January Newsletter 2012

January Newsletter 2012

Welcome to the January newsletter and we start the year rolling with a whole load of new products, so if you want to shape up the easy way (easy is good) then you won’t have to wait long because I’m starting the newsletter with a simple little product that most of you will love. I’m following up with two exclusive global launches from Lanolips and then we talk about common health issues. Additionally we take a further look at some of the supplements I take together with a little treat for those of you who have problems sleeping. We also have some brilliant features from our editorial team, which I’ll write about later in the newsletter, The Podium returns and we take a look at winter health, so let’s go:

I’m With The Band

If you have always dreamed of having beautiful shapely legs and a bit of a butt lift, then please allow me to introduce you to a very easy to follow fitness regime using James Duigan’s new exercise bands. James needs little introduction to many of you as he is a member of the VH Editorial Team and has been transforming bodies and changing lives around the world with incredible success. He has a unique ability to get people looking and feeling amazing, is responsible for the body of Elle Macpherson and has been her personal trainer for over ten years.

The bands are available in three varying resistant strengths, green (low resistance), blue (medium resistance) and black (high resistance). Each band comes with easy ‘how to’ tips from James to ensure that you see the best possible results in the shortest time, which sounds good to me! I recommend that you start with the easy green band and after a couple of weeks progress to the blue band and then to the hardest band, the black one, and let me tell you that if I can do this, then anybody can and you really do notice the difference, which I find most pleasing.

I am about to put James on a ‘mini podium’ and in his own words he will tell you why he developed these bands, but before that, two things from me. The first thing is that I like the honesty of these products, you will absolutely get results if you use them correctly, and the second thing is that with all the best will in the world, there is not a cream, lotion or potion on the market that will give you the same results, despite all the hype surrounding certain ‘wonder products’. On that note I urge you to read Kate Shapland’s latest article, The Legologist limbers up for 2012, which I’ll write about later, but for now over to James:

‘I developed the Bodyism bands as I wanted my clients to be able to continue their workouts even when they can’t make it into the gym for a 1-2-1 session and also to have something which allows them to target very specific areas of their body. By using these simple bands in the right way, the results are phenomenal. I used them, and these techniques, when training Rosie Huntington-Whitely and they are an integral part of the workout I have created for Elle Macpherson. They are a fun and incredibly easy way to get into shape. A good tip is to keep one in your handbag and use it whilst sitting at your desk, in-flight or when watching TV. This could be the best £12 you ever spend’.

Finally, out the kindness of my heart, I have not asked James for any editorial this month; instead I am putting a very short video on his editorial slot, which shows you how to use the bands. Even though full instructions are included with each of the bands, I thought you might want to watch this to see just how easy it is. We call it ‘Tube Walking’, so let’s all tube walk our way to firmed-up legs and a perky butt, hold hands and chant ‘I’m With the Band’ just because we can!
Bodyism Bands: Green (Low/Easy) £12; Blue (Medium) £12; Black (High/Hard) £12; The Complete Set (one of each) £35

Lanolips Lovely Lanolin

Lanolips first launched in Australia in June 2009, since then it has launched in the UK, Hong Kong and most recently New Zealand. The magic of lanolin has been embraced by both industry experts and consumers alike, with the brand being nominated for, and winning, multiple international awards. We are extraordinarily proud to have launched Lanolips in the UK, beginning with the cult Lanolips 101 and following through with the Lip Ointments, Lemonaid Lip Aid, the hand creams and most recently the highly acclaimed Golden Ointment.

Lanolips has made its way into the make-up bags of most of the world’s leading beauty editors and many celebrities, but the one thing that makes me and Kirsten (Kirsten Carriol, creator of Lanolips) happiest is that despite the awards, accolades and celebrity fans, there is nothing more thrilling than receiving an email from a new Lanolips devotee, telling us that they didn’t know what they did before Lanolips. I could write reams about this, but I have two new product launches to write about, so just to say that if you have a cold and your nose is blocked up, then just dab some Lanolips 101 on the inside of each nostril and voila, the soreness and ‘stuffed-up’ feeling just goes away. That said, here they come, the brand new products from Lanolin, both of which globally launch right here:
Lanolips 101 £11

Triple Buttermilk Body Balm: The very best thing about writing the newsletters are the bits where I put my feet up on the desk and let somebody else do the talking. It is such a good feeling that it might have to become a New Year’s resolution, so without any more preamble from me, I abdicate the following couple of paragraphs to the very lovely Kirsten Carriol as she writes about her inspiration for Triple Buttermilk Body Balm:

‘I wanted to create an all over lanolin cream that both nourished and nurtured very dry skin. When I started to develop this product, I found myself doubling the lanolin percentage, and then I tripled it to get the finish and richness that I loved. The result is a very rich everyday balm for very dry skin. The balm spreads on thick, but absorbs and settles quickly, leaving a silky, clean finish on the skin.

Milk is the original source of life’s nourishment, so I added milk to further nurture the skin. This beautiful and elegantly simple balm takes me straight back to my childhood on my Grandparents farm. Each morning I would watch my Grandfather draw the milk from the cow, separate the cream, from which my Grandmother would skillfully pat into butter. It’s that old-fashion wholesomeness that I wanted to recapture’. Note from me: The girl has gone and done it, yet again. Triple Buttermilk retro-rocks.
Triple Buttermilk Body Balm £15.99 for 170 ml

Herbal Treatment Body Oil: This herbal treatment body oil is rich, yet light and delicate, full-bodied and it absorbs beautifully into the skin. With ingredients to help reduce inflammation, this oil has many uses, but has been primarily formulated to help improve the appearance of scars and stretch marks, whilst providing an ideal environment for skin health and repair. Loaded with a concentrate of Lanolips exclusive Ultra Pure Grade lanolin oil, Pine and Eucalyptus oils have been added to create this specialist antiseptic treatment oil, which also helps address skin irritation and rashes.

This is the product that Shabir was bowled over by when we first saw it last year and secretly I think he wishes he had formulated it, but he didn’t! I do love multi-purpose products and you can use Herbal Treatment Body oil in the bath (you only need a couple of drops), as an after-sun treatment, for skin chafing and you can also add a couple of drops to other skincare products to enrich them further. I’m taking a wild guess here, but because this rich, nourishing oil helps keep the skin moist and supple, with the Ultra Pure Grade lanolin oil providing the skin with the ultimate level of skin elasticity, this wonderful oil will be the new buzz product for pregnancy, helping to prevent stretch marks with some of Australia’s finest natural and powerful ingredients.
Herbal Treatment Body Oil £9.99 for 60 ml

To wrap, I just want to say that I have created ‘Wait Lists’ for both of these products, so if you want to be the first in the world to receive them, get your name down now and in line with company policy, we will not debit any monies from your account until the day we process and send your order. Triple Buttermilk will be in first, probably within the next seven days, followed by Herbal Treatment Oil, hopefully before the end of the month.

Common Health Concerns

Look, I know this is going to sound really sad, but I get over-excited when we find new products that deal with common, everyday health concerns. These are the problems that you wouldn’t necessarily go the doctor about, but they are irritating issues, which need addressing, so we are about to do that thing as I tell you about five new products, which are flying out the door without me having written a word about any of them. I am going to add an existing product at the end of this section just because I know it makes a massive difference, so here they come:


I clapped my hands with joy when I first saw this Ear Cleaning product because EARigate (you’ve got to love the name!) helps clean and removes wax build-up safely. Millions of people have an issue with ear wax and the EARigate system is a physician-designed product, which helps maintain healthy, clean ears using a naturally sourced solution.

Wax in the ear canal is produced in the outer part of the ear and tends to build up and eventually work its way in the ear canal. The EARigate system is a safe, simple easy way to remove wax, and you simply squirt the solution into each ear, following the directions included with the product. Each application should just be a quick spray of one second’s duration and with regular use, the EARigate Ear Cleansing System will help prevent ear wax build-up. It is 100% natural and hypoallergenic, but please do not use on children under four years of age or if you have perforated eardrums or had mastoid surgery. For the rest of us, I think this is a genius product and all my friends are begging me for a tube. Seriously!
EARigate £9.95 for 100 ml

BYE Wart

A wart is a benign small hard growth on the skin that is caused by a virus. Warts are skin-coloured and often occur on the hands and feet. They are clearly recognisable by their rough cauliflower-like surface and are very infectious. Warts are more common if the immune system is weak and through direct contact, they can spread from person to person or from one part of the body to another.

BYE Wart has been specifically formulated for the painless and natural removal of all types of warts and verrucas, with the exception of genital warts. It comprises of natural active ingredients that offer a complete, painless and effective solution to warts. This cream functions by penetrating the wart and helping to prevent uncontrolled cell growth. It deposits a layer over the wart or verruca, stunting any spread and promoting the wart’s removal and the healing of the skin.

To use, just rub the cream in thoroughly and leave for a while to absorb. Apply the cream at least three times a day, until the wart has completely disappeared. For stubborn warts, an airtight adhesive plaster can be placed over the wart after the cream has been rubbed in. We advise using BYE Wart daily for a period of four weeks, although of course this period could differ from one person to the next.
BYE Wart £9.95 for 15 ml

BYE Mouth Ulcer

Mouth ulcers are painful sores in the oral mucous membrane. They can appear on the inside of the cheek, lips, and gums or under the tongue and can occur singly or in groups. Mouth ulcers can cause a stinging pain and burning sensation when eating acids or hot spicy foods and they are a very common oral lesion. Many people will suffer with a mouth ulcer at least once in their life and although mouth ulcers will disappear eventually by themselves, they can cause a lot of pain and discomfort and it takes a while for them to heal.

BYE Mouth Ulcer is a film-forming gel for the localised treatment of mouth ulcers and it helps reduce pain and the burning sensation associated with ulcers. The gel forms a protective, breathable layer over the mouth ulcer and helps bring immediate relief, quickly healing the ulcer. BYE Mouth Ulcer is well tolerated by the skin and is not an acidic or an anaesthetic. Just apply four times daily, after each meal and in the evening after brushing your teeth. It is better not to eat or drink anything for approximately 30 minutes after application.
BYE Mouth Ulcer £7.95 for 15 ml

Nozohaem Nasal Gel

Most people have had a nosebleed at some time in their lives, but many people have recurring nose bleeds, which can be debilitating. Nosebleeds can have many different causes and they normally start in the front part of the nasal septum or near the roof of the nose. To date the two methods that have dominated the treatment of nosebleeds have been to clamp the wings of the nose or insert a wad of cotton wool and whilst they may be effective, they can cause considerable discomfort.

Nozohaem is an entirely new medical product, which helps stop nosebleeds using local treatment. It has been developed by ‘Nose Experts’ Pharmacure Health AB in Goteborg, Sweden in consultation with Professor Bjorn Petruson, who spent six years in the 1960s and 1970s researching the causes and possible treatment for nosebleeds. This unique, gel treatment helps stop bleeding in moments. It is safe, simple and quick to self-administer, whilst also accelerating the healing process. Full instructions for use are included with the product, so please make sure that you read them properly.
Nozohaem Nasal Gel £7.99 for 4 x 5 ml Tubes


Short, sweet and to the point. These lozenges were formulated for oral hygiene, helping to eliminate bacteria and give you fresh breath whilst on the move. With four main ingredients, Lactobacillus (an innovative probiotic), Aloe to help stimulate the immune system, Xlyitol and Isomalt, keep a packet of these in your bag/pocket for those moments when you need them the most. Cool product.
Oraldiet £6.45 for 30 Lozenges

Peri-Gum Mouth Wash Concentrate

I just couldn’t end this section without including Peri-Gum because this brilliant product has saved me on quite a few occasions. It combines seven herbal extracts that help to improve gum disorders such as bleeding, swollen or infected gums. All you do is add approximately five drops to about 30 ml of water and rinse between gums and teeth vigorously for approximately 30 seconds, twice daily. It’s not the most brilliant tasting thing in the world, but it’s extraordinarily powerful and if you are in agony with painful gums, this will dull the pain until you get to the dentist. I would happily place this product in the VH Hall of Fame because it is stunningly effective and that’s the bottom line, other than it would be a good call to use this daily.
Peri-Gum Mouth Wash Concentrate £15.40 for 29 ml

Top Tip: Wound Healing

I have referred to wound healing several times in this newsletter with various topical products, which are all brilliant in their individual ways. Now if I told you that there were two supplements that could help accelerate the healing of skin wounds and/or broken bones if taken together, I’m guessing that you would want to know about them, so here they come. The combination of Glycine and L-Arginine work synergistically to help support healing wounds and broken bones; they need to be taken together and when combined with a topical treatment (such as the miraculous Heal Gel) for skin wounds, you are fast-tracking the result, which is always a very, very good thing, most especially if you are as impatient as I am.
Glycine by Solgar £8.75 for 100 Capsules; L-Arginine by HealthAid £9.49 for 60 Tablets; Heal Gel £33.50 for 30 ml

Be Like Me (Gill) – Part Two

If you read the December newsletter then you will know that I went head to head with Shabir, with each of us listing three products that we took. I’m trying not to gloat, but I won the battle and more people wanted to be like me rather than Shabir. I will concede that it was a real close thing, but at the end of the day, only one person can win. On the strength of my victory, I’ve decided that I’m going to start the year with another treat and I will put my hand up and admit that I am a complete supplement junkie, but I’m ever so proud of that fact because I know the difference cutting-edge supplements can make. So here are three more of my essential must-takes, with a treat at the end:

Mega-Probiotic ND: I have been taking this product ever since we launched it, several years ago, because I truly believe it is the best probiotic available. It is an all-natural, non-dairy, acid-resistant supplement formulated to support digestive tract health and is also excellent for helping prevent bloating. I strongly believe that everybody should take a probiotic because of their ability to help inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, thus helping to prevent a build-up of acids and toxins in the colon.
Mega-Probiotic ND £18.50 for 60 Capsules

Ideal Omega 3: I completely swear by this product and so do the Beauty Bible girls, so I’m in excellent company. Without giving too much away, I have ‘stolen’ these words from Jo’s January editorial feature because it means that I can have a two second breather. So over to Jo: ‘EFAs nourish skin from within and are as vital as vitamins, so eat oily fish three times a week, or take 500 mg of omega-balanced oils daily to strengthen skin and brain cells. I ‘prescribe’ Ideal Omega 3 to every woman I meet. Fact.’ Nothing to add!
Ideal Omega 3 £23.70 for 60 Capsules

High Potency Astaxanthin: Shabir spent days and days thoroughly researching Astaxanthin, which culminated in his article ‘The Age- Defying Antioxidant You May Not Have Heard Of, But Should Be Taking’ (click here to read). Now I don’t like missing out on anything, most especially when it is one of most important nutrients we should all be taking and alongside HA, it now plays a really important role in my anti-ageing regimen. Read on for the treat ….
High Potency Astaxanthin £16.95 for 30 Softgels

The Treat: Maths is not my strong point, but I do know that if you were to buy all three of the above supplements separately, then the combined cost would be £59.15. Because I strongly believe that each of these products will make a difference to so many of you and there is nothing like kick-starting the year, I have put them all together in another Be Like Me package, knocked £9.15 off the total and with a wave of my wand, ‘Be Like Me’ becomes £50 for the next two weeks only – so that would be up until midnight on 19th January.
Be Like Me (Gill) – Part Two £50 (includes Mega-Probiotic ND; Ideal Omega 3 and High Potency Astaxanthin)

The Podium

The wonderful Sarah Chapman, uber-facialist and creator of The Facialift, jumps straight onto January’s podium for several reasons, not least because I have experienced first-hand the inspirational facial that led to the development of The Facialift. First things first, this girl is seriously talented and she is renowned for the enlivening facial gymnastics of her trademark Skinesis facial. There are not many moments in my life that I am speechless, but it felt like my face was being given a workout and I’ve never felt anything quite like it in my life, so little wonder that most of the top beauty editors takes their faces to Sarah.

When talking to Sarah afterwards, she told me that her treatment includes the traditional French massage techniques of petrissage, tapotement and effleurage with state-of-the-art technology and cosmeceutical products which have been refined through 20 years of research and experience. My face was absolutely glowing and this part of the treatment was obviously the inspiration for The Facialift, because with all the best will in the world we can’t all have Sarah’s magic hands on our faces every morning and every evening. If used regularly, then The Facialift is the next best thing and I still use mine every single day, which is somewhat of a miracle because I get bored with things really quickly, but the one thing I am not bored with is the way it helps tighten your skin – I refuse to droop!

I know this is London-centric and I apologise for that, but if you do live in London and you want a bespoke facial, I have listed Sarah’s details below.
Sarah Chapman, 106 Draycott Avenue, London SW3 3AE; 020 7589 9585; The Facialift £25

Seditol – Sleep Issues

I have a story for you, which is going to culminate in a treat, so do read carefully if you have problems sleeping. We launched Seditol in the UK several years ago and supplements may come and go, but we still consider Seditol to be one of the best supplements on the market to help promote sleep, alongside Cherry Active, which I will write about later in this newsletter. Seditol was researched and developed by Next Pharmaceuticals, who we have ‘partnered’ with for nearly ten years and they are completely fabulous, but actually I wanted to take a sledge hammer to them recently because they have just sent our latest consignment with such a short sell-by date on the product that I had a severe sense of humour failure.

So this is what we are going to do. It is pretty pointless sending it back to America, I’d far rather keep it and let you benefit from their mistake. The sell-by date is the end of March 2012, so I’m going to create a double pack, slash the price and wish you sweet dreams!

Whilst on the subject, I highly recommend having a magnesium bath about half an hour before you go to bed because not only do magnesium flakes ease aches and pains, but they are renowned for their relaxation properties. A quick spritz of Deep Sleep Pillow Spray too and it’s rock-a-bye baby.
Seditol Double Pack £28 (normal price £18.25 each); Magnesium Oil Original Flakes £9.95; Deep Sleep Pillow Spray £15

Winter Health

There are many aspects to winter health and our bodies can fight off colds and infections provided that there are no nutritional deficiencies. Without wishing to tempt fate, I swear that the supplements I take throughout the year play a key role in the maintenance of an optimal immune system and I rarely, if ever, get a cold or flu. Over the past couple of months I have written many words about Triple Flu Defense and I still maintain that this innovative product really does help prevent getting an infection, provided your nutritional intake is correct. With the cold and flu season upon us, Shabir has written an article entitled, ‘When Colds and Flu Strike’, which I urge you all to read as he explains how to take charge of our bodies in protecting ourselves and our families from infection.
When Colds and Flu Strike; Triple Flu Defense (2011-2012) £22.95 for 30 ml

Many people find that they eat and sleep more in winter and many also dislike the dark mornings and short days. This phenomenon is commonly referred to as ‘winter blues’. As night falls, the pineal gland starts to produce a substance called melatonin that tells our body clock that it is night time; bright light at daybreak is the signal for the gland to stop producing melatonin. However, there is not enough light on full winter days to trigger the waking up process. Bright light is linked to seratonin, a neurotransmitter and a mood elevator. An excellent supplement to help counter ‘winter blues’ and increase seratonin levels is Magnolia Rhodiola Complex. Magnolia extract helps physically relax the body, Rhodiola helps increase serotonin uptake to help elevate mood and Theanine helps relax the mind. Magnolia Rhodiola Complex has been specifically formulated to address stress without drowsiness, and remains our bestselling supplement for anxiety.
Magnolia Rhodiola Complex £26 for 60 Capsules

Most of us tend to gain a few pounds in the winter months because we are less active during these months. It is literally a matter of calories in against calories out and the potential for weight gain is increased, most especially during the Christmas and New Year period. I am quite vocal in that I do not believe in dramatic weight loss as I think it is detrimental to the body and so if you want to kick start a gentle programme, then it really is quite easy. Cut the calories, exercise (with the Bodyism bands of course) and try taking one course of 10 Day Downsize. Provided you are not a ‘secret eater’ and don’t raid the fridge at midnight, this should work rather well.
Bodyism Bands £12 each; 10 Day Downsize £27.50 for 60 Capsules

I write about this product every year, but Marshmallow and Mullein Cough Syrup really is our favourite cough syrup. The formula contains Marshmallow root, Mullein, White Horehound and Elecampane, all traditional herbs used to help promote the health of the respiratory tract. The herb Mullein has a traditional use for colds and sinus congestion and its leaves and flowers are used to help reduce mucous. The dosage is one or two teaspoons up to six times a day and it is suitable for children over the age of six with a reduced dosage.
Marshmallow and Mullein Cough Syrup £9.69 for 100 ml

VH Editorial

I think you are really going to enjoy this month’s editorial features, so in a nutshell I have referred to Kate Shapland’s article at the top of this newsletter, but I think you are going to love the way she writes about so-called ‘wonder’ products – a girl after my own heart, we are absolutely on the same page and the mission continues – we tell it as it is because there is no other way. The Beauty Bible girls write about boosting your immune system, Jo Fairley writes about New Year beauty resolutions and Lulu writes about finding a happy place. Additionally, with the kind permission of YOU magazine, we publish Sarah Stacey’s Health Notes every Sunday, so with a great big thank you to all the girls, I hope you love the features as much as I do.
VH Editorial

News and Updates

Having just written about Sarah Stacey, when CherryActive appeared on her page in YOU magazine, everything went a bit bonkers. So this is what Sarah wrote and I would just add that Sarah swears that CherryActive is also improving the texture of her skin. That we like, so here we go:

‘A middle-aged friend who has suffered long-term insomnia reports good results from a natural remedy based on Montmorency cherries. CherryActive capsules contain natural melatonin, the sleep hormone. Adding CherryActive to her existing strategies (not drinking caffeinated drinks after midday, a light supper without alcohol) has given her the best nights’ sleep she has had for five years. Plus she’s much less anxious. CherryActive capsules, which are supported by experts including Dr Jason Ellis of the Northumbria Centre for Sleep Research, cost £12.95 for 30 (dose one to two before bed)’.
CherryActive Capsules £12.95 for 30 Capsules; CherryActive Capsules £22.95 for 60 Capsules

On a recent ’60 Seconds’ (released every Tuesday, with a couple of exceptions!), we gave away 100 jars of the rather magnificent Active Rainforest Honey 10+, so with thanks to The Active Honey Company I just want to write a few words. Honey has long been recognised to be an effective natural medicine, dating back as far as the Egyptians. Over the last decade much research has been carried out to analyse the healing action of various forms of honey, so besides taking a spoonful every day, I also want to tell you that it makes a brilliant face mask too. Just warm some honey and paint it onto your face – I know it’s a bit sticky but it has superb anti-ageing qualities and that we like. The very wonderful Annee de Mamiel uses warm honey as a face mask as part of her amazing facial acupuncture treatment and I have a deep respect for her work, so let’s all get painting and I use a foundation brush to paint it on – try the Real Techniques Foundation Brush by Samantha Chapman, it brilliant!
Active Rainforest Honey 10+ £8.49 for 227 grams; Real Techniques Foundation Brush by Samantha Chapman £8.99

Just need to report that after many years, Stevia is now allowed to be sold in the UK. Heaven alone knows why it was ever banned, but this sugar substitute is massive in America and when I think of the cutting-edge products that we couldn’t bring into the UK because they contained Stevia, I want to cry. I’m not going to write too much on the subject because I could get myself locked up, but just to say that the whole scenario was completely ridiculous and at last common sense prevails.
Pure Via Stevia Granular £4.59 for 80 grams; Pure Via Stevia Sticks £3.29 for 40 Sticks; Pure Via Stevia Cubes £4.95

Here is another top tip for you – well actually this one is for the girls. If you are taking Sage Complex, and most of us are, to help control our ‘mad’ moments (mood swings, hot flushes, night sweats, vaginal dryness et al), then do take Vitamin E alongside it because it will ‘up’ the efficacy, most especially in the hot flushing department. I am actually going to slap my wrist for not writing about Vitamin E more regularly, I can’t remember the last time I mentioned it, but it would appear to play an integral role in regulating the function of the hypothalamus, the temperature regulating gland of the body and heaven help us, we need it to be controlled!
Sage Complex £23.95 for 90 Capsules; Vitamin E 400-iu Softgels by LifeTime Vitamins £14.50 for 90 Softgels

I just want to apologise to those of you who didn’t get a SilkSkin pillowcase in time for Christmas, but I did give you several warnings that they were flying out the door and the stock levels might suffer because of it and that is exactly what happened. Aside from the anti-ageing aspect (no more creases on our faces when we wake up!), sleeping on silk is also great if you suffer from allergies (the pillowcase is hypoallergenic), most especially if you suffer from eczema, dry or sensitive skin and following on from the above paragraph, if you get night sweats, sleeping on silk is preferable to cotton. For everybody on the wait list, our next consignment should be with us within the next few days.
SilkSkin Pillowcase £39

As we come to the end of the first newsletter of the year, together with Shabir and the VH team, I would like to wish each of you a healthy and prosperous 2012. We will continue the mission of researching the most cutting-edge and pioneering products available because nothing in life remains static, neither should it. As ever, I thank you for your loyalty and support, it really means a lot.

With love

Gill x