January Newsletter

January Newsletter

Hello and welcome to the January newsletter; we start the year with some new and exciting news from DECIEM in the shape of three rather fabulous products; we have new product launches from Aurelia, Viridian and Ojamin (which some of us have been secretly drinking over the past few weeks). We are also going to throw the focus on some health concerns, there is a new product for the insomniacs amongst us and in an ongoing series, I announce the death of a product. We will also be doing news and updates on The Ordinary and NIOD, so let’s go:


Originally a stand-alone brand launched under the DECIEM umbrella in 2013, Inhibitif has, of this very moment, become part of The Chemistry Brand. The brand is focused on reducing the apparent quality, thickness, density and speed of unwanted hair regrowth so as to minimize the need for frequent hair removal and to minimize the recurrence of ingrown hairs.

The brand’s joining The Chemistry Brand family coincides with its third generation of technology advancement, which combines improved efficacy and unprecedented speed to achieve visible results. We could have launched the first generation of Inhibitif, we didn’t. The second generation came along and I still wouldn’t list it because there were several things I was not happy about, so I told Brandon that the rest of the world could do it because I wouldn’t. And in that moment, the third generation was created.

As most of you know, if I’m going to write about products they have to be ‘best in class’, they have to do what they say they will do and after extensive research, development and testing, which has taken some time, we are now globally launching that third generation of Inhibitif and these products really do change everything in the hair removal category, in a rather pioneering way.

That said, I am going to give a brief overview of the brand and the products to date to give a deeper understanding of my comments above:

First Generation: The brand launched in April 2013 with its first generation of technology. This generation of technology was synthetically derived and carried a short-lived, but unpleasant odour. It would reduce the apparent speed of hair regrowth as well as the density of hair in any given area. A minimum daily commitment of six weeks was needed to start noticing results with a maintenance regimen of a few times weekly needed thereafter. No thank you.

Second Generation: The technology changes in this generation involved only plant-derived molecules with no unpleasant odour and no synthetic active origin. In addition to targeting apparent speed and density of hair regrowth, this generation also reduced the apparent quality of individual hairs (thickness, colour density and coarseness). Still, a minimum initial commitment of six weeks was needed to see initial results with a maintenance regimen of a few times weekly needed thereafter. This second generation of Inhibitif is widely available through many channels, but not on VH. No thank you.

Third Generation: Forming as part of The Chemistry Brand, this generation involves three independent plant-derived active molecules. Not only do these technologies target apparent speed, density and quality of hair regrowth as the second generation, but the formulations are now able to deliver initial results within the first six days with continued improvements in a committed regimen. The results peak within four-six weeks after which a maintenance regimen of only a few applications is needed to maintain results. Yes!

Unwanted facial and body hair is a huge concern for so many of us and there are currently three products available in the range, which I will list in a minute, but I just want to address a few facts first, which are important and which also set these products above all others in this category:

The technologies used in this third generation are all plant-derived active molecules and not basic extracts; the formulations are completely non-toxic and do not cause any permanent change to any bodily function; the formulations do not affect hormones in any way; the range is completely non-irritating and, in fact, the entire range reduces shaving/waxing discomfort; the range is free of animal bi-products and has not been tested on animals.

If used alongside laser or IPL hair removal, the range should be used once the course of treatment is completed as light requires dense hair to be present; the range of products works on all hair and skin colours. Maximum results are seen with waxing where the frequency can be reduced by as much as about 70% (to two-three times per year), but the range also reduces the need for frequent shaving. So the products, and they all contain the same hair minimizing technologies, with one or two comments from me:

Inhibitif Face Serum: The face serum contains the highest concentrations and also maximum technologies for comfort and reduction of ingrown hairs. It should be applied on shaved, waxed or threaded facial areas twice daily for eight weeks or until hair growth, density and thickness appear reduced. Tested on humans, not Brandon!
Inhibitif Face Serum £17 for 30 ml (a little goes a long way)

Inhibitif Body Serum: Containing anti-irritants and advanced multi-depth hydrators, the Body Serum should be applied evenly on shaved or waxed body areas twice per day for eight weeks or until hair regrowth appears reduced. Apply once every other day to maintain visible results thereafter, which is no tragedy because I think many of you will fall in love with this product.

In its functional sense it has been formulated to tackle unwanted hair, which it does brilliantly, but when I was testing the lab samples, I kind of got addicted to how it made my legs feel; there is nothing like ‘hydrated’ legs and this does it; I also love the fragrance, so I’ve taken to using it as a room spray too. Don’t even ask where these thoughts come from. They just arrive.
Inhibitif Body Serum £30 for 240 ml

Inhibitif Intimate Care: Fighting dryness, Intimate Care combines lasting hydration benefits and is non-irritating. It should be applied once a day on shaved or waxed intimate areas until hair growth, density and thickness appear reduced. Continue use to maintain visible results and please note that it is for external use only.
Inhibitif Intimate Care £9 for 60 ml

Just to wrap, I truly believe that all good things are worth waiting for and for me it is not about flinging products around just for the sake of it. In launching this third generation of Inhibitif, I am now completely satisfied that nothing comes close in the hair removal category; the products are sensational, the technology is far ahead of the crowd and the best part of it, Brandon had to jump through a million hoops to achieve this. So pleasurable!

7 Day Sugar Detox Kit

Since time immemorial I have written about detoxification on the January newsletter and my vehement disapproval of putting yourself on ridiculous starvation diets and heaven only knows what else during one of the coldest months of the year. I have no objection to detoxification per se, but it would seem far more sensible to do this at the start of each new season, but that is a very personal viewpoint.

When this product landed on my desk, I held my head in my hands and sighed, mostly because it had the word ‘detox’ in its name and I knew it had to go on this newsletter. I was secretly praying that there was something wrong with the product, perhaps the formulation didn’t live up to promise, except that thought quickly left my head because Viridian’s products are pretty amazing; maybe Shabir wouldn’t like it, but he did and thought it was an extraordinarily clever product.

So I’m going to tell you about it because despite my misgivings on the subject, I recognise that we are not all the same and there are those who will want to know about this product. I will seriously shoot myself if this becomes the bestselling product from this newsletter and it has every chance of doing so because sugar is a significant contributory factor in the rising number of devastating diseases, including diabetes. The lowdown:

The packaging is pretty cute, it resembles a bag of sugar; open it up and you will find the supplement, a Chromium & Cinnamon Complex (14 Capsules), complemented with Alpha-Lipoic Acid. Chromium is an important mineral that helps contribute to the maintenance of normal blood glucose levels and Cinnamon, also known as ‘sweet wood’ has been studied clinically and has a long history of traditional use of maintaining healthy sugar levels in the body and reducing cravings.

Also enclosed is a suggested seven day eating plan, which I guess should be followed for optimum results. I have read this through and thankfully it doesn’t suggest that you eat a stem of broccoli (or similar) for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There is also a simple way to work out how much sugar you are eating, which is a good thing and there are just a few rules which are easy enough to follow. Basically no sugary drinks are allowed during the seven day period, processed foods should be avoided and to keep blood sugar stable, three meals a day should be eaten.

That’s it really; all I need to add here is that Viridian have certainly done their research very well and I agree with Shabir, it is very clever and with the overwhelming evidence of how harmful sugar is, I wouldn’t blame anybody who wanted to do this thing, January or otherwise, except I kind of wish it was March, but it clearly isn’t.
VH Editorial: Can You “Detox” Sugar?; 7 Day Sugar Detox Kit by Viridian £7

Ojamin Herb & Fruit

Created in the late 1960’s in Asia, Ojamin was originally formulated as a sugar-free elixir suitable for diabetics and daily wellbeing for all. Maintaining its original efficacy, it is now made in the UK, refined in Switzerland and is a tonic made from 14 herbs and fruits formulated to manage blood sugars and to help boost immunity by helping to cleanse vital organs. So basically an elixir of all the good things we need to help us feel and look good.

You can check all the ingredients on the product page, but they include Fenugreek, Turmeric, Gooseberry and Bitter Melon which are blended with spring water. It has a sharp taste, so you can either take it alone or it can be used in water or juice. All the herbs are free from any artificial influence and Ojamin is suitable for diabetics and vegans; it is also yeast and dairy free. We rather like this product, we also rather like the word ‘tonic’, which describes this pretty well, so if you are feeling a bit lethargic and want to feel better, take this.
Ojamin Herb & Fruit £29.99 for 250 ml (Two-Four Teaspoons Daily)

The Ordinary

The concept and movement to offer skincare formulations at reasonable prices, revealing commodity over-pricing in the industry, captured the imagination of several million people when we launched The Ordinary last September and it is ongoing, as are the wait lists which grow exponentially in each passing moment.

I am not going to tell you the varying scenarios that have occurred over the past few weeks, but trust me you really couldn’t make them up and they have subsequently delayed the production, fulfilment and release of some of the products. It is for this reason that Brandon and I decided not to launch any new products from The Ordinary this month, so just a few updates:

Retinol 1% will be released pretty soon, but I am almost frightened to give a time scale because every time I do that, something else happens, so let’s just say we are doing our very best and please smile because we are in the middle of a beauty revolution and some revolutions take longer than others. And if we are going to talk revolutionary, and evolutionary, you need to read the next paragraph:

We launched High Adherence Silicone Primer and High-Spreadability Fluid Primer on the December newsletter; these are the two products from The Ordinary that I don’t think I could actually live without because once you have tried them, you will not want to live without them. And then a couple of things happened. I had written on the newsletter that the primers wouldn’t be released until the week commencing the 12 December, but a certain Lisa Armstrong (The Telegraph) ‘took’ the one and only Fluid Primer in existence out of my handbag on the evening the newsletter was released; it appeared in The Telegraph four days later, which you can read here and all hell broke loose – again.

As I’m writing this, we have managed to fulfil the majority of orders and more will be coming very soon. In the interim I have actually banned these products from appearing on social media and that includes Wayne Goss doing a YouTube video on them. It was in the moment he told me that both of these products would literally blow all other primers out of the water that I told him he couldn’t talk about them, even in his sleep, until we are fully stocked, if there is such a thing.

To know them is to love them and I know, basically because everybody keeps telling me, that these two products will change everything there is to change in the world of primers and if you want to take them in another direction, just add a drop or two of Photography Fluid, either the 8% or 12%; variation on a theme!
The Ordinary; High Adherence Silicone Primer £3.90 for 30 ml; High-Spreadability Fluid Primer £5.50 for 30 ml; Photography Fluid Opacity 12% £20 for 30 ml; Photography Fluid Tan Opacity 8% £21 for 30 ml

To wrap this section, many of you will have seen the e-blast we sent out about Colours by The Ordinary. My lips are sealed at the moment, so all I will say here is that this concept has been in the lab for the past two years; it will be weeks, rather than months before we launch it, if everything goes according to plan, and we can’t wait for this to happen. If you want to be amongst the first to know about Colours, then please put your name on the list here for pre-release information.


As with The Ordinary, there are no new product releases this month, but what I will say is that Brandon and I are currently working on several concepts, which are both exciting and of course pioneering – we wouldn’t want it any other way. I am not going to be completely mean and I will share one of the concepts with you and it is NIOD Sun. It won’t be called ‘Sun’, but they are SPF’s and they are very special, of course they are!

I have always called NIOD ‘The Extraordinary’ because I truly believe (and know) that the skincare formulations are light years ahead of all else; it is for this very reason that the SPF products are being released under the NIOD umbrella and before I get flooded with emails, there are no current plans to launch another SPF range under The Ordinary umbrella. I don’t have a specific launch date right now, but I think we are possibly talking around March. We therefore appear to be on countdown for NIOD ‘Sun’ as well as Colours by The Ordinary. Keep reading the newsletters!

Before we move on, I just want to throw the focus on one of the NIOD products, Superoxide Dismutase Saccharide Mist (SDSM). We have had so much feedback about this product which is a dermal treatment face and body mist, hydrating and protecting skin against dehydration and oxidative damage.

If you are using it as part of a NIOD regimen, it should be used after cleansing with either LVCE or Sanskrit Saponins and before CAIS, but there is more. If you use any, or all, of the NIOD masques, then before you rinse them off, lightly mist your face with SDSM and do a two or three minute massage. This will bring the masques alive again, but in a totally different way and the results are brilliant and take things to another level of fabulousness.

Finally, if we are talking about masques, which we appear to be doing, once a week I use all of them, one after the other. After cleansing with Sanskrit (and misting with SDSM), I use Flavanone Mud (and mist), Myrrh Clay (and mist) and Mastic Must (and warm blow dry for 15 seconds) and then I sleep with Voicemail Masque on. I call it NIOD spa night, but you may call it something else – all I know is that my skin responds to this treatment magnificently. I could carry on with the superlatives, but I won’t because you get the gist and seeing is believing.
NIOD; Superoxide Dismutase Saccharide Mist (SDSM) £34 for 240 ml; Sanskrit Saponins £21 for 90 ml, £34 for 180 ml; Flavanone Mud £28 for 50 ml; Myrrh Clay £28 for 50 ml; Mastic Must £27 for 90 ml; Voicemail Masque £30 for 50 ml

A Probiotic Supplement To Prevent And Treat Gum Disease

I briefly wrote about Florassist Oral Hygiene on the December newsletter; I couldn’t help myself, it had just been released and I wanted you to know about it because it is a really important supplement. The thing is that Shabir was not entirely happy with me because he was in the middle of writing an article on gum disease and he wanted me to wait until this newsletter, but I started singing every time he bought the subject up, you know how it is.

Can we therefore pretend that you don’t know about this supplement (although it instantly became one of the bestselling products of the December newsletter) because I would quite like to put my feet up and let Shabir take over for a moment or two:

Affecting large numbers of the adult population, gum disease is caused by plaque, a sticky film of bacteria which adhere to the teeth. Although most of the plaque can be removed by regular brushing, if any of it is not removed then this film hardens up under the gum line to form tartar. Tartar harbours more bacteria and should only be removed by a hygienist or dentist.

The longer plaque and tartar exist, the greater the damage to the gum. There may be slight inflammation at the base of gum tissues, known as gingivitis. Symptoms include bad breath, swollen gums, inflamed gums and slight bleeding whilst brushing. Left untreated, gingivitis leads to periodontal disease, which is when you end up with receding gums and tooth loss.

Probiotics are the beneficial bacteria responsible for a host of functions carried out within the body. The principle of using probiotics is simple; they replace harmful bacterial with beneficial bacteria. Research has shown that a specific probiotic supplement, Florassist Oral Hygiene may prove to be invaluable in protecting your teeth and gums.

It contains two specific probiotic strains, S.salivarius BLIS M18 and Bacillus coagulans GBI-30, which have been shown to compete against pathogenic bacteria in the mouth that cause, or worsen, periodontal or gum disease.

In a nutshell, that’s it, but you can read Shabir’s full article by clicking on the link below because I need to move on. Oh, and just one more thing, Florassist Mood is appearing here, there and everywhere in the press, basically because like Florassist Oral Hygiene, it is a cutting-edge product that exemplifies the connection between the ‘gut-brain axis’ and the nervous system, addressing mood and stress.
VH Editorial: A Probiotic Supplement To Prevent And Treat Gum Disease; Florassist Oral Hygiene £14 for 30 Lozenges; Florassist Mood £26 for 60 Capsules

RelaxOn With 5HTP

I want to tell you about this new supplement which helps to enhance sleep; there are many ‘sleep’ supplements available and we list a selection of the most cutting-edge of these products, so I just want to add this one to the list. The thing is that insomnia is an extraordinarily difficult health concern and not all supplements work on all people. I liken it to eczema creams, some people will swear allegiance to one product, but for others it doesn’t touch the issue. So if you are still searching for ‘the one’, do try this.

RelaxOn is loaded with 5HTP, Montmorency Cherry, Chamomile and Magnesium; it provides 5HTP with a botanical complex of Avena Sativa, Montmorency Cherry and Chamomile, enhanced with the mineral Magnesium, it helps the normal functioning of the nervous system and normal psychological function.

5HTP (5-hydroxytryptophan) is a derivative of the essential amino acid, tryptophan, which is found in high protein foods and also the African plant Griffonia simplicifolia. 5HTP is converted in the brain to the neurotransmitter, serotonin (the ‘happy hormone’), which has a role in our mood, appetite and sleep. The dosage is one tablet, to be taken in the evening, preferably with a little water.
RelaxOn With 5HTP £9.95 for 60 Tablets

Death Of A Product – Selixir Peace Balm

I know, I know; we launched this product, it was a huge success, it went right across the press, people fell in love with it and then the business was sold; it disappeared for a couple months during its transition and then back it came. The format was slightly different, as was the pricing structure, so the writing was on the wall. And now it has died and gone to product heaven.

So if you loved Selixir, I am so sorry, but actually we believe that the Icelandic brand, Kerecis, is pretty hard to beat right now. Everything has a reason. So there is Kerecis Psoria, Kerecis Smooth and Kerecis Xma, all loaded with mOmega 3. Check them out.

Winter Facial Oil – de Mamiel

Yes, shoot me. I forgot to write about this on the December newsletter; I’m not sure how that happened because it was on my list, but I must have suffered an eclipse of the brain.

Anyway, the very wonderful Annee has released her Winter Facial Oil and this special blend was created to energise the skin. The star ingredient is Sea Buckthorn Oil and it is joined by Frankincense, Myrrh, Wild Rose and Neroli.

Apply a few drops at night on freshly cleansed skin and as Annee’s many followers know, remember to cup it into the palms of your hand and inhale the deep aroma before applying to the skin. I think it’s called the ‘Annee Experience’.
Winter Facial Oil by de Mamiel £70 for 20 ml

Botanical Essences – Aurelia Probiotic Skincare

For those of you who love Aurelia, I have a big treat for you because there are two new products to tell you about from this skincare brand in the shape of two facial mists designed to be used as part of your skincare regimen after cleansing, or throughout the day. They deliver Aurelia’s signature probiotic ingredients together with rose quartz crystal, volcanic and glacier waters combined with a prescriptive blend of essential oils and flower waters. They are:

Brightening Botanical Essence contains an uplifting and energising blend of twelve essential oils which include Geranium, Cedarwood, Fennel and Magnolia to help promote radiant and glowing skin.
Brightening Botanical Essence £22 for 10 ml; Brightening Botanical Essence £42 for 50 ml

Calming Botanical Essence has been specifically blended to help cope with daily stresses; it can also help alleviate jet lag and Aurelia suggest using it to help aid sleep too. It contains a de-stressing blend of seven essential oils including Linden Blossom, Chamomile, Camellia and Lavender.
Calming Botanical Essence £22 for 10 ml; Calming Botanical Essence £42 for 50 ml

The Health Benefits of Artichoke

Over the past few years, it has become increasingly evident that artichoke has numerous health benefits, including its ability to aid the digestive system.

The artichoke (Cynara scolymus) is a perennial thistle native to the Mediterranean region and is best known for its heart, but it is the artichoke leaves that have been scientifically studied. Artichoke plant as a whole was used as a food and as a medicinal remedy as early as 400 BC, but it fell into oblivion until the 1500’s when the medicinal use of artichoke was recorded for helping to treat jaundice and liver problems. In 1850, a French physician successfully used an extract derived from artichoke leaves to treat jaundice, which led to an increase in the number of studies carried out.

Artichoke leaves contain a host of compounds including flavonoids and polyphenols, including cynarin and chlorgenic acid. Scientists initially believed that cynarin was the important compound, but it is now believed that the whole blend of its compounds play a role in the multiple benefits of artichoke extract.

Artichokes are also rich in antioxidants and artichoke extract provides these in a concentrated form. The main antioxidant is caffeic acid, which helps to neutralize damaging free radicals; free radical damage is the single biggest accepted theory on how we age.

As mentioned above, artichoke has an ability to aid the digestive system and ‘dyspepsia’ is a generalized term that sums up all types of digestive complications including gas, indigestion, stomach upset and bloating. Artichoke Extract helps to stimulate the product of bile, which is very important for the entire digestive process.

In a study carried out at the University of Reading on people suffering from IBS and dyspepsia, one in four patients showed a significant reduction in the incidences of IBS, but even better results were observed in those with dyspepsia, with a decrease in symptoms of gas, bloating and digestion in over 40% of the cases.

Artichoke leaf extract by way of supplementation is a safe and natural way to improve your overall health and wellbeing and we recommend Artichoke Leaf Extract, which provides the highest concentration of standardized active compounds found in artichoke leaves. It is these compounds which provide the therapeutic benefits and it can be safely taken with other medications without side effects. Please note: Do not use artichoke supplementation if you suffer from gallstones or have an obstruction of the bile duct.
VH Editorial: The Health Benefits of Artichoke; Artichoke Leaf Extract £20 for 180 Capsules

VH Editorials

This month, Carolyn Asome asks ‘Why Are We Scared of Our Children’; Jo Fairley requests that we B-R-E-A-T-H-E, Catherine Turner examines ‘The Spa Cure’ and the Beauty Bible girls talk about ‘Beauty Packaging Recycling’. My thanks to each of them; it did occur to me that I should write a monthly article, but that thought fast disappeared when I started to write the newsletter; one day perhaps there will be a book, by which time I hope to be somewhere over the rainbow, far from the madding crowd (aka the health and beauty industry). Tempting!
Why Are We Scared Of Our Children; And Just B-R-E-A-T-H-E; The Spa Cure; Beauty Packaging Recycling

The End Bit

A treat if you love Sarah Chapman products. Spend £30 or more on Sarah Chapman products and we will throw in two Instant Miracle Masks in the shaker. Shake, Paint, Peel and Reveal is what it says on the packaging and it does just that. Please note that this will not show up on your invoice, but will be included in your order, while stock lasts. Oh, yes and after an absence of approximately nine months, 3D Moisture Infusion Masks are back. Hello! **Sorry, this promotion has now ended**
Sarah Chapman; Instant Miracle Mask £38.50 for Four Masks; 3D Moisture Infusion Masks £39 for Four Masks

My severe allergy to all essential oils is pretty well documented; basically it means that I haven’t used oil on my face forever and a day so when Marula Oil arrived I put one in my bag, drove home and headed straight to the bathroom. After cleansing, I massaged the oil into my skin and although nothing (really nothing) can tear me away from my NIOD regimen, I have to say that my skin did look pretty amazing.

Later that evening I was talking to Brandon because neither of us understand why some skincare brands make such a big deal about Marula in terms of their pricing strategy; it’s kind of outrageous really, but what was even more outrageous was when he told me that when he was testing he had used it all over his body; not to be outdone I shoved him off the phone and did the same thing and I keep forgetting to bring another bottle (or two) home with me because this could easily become another addiction. Oh!
100% Cold-Pressed Virgin Marula Oil by The Ordinary £8.10 for 30 ml

And so we come to the end of the first newsletter of the year and together with Shabir and the entire VH team, I thank you, as ever, for your loyalty, support and patience if you have been on a wait list. I know some of you are still on a few wait lists and we are doing our very best to get through these as quickly as we can.

Please be safe, please be warm.

With love

Gill x