Gill meets Chris Hobson

Gill meets Chris Hobson

What led you to create Patchology?

We have been creating innovative transdermal patches since 2007 and have developed a unique expertise around getting active ingredients into and through the skin barrier. Over the same period, we have monitored the evolution of the skin care industry and noted the rise of numerous “cosmeceutical” ingredients such as peptides, hyaluronic acid and plant extracts that have proven efficacy. These ingredients are great, but if they cannot get to the deeper layers of the skin, they just wash off and are ineffective; that is where patch delivery and the unique technologies behind Patchology come in.

What is your background?

As noted above, we have been developing transdermal patches for almost a decade. Our team includes scientists, skin care industry veterans, manufacturing experts and aestheticians.

Who developed the patches?

Our R&D team, led by Michael Jordan, VP of Operations, has developed our existing technologies and continues to innovate and search for advanced technologies to address a wide variety of skin concerns.

What sets them aside from traditional eye patches?

The Energizing Eye Patch is the only patch in the world that embeds a galvanic micro-current unit right inside it. This takes proven technology from the aesthetician’s treatment room, miniaturizes it, and turns it into an easy-to-use at-home product. There is nothing else like it. We have also innovated with the Activating Gel which enables the same patch to be re-usable up to four times, further delivering consumer value.

Please explain how they work.

The concept of galvanic micro-current has been around for decades, but again, no one has miniaturized it and placed it into an easy-to-use patch before. The micro-current essentially pushes the active ingredients out of the patch and helps them get to the layers of the skin where they can be most effective.

How do you use them?

It’s a simple three-step process. First, you gently squeeze the Activating Gel Tube and spread a generous, even layer of gel directly onto the back of the patch. Second, you apply each patch to clean, dry skin and press firmly. The patch activates automatically and begin sthe gentle micro-current infusion. Each patch should be worn for 20 minutes. Finally, gently remove the patches and wipe the treatment area with the Refreshing Wipes to reveal renewed, refreshed skin.

How long do the results last?

Every person’s skin is different, but generally people see results that last for 3-5 days.

This is your first product under the Patchology brand, what comes next?

We have a busy product calendar ahead of us! We plan to tackle the skin’s problem areas with luxurious and effective patch solutions. Think patches for cellulite, acne, dark spots and wrinkles. Think patches for the forehead, lips, hands and even legs. We are especially excited about our upcoming FlashMasque and FlashPatch launch as we have created a new rapid hydration technology (called HydraSurge5) that works in 5 minutes to replenish and restore the skin’s natural moisture.

Brand philosophy?

At Patchology, our mission is to develop “targeted skin care treatments that truly deliver.” We believe that creams and lotions are great for things like overall moisturization and sun protection, but when you have a targeted skin concern, you need a targeted, more powerful solution. Our high-performance patches deliver a concentrated dose of the most effective cosmeceutical ingredients right where your skin needs them most for optimal results.

Tips for using Patchology?

  • If the patch is not adhering to your skin, simply add more Activating Gel under the patch and re-apply.
  • Remember, each patch can be re-used up to four times.
  • When you’re enjoying your patch treatment, take a selfie and post it to your social channels – you won’t believe the stir it will cause!

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