GOW Neurophroline Serum

GOW Neurophroline Serum

Our travel-size beauty product of the week – by Catherine Robinson

  • Garden of Wisdom Neurophroline Serum

    Just as we’ve learnt how to pronounce and spell hyaluronic acid, there’s a new kid on the block: Neurophroline. I’m still at the stage of calling it Nurofen for the skin, but maybe that’s because it’s as fundamental to your skincare kit as Nurofen is to your medicine bag. Our skin is our largest organ and is our first barrier against environmental stress, pollution and toxins.

    It is also a barometer of what’s going on inside the body (depression, exhaustion, anxiety, hormone change). Much like anything that is overworked, skin gets stressed, and stress produces the hormone cortisol, which in small doses is fine but too much causes acne, spots, redness, dark circles and increased wrinkles. Neurophroline is an extract from wild indigo, a plant native to India that has been used in Ayurvedic traditions for generations, and has been found to break down cortisol in your skin.

    GOW (Garden of Wisdom) is an all-natural skincare company based in Arizona that started 15 years ago and has a very enthusiastic following on beauty blogs. Around 18 months ago, Shabir Daya and Gill Sinclair, co-founders of the brilliant website Victoria Health, decided to work with GOW to produce products specifically for their own website, developed using formulations put together by Shabir.

    I have to say, their range is one of the best affordable yet effective skincare regimens I have ever tried. Not that this surprised me, because the combination of Daya and Sinclair together could solve world peace if they put their minds to it. I adore the products for acne and pigmentation, and Neurophroline Serum is another gem. I add two pumps to my moisturiser day and night – you can use it every day but when I feel I really reap the benefits is when I’m travelling. Side note: Victoria Health is the most-clicked-on website in my browser history.

    It is the font of all intelligent health and beauty knowledge, from hair loss to immune-system support to skincare to travel sickness. Any and every ailment you might have is solved with the best, all-natural supplements from a multitude of brands that I’ve often never heard of but should have. As I said, Daya and Sinclair…

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