures that the active ingredients can penetrate the hard nail surface since the fungus resides both on the nail surface and beneath the nails, which is why so many nail fungus treatments fail.

When using the Excilor pen, there is no need to file the nail in order for the actives to penetrate. Its active ingredients penetrate within seconds and leave no film or residue behind. It also contains biotin and lipids to condition and help with the regrowth of the damaged nail. Excilor Nail Infection Pen contains over 400 applications.

Internally, we recommend the use of Horopito and Aniseed Capsules; Horopito is an extensively researched herb that has been shown to destroy fungi very effectively.
VH Editorial: Fungal ToenailsExcilor Fungal Nail Pen £18.99; Horopito and Aniseed £22 for 60 Capsules

Annee de Mamiel – Pollution-Proof Skincare

Many of you are avid followers of Annee and her seasonal oils have become somewhat of a legend, so I am so thrilled to be able to tell you that Annee has created a new range of products, de Mamiel atmosphériques: The Collection. Specifically formulated to help combat the damaging effects of constant environmental stress, Annee blended these products to allow skin to breathe, rejuvenate and repair using the purest essential oils, active phytonutrients and powerful antioxidants. There are three products in the range:

Pure Calm Cleansing Dew: A skin-calming, oil-to-milk cleanser it contains 14 organic herbs to help prevent the formation of free radicals and premature skin ageing. Suitable for all skin types, this botanical-rich formula will help calm redness, soothe irritation and is loaded with Ferulic Acid and a bespoke blend of essential oils including Blue Tansy, Fragonia, Grapefruit and Geranium. It can also be deeply inhaled as part of the cleansing ritual.
Pure Calm Cleansing Dew £50 for 100 ml

Intense Nurture Antioxidant Elixir: This antioxidant-packed super serum contains a blend of Superoxide Dismutase, Malachite and marine Samphire. Other ingredients include Ferulic Acid Esters, Hyaluronic Acid and Ceramides to help elevate hydration levels. To use just place 2-3 drops into the palm of your hands, breathe in the aroma and then massage into the face and neck. You may follow this with Exhale Hydrating Nectar or Summer Facial Oil.
Intense Nurture Antioxidant Elixir £80 for 30 ml; Summer Facial Oil £70 for 20 ml

Exhale Daily Hydrating Nectar SPF30: Suitable for all skin types, this Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide mineral formulation allows your skin to breathe, while Hyaluronic Acid and Avocado Extract help replenish moisture. The bespoke, signature de Mamiel blend of moisturising Rice Bran oil and 24 herbs, including Yarrow, Calendula, Arnica, Elderflower and Red Clover will help calm, heal and protect the skin. Apply one or two pumps every morning.
Exhale Daily Hydrating Nectar SPF30 £70 for 50 ml

Kerecis Psoria

As I referred to earlier, we launched Keracis Psoria on last month’s newsletter as we believed it was best-in-class for helping to treat psoriasis. Your response was unbelievable, we knew psoriasis is a huge concern for so many of you, but the demand for this product was extraordinary and so was your feedback.

After a week, one of our lovely people (I don’t think I want to use the word ‘customer’, it’s a bit alien and unfriendly) had posted the difference it had made to the psoriasis on her hand within three days – three days! And then this from another wonderful person with the heading ‘wonder-cream’:

‘Words actually fail me. My elbows are feeling refreshed and for the first time in 25 years are not itchy, scaled or red. The area on my back is beginning to respond as well, but that needs a better application than me doing it in a poor excuse of a yoga pose. I have spent a long time trying everything, including dietary solutions to support the healing, but this is the first cream I have ever applied that has healed the affected area. It is the best £17.99 I have spent on anything and that includes champagne, of which I am raising more than a £17.99 glass to toast this wonder product’.

What to say, we love happy people, we love products that do what they say they are going to do, with style, and we also like champagne rather a lot, so a metaphoric champagne cocktail in celebration of another ground-breaking product that just kills it.
VH Editorial: A Natural Psoriasis CreamKerecis Psoria £17.99 for 50 ml

The Wet Brush

So the feedback has been pretty amazing, as we knew it would be and then I received an email and a photo from a dog, so I’m sharing it because I have to; I had tears rolling down my face when I read this:

‘My name is Zinzan and I’m a Tibetan Terrier, as you can see I have a lot of hair, even for a dog and while it adds to my handsomeness, it can be a pain to maintain, it’s particularly prone to matt and tangle. My mum has tried lots of brushes in the past, but none have been as good as the Wet Brush, which we tried today after a bath. It eased its way through the matted hair without stripping out my undercoat or causing me to yelp and it teased out some very nasty burrs which I must have picked up on this morning’s romp across the field. So thank you, you have made a dog and his owner very happy’.

The only thing I can say here is that there are times I am beyond words and I can’t talk anyway because I’m laughing so much. OMG, perhaps I incite madness, but I’ll live with that, basically because our mission is to help make a positive difference with the work that we do and if that means we fall about laughing hysterically, sobeit. Let’s dance!
The Wet Brush Classic Black £11.99; The Wet Brush Leopard £12.99

Odaban Antiperspirant Spray

We launched this product last year and in the hope that we may actually get a summer, I am writing about it again, perhaps most specifically for those of you who are travelling to the sun. Odaban Antipersirant Spray offers 24 hour protection against perspiration, excessive sweating, sweaty palms, sweaty feet and body odour, without irritation.

It is gentle and effective and its unique hermetically sealed pump helps prevent product degradation and its precise and constant dose avoids over-application. Providing too much product is one of the main reasons why antiperspirants can be irritating to the skin, so that issue gets knocked on the head. The directions for use are pretty simple, apply only at bedtime and within a few days you will experience the efficacy you have been looking for. Less is more and this can be on most parts of the body. Tick!
Odaban Antiperspirant Spray £10.49 for 30 ml

VH Editorial

This month the Beauty Bible girls write about the foods that will help keep your teeth and mouth healthy; Jo Fairley investigates how to look gorgeous at 37,000 feet; Carolyn Asome does the beginning, middle and end of holiday packing from hell and Catherine Turner researches the effects of going to bed early.
Look Gorgeous at 37,000 Feet; Food To Keep Your Teeth and Mouth Healthy; Early To Bed; Holiday Packing Hell

As I promised I would, each month I am going to re-publish one of Sally Brampton’s profound articles; it is important to so many of us and perhaps some of the most poignant emails I have received over the past few weeks have been the ones which say that Sally saved them without her knowing. This month we do Suicide.
Suicide by Sally Brampton

The End Bit

Happy Birthday Lip Bio-Lipid Concentrate. One year old this month, the fourth NIOD product to be released and we kiss the bottle with our healthy, plumped-up, super-conditioned lips and say thank you for existing. Still besotted one year on, everywhere I go, it goes and I confess that I sometimes use it three times in one day just because I can, so I do – and then Perfect Nude by Lanolips; over the top and life, or rather our lips, become completely perfect.
Lip Bio-Lipid Concentrate £38 for 15 ml; Lanolips Perfect Nude SPF 30 £7.99 for 12.5 grams

Check out Shabir’s article on Varicose Veins; with our legs out for the summer, make a promise to do something about them so they won’t be there next summer. Surgery is good, but if you don’t want to go that route then read all about it and start taking Diosmin Plus.
VH Editorial: A Natural Remedy For Varicose Veins, Spider Veins, Haemorrhoids and Poor CirculationDiosmin Plus £26 for 60 Capsules

Wrinkles Schminkles got a touch famous when they made an appearance on ITV’s This Morning. A big thank you to Eve Cameron and of course the bestselling product remains the Chest & Décolletage Smoothing Kit.
Chest & Décolletage Smoothing Kit £21; Wrinkles Schminkles

If you are flying, please remember to take Mrs White’s Legs In The Air with you. It works. Also Altitude Oil because that works too, in a brilliant kind of way.
Legs In The Air £10 for 50 ml; Altitude Oil £28 for 10 ml

Finally, thank you to all of you who so patiently waited for Re-Connect by Phylia; by the time you read this Condition should be back in stock too, so together with Kazu, I am so sorry, but once again ingredient issues caused the wait, but it’s all over now and the devotion remains.
Phylia de M from £30

And so once again, we come to the end of another newsletter; together with Shabir and the rest of the VH team, I thank you for your amazing loyalty and support; I know I write this all the time, but I have to keep saying it because it matters.

A very special thank you to those of you who gave up eight hours of your time to play on Instagram, from beginning to end you were magnificent and the side emails were pretty amazing too!

If you are travelling this month, please be safe and please take care of yourself.

With love

Gill x