Gill Meets Shavata Singh

Gill Meets Shavata Singh

Why is it so important to have well groomed defined brows?

Defined eyebrows give you a manicured look, structure to your face and accentuates the effect of the eyes. If there is one aspect of your appearance that you maintain, it should always be your brows. They have the ability to make a big difference to the way you look and how confident you feel.

How can the shape of our eyebrows transform our look?

Eyes are the most important feature of your face and professionally manicured eyebrows make an enormous difference. For older people, a well styled brow can be the equivalent to a mini-face-lift, yet is inexpensive and takes just a few minutes.

What are the trends for brows at the moment? Is the bushy “scouse” brow something we should be copying or is it just a fad?

The ‘scouse’ brow, or very bushy brows, are often best kept on the runway or in magazines, as in the real world it is not generally a flattering look. A current trend for young girls is having thicker brows with flatter arches, also with the arch further out. However, with thicker brows a manicured look is still essential. For the more mature client, I always recommend very defined arches which create a gentle lifting effect.

How do you know if you need to use brow make-up? And when you do, are pencils or shadows best?

Everyone needs brow makeup and without it the totally groomed look cannot be perfected. Pencils are great for women who want to draw in a shape. Shadow is for women who want to colour the hair and the skin – for example, blondes would be advised to use brow shadow. Eyebrow gel is also a must have- not onlywill it brush hair but it also holds hair in place all day.

Brow Tints and Tattooing. Your view?

A tint is always a good idea, even with darker brows. Tattooing should be a last resort and requires thought and is not a decision to be taken lightly – if you can make your natural brows work, through professional help, I would always recommend that first. But, when necessary, tattooing can have fantastic results, particularly for people who have over-plucked, thinning brows, or those suffering from hair loss due to medical treatment. But always go to a recommended technician – it’s a highly skilled task.

There are so many tweezer shapes around – pointy, slanty etc. What are the best ones for shaping brows and why?

It’s more about preference. Pointed tweezers suit strong dark brows whereas slanted tweezers suit finer downy brows.

What are your tips for women with really fair brows? Should they darken them?

Definitely. I always recommend going a couple of shades darker than your hair colour.

What are the essential brow tools every woman should own?

A brow brush, amazing tweezers and a magnifying mirror.

How should you maintain your brow shape?

Tweezer a few hairs daily – whilst the hairs are short, it is easier to tell which should stay and which need to go. Don’t pluck the week before or during your period, that is when your pain threshold is not at its best. If you make a mistake, grow it out – don’t correct it.

How long should you grow your eyebrows out before you see a professional?

For a total reshape, grow your brows out for as long as you can bear because the more you have, the greater the transformation.

How often should we get our eyebrows professionally shaped?

Every 2-3 weeks is best, especially if you are trying to change the look of your brow.

Top Tips from Shavata:

  • Tend to your brows on a daily basis; it’s a lot easier to tweeze one or two stray hairs every day to maintain the correct shape, than doing it once a week.
  • Remember brows are ‘sisters not twins’, if you try to make your brows identical you will end up plucking them to nothing.
  • Always sit in front of a large mirror and use a magnified hand held mirror, this gives you an overall realistic view and the hand mirror helps with the detail, move from mirror to mirror.
  • Never tweeze above the natural hair line.
  • Only trim your brows if you know how and have straight blade scissors.
  • Don’t over-pluck. Hairs don’t always grow back and you can run the risk of permanently losing your most flattering shape.
  • And finally…Always visit a professional, whenever possible. Even if you only go once in your life, to ‘find’ your shape, it will be worth it.