January Newsletter 2014

January Newsletter 2014

Welcome to the January newsletter where we take a look at some new products and we throw the focus on SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and we examine Vitamin C in depth, as all Vitamin Cs are not created equally. Additionally I will be writing about all the latest news and feedback, the VH editorial team is out in force and I personally don’t believe that January is the month for some grandiose detoxification programme, but more on that later. Let’s start with some new products:

Hycosan Extra Eye Drops

There is nothing I love more than discovering new, innovative products that help solve very common problems; I love it even more when they are recommended to us by you. It makes my heart sing because it emphasises the one thing that is so important to me, sharing. So when the following email arrived, we were right on it:

‘I have been plagued for months with inflamed, red dribbling eyes (not a good look!) and have been unable to wear my contact lenses. I had resigned myself to yet another discomfort of advancing years – dry eyes. Nothing really soothed my poor eyes until I found a brilliant product, Hycosan Extra. Please stock it!’

So, just a bit of background about dry eye syndrome; it is most common among women, especially during and after the menopause. Dry eyes are either a deficiency in tear production or altered tear film composition. Triggering sensations of itching, burning and even the feel of a foreign body in the eye, these symptoms are caused by a dryness of the cornea and conjunctiva. Taking an oral supplement, such as Hyaluronic Acid (HA) alongside the use of eye drops really helps.
High Strength Hyaluronic Acid £35 for 30 Vegecaps

Hycosan Extra Eye Drops help soothe and moisturize the eyes, creating a shield of protection all day long and are free from preservatives. Application is really easy and it is recommended that you use three drops per eye daily. A special patented ‘Comod’ (Continuous Mono Dose) design means that all you need do is click and each time an equal sized drop will be dispensed, clever, clever! Once opened, Hycosan Extra will remain effective and safe for use up to six months and the drops are suitable for use with all contact lenses. They are also pretty fabulous for ‘computer eyes’. On my desk it goes, actually make that two desks (one in the office and one at home). So the year begins with Shabir rolling his eyes yet again as I stuff my bag with yet more products that I don’t want to live without. Roll on is what I say!
Hycosan Extra Eye Drops £10.95 for 7.5 ml

Reflux – Esophageal Guardian

Gastro-esophageal reflux disease, commonly referred to as GERD, is a condition in which the liquid content of the stomach regurgitates (backs up, or refluxes) into the oesophagus. The liquid can inflame and damage the lining of the oesophagus because it contains stomach acids and digestive enzymes. The symptoms include heartburn, regurgitation and nausea.

Reflux is a massive concern for many of us and there are many remedies available to help soothe the digestive tract, yet some still have an issue with gastric distress, with resulting discomfort along the delicate lining of the oesophagus.

A new, and novel, solution is now available in the form of what scientists are calling ‘raft-forming alginate’, which is demonstrated in a blend of all-natural ingredients called Esophageal Guardian that provides a totally unique approach to protecting oesophageal tissue against harsh stomach acids.

The mechanism behind Esophageal Guardian involves the formation of a temporary physical barrier, or raft, between the stomach and the oesophagus. The secret to this technology is what happens when alginic acid and potassium bicarbonate come into contact with gastric acids. Alginic acid forms a gel and potassium bicarbonate produces bubbles that get trapped in that gel, producing a floating foam layer that sits above the contents of the stomach.

Immediately, two other natural ingredients in this formulation, calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate, react with the stomach acid to help create lift in the foam, making it firmer. Clinical studies show that this temporary foam barrier provides maximum support for delicate oesophageal tissues and also the carbonate and bicarbonate in these ingredients help neutralize stomach acid.

This protective foam barrier develops less than a minute after two natural berry flavour tablets of Esophageal Guardian are chewed and swallowed and the relief it provides can last up to four hours.

Obviously we have thoroughly researched this new cutting-edge product and in Shabir’s opinion, Esophageal Guardian delivers the fastest-acting, longest-lasting and most advanced technology available to help support delicate oesophageal and stomach tissues against gastric distress. After the heaviest meal of the day, simply chew two tablets followed by four to eight ounces of water. Just to add that I like having the word ‘guardian’ in the product name and I also deeply respect the work of the scientists who strive for perfection in a product, which I know will go on and help so many of us. A new year, a new era.
Esophageal Guardian £27 for 60 Chewable Tablets

La-Tweez Professional Illuminating Tweezer

Although I am writing about these tweezers in the new product section, they are not really new as we stocked these a few years ago, but then they disappeared from the horizon and we couldn’t get hold of any. I think this coincided when the market was flooded with fake inferior versions (yes, they were offered to me, but I knew they were counterfeit) and they started appearing all over the internet at a ridiculously low price – such is life!

Anyway, I love these tweezers and mine had died after many years of faithful service, so I was a bit bereft because in my opinion these are the best. The thing is that it’s all very well having an illuminated magnifying mirror, but even at 10 x magnification, you can’t see everything and I’m sadistic enough that I want to see every hair and every pore. Heaven forbid a hair appears where it shouldn’t be, I’d rather find it myself than be told about it by somebody else thank you very much.

So I welcome La Tweez back into my life; its ultra-bright LED illuminates your eyebrows (and everywhere else!) allowing you to see even the finest hairs. Crafted from professional grade stainless steel, the perfectly aligned tips are guaranteed to grip hair effortlessly and just to be smart, they have a crystal button for a touch of luxury. I can’t live without them, seriously!
La-Tweez Professional Illuminating Tweezer – Black £9.95

On the same subject, we have just listed the Celebrity LED mirror and its small size makes it easy to fit into a handbag. It has two large mirrors, and the LED mirror has 2 x magnification. It can be used hands free as it folds backwards to be placed on any surface and it is powered by an Alkaline battery, which is included.
Flo Celebrity LED Beauty Mirror £15


If you read this newsletter regularly, then you will know that we launched an extraordinary skincare brand, Julisis, last November. If you missed what I wrote at the time then click here to read my introduction and click here to read the follow-through on the December newsletter.

There are two remaining products for me to write about in the range, Sun Emulsion and Neck Firming Treatment, but before that I would just like to say that the response and feedback on these products has been phenomenal. Quite honestly I didn’t know what to expect because despite the fact that I love the transformational qualities of the products, they are high-end, but less is more when using, so they will last ages and at least I haven’t been writing into the ether.

What I’m not surprised about are the top three bestselling products; Silver Cream Night, Gold Emulsion Day and Eyemulsion. One of our customers asked me what my favourite Julisis product was and it was a really tough one to call, but by the tiniest fraction it has to be Silver Cream Night. I am infatuated and this is the third month in a row that I’ve written about it, but I can’t help myself, I’d like to cover my entire body in it.

For the record, Shabir would completely freak as that would go way beyond high-maintenance, but what the heck and just to add to that, he nearly fell over when he saw Eyemulsion in my bag. Guilty as charged, I have been using it as a face mask as well as an eye cream. What’s he going to do – kill me – of course not, he would have to write the newsletter!!!
Silver Cream Night £165 for 50 ml; Gold Emulsion Day £163 for 50 ml; Eyemulsion £189 for 20 ml

Sun Emulsion SPF 30: I’m not really sure where my head was when I wrote the December newsletter, because with so many people going away, I should have told you about Sun Emulsion, but I’m human and I forgot! Never mind, people head to the sun throughout the year, so here it is:

This unique organic sun emulsion protects and nourishes even the most sensitive skin immediately after application. It is enriched with organic botanical extracts and natural mineral sun screen together with the Julisis liquid silver essence (hurray for silver!). The blend has been formulated to help hydrate skin and it also helps prevent skin damage and premature ageing. It has a silky, light consistency that spreads evenly without leaving a white residue and helps give an even, longer lasting tan.

It is perfectly suited for daily use on children and for those with allergic tendencies; Gold Elexir Day and Gold Emulsion Day may be applied before Sun Emulsion and it is suitable for both sea and mountains, so if you are going skiing, take this with you! It can also be used as a daily sun protection, to be applied after the Gold products.
Sun Emulsion SPF 30 £86 for 100 ml

Neck Firming Treatment: This is the newest product from Julisis, so if you do have the Julisis brochure, this product is not included. Julius Eulberg informed me that he wasn’t going to include a ‘neck’ product in the range, but he got so many emails from devoted users, that he created the Neck Firming Treatment, it has been highly acclaimed and it is here to stay.

I think people are divided as to whether a specific cream for the neck is necessary, or whether you should just take your daily skincare products down onto the neck. I’m in the former camp because I want to give my neck all the help it can get because scrawny necks are on my ‘not going there’ list. This from a customer:

‘I want to take a minute to tell you that the Julisis Neck Firming Treatment is amazing. I have used a lot of products, many more expensive, but this one tightened and toned and it gave a natural fullness to my thin neck. My chest area is also toned and smooth and it has the ‘Julisis Glow’. Just amazing and now that I have all the Julisis products, I can’t wait to use them’.

The Neck Firming Treatment has been formulated to support regeneration to the fragile neck, bust and décolletage area and is a balanced compound of rose extract, rose balm, hawthorn, saffron and pearl essence. It helps smooth the neck to achieve a firmed appearance and it is also perfectly suited for post-surgical skincare. I use this cream twice a day, but you can use it as night treatment only. Just massage the cream in with both hands in swift movements, starting at the bust and then moving upward to your neck and chin. Once again, you only need use a tiny amount, so it will last ages.
Neck Firming Treatment £163 for 50 ml

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

Seasonal Affective Disorder, also referred to as SAD, is a condition that affects over half a million people in the UK. This condition impacts upon the mental wellbeing of people during the winter months, particularly during January and February. If you tend to feel really down during winter, or find it hard to get going during the winter months, you may actually be suffering from SAD.

Sufferers of SAD often experience low mood, varied degrees of depression, loss of energy, sleep problems, irritability, increased appetite, strong cravings for carbohydrates and sweet foods, as well as headaches and muscle pain. The defining characteristics of SAD are that the symptoms return annually and disappear during the three other seasons of the year.

SAD can affect any age and gender, although it is more common in females (sigh!) and whilst the causal factor is not fully understood, it is clear that it is related to the amount of sunlight received. The body’s circadian rhythms are regulated by the amount of daylight and the lack of daylight during the winter months appears to have an effect on the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus plays a key role in numerous complex functions within our bodies, including hormone cycles, sleep and wake-up cycle times, as well as our emotional state.

All hormonal glands communicate with each other, using hormones as chemical messengers. An imbalance in any hormone can therefore have a wide impact on the body. In the case of SAD, the hypothalamus, the adrenals and the brain are all interlinked through a complex series of chemical reactions with the result of increased melatonin during the day, leading to the feelings of lethargy and a lack of motivation and a reduction in the production of serotonin, which is the mood elevating chemical in the brain.

The symptoms of SAD are very similar to those suffering from depression; these symptoms include low mood, lack of concentration, sleep disturbances, pessimistic thoughts, nervousness, self-neglect and difficulty in coping with every-day situations. Many sufferers do not exhibit all the symptoms of SAD, and even if they do, the symptoms are less severe and this milder form of SAD is often referred to as ‘the winter blues’.

If you have a milder form of SAD, you may benefit greatly from the use of Magnolia Rhodiola Complex, which is our bestselling supplement for stress and anxiety issues. It contains a potent extract of magnolia, which works to physically relax muscles; magnolia extracts have been shown to help reduce levels of the stress hormone, cortisol. It is the increase in levels of cortisol in the body that prevents the uptake of the nerve-calming neuro-nutrient, serotonin, by the brain, so the benefits are pretty great.

This is an extract from Shabir’s article on SAD, which you can read in full here. Just to also say that this time last year we experienced a Magnolia Rhodiola Complex famine (not cute) after the following article appeared on Sarah Stacey’s Health page in YOU magazine. I am replicating it here again because it has as much relevance this year, as it had last year:

“I love writing this page, and never more than when I get emails like this from 60-something reader Jenny: ‘I wrote to you about my problem waking in the night with severe “what’s the point of living” depression, despite a good career, wonderful family and social life. I was advised (by pharmacist Shabir Daya) to take Magnolia Rhodiola Complex. It had a marvelous effect: it must be 15 years since I felt this good’. Jenny has recommended it to others ‘who had little enthusiasm for daily life’. They are all now content and calm with lots of energy”.
Magnolia Rhodiola Complex £26 for 60 Capsules; Seasonal Affective Disorder

Three Treats for the New Year

Before anything I would just like to say that the December newsletter went completely and utterly mad as it became one great big sharing fest. Of course the Phylia treat was the first to go and despite what I wrote on the newsletter, we let many of the other treats carry on long after we should have ended them, but the excitement was contagious and it made a lot of you very happy. So to kick-start the year, here are three more treats:

Joint Health

When we released our bestselling joint supplement, Superior Joints, we wrote about an innovative new ingredient, contained in Superior Joints, called Natural Egg Shell Membrane and from that moment, it shot straight into our top ten bestselling supplements and has remained there ever since, with some quite exceptional feedback.

Natural Egg Shell Membrane has been the core of several studies and peer-reviewed articles that for the most part, show positive changes in joint health. A patient study published in March 2009 found that supplementing with 500 mg of Natural Egg Shell Membrane for eight weeks had a positive impact on joint health, with patients reporting a positive result as early as ten days after beginning to take this supplement. Another study published in the May 2009 issue of Clinical Interventions in Aging (US), concluded that supplementing with egg shell protein supported joint flexibility within seven days with clinically meaningful results. You can check this out here.

So we have taken Superior Joints, partnered it with Pure Magnesium Oil Spray and created The Joint Health Treat. Magnesium is required for over 300 bio-chemical reactions in the body and one of its many advantages is that it helps ease discomfort from joint and muscle pain when applied topically.

I am going to let this treat run right the way through to when we release the February newsletter; many different reasons, but primarily because this is the season where our joints possibly trouble us the most. Superior Joints is £29.95 for 60 Capsules, Pure Magnesium Oil Spray is £16 for 236 ml; together as The Joint Health Treat, the cost is £35, so you save £10.95. Hope stocks last!
The Joint Health Treat £35 (including Superior Joints £29.95 and Pure Magnesium Oil Spray £16)

This Works & Derma E

Many of you are huge fans of This Works and alongside Derma E, this was one of the very first beauty brands we listed on our site. Both brands have much in common, they have a dedicated following, they are constantly striving to bring new products to market, their products are pretty immaculate and for the most part, even if I don’t write about them on the newsletters, they still fly out the door, a testimony to their brilliance.

So because they have both been around almost since the beginning of VH online (there were VH shops before, but they have long gone!), I am throwing in a treat, which will run whilst stocks last, but you will need to read this carefully.

If you buy any two products from This Works, then we will gift you Enjoy Multi-Tasking Lotion (120 ml) which is worth £25. This is a rich blend of Shea Butter and exotic essential oils that help feed under-nourished skin, leaving it smooth and supple with long-lasting hydration. Please note that this will NOT appear on your invoice, but we will throw it in with any order that has two This Works products on it. ** Please note this offer is now over. Sorry!
This Works

The same theory applies to Derma E, if you buy any two products from Derma E, then we will gift you the duo-pack of Vitamin E Intensive Therapy Body Lotion and Vitamin E Intensive Therapy Hand Cream, which together are worth £27.95. These two products are naturally effective moisturizers formulated to dramatically soften, smooth and condition dry, rough, flaky skin. As above, please note that this will NOT appear on your invoice, but we will throw them in with any order that has two Derma E products on it. ** Please note this offer is now over. Sorry!
Derma E

Be Like Me

One of the most frequent questions I get asked is which supplements I take and which skincare do I use. I think I’m pretty transparent on the newsletters about the products that I use and I do take a lot of supplements because I have a rock solid belief system that cutting-edge, innovative supplementation makes a massive difference to my health, wellbeing and skin. If I honestly didn’t believe that, I would walk off into the sunset, never to return!!

With over 10,000 products listed on our site, it is virtually impossible to take three products, bundle them together and create a ‘Be Like Me’ treat, but I’m going to do it for the reasons listed below and if I am going to be OTT (ever the drama queen!), then I would go as far as saying that I would stake my life on the efficacy of these products. Shabir will probably wish to stake me on a railing when he reads this, but never mind, I’m doing it anyway:

Fulphyl by Phylia: I stand by everything that I have ever written about Fulphyl, including my belief that this is the future of medicine. If I forget to take Fulphyl on a daily basis, I have a near-virtual panic attack because I know that Fulphyl helps protect my immune system and makes all the other supplements that I take work far more efficiently, and I’m up for that. I could write reams, but I’m not going to. Instead I will refer you to Shabir’s article, which I urge you to read as of course Fulvic Acids are not created equally and Fulphyl is the only award-winning pure, humic-free fulvic acid supplement on the global market.
VH Editorial: Fulvic Acid – The Elixir of LifeFulphyl by Phylia £160 for 360 ml

Hyaluronic Acid (HA): The reason HA gets onto this list is because Shabir and I both agree this is the most crucial of all anti-ageing supplements and it is the supplement that I have taken the longest, I think it’s about ten years. When I first read the research papers, I thought that pretty much everybody needed to take this as it has so many benefits and they are not all about our faces falling south. Again I am going to refer you to Shabir’s article on HA where you can read all about it.
VH Editorial: Hyaluronic Acid – The Anti-Ageing Nutrient?; High Strength Hyaluronic Acid £35 for 30 Capsules

Silver Cream Night: As you may have read earlier in the newsletter, this is my favourite product from Julisis and when speaking to those of you who want to buy one product from the range, I always say Silver Cream Night. I have nothing to add, except to say seeing is believing and of course you all know that I am besotted with the fragrance, which I think is from another world.
Silver Cream Night £165 for 50 ml

Now you will need to read this carefully; I know that the cost of this may be prohibitive for many of you, but I am writing about ‘best in class’ products and because I believe so much, I want to share these exceptional products with you. If you were to add the cost of all three products together, it would come to £360 (gulp!), but I’m going to wipe £60 off and make it £300, which is not further discountable, sorry! Heaven knows, I will probably never hear the end of this, so this offer will run whilst the allocated stock lasts and I hope you love the products as much as I do!
Be Like Me £300 (including Fulphyl £160; High Strength Hyaluronic Acid £35; Silver Cream Night £165)

A Better Form of Vitamin C

Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is a vital water soluble vitamin, which the human body cannot manufacture and yet every single cell and tissue within our body requires this nutrient for healthy function and repair. Consequently we have to ingest vitamin C through the foods that we consume and by way of supplementation. Most of us reach for this vitamin when we have colds or flu, however its actions are very widespread.

Maintaining optimal levels of vitamin C is difficult since it is water soluble and is excreted out of the body within a very short space of time after ingestion, either through food or from supplementation. Some vitamin C is retained in our body within the organs and blood, however based on current research, we simply do not have sufficient vitamin C intake, which can expose us to illness. This inability to maintain optimal levels is recognized by scientists all over the world as a limiting factor to its potential benefit in protection against chronic health concerns and they have been looking at ways to help boost the impact of vitamin C because of its recognized benefits.

There are many challenges to the absorption and utilization of vitamin C as mentioned above, but we also know that our bodies work in an alkaline environment, with the exception of the stomach, so that acidic forms of vitamin C are usually ill-absorbed from the gut into the bloodstream. Using high doses of these forms of vitamin C can result in diarrhoea and gastro-intestinal discomfort.

In response to this, many manufacturers produce ‘buffered’ forms of vitamin C. A buffered form is basically vitamin C, which is bonded to calcium or magnesium in order to prevent gastro-intestinal concerns and to help enhance absorption. These buffered forms are definitely absorbed in greater quantity, however their retention within the body is the same as the normal acidic forms of vitamin C.

New onto the market is a research-backed supplement called Fast-C. In two human studies, Fast-C has been shown to be absorbed quickly and is retained longer than acidic forms of vitamin C. Fast-C contains vitamin C as ascorbic acid together with two botanical compounds, piperine and dihydroquercetin. It is these botanical compounds that play a vital role in the absorption and retention of vitamin C in the body.

So whatever vitamin C supplementation you are currently taking, once again we are recommending you all change over to this new, cutting-edge, pioneering product as it is the only vitamin C product that contains alkalizing minerals that ensure the ascorbic acid is of a pH that does not affect the stomach; it contains an extract of black pepper, which significantly accelerates vitamin C absorption so that peak levels in the bloodstream are reached rapidly and it contains dihydroquercetin, a grape leaf derived flavonoid that helps regenerate vitamin C to work again.

This is an extract from an article Shabir has written, so to read the full article please click here and just to say that Albert Szent-Gyorgi won the Nobel Prize in 1937 for his discovery of vitamin C. In his acceptance speech for the prize, he said ‘the medical profession itself took a very narrow and very wrong view. Lack of ascorbic acid (vitamin C) caused scurvy, so if there was no scurvy, there was no lack of ascorbic acid. Nothing could be clearer than this. The only trouble was that scurvy is not a first symptom of a lack, but a final collapse, a pre-mortal syndrome and there is a very wide gap between scurvy and full health’.
Fast-C With Dihydroquercetin £30 for 120 Tablets; A Better Form of Vitamin C

Winter Immunity

Just a few lines to say that we all need to protect our immune system from the first day of autumn to the first day of spring, so if you are not taking an immune enhancing product, then now would be a good time to start – better late than never! It is well documented (ahem!) that I swear by Fulphyl, but Shabir takes Fulphyl and Daily Immunity, which is a comprehensive multi-purpose formula to help prime the immune system and protect the body from all types of infection, so the choice, as ever, is yours.
Fulphyl by Phylia £160 for 360 ml; Daily Immunity £25 for 60 Capsules

Having said that, there is a new product on the market, which I think many of you will want to stock up on for extra safety and if you are not taking an immune enhancing product, then you would certainly want to keep this in your medicine cabinet.

The product is called ImmunPro, it is innovative and unique and it is also classified as a Medical Device. It is an infection blocker and it has been clinically proven to offer natural resistance from the risk of viral and bacterial infection during times of high risk of infection.

Taking ImmunPro will help support your body’s natural immune system. The standardized special extract of Cisus Villosus contains a high level of polyphenols (tannins) and the polyphenols in the Cistus Villosus extract act like a shield in your throat and mouth, which helps your mucous membranes fend off viruses.

Now the good bit, this is actually a chocolate-mint tablet and it will start to work as soon as the first symptoms start to appear and provides relief at the initial signs of infection, such as the first scratching signs of a sore throat. During times of increased risk of infection, suck one tablet up to six times daily. Please note that ImmunPro should not be used on a permanent basis.
ImmunPro Infection Blocker £15.95 for 30 Tablets

January and Detoxification

At the beginning of this newsletter, I said I would write about detoxification progammes, so I just want to say that I fail to understand why we are all bombarded with grandiose detoxification programmes and new diets in January. I can think of nothing worse than setting targets in one of the darkest, coldest and most miserable months of the year, and quite honestly detoxification, if you wish to do it, should be carried out at the beginning of each season, not now.

Having said that, I completely understand that many of us may have over-indulged over the past few weeks, but does it really matter? I don’t think so, as long as we don’t continue in the same vein and revert back to normality, whatever that is! There is only one product that I would recommend using if you are feeling a bit sluggish and that is Effervescent Vitamin C – Magnesium Crystals. We launched this product in November, it immediately shot into our bestselling supplement list and I wrote about it again in December. I hope you will excuse me, but I’m going to put my feet up on my desk and replicate what I wrote in November, just because I can:

This is the product that Shabir hasn’t stopped talking about for the past few weeks and it is so effective, it is like having colonic irrigation, except you don’t need to go anywhere, which is probably just as well.

Occasional constipation is one of the most common gastro-intestinal concerns in the world. Most people suffering from constipation develop a variety of symptoms, which can include bowel pain, bloating, a feeling of fullness, nausea, rectal pain and a general feeling of uneasiness.

If you suffer from occasional constipation, fibre is not the solution because it is recommended as an on-going treatment for constipation. Effervescent Vitamin C is a natural solution that provides quick relief, in most cases within a couple of hours, which is pretty brilliant and it also negates the need to revert to chemical laxatives.

Effervescent Vitamin C – Magnesium Crystals can be used in varying doses depending upon individual need and is safe to use up to three times a week as it contains only nutrients that provide benefit to the body. Just drink one level teaspoon mixed in eight ounces of water, without food, followed by an additional eight ounces of water.

I will just add one thing here, the benefits of having a ‘clean out’ are numerous and well documented, so even if you don’t suffer from constipation, a dose of this every ten days will help keep your skin clear amongst other things. It’s kind of like pouring bleach down a drain –‘ kills all known germs’ – except we are not drains, but you get the gist. So love cleaning products, it’s a personal fixation!
Effervescent Vitamin C – Magnesium Crystals for Constipation £19 for 180 grams

VH Editorial

We have a wealth of interesting articles this month; Jo Fairley writes about the Seven Deadly Sins of Ageing, Sally Brampton writes about Letting Go (why do her articles always make me cry – the woman is a genius!) and Catherine Turner explains How It All Started With An ‘Om’.

The Beauty Bible girls write about Skin Superfoods and this month I meet Susannah Taylor and Sarah Vine from Get the Gloss. Additionally Susannah Taylor pops up in ‘The Collective’ writing about fitness, alongside Kazu Namise writing about Fulvic Acid and Livestock health.
VH Editorial

The End Bit

As we come to the end of the first newsletter of the year, let’s wrap on three things:


Common sense might tell you this, but it is still worth noting that studies by the Sleep Research and Treatment Centre at the Department of Psychiatry, Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine, have confirmed that the leading cause of insomnia in otherwise healthy adults is an over-active central nervous system, associated with increased levels of stress hormones.

Try to tackle the underlying stress triggering the problem. If for example you wake in the early hours of the morning sweating and cannot get back to sleep, investigate the recommended remedy for adrenal stress, which is Magnolia Rhodiola. If you are not suffering from adrenal stress, then try Sleep Tight and have a Magnesium bath about an hour before you go to bed.
Magnolia Rhodiola Complex £26 for 60 Capsules; Sleep Tight £25 for 60 Vegicaps; Magnesium Oil Original Flakes £9.95

Healthy Feet

The average person will walk the equivalent of twice around the world in a lifetime, which is a long time on your feet, so we need to look after them. If you haven’t discovered the award-winning CCS range of products, then check them out. I’m loving the Foot Care Cream; developed in Sweden, CCS’s professionally inspired formulation works with your body’s natural defences to condition skin. It is extremely effective in the control of dry and rough skin and it softens hard, dry skin helping to keep it soft, supple and helps prevent further problems developing.

CCS Foot Care Cream has been used and recommended by Chiropodists and Podiatrists for many years and you might also want to check out their Heel Balm too.
CCS Foot Care Cream £7.34 for 175 ml; CCS Heel Balm £6.12 for 75 grams

Spoonable Stevia Sachets

The sweetest tasting crystals produced by the stevia plant makes the contents of this package as sweet as three packets of sugar. To make it possible to package the powder in small individual servings and to make it easier to measure for cooking, Stevita have added an ingredient called ‘erythritol’, a bulking agent naturally extracted from fruits, vegetables and grains. Unlike other fillers, erythritol has a very high digestive tolerance is safe for diabetics with a zero glycemic index.
Spoonable Stevia Sachets £9.95 for 50 Sachets (50 grams)

Together with Shabir, I wish each of you a happy and healthy 2014 and as ever I thank you for your continuing support and loyalty. Have a great January and just to say that we are moving VH HQ over the next few days, so if things go a bit wonky, please bear with us; we are hoping for a seamless move, but anything can happen, and it probably will!!!

With love

Gill x