July Newsletter

July Newsletter

Welcome to the July newsletter where I tell you about a new product from NIOD (well four actually), which you all knew were coming, and now I make the announcement, with a twist, mostly because I just don’t want another ‘pre-order only’ scenario. Given prevailing circumstances (the wait lists!) across the DECIEM brands over the past few months, never has a product been so aptly named. Survival.

Also on this newsletter, India Knight sends me reeling (again), we have new products from Aurelia Probiotic Skincare and Sarah Chapman, Shabir takes a look at leaky gut syndrome and we report on a stunning new supplement for those of us who lack energy; I’m on it, trust me I’m on it! We will also take a look at all the latest news and feedback together with a product that flew out of the door after I wrote about it on the Addicts Bulletin and it’s happy birthday to two NIOD products, one of which has had a bit of an upgrade. Let’s do it:

Survival by NIOD

So Survival. Survival 0. Survival 10. Survival 20. Survival 30.

With the exception of Survival 0, these are the products I have been referring to as ‘NIOD Sun’ over the past few months. Yes, three of them are SPF’s, but they are so much more than that. It would have been tremendously easy just to bang out some boring old SPF products to add to the ever-increasing overload of products already available, but we were never going to do that on NIOD; it would go against the DNA of the brand, which we take very seriously.  The following:

Survival is a range of four networked protection systems that help support healthy skin defences against environmental and lifestyle-related assaults.  Despite their lightweight texture, these formulations offer a broad selection of advanced technologies to target the effects of oxygen radicals including the superoxide radical, nitrogen radicals, carbonyl radicals, glycation and advanced glycation end-products (AGE), pollution, smog, stress, infrared and blue light.

The logistics:  Survival 0 is £20, Survival 10 is £23, Survival 20 is £24 and Survival 30 is £25.  They are each 30 ml and they are physical, not chemical formulations. You cannot order them, but soon you will be able to. When the time comes, and it will probably be within the next two weeks, you will know because I will tell you. And when that happens, I think I might want to run away, or perhaps I should just stand on my desk and start singing ‘I Will Survive’ because there have been moments recently when I didn’t think I would.

Mrs White’s Unstung Hero Mosquito Repellent

I have often written about Unstung Hero. From the moment we listed it on our site it has been a bestselling product for so many different reasons, the name being one of them, but of course it takes more than a name for a product to be heroic. And heroic it is; it is DEET free with a rather revolutionary formulation, which combines a fragrant, fresh Eau de Cologne and an ingredient that renders you ‘invisible’ to mosquitoes, ticks, wasps and bees. Except it was far from invisible when India Knight declared love in The Sunday Times and not for the first (or second or seventh) time I sat looking at our screens with my eyes rolling.

I knew within the first early hours of that Sunday that we wouldn’t have enough stock, I also knew that there would be a delay in re-stocking because the manufacturing process required the ingredients to macerate for several days before it was ‘cooked’. On top of everything it was Bank Holiday weekend and there was absolutely nothing I could do. Long cut short, we processed and sent the stock we had, I sent out yet another one of my ‘now famous’ delay emails we subsequently received a massive delivery, we processed and sent those out, but there was still a wait list; now more news.

If you have been on the wait list, I am so sorry, but the information I have as I’m writing this is that another huge delivery is expected towards the end of this week so it will be au revoir to the wait list and I’m not going to write any more about the product because you can read what India wrote here. All love to India and Roullier White for supporting us magnificently.
Mrs White’s Unstung Hero Mosquito Repellent £20 for 250 ml

Organic Ear Oil

Look, I know this is not the sexiest of subjects or products, but I did get a bit excited when this landed on my desk because I know how many of you suffer from ear problems; an added bonus is that Shabir thinks this is a rather amazing formulation to help calm and soothe your ears.

I wrote about this product on the Addicts Bulletin and out the door they flew; who knew that it would be that popular, but there are a lot of ear issues around. This is the lowdown: Organic Ear Oil has been formulated with garlic oil, olive oil, mullein extract, echinacea extract, lavender oil and tea tree oil to help calm the sensitive ear canal. There is not a lot more for me to say other than it is a really great product to use if you are prone to wax build-up and the directions are to use 1-3 drops twice a day or as needed, but please do not use if the eardrum is perforated or has tubes. One for the medicine cabinet and for a full overview of ear infections and earache, please do read Shabir’s article on the subject.
VH Editorial: Ear Infections and EaracheOrganic Ear Oil by Wally’s Naturals £12.95 for 30 ml

Guayusa Leaves

When I announced the demise of one of our bestselling products, Femergy, a couple of months ago, I promised at that time that we would do some heavy duty research to find a replacement supplement. With the research and testing done, I would like to introduce you to Guayusa, which is a powerful naturally derived ingredient for focused energy, indigenous to the upper Amazon basin of Columbia, Ecuador and Peru. It is believed that Guayusa has been used as a medicinal plant for several thousand years. Traditionally Amazonian hunters called Guayusa the ‘night watchman’ because it helped sharpen their awareness, giving energy when heading into the jungle at night to hunt.

Guayusa (Ilex guayusa) is a small tree, whose leaves are rich in naturally-occurring caffeine (less caffeine than in a cup of coffee), flavonoids, polyphenols, saponins and L-theanine. L-theanine is an amino acid that is widely regarded for its relaxative effects on the brain and imparts a feeling of tranquility.

Recently, Guayusa has become a bit of a superstar ingredient, mostly for its inclusion in teas, natural energy drinks and shots, but now it is available as a supplement, although you can also empty the contents of the capsules into hot water and make a tea. I’m a bit over-the-moon in love with it. There is something within me that is completely fascinated with ancient wisdom and I can spend hours researching this aspect.

For sure, Guayusa walks its talk and its energy-giving compounds are outstanding, but it has been said that traditionally Guayusa was known to help raise intuition and induce lucid dreaming. On another level, I think this is pretty awesome, so I invite you to join me on the transformative Guayusa journey.
Guayusa Leaves by World Organic £20 for 90 Capsules


This is the product that I released it on the June newsletter, saying that it may well go out of stock. Except miracle of all miracles, the wonderful Harriet (founder of Spacemasks) put a massive ‘hurry up’ onto the manufacturing process and saved the day, and night. So let me give you some feedback.

I think this has become a must-have-but-didn’t-know-I-needed product; writing in The Telegraph, Lisa Armstrong stated that she put one on and went to bed on the night of the General Election to help alleviate some of the stress that may or may not have been happening at that time, it worked; an insomniac told me she fell asleep well before the 15 minute heat time was up, although it does actually stay warm for ages.

And then there is a friend of mine who has suffered dreadful migraines for many years; she and we have tried everything, but nothing much seems to touch them, which is pretty rare. She can sense when a migraine is about to happen, we call it a ‘blip’, so I told her that when she felt the next blip, to grab a mask and go to bed. To date, two blips have happened, and the migraines have been averted.

Early days, but if this is a solution for migraine sufferers, then glory hallelujah. Could this be the saviour of all stress-related moments, I would like to think so. Can I just also say, in relation to nothing in particular, that when Harriet delivered our stock, she had made cookies for everyone because she knew, and had seen the bedlam that is our office. She did it to make us smile and things like that say so much without any words needed around it, so I wanted to share that with you and of course she is a fully-fledged member of the VH family, but she became this pre-cookies. Harriet, thank you.
Spacemasks £15 for Five Masks


It is a year since we launched Superoxide Dismutase Saccharide Mist (SDSM) and Photography Fluid Tan Opacity 8%. Because nothing ever stands still, SDSM has had a birthday upgrade, so please say hello to the second generation of SDSM.

SDSM, as so many of you know, is a dermal treatment mist that acts as a fundamental daily force against oxidative stress, water loss and the look of inflammation, all of which contribute to loss of visible skin quality over time. This second generation of SDSM introduces two additional features to the formula, a more potent form of Superoxide Dismutase (potency is all!) derived from yeast, originally isolated from grape skin, and a purified pH-balanced extract of malachite rock, or copper carbonate hydroxide mineral, which offers additional direct scavenging of the superoxide radical.

The new yeast source of Superoxide Dismutase has a higher colour stability than before which, complemented by the naturally turquoise colour of malachite, renders the colour of SDSM2 brighter, yet more saturated. The purified North American Four O’Clock Flower and Marine Exopolysaccharides remain unchanged in the formula, the price remains the same and I will continue spraying it all over my body, as well as my face. If the product has been upgraded, by virtue my face and body will be upgraded too, which can only be a very good thing for you and for me.
SDSM2 £34 for 240 ml

So a very happy first birthday to Photography Fluid Tan Opacity 8% (PF 8%); I love this product, always have, always will. It is a serum-textured surface treatment and it complements the original PF 12% by balancing light absorption effects, in contrast to light reflection focus of PF 12%, with selective reflectiveness of darker interference pigments.

I have spoken to Brandon about this, because I think the word ‘tan’ in the product name gives a false perception of what this product actually does and I told him that I thought the name of the product was stupid and dumb. It is every bit as magnificent as PF 12%, but in a different way. On its own it adds a natural radiance to any skin tone; it can be used alongside PF 12% to create a natural and blended contouring effect, with PF 12% used above the cheekbones and PF 8% used below.

It can also be used alongside colour formulations, which means that you can also drop it into your foundation (Colours!) to create an entirely different look, which is what I do with both PF 12% and PF 8% when the need takes me, which is quite often. The name change will probably occur by the time I write the next newsletter. He did of course try (‘try’ being the operative word) to scream and shout at me reminding me yet again that NIOD doesn’t actually belong to me. The thing is that in my head I think it does. Mind games, Brandon, mind games!
Photography Fluid (Tan) Opacity 8% £21 for 30 ml; Photography Fluid Opacity 12% £20 for 30 ml

Just a word about MMHC2 before I finish this section; when second generation products are released I think the general perception is that a product has just been tweaked slightly; for the most part this is often true, I’ve seen it happen over and over again, until it actually becomes pretty irrelevant and I begin to lose the will to live from boredom more than anything else.

Feedback rules and the feedback we have received on MMHC2 is pretty staggering. This is of course because the new formulation includes 1.0% direct hyaluronic acid, which appears as ‘hyaluronic acid’ in the ingredient listing. As I’ve written before, this inclusion is exceptionally rare for a broad range of formulation and commercial reasons. Direct hyaluronic acid offers pro-repair support far beyond basic water hydration and sodium hyaluronate offers, the latter of which is used in the vast majority of HA skincare products.

The difference is very real, is very important and it not only results in improvements to the elastic appearance and the generally healthy look of your skin. Direct HA completely and utterly supersedes sodium hyaluronate, which is the sodium salt of HA. For me there is no longer a choice; having used direct HA there is no going back to salt. Ever. Amen.
MMHC2 £38 for 30 ml

Leaky Gut Syndrome

Leaky gut syndrome is a poorly understood gastrointestinal concern largely unknown by those afflicted, who are often unaware of this condition. Leaky gut syndrome is an intestinal problem in which the lining of the gut becomes permeable resulting in numerous issues.

The lining of the gut is one cell thick and this lining performs the important task of absorbing nutrients from the food you eat. This lining also plays an important role of preventing toxins, bacteria, digested food and other foreign bodies from entering the bloodstream. The gut lining basically acts as a front line of defence to help protect the body. In leaky gut syndrome, this barrier is breached leading to bacteria and toxins being able to enter the bloodstream causing a host of problems.

The intestinal lining is constantly exposed to enzymes, toxins, bacteria and other irritants including chemicals from the foods we eat. The intestine becomes permeable with time due to the irritation and inflammation, until eventually gaps appear in the intestinal wall. This enables chemicals and toxins to enter the bloodstream, resulting in the liver having to work harder to help neutralize and remove them from the body and at the same time the body’s defence mechanisms are overworked and become weakened, as does the hormonal system. Common symptoms of leaky gut syndrome including bloating, gas, joint pain, tiredness, skin rashes, abdominal cramps and food sensitivities.

There are many supplements available which claim to tackle this issue, but as ever, all supplements are not created equally and Shabir advocates the use of GI Complex by Biocare, which is a very gentle powder supplement containing some of the most effective natural remedies to help tackle a leaky gut. In a far-reaching article, Shabir takes a look at leaky gut syndrome and fully explains the ingredients of GI Complex.
VH Editorial: What is Leaky Gut Syndrome?GI Complex £28.96 for 165 grams

Sage Complex Treat

Every now and again I do this treat. I do it because Sage Complex is a bestselling product; it helps diminish peri-menopausal and menopausal symptoms such as night sweats, mood swings, hot flushes and vaginal dryness. It also happens to be best-in-class in our opinion and Shabir has written many articles on the subject, the most comprehensive of which is linked below.

So, here comes the treat: Sage Complex is £25, but up until midnight on Monday 10 July, or whilst stocks last, we are offering a duo-pack of Sage Complex for £40, which means you save £10.  Go!
VH Editorial: Hormone Mimicking Supplements Should Be Used By Nearly All Women Over 35Sage Complex Duo Pack £40 (Sage Complex £25 for 90 Capsules)

Organic Roll-On Aromatherapy Blends

So what we have here are five new roll-on essential oils from the same manufacturer as the Ear Oil. They are American, I have had to get over the name of the manufacturer (my face was a picture), but then look at Miracle Lotion, which I’ve always said would win a prize for the worst beauty packaging in the world, even if it is an amazing and bestselling product. Beauty editors tend to hide it in a cupboard, lest anybody should actually see it.

Anyway I digress. There are five aromatherapy blends in the range, I have had to dole them out for testing purposes because I can’t test them (yes, the wretched essential oil allergy) and they have all come back with a great big tick of approval. So into your handbags they can go and you can choose between Calming, Balance, Energy, Focus and Muscle Warming.
Organic Aromatherapy Blends £10 each; Miracle Lotion £16 for 237 ml

Ultra Recovery Booster by Sarah Chapman

Another new product from Sarah Chapman and the Ultra Recovery Booster has been formulated to help soothe, protect and hydrate sensitive or compromised skin.

This targeted serum has been created to provide support where you need it the most. Intensely soothing and calming, it is ideal for treating irritated and sensitive skin, as well as helping to strengthen the skin’s natural ability to protect against aggressors such as extreme weather, stress or fatigue.

This omega-rich emulsion combines essential fatty acids, calming anti-inflammatories, peptides and a probiotic formula to help provide immediate relief to boost the skin barrier. Easily blended into any daily skincare regimen, this booster can be used directly on clean skin, mixed with other serums or combined into masks or cleansers giving a customized approach to skincare.
Ultra Recovery Booster by Sarah Chapman £59 for 30 ml


On last month’s newsletter I wrote about some new products from Ameliorate together with some name changes; the response was amazing because Ameliorate is a much-loved brand and it has helped so many of you in so many different ways, including of course helping to combat Keratosis Pilaris, often referred to as chicken skin.

So hurray one more time for Ameliorate because they have just launched new travel sizes, so for those of you who have pledged allegiance to these wonderful products, you can now buy the mini’s, just in time for the great summer get-away, or alternatively, if you haven’t tried these products, perhaps now is the time to do so because they are not only designed for bumpy skin, but for very dry, dehydrated or rough skin plus ingrown hairs.

Three of their bestselling products are now available in miniature; Transforming Body Lotion, Smoothing Body Exfoliant and Nourishing Body Wash. I predict these are going to literally fly out of the door and all over the world, so I’m stashing some of them under my desk in case of any must-have-right-now emergencies. You know how it is!
Transforming Body Lotion £9 for 50 ml; Smoothing Body Exfoliant £9 for 50 ml; Nourishing Body Wash £5 for 60 ml

Arly – Detail Oriented Beauty

I want to take a moment or two to talk about Arly because it would be remiss of me not to thank Arly for her magnificent article, The Ordinary – The Definitive Review, which we released with last month’s newsletter. Written from an informative perspective, this article was never intended to be product pushing, but product understanding and there is a massive difference. The feedback has been virtually unprecedented and has helped so many people.

I think that anybody who has read the article, either in its entirety or in sections, will know exactly what it took to write it. As I said on the newsletter, not everybody can write, but Arly can and I am taking Arly’s second article out of the editorial section, which you will read later in the newsletter, because there are a few things I want to say.

It has always been so important that all of us hold hands; we have been on so many different journeys together, some product led, others not. Whatever supplementation we take and whatever skincare products we use, it has to include a sharing element. It is that sharing element that remains at the very core of what and who we are, no matter what.

Opening your heart and soul takes great courage; when it is done with integrity with a sole purpose to help others, it becomes something else entirely and on another dimension it is almost cathartic. There is a freedom attached to it, because it allows you to be exactly who you are, not a parody of the constraints that often surround writing on varying platforms, including social media.

It is in that space that Arly has written her second article; it is about her own personal journey; the sickness, the health issues, the research, the discoveries, all of which led her to do what she is doing today. I have long thought that Arly writes from a soul level and it is almost like the ties that have bound her have now been cut, giving her a sense of freedom to do whatever she needs to do and however it needs to be done.

I suppose it could be likened to a re-birth, a transformation, a re-invention of values perhaps in an industry that is so often harsh, violently critical and bullying (see last month’s Podium moment) to the point of virtual destruction. It takes great strength to stand up to all of that. Wayne Goss did it in a profound video and now Arly does it in her profound article. Together with Arly, I hope that in some way it will help many of you. Live and let live.
VH Editorial: My Journey; The Ordinary – The Definitive Review both by Detail Oriented Beauty

The Most Common Holiday Problems Solved

I actually can’t remember when Shabir wrote this article, I think it was about two years ago, but it is as relevant now as it was then. None of the products have changed; in fact nothing has really changed because it is pretty definitive.

The subjects covered include traveller’s tummy, prickly heat, insect bites, deep vein thrombosis (DVT), jet lag, travel sickness and plantar fasciitis. I have nothing to add, it’s all in the article. Shabir rescues me yet again!
VH Editorial: The Most Common Holiday Problems Solved

Summer Travel Kits by Aromatherapy Associates

Two new kits from Aromatherapy Associates, Travel Essentials and Radiance Essentials, both are collections of selected miniature skincare and body care products, housed in a travel size bag. Here they are and they are limited editions:

Travel Essentials: The products included are Hydrating Renewing Rose Cleanser, Anti-Ageing Intensive Skin Treatment Oil, Revive Morning Bath & Shower Oil, Support Lavender & Peppermint Bath & Shower Oil, Renewing Rose Body Cream and Renewing Rose Body Wash. If you love Aromatherapy Associates products, you will adore this kit and if you have never tried any of their products, then this is a wonderful opportunity to experience the power of the blends. The Travel Essentials Kit is £33, and has a value of £51.
Travel Essentials by Aromatherapy Associates £33

Radiance Essentials: The products included are Hydrating Renewing Rose Cleanser, Anti-Ageing Intensive Skin Treatment Oil, Support Equilibrium Bath & Shower Gel, Renewing Rose Body Cream and Renewing Rose Body Wash. The Radiance Essentials Kit is also £33, and has a value of £49.
Radiance Essentials by Aromatherapy Associates £33

Lyme Disease – The Tick Remover Card

This is not a new product, but I am writing about it again because it is really important to be aware of the implications of Lyme Disease, which can be so prevalent in the summer months.

The Tick Remover Card is a credit card sized tick removal device designed to fit into a wallet or a purse. It features a magnifying lens and two different sized removal tools for different sized ticks. Ticks can spread a number of diseases, including the bacterial infection Lyme Disease, which taken to the limit, can be fatal to both humans and dogs. For more information on Lyme Disease, please read the article below.
VH Editorial: Lyme Disease and the Tick Remover CardTick Remover Card £4.49

Aurelia Probiotic Skincare

Back to new products we go and this time we have two new botanical bodycare products from Aurelia, Restorative Cream Body Cleanser and Firm & Replenish Body Serum:

Restorative Cream Body Cleanser: This is the first body cleanser from Aurelia and it is a sulphate-free creamy wash that gently cleanses the body while respecting the skin’s natural balance, leaving you with clean, hydrated skin that won’t feel tight or irritated. Its ingredients include Baobab, Kigelia Africana and Hibiscus, vitamin E and Aloe Vera combined with natural coconut and a layered blend of essential oils. The essential oils used are Geranium, Clementine oil, Mandarin and Rosemary.
Restorative Cream Body Cleanser by Aurelia Probiotic Skincare £32 for 250 ml

Firm & Replenish Body Serum: This is an intensive lifting treatment for the body and Aurelia say this nourishing and super lightweight hydrating serum absorbs instantly to help transform and replenish skin. Loaded with antioxidants and omegas, a combination of essential oil blends have been included to deliver therapeutic relaxing benefits.
Firm & Replenish Body Serum by Aurelia Probiotic Skincare £48 for 250 ml


Eczema is a common skin concern that can affect virtually anybody and the term ‘eczema’ is loosely used to describe a skin condition in which the outer skin layer is inflamed. The common symptoms of eczema include redness of skin, itching, inflammation, dryness, cracking, swelling, skin blisters and oozing of skin. Because eczema can be a repetitive concern, many will experience some skin discolouration, but scarring is rarely a problem.

Eczema is often mistaken for psoriasis, but there are several differences, the main one being that eczema invariably affects the flexible part of any of the joints. There are different types of eczema which are generally classified by the location of the breakout or the physical appearance. A common type of eczema is atopic eczema, also referred to as infantile, flexural (elbows, wrists and knees are flexural joints) or atopic dermatitis. Atopic eczema is an allergy disease with a hereditary trait and is common in sufferers of hay fever and/or asthma.

Contact dermatitis is another type of eczema; there are two divisions within this type of eczema called irritant and allergic. Contact allergic dermatitis results from a deferred reaction to an allergen, whereas contact irritant dermatitis, which is more common, occurs as a result of contact with irritants such as chemicals in hair care and body products.

Other types of eczema include seborrheic dermatitis, xerotic eczema, discoid eczema, venous eczema and numerous other types. There is no cure for eczema. Eczema treatments aim to reduce breakouts, calm inflammation and help relieve itching and discomfort. We recommend Kerecis Xma as we believe it is one of the most comprehensive formulations available.
VH Editorial: How To Treat EczemaKerecis Xma with mOmega3 £19.99 for 50 ml


Eczema done, let’s do psoriasis. Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease which manifests itself on skin. Normally our skin cells divide at a constant rate, but in the case of psoriasis the cells begin to multiply at a much faster pace leading to a build-up of skin cells which causes the characteristic horny outer layers. This increased cell proliferation also leads to inflammation which is characteristic of symptoms. These rashes may appear as red bumps that itch, flat red blotches on the skin or silvery white patches on the skin.

The cause or causes of psoriasis is still not fully understood. There are two theories which may be valid; one theory is that psoriasis is caused by a fault in the outer cell layers with the cells being in a state of hyperactivity. The second theory is that psoriasis is due to a fault in the immune system which causes inflammation of the skin cells and an increased production of skin cells. The second theory is the most widely accepted because the use of drugs, which suppresses the immune system, often results in a marked improvement in the symptoms of psoriasis.

Psoriasis is not contagious and there is a definite gene marker because it tends to run in families. Like eczema, there is no cure for psoriasis, but you can help alleviate the symptoms, preventing outbreaks. We recommend Kercis Psoria for helping psoriasis.
VH Editorial: A Natural Psoriasis CreamKerecis Psoria £19.99 for 50 ml


It seems like a few lifetimes ago when we launched Color Wow for John Frieda and Gail Federici; it was the first in a long-line of similar root cover-up products and a new colour has just been introduced, Dark Blonde. Thought you may want to know.
Color Wow Root Cover-Up Dark Blonde £28.50

The ever-so-fabulous Annee de Mamiel has just released her Summer Facial Oil. It contains a combination of base oils such as Evening Primrose and Rosehip Seed; Echium is included to calm inflammation, redness or sensitivity. Essential oils such as Ylang Ylang, Jasmine, Rose Centifolia and Neroli are blended to deliver a warming summer flower scent.
Summer Facial Oil by de Mamiel £70 for 20 ml

The very beautiful Watercolour collection from The Wet Brush seems to have become a bit of thing, so it sits under the ‘things’ heading for that reason. I now have many Wet Brushes, I can’t help myself (Shabir please close your eyes), they make me happy. I don’t suppose it will be a surprise that Pink Swish led the way, although the other two were not that far behind. They have summer written all over them.
The Wet Brush Watercolour Detangler £12.99 (Pink Swish, Purple Swish and Orange Swish)

Let’s talk about The Ordinary. Glycolic 7% should be back in stock after a long, long absence within the next few days; I am keeping it on pre-order only during the fulfilment process, but it will only be a matter of days before it will be fully available; Vitamin C 23% will follow shortly, together with Marula Oil. You see the thing is that it has been raining in Namibia for several months, which delayed the harvesting of Marula. Sure, we could have used an inferior Marula, but that’s really not our style, so instead of blaming me and Brandon, we need to blame the rain really; we are both really sorry, but all attempts of doing a please-don’t-rain-dance failed significantly. Sigh!
The Ordinary

A few words on Colours by The Ordinary; this entire scenario wins an award for being the single-most stressful happening in the entire history of VH. I have never, ever gone through anything like this before; the demand is off the Richter scale and I’ve virtually fallen off the scale too together with the entire VH team.

There are no words to describe what I want to do to Brandon right now; killing him would seem the preferred option. I mean why on earth did he have to create the most stunning foundation I have ever used and why on earth did we plot Colours over a somewhat fateful weekend. We were laughing then, but we are not laughing now and I am so, so sorry for the delay, but it is out of my control, so please don’t beat us up, we are doing the very best we can under extraordinarily difficult circumstances.
Colours by The Ordinary

Second birthday celebration: Regenerate Enamel Science Advanced Toothpaste, the toothpaste I have used ever since we launched it. Regenerate is an advanced enamel erosion treatment toothpaste, which helps regenerate enamel by restoring its mineral content with regular use. 80% of common tooth problems are caused by enamel erosion and acid attacks. This keeps enamel erosion in check.
Regenerate Enamel Science Advanced Toothpaste £10 for 75 ml

The second second birthday celebration: Lip Bio-Lipid Concentrate. Still loving; still using; still fabulous as a comprehensive treatment for short, medium and longer-term enhancement of lip colour, volume, texture, softness and contour. It targets the production of collagen, hyaluronic acid and lipids, while multiple age prevention and age correction technologies work synergistically.
Lip Bio-Lipid Concentrate by NIOD £38 for 15 ml

VH Editorial

I am going to begin this section with a celebration. We have a new member of the VH family. His name is Udo, he was born on Friday 16th June and we say welcome to the world Udo and many congratulations to the gorgeously fabulous Carolyn Asome.

I absolutely promise I am not making this up, but Carolyn filed copy when she was in the middle of being induced, can you believe! I had told her that I really didn’t expect to receive an article this month, but she insisted on writing it and so I invite you to read ‘How To Do Jet Set’, which is all about her obsession for summer clothes.
How To Do Jet Set by Carolyn Asome

In the middle of the recent heat-wave, Jo Fairley decided she was going to write about staying cool at night; Catherine Turner talks about the SPF dilemma, Carole Morin discusses her bad hair miracle, in her own indomitable style and the Beauty Bible girls are loving beauty kits, read all about them!
How To Stay Cool At Night by Jo Fairley; The SPF Dilemma by Catherine Turner; My Bad Hair Miracle by Carole Morin; July Kits by Beauty Bible

I think that’s a wrap. For the sake of transparency, I wrote this newsletter under the influence of three Guayusa capsules and a Pimms cocktail, both of which I highly recommend. I particularly like the fact that Pimms now comes ready mixed in a can for when I am having a lazy moment. Add ice, cucumber, strawberries and mint. Voila!

For further transparency, I am wearing The Oud Affair by Vilhelm Parfumerie, which I have literally fallen in love with. If I was ever to sell a perfume, this would be the one; it is beyond sensational and almost without exception, everybody asks what it is. Stunningly magnificent. It takes your breath away.

Right, all that remains is to thank each and every one of you for your continued loyalty and support, throughout some really difficult and testing moments.

Together with Shabir and the entire VH team, I hope you have a wonderful July and if you are travelling, please be safe.

With love

Gill x