Gill meets Julie Elliott

Gill meets Julie Elliott

When was In Fiore founded and what was your first ever product?

In Fiore was founded in 1999. Our first ever product was the body balm. I started blending oils and perfecting our trademark formulation in the mid 90’s. When I finally felt I had arrived at that “this is it” moment I decided it was time to launch my creations. There was nothing like our balms on the market at that time and they quickly developed a cult following.

What is your background?

I delved into oils and blending at a young age. My mother worked for a company in Los Angeles that imported French cosmetics so our cabinets were always brimming with perfumes, tonics, creams, and potions. I was enamored with scent and naturally curious so I started playing with all the textures and applications, re-blending, and making an all-out mess of things. This set the tone, and for the better part of 30 years I’ve been studying various healing modalities including aromatherapy, doctrine of signatures, Ayurveda, homeopathy, flower essences, anthroposophical science, plant alchemy, and energy medicine.

What was the inspiration in the creation of In Fiore?

In Fiore is inspired by history…ancient bathing rituals, the application of plant medicines by different cultures. This is why world travel is important to me as a creator – my senses crave new landscapes. I filter this wisdom and marry it with a modern aesthetic with an emphasis on florals. I make it “In Fiore”.

What is the philosophy behind the brand?

In Fiore is a synthesis of certain aspects of holistic modalities I mentioned earlier. We primarily employ oil as an illuminant for medicine and scent, which harnesses bioavailability and biodistribution of constituents to skin (80% of our products are oils and anhydrous balms). We use only raw florals and herbs that are “live” and never processed so as to conserve all their nourishing properties and vitality. We believe if plant material is processed by isolating active constituents, it disturbs its intelligence and organizing power or “signature”. All of our herbal infusions and decoctions are made by hand in-house.

You view perfumery as medicine; can you extrapolate on this please.

Scent has multiple influences, which are taken into consideration when I formulate. Aromatic oils have been used for centuries for their curative powers on the physical i.e. skin, as well as a way to transcend and protect. “Efficacious scents” are the basis of our formulations.

Your three hero products and why.

PUR Face Oil Concentré: cleans out pores and stimulates lymph, restores devitalized skin and loss of elasticity.
FLEUR VIBRANTE Face Balm Concentré: a wonderful cure-all that strengthen’s tissue’s cell walls and reduces signs of photo damage, deep wrinkling, and dehydration. Everyone should have this balm in their vanity case.
TREATE: Gentle Cleansing Base: rich in botanicals with a rich creamy texture that deep cleanses without stripping skin of essential oils.

Tips for using your products?

For full-body anti-aging and skin health: committing to a regimen of dry brushing and/or alternating hot and cold hydrotherapy followed by a full-body oiling not only improves absorption, they stimulate circulation and lymph, bolster the immune system, and promote tissue regeneration.

How to look like you had a good night’s sleep?

Apply facial compression with hot towels followed by several splashes of cold water. Finish with a two minute facial massage with Pur Face Oil or Fleur Vibrante. Yes, I know from experience. This works.

What are you currently working on?

We’re currently working on a complex oil that stimulates collagen metabolism, and a new cleansing regimen that we will launch this spring.

The future?

The future looks bright. We will have a big reveal by fall 2015.