Gill Meets Natascha McElhone

Gill Meets Natascha McElhone

Gill meets HealGel

HealGel was founded and created by five of the UK’s leading plastic surgeons, including your late husband, Martin Kelly. What was the inspiration behind HealGel?
Martin, along with the other surgeons wanted to find a formula that would heal scars even more effectively than the products that were already on the market.

Tragically, Martin passed away before the potential of HealGel was fully realized in the public domain. How important is it for you to carry his legacy?
Nothing would make me happier than to see all his hard work come to fruition even if it is posthumously…

What is your life philosophy?
I’ll steal Martin’s “Work hard, expect nothing, celebrate!”

What is the philosophy behind the brand?
That there is no substitute for hard work and commitment to excellence, the importance of passing on specialist knowledge to customers as it is developed and an ability to change and improve regularly. The scientific approach, combining up-to-the-minute research with the highest quality ingredients brings serious value to a market filled with empty promises.

The success of HealGel has been pretty phenomenal since we launched it a few years ago and we have just released HealGel Intensive. Aside from the obvious package change, is there any difference in the formulation?

The HealGel Intensive formula remains the same, but the packaging has real purpose, bringing far more control over dosage, and increasing the safety of application through greater hygiene. The pack is unfussy, easier to travel with and personally I find it much more user friendly.

In addition to HealGel Intensive, two further products have been created, HealGel Face and HealGel Eye. Why was it important to extend the brand beyond the original HealGel?

Although HealGel Intensive is exceptionally dynamic, we have always planned to meet more specific needs too. We noticed how many people were buying HealGel as a beauty treatment, especially those who are addressing anti-ageing, so producing two core products for this purpose felt necessary.

The HealGel team taps in to a vast collective specialist knowledge base, and skin care offers the perfect opportunity to share it. It is sometimes quite overwhelming being faced with such a vast choice of skin care products of every description, price and provenance. The claims for these can often be baffling, elaborate or just crazy. I love the simplicity of the approach we have, to start with outstanding knowledge, find the best combination of ingredients, and to meet a wide range of often challenging skin care needs.

I’m so proud that Martin and his colleagues created genuine solutions to skin problems, and it feels right to be part of this continued process. Over the last five years I have enjoyed the chance to test every attempt to find the perfect formula, and the results we have with the new products have been well worth the wait.

Tell me about HealGel Face HealGel Eye and what they mean to you.
I love the fact that HealGel Face took the most effective combinations of ingredients and created formulas that are once again reliable, yet very simple to use. I’ve started to notice I need more hydration to help my skin feel comfortable, and I like the fact that there is an added plumping effect too.

As for HealGel Eye, in my work it is an incredibly helpful instant tool of the trade, it feels really refreshing and light to use and acts as a great base and barrier between your skin and the hours spent wearing foundation.

Are these new products just targeted for compromised skin conditions, or can they used by everybody?
They can be used by everybody for a whole array of conditions or just to keep skin plumped and fresh looking.

What is the vision for the brand?
To continue to promote the value of highly specialist research especially in the area of anti-ageing. Our team want to continue to meet the complex needs of people with a wide range of skin issues, developing products slowly and carefully to match genuine developments in research, and to bring solutions into the market at a price that reflects all this hard work but also respects our diverse range of customers.