Gill Meets Kazu Namise of Phylia de M.

Gill Meets Kazu Namise of Phylia de M.

Kazu Namise is the Founder & CEO of Phylia de M., which is based on the philosophy, science and life’s work, of scientist and her godfather, Dr Dick Miyayama.

When did you first decide to create products founded on Dr Miyayama’s research?

I’ve been using the formula since I was 19 and it immediately made a big difference and has continued to improve my hair ever since! For about seven years following university, I worked for my godparent’s brand in Japan, and during that time, I dreamed of one day branding my favourite selects of their formula range. I left for a few years to get experience in marketing and about two years ago now, I started to feel something inside of me pull me back to their work. In December of 2011, I made the decision to start development of my own line and they gave me their blessing! And voilà, Phylia de M. was born! I am so happy and honored to be able to share the wonderful formula now!

What is your life philosophy?

I’m all about Quality Control – in our most basic needs! Food (what you put both in and on your body), Clothes (the types and style of fabric you wear), and Home (keeping a clean, cozy, and inspiring environment). I believe that being conscientious of the kind of products we put both in and on our bodies is an investment into our best selves, which allows for harmony in self and in community.

What is the philosophy behind Phylia de M?

Independent Natural Beauty – There was a time when I felt my hair was irreparable, that thinning hair was a doomed fate. By researching and using Dr. Miyayama’s discoveries, I learned that we could heal and actually improve our own hair in a natural and effective way. The deeper more meaningful result was a remarkable feeling of independence, confidence, and strength – as I finally took charge of my own health and beauty. I want to share Phylia de M. so that everyone can gain the renewed hope and confidence that comes with knowing that you can heal (even hair loss!) and be your most beautiful!

Who is Dr Miyayama and what are his discoveries?

Dr. Dick Miyayama, a former Japanese oncologist, is the founding scientist of the Phylia de M. Proprietary Formula. Following his practice in Japan, he settled in Mexico, where he embarked on the study of the herbal pharmacology of the ancient Aztecs and Mayans.

At the time, his interests were in understanding the correlation between stress and nerve function and dysfunction, especially in hair follicles. Dr. Miyayama began to believe that hair damage and hair loss were not caused by an inescapable genetic predisposition. Instead, he deduced that it was stress, and internal imbalance, which impaired one’s natural ability to grow and maintain new and healthy hair.

After careful study, he determined that the key to reverse hair, skin, and nail dysfunction, was literally – at the root. He discovered that the nerves that supply vital keratin to hair, skin and nails, became, over time, disconnected from the hair follicle. Utilizing his experience in science and medicine and the ancient herbal secrets of his new home in Mexico, Dr. Miyayama created a revelatory recipe, what we now call the Phylia Trifecta, for cell and nerve regeneration. Following successful protocol studies and clinical trials, he used the core proprietary blend as the base to develop a full line of products for hair, skin, and health.

Currently, Dr. Miyayama splits his time between Japan, Los Angeles, and Mexico. In Japan, he has recently been featured in Japan’s Health Magazine and Anemone Magazine for his astounding discovery to be able to actually create pure humic-free fulvic acid through his custom organic biotechnology. This is a key ingredient in the Phylia de M. hair care line, but is also used in health and agriculture, to restore balance in body and nature.

Like foot reflexology, areas on our scalp represent each of our sensory organs (sight, smell, sound, taste, touch).

You place a lot of importance on the scalp, why is that?

As the saying goes, hair is a barometer of one’s health. Internal disease and dysfunction are reflected in the condition of your scalp and hair. They are key outlets for toxins from the blood in our body, which means, the more we grow, the more we release inner buildup from our kidneys and liver. There are also sensory characteristics in the patterns of hair loss on our scalp. Like foot reflexology, areas on our scalp represent each of our sensory organs (sight, smell, sound, taste, touch). For example, people who experience hair and scalp dysfunction around their forehead line, may have overly distressed optical nerves. By rejuvenating the hair growth cycle in that area and restoring the nerve function, they can start to relieve the stress on their eyes, through their scalp care! So understanding the scalp gives us clues for healthier living.

What is the key ingredient in the range?

The Phylia Trifecta- We use a homegrown proprietary blend of aloe, tannic acids and our custom pure humic-free fulvic acid. Tannic acids repair cell damage and aloe renews keratin function, reviving hair growth. Fulvic acid is the most potent ingredient in the mix, an incredibly nurturing and healing element. Developed through our custom biotechnology – a composting process using raw organic vegetation, our pure humic free fulvic acid has two key properties. It’s the transport vehicle for nutrients in the body and it efficiently removes harmful toxins. By combining these key ingredients, you can kick start your natural hair growth process and help keep your whole body in line and healthy.

There are three products in the range, which is the hero and why?

Phylia Connect (treatment for follicles, scalp & hair) is our hero! This potent treatment spray is a highly concentrated formula of just our core proprietary blend that can be used anytime and anywhere – even without the shampoo/conditioner steps. It is my favorite of the line because it is simple and powerful. The more you use this, the more results you’ll see!

Is the range targeted for specific users?

Phylia de M. is especially effective for people suffering from excess hair loss, slow growth, thinning, limp or lifeless hair, salon stress – or the dreaded shrinking ponytail! It is also great for post-natal women who are experiencing hair loss or thinning, just after baby.

How long does it take to see results from using Phylia de M products?

Phylia is a commitment – It gets better and better over time! You will notice immediate improvement in softness, shine, and volume. Within a month, you’ll start getting compliments on you hair and it will feel stronger and healthier. At about 3 months, you’ll notice that your hair is growing more quickly, shedding less, and feeling thicker and fuller. Between 6 months and 1 year, you will see noticeable new growth in areas that were previously thinner, and look back and realise you haven’t had a bad hair day since you started using Phylia!

Phylia de M. is especially effective for people suffering from excess hair loss, slow growth, thinning, limp or lifeless hair, salon stress – or the dreaded shrinking ponytail!

I consider your hair care range to fall into the health category, rather than beauty. Would you agree?

Absolutely! While hair itself is considered a non-essential tissue, it’s important to note that growing hair is an essential mechanism for optimum health. Our body is like a machine made up of thousands of work stations that each work together and rely on each other to run smoothly. Hair helps to draw out the toxins such as heavy metals, and when our internal health is in balance, skin, hair and nails are growing, looking healthy and playing a part to maintain overall health.

Your vision for your brand?

As Phylia grows, we hope to expand into health and skin care, as our natural next steps. We will be offering our Pure Fulvic Acid (which is a key ingredient in our hair care) as a nutritional supplement drink. Dr.Miyayama also has some amazing skin care formulas based on the same Phylia Trifecta of ingredients. Good for hair means good for skin and nails too!