How Sarah Chapman Creates New Products

How Sarah Chapman Creates New Products

The development of new products and innovations has always been a passion of mine. Through my work at the Skinesis Clinic, I am lucky enough to continue to get first-hand insight and everything I develop is a direct response to the needs of the clinic’s clientele. It is through this hands-on approach that I continue to be inspired. I am constantly mixing the latest and best advanced cosmeceutical creams and ingredients with aromatherapy essential oils, seeking optimum results with products that also feel and smell amazing on the skin. My latest launch, Morning Facial is the epitome of this process.

When undertaking the development of a new product, the most important consideration above all else is, the formulas have to work! Efficacy is key, not only for the integrity of the brand but because I use my products everyday, both at home and at work in the clinic. The Skinesis range is formulated to maintain all of the benefits of a facial in between treatments, but to also offer professional products to anyone who doesn’t come to my clinic for treatments. It is essential that the products provide real skin transforming results for long-term cell health.

When I am creating a new formula I study the skin and all the layers and issues I wish to target. I then globally source and research active ingredients to fulfil all of the skins needs, which is why sometimes there are 18 actives in a product!

The overall experience in product usage is also extremely important to me. Having worked for several years with French botanical skincare I recognised that they offered a truly luxurious, sensorial experience, but not the clinical results myself and clients desired. Cosmeceutical brands offered highly effective products but missed out the luxury and pleasure we craved. This is a compromise that I refuse to believe is necessary and I work tirelessly to effectively combine cutting edge technology, science and luxury that seems to really resonate with consumers.

Once myself and my team have agreed on a particular idea we set about researching the best possible team of chemists, manufacturers, fragrance houses and suppliers to produce the product. One company might be fantastic at producing a serum, for example but might not necessarily be experts in developing a cleanser. My recent 3D Moisture Infusion Mask is a classic example of this practice. Featuring advanced Nano technology, we moved development to Asia as they are at the very forefront of this science.

I am also a great believer in trial and error. If something isn’t absolutely right, it’s back to the drawing board. When you are juggling anything up to 18 active ingredients at a time, at their optimum potency, there is a delicate balance to maintaining the perfect equilibrium. I think it is my firm belief in the detail, with a refusal to compromise on quality that continues to drive the Skinesis range from strength to strength. I won’t sign off a product formula just to meet a launch date – the most important thing for me is to have the best formula possible.

It isn’t just about the product itself though, a great deal of care and attention is put into the overall look of a product. We get lots of comments on our packaging and rightly so. Not only do they look sleek and elegant in your bathroom but by using airless pumps our products are protected from light damage and air sensitive ingredients, such as vitamins and antioxidants, are kept fresh to maintain optimum potency with every use.

It really has been a very busy year for the Skinesis range and looking to the future I have a number of exciting developments in the pipeline, although I can’t give too much away yet. Before the end of the year though, you can expect more cutting edge science with a delicious sensorial experience and an element of the unexpected.

I love having the opportunity to talk to my clients and discuss their needs and understand their feedback, it is that constant search for innovation and efficacy that keeps this industry so exciting. There really is nothing quite like that first delivery of a newly completed product and the reaction of my clients, to drive me on to the next product development, again and again!