Healing Waters

Healing Waters

We all know that water is essential to life – and these days so much is made of staying hydrated. it does make sense when you think that the average adult is 65% water, and that it is a huge multi-tasker in the the body. It’s a building block for cells; helps to regulate internal temperature and the metabolism; it’s a primary component of saliva (where digestion begins); lubricates joints and helps to flush out waste via the kidneys. So no wonder the big wellness mantra of our time continues to be ‘drink more water’.

However, it’s the one health habit I personally struggle with, hence I use all kinds of ways to trick myself into drinking more. In the winter it’s hot water with lemon, and lots of herbal teas; summer, it’s room temperature with fresh cucumber and or mint. Sometimes I’ll add a little food grade rose water to my glass when I need a general pick-me-up. And though I know some might dismiss the idea of buying bottled waters, and most of the time, I’d agree it’s not the most sustainable thing in the world. And yet a good bottled mineral water tastes way better than tap to me, so I sometimes indulge (maybe even with a bit of fizz!).

Recently, I’ve been sipping on a whole host of new health waters. Having drunk my way through the coconut water fad, I was a little sceptical when I first heard about Birch water until a Lithuanian friend of mine told me it has been used for centuries in her country as a tonic in spring to revive after a long winter (likewise in Russia and Nordic countries). When I tasted it, I was surprised how much I loved it – kind of sweet/sour, a little bit medicinal yet very restorative and refreshing. Much more so than plain water. Maybe it’s no coincidence I’ve always loved silver birch trees, so being able to imbibe a bit of their goodness and beauty makes sense – and especially refreshing right now as spring gets into full swing.

Apparently, the sap is literally ‘tapped’ from the bark of silver birch trees as it rises full of nutrients post winter, and its sweetness comes from naturally occurring xylitol. The brand Sibberi blend theirs from birch tree forests in Finland, Latvia and Lithuania. They’ve now introduced Maple Water which has less sugar than coconut water, and Bamboo Water which contains silica renowned for its ability to boost skins natural glow. Tapped use Finnish birch sap in their collection which includes a deliciously delicate traditional Scandi berry flavour called Wild Bilberry & Wild Lingonberry.

Alongside hipster tree waters, you can now also sip in the power of flowers. Many of us are familiar with Bach Flower Rescue Remedy, created in the 1930‘s by Dr Edward Bach who is credited for modernising this ancient practice used in many traditional cultures throughout the world, including Australian bushmen and Native Americans. The method captures the energy, emotion and healing properties of flowers in bloom by floating them in water and allowing sunlight to help the goodness diffuse.

I’ve always been a big fan of sprays you can use in the atmosphere and drops to ingest and now a company called Conscious Water have made little concentrated sachets of flower essences you can drop into plain water so you can drink in the benefits. The packaging is a real delight – Japanese in detail – the box even contains mini wooden stirrers to mix in your essence. There are six flavours – my favourites are happiness which has a brightness I reach for to elevate my mood. It contains Purple Magnolia which heightens the senses, and Snowdrop which helps to boost enthusiasm. Also clarity on deadline days – it has Blue Lupin for focus and makes knuckling down to work a little smoother. The Variety Pack is well worth getting to try them all.

So now there’s no excuse for me – or any of us – miss out on our 6-8 glasses a day.