How To Reduce Frizzy Hair This Summer

How To Reduce Frizzy Hair This Summer

If you regularly battle with frizz you’ll know how frustrating it is, especially if you’ve spent the best part of an hour styling it only for a frizzy halo to develop within what feels like minutes. While central heating and cold weather often make frizz a common issue throughout the winter, it can also be a problem in the warmer months thanks to humidity and the dehydrating effect the sun, sea and sand can have. 

So, how can we avoid the Monica from Friends moment in Barbados? Well, keeping your hair hydrated is essential. “Frizzy hair is really just hair that is dehydrated and dry,” says Gail Federici, co-founder of hair care brand Color Wow. It’s no surprise then that after a week at the beach with salty sea water and abrasive sand, your hair can feel and look dry, lacklustre and frizzy. 

Incorporating hydrating and nourishing conditioners and hair masks, such as Henna Plus Hairwonder Hair Repair Mask (for a bargain £8.20 for 200ml) can work miracles. When your hair is feeling particularly straw-like, try using a hair oil as a pre-shampoo treatment and massage it into tresses from mid-length to ends around 20 minutes before washing it. If this sounds like too much time and effort, look to nourishing post-wash treatments like Curly Ellie’s Curl Defining Leave-In Conditioner and Color Wow’s clever Carb Cocktail. Make sure both are worked into mid-lengths and ends thoroughly though for maximum effect.

For those who have finer hair and are concerned with conditioner or oils weighing your hair down or leaving it feeling greasy, try Ful.Vic.Health’s Fulvic Acid Mist. Loaded with non-humic fulvic hair, it blitzes your hair with nutrients, yet feels virtually weightless.

However, Federici warns not to be fooled by ‘smoothing’ or ‘de-frizzing’ shampoos as these are often loaded with silicones that can weigh your hair down and cause havoc on your scalp. “Your best bet is to use a cleanser that simply cleans your hair (like our Color Security Shampoo) and leaves nothing behind. You can then turn to conditioners and stylers with silicones for frizz-fighting benefits,” says Federici. It’s also worth checking out Curly Ellie’s Gentle Shampoo, which uses broccoli oil instead of silicone.

There are other tricks you can employ to help reduce frizzy hair, such as drying your hair with a T-shirt rather than a towel (we picked this up from hair stylist and Instagrammer @Curl.Talk). If you don’t want to use heated styling tools to seal your cuticles, try tying damp hair into a top knot until it’s fully dry and the cuticles are closed. It’s also worth considering investing in a silk pillowcase or headscarf to reduce the friction. It might sound like a ridiculously simple trick, but you’ll be amazed by the results when you wake up in the morning.