Originally a stand-alone brand launched under the DECIEM umbrella in 2013, Inhibitif has, of this very moment, become part of The Chemistry Brand. The brand is focused on reducing the apparent quality, thickness, density and speed of unwanted hair regrowth so as to minimize the need for frequent hair removal and to minimize the recurrence of ingrown hairs.

The brand’s joining The Chemistry Brand family coincides with its third generation of technology advancement, which combines improved efficacy and unprecedented speed to achieve visible results. We could have launched the first generation of Inhibitif, we didn’t. The second generation came along and I still wouldn’t list it because there were several things I was not happy about, so I told Brandon that the rest of the world could do it because I wouldn’t. And in that moment, the third generation was created.

As most of you know, if I’m going to write about products they have to be ‘best in class’, they have to do what they say they will do and after extensive research, development and testing, which has taken some time, we are now globally launching that third generation of Inhibitif and these products really do change everything in the hair removal category, in a rather pioneering way.

That said, I am going to give a brief overview of the brand and the products to date to give a deeper understanding of my comments above:

First Generation: The brand launched in April 2013 with its first generation of technology. This generation of technology was synthetically derived and carried a short-lived, but unpleasant odour. It would reduce the apparent speed of hair regrowth as well as the density of hair in any given area. A minimum daily commitment of six weeks was needed to start noticing results with a maintenance regimen of a few times weekly needed thereafter. No thank you.

Second Generation: The technology changes in this generation involved only plant-derived molecules with no unpleasant odour and no synthetic active origin. In addition to targeting apparent speed and density of hair regrowth, this generation also reduced the apparent quality of individual hairs (thickness, colour density and coarseness). Still, a minimum initial commitment of six weeks was needed to see initial results with a maintenance regimen of a few times weekly needed thereafter. This second generation of Inhibitif is widely available through many channels, but not on VH. No thank you.

Third Generation: Forming as part of The Chemistry Brand, this generation involves three independent plant-derived active molecules. Not only do these technologies target apparent speed, density and quality of hair regrowth as the second generation, but the formulations are now able to deliver initial results within the first six days with continued improvements in a committed regimen. The results peak within four-six weeks after which a maintenance regimen of only a few applications is needed to maintain results. Yes!

Unwanted facial and body hair is a huge concern for so many of us and there are currently three products available in the range, which I will list in a minute, but I just want to address a few facts first, which are important and which also set these products above all others in this category:

The technologies used in this third generation are all plant-derived active molecules and not basic extracts; the formulations are completely non-toxic and do not cause any permanent change to any bodily function; the formulations do not affect hormones in any way; the range is completely non-irritating and, in fact, the entire range reduces shaving/waxing discomfort; the range is free of animal bi-products and has not been tested on animals.

If used alongside laser or IPL hair removal, the range should be used once the course of treatment is completed as light requires dense hair to be present; the range of products works on all hair and skin colours. Maximum results are seen with waxing where the frequency can be reduced by as much as about 70% (to two-three times per year), but the range also reduces the need for frequent shaving. So the products, and they all contain the same hair minimizing technologies, with one or two comments from me:

Inhibitif Face Serum: The face serum contains the highest concentrations and also maximum technologies for comfort and reduction of ingrown hairs. It should be applied on shaved, waxed or threaded facial areas twice daily for eight weeks or until hair growth, density and thickness appear reduced. Tested on humans, not Brandon!
Inhibitif Face Serum 

Inhibitif Body Serum: Containing anti-irritants and advanced multi-depth hydrators, the Body Serum should be applied evenly on shaved or waxed body areas twice per day for eight weeks or until hair regrowth appears reduced. Apply once every other day to maintain visible results thereafter, which is no tragedy because I think many of you will fall in love with this product.

In its functional sense it has been formulated to tackle unwanted hair, which it does brilliantly, but when I was testing the lab samples, I kind of got addicted to how it made my legs feel; there is nothing like ‘hydrated’ legs and this does it; I also love the fragrance, so I’ve taken to using it as a room spray too. Don’t even ask where these thoughts come from. They just arrive.
Inhibitif Body Serum 

Inhibitif Intimate Care: Fighting dryness, Intimate Care combines lasting hydration benefits and is non-irritating. It should be applied once a day on shaved or waxed intimate areas until hair growth, density and thickness appear reduced. Continue use to maintain visible results and please note that it is for external use only.
Inhibitif Intimate Care 

Just to wrap, I truly believe that all good things are worth waiting for and for me it is not about flinging products around just for the sake of it. In launching this third generation of Inhibitif, I am now completely satisfied that nothing comes close in the hair removal category; the products are sensational, the technology is far ahead of the crowd and the best part of it, Brandon had to jump through a million hoops to achieve this. So pleasurable!


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