February Newsletter 2014

February Newsletter 2014

Welcome to the February newsletter, where we exclusively launch a magnificent new product from iS Clinical in the UK, a new range of skincare from the ultra-talented Annee de Mamiel and two new products from Aromatherapy Associates, amongst other new launches. We throw the focus on migraines and chronic fatigue and there are a couple of treats included in this newsletter, so please read carefully. Additionally we take a look at the latest news and feedback and I announce the death of another brand. Let’s go:

SHEALD Recovery Balm by iS Clinical

As many of you know, I am a huge fan of iS Clinical and Innovative Skincare and their immaculate skincare formulations created by Bryan Johns and Alec Call, otherwise known as my LA boyfriends! Just to avoid confusion, iS Clinical is the clinician range of products, which I’ve been using and writing about almost since the beginning of time (VH time!) and Innovative Skincare is the consumer-facing brand, which we launched a couple of years ago. SHEALD is released under the clinician range, iS Clinical.

Already launched in the US, SHEALD is going crazy over there and I’m not surprised that it has been dubbed as ‘the ultimate SOS emergency beauty balm’, designed specifically to address the needs of post-procedure/laser treatment, wound healing and compromised skin conditions. Before I write about it, I will just tell you that I have discovered an unexpected and welcome twist to using SHEALD, which I will write about at the end of this section, meanwhile:

After much research and development (I had a lab sample over two years ago!) I can now reveal that SHEALD is a powerful reparative formula that calms and encourages skin recovery, while immersing severely dry skin in deep, healthy hydration. Antimicrobial and fragrance-free, this ultra-soothing balm also helps to minimise the appearance of scarring, including resilient keloid scars, and is one of the first skincare products to contain the ingredient Kava Kava, which controls pain due to its anaesthetic effects and limits itching caused by nerve root stimulation during the skin’s healing process. Additionally, it has been formulated to be used on open wounds, thus quickening the healing process in most types of wounds, which is key.

In a clinical trial, plastic surgeons and aesthetic dermatologists were asked to evaluate SHEALD in combination with iS Clinical’s Cleansing Complex when used immediately after fractional laser treatments in place of their usual post-procedure products. The results were 41% less peeling, 85% less milia and 54% faster Re-Epithelization, with the following conclusions:

Peeling: Flaking or peeling are common side effects of laser treatments (such as hair removal, which has become increasingly popular over the past few years) that increase down time and as the use of SHEALD and Cleansing Complex improved peeling by 41%, post-procedure, down time was significantly reduced.

Milia: Milia are small white bumps that occur during the initial days after laser treatments cause by micro-disruptions in the hair follicle. With the combined use of SHEALD and Cleansing Complex, the incidence of post-procedural milia decreased by 85%.

Re-Epithelialization: Re-Epithelialization is the restoration of healthy skin following a laser treatment and in the trial, the combined use of SHEALD and Cleansing Complex made this process 54% faster after a fractional laser procedure.

The key ingredients in SHEALD include:

Hyaluronic Acid (10%): Botanically derived, it attracts and binds up to 1800 times its molecular weight in water.
Glycerin (8%): Necessary for proper barrier function and protection during the healing process.
Oat Kernel Extract (3%) Biomodulator of inflammatory process, it soothes and calms irritation and skin redness.
Kava Kava (2%) Controls pain due to local anaesthetic effects.

SHEALD Recovery Balm provides replacement bio-identical lipids to augment the natural skin barrier until it can re-generate. In addition SHEALD contains botanicals with high concentrations of 4-hydroxyproline, a protein fragment of collagen. This substance is found in uniquely high concentrations in skin and signals collagen to begin repair processes. Through 4-hydroxyproline, the skin then signals its own cells to begin production of new healthy collagen. The messages given by SHEALD to skin are completely natural and identical to those used by healthy skin itself. Processes such as these, involving cell signaling technology, are at the forefront of medicine and biochemistry.

The benefits of using SHEALD are of course numerous, but as a quick wrap it also helps prevent scabbing, it decreases skin inflammation, it increases collagen synthesis (as above) and its antioxidant rich formulation minimizes scars. It heals, it protects, it soothes, it nourishes and I am about to put it into the VH Hall of Fame, it is that stunning.

So here is the twist I wrote about at the top of this section and it may shock you to read that for the first time ever, I completely abandoned my skincare regimen for an entire week as I wanted to test SHEALD as a stand-alone product. I am fortunate in that my skin is not compromised, but it does tend to get de-hydrated, especially at this time of year with the central heating blasting out. Of course it passed the test with flying colours and if you ever wanted to drench your skin for a one-week treatment, this is the product to do it with.

But behold, something even more magnificent. I discovered it was a quick-fix for inflammation under the eyes and bearing in mind I spend my life staring at a computer screen, I do tend to suffer from the dreaded puff, except the puff has virtually disappeared and I just wanted to shout about it! SHEALD is also brilliant for rosacea and dermatitis and I think it is an all-singing, all-dancing wonder product, but then of course it comes from iS Clinical, so I would expect nothing short of a miracle product from my LA boyfriends.
SHEALD Recovery Balm £43 for 60 grams; Cleansing Complex £33 for 180 ml both by iS Clinical

Botaniques by Annee de Mamiel

I think it’s pretty obvious that I love launching new products on VH, most especially when they are niche brands such as Botaniques by Annee de Mamiel. Over the years I have written many words about Annee, who is an extraordinarily talented acupuncturist (if you could only get an appointment!) and I am privileged to work alongside her.

Following her own health crisis in 1998, Annee could not find a natural, healing product that worked for her. This re-ignited a passion for mixing and blending, which first appeared with her Barbie perfume maker, aged 7, which led her to start blending her own products. As a result, Annee began studying Chinese Medicine with the intention of combining ancient Chinese philosophy with an understanding of Western science.

The seeds for her new range, Botaniques, were sown in her treatment room as she searched for products that would deliver the unique healing energy and skin perfecting potency of her own facial treatments and you can read more about the background of this range in an article, Discovering Botaniques.

For now I just want to say that Botaniques has been created ongoing from the success of Annee’s Seasonal Oils, including the truly wonderful Altitude Oil, which is fabulous for clearing the head and for travel. In a lot of ways, Annee reminds me of Kazu Namise, the creator of Phylia; two girls on a mission and on an incredible journey to help make the world a better place through their unique healing products, but more on that another time because I now need to introduce you to some of Annee’s products and we’ll start with the hero, Restorative Cleansing Balm, so read carefully because there is a treat at the end:
Altitude Oil £25 for 10 ml

Restorative Cleansing Balm: Annee has blended this exquisite silky cleansing balm with mood-lifting flower essences to help transform the daily cleanse into a soul-affirming ritual. A blend of skin-perfecting probiotics, anti-bacterial Manuka and nourishing Kukui, Calendula and Moringa oils cosset and deep cleanse the complexion leaving skin glowing and calm. The distinctive scent of Honey Myrtle, Fragonia, Chamomile and Rose Geranium as essential oils, immediately soothe the senses, while also calming, healing and purifying the skin as delicately as possible.
Restorative Cleansing Balm £46 for 100 ml

Brightening Cleanse & Exfoliate: I was playing with this product in Annee’s treatment room as it appeals to my ‘inner alchemist’. This is a gentle powder-to-paste exfoliating cleanser with Vitamin C, Ginseng and Gemstone and Pearl powders to brighten and smooth the complexion. Because of its unique powder formula, no preservatives are needed, making this a pure and precious treat. Ideal before the use of treatment oils and serums, it buffs away dead skin cells, helping to improve product absorption. Just pour a teaspoon of powder into the palms of wet hands and add water, drop by drop, until blended to a soft mousse consistency. Gently massage into the skin with small circular movements, avoiding the eye area, and then rinse. Voila!
Brightening Cleanse & Exfoliate £38 for 100 grams

Salvation Body Oil: The name alone does it, but I am hearing reports from many beauty editors who have fallen head-over-heels in love with this body oil. A glowing golden nectar, infused with five potent revitalizing oils, Baobab, Argan, Camellia, Rosehip and Coconut, for skin that radiates wellbeing. With an all-natural and organic fragrance blend of Ylang Ylang, Rosewood, Sandalwood and Jasmine, skin is left renewed, velvety soft and sensually scented. Formulated to boost the body whenever you are feeling run down, it helps transform ‘a spent spirit into a soothed and settled one’ in Annee’s words.
Salvation Body Oil £60 for 200 ml

Rosey Lip Balm: A blend of nature’s most nourishing oils, Camellia, Monoi and Evening Primrose, combine with a beautifully complex Rose Otto, Rose Geranium and rose wax heart. A transformative silky balm that delivers supple, sweetly scented rose-coloured lips. What’s not to love!
Rosey Lip Balm £10

Pregnancy Facial Oil: Annee has created an amazingly silky facial oil that brings the bloom back to tender skin. Specifically formulated to be entirely safe for use during all stages of pregnancy, this facial oil will help soothe and calm the complexion with a delicate scent. With relaxing Roman Chamomile and Rose Geranium, skin is left balanced, while Rosehip, Calendula, Borage and Argan oils deep-feed the complexion, restoring its health and radiance.
Pregnancy Facial Oil £50 for 20 ml

Dewy Facial Mist: A beautiful blend of Wild Rose and Neroli to nourish, Aloe and Cucumber to soothe and Lupine Peptides to strengthen. This treat and treatment in one is also blended with probiotics and the grounding flower essences of Serenity, Linden Blossom and Bee Orchid, bringing with them an abiding sense of peace and calm.
Dewy Facial Mist £42 for 100 ml

The Treat: To celebrate the launch of the Botaniques range, if you buy any two of Annee’s products listed above, then we will drop in the Rosey Lip Balm (worth £10) as a treat for you, whilst stocks last. Just one last thing to say here, Annee blends all the products herself, so there may be a time that you may have to wait a few days to receive a product. I know you won’t mind, but just wanted to tell you. ** Sorry, this promotion has now ended.

Perfect Partners

I often look back at previous newsletters to see the products we launched in any particular month and to check out when we made a product recommendation change, most specifically on supplementation. Having said that, there are some core supplements that just cannot be beaten and I wrote the following early last year, so get prepared for a treat:

As I have written consistently, I am a massive fan of Skin Restoring Phytoceramides, which is the best supplement on the market, in my opinion, for helping all dry skin conditions. When it comes to supplementation, the rule of thumb is always to allow approximately 28 days for a supplement to really kick in, but Skin Restoring Phytoceramides breaks all the rules because mostly you will see results in about seven days.

I am not easily impressed and I tend to be cynical about products, unless proven otherwise. I take this stance because I have a moral obligation to each of you. Each and every product has to make a positive difference and for the most part this is achieved, but notwithstanding that, I have gone ‘cold turkey’ on Skin Restoring Phytoceramides twice, each for seven days and I often do this with the supplements I take to ensure continued efficacy.

Literally, within two days of dropping Skin Restoring Phytoceramides, my legs started to dry up and by the end of seven days, they looked pretty damn awful and resembled the skin of a crocodile. Two days back on and the improvement started to become visible and my legs no longer itched like crazy. Result.

So, the treat; I’m going to combine my love of Skin Restoring Phytoceramides together with High Strength Hyaluronic Acid (HA), which synergistically work together to keep my skin plumped up and hydrated. Without these two products I guess I could look about 90 and because of my rock solid belief in both of these products, I am going to put them together as ‘Perfect Partners’. Together they would normally cost £60, but I’m going to knock £10 off, which means you can have both products for £50. This is a limited time offer and will be available until midnight on Friday 14 February. Go, go, go!
Perfect Partners £50 (High Strength Hyaluronic Acid £35; Skin Restoring Phytoceramides £25)


Migraine headaches are extraordinarily common and can be a very debilitating concern. It is estimated that billions of people worldwide suffer from migraines and the condition affects women more than men. Anyone who suffers from migraines will report that when a migraine strikes, you get an intense throbbing pain that can last between four hours to three days.

A migraine is a severe headache that can start on one side of the head and then gradually spread to other parts of the head. A person suffering from a migraine attack will often also experience nausea, vomiting and have a strong sensitivity to light and sound. In many instances the hands and feet turn cold and sweaty and often the sufferer can only gain relief by finding a dark, quiet place to lie down and rest.

Most people suffering from migraines are unable to identify the triggers that lead to a migraine attack, but some of the common triggers may include excessive stress, flickering or bright lights, poor sleep quality, caffeine consumption or eating chocolate in excess. Scientists have established that migraines share several basic features with other brain disorders and report that the blood flow to the brain just before and during a migraine attack is reduced, thereby affecting the brain’s balance and nerve function.

In a detailed investigation, Shabir takes a look at the causes of migraines and recommends supplementation to help treat and prevent migraines, so do take time to check this out and after extensive research, we launch a new product from America, Migra-Mag with Brain Shield, which Shabir thinks is pretty outstanding.

Migra-Mag with Brain Shield helps to prevent and lessen the impact of migraines and severe headaches quickly and safely. Maintaining balanced neurotransmitter levels, along with healthy blood flow to the brain, can prove an effective strategy to lessen the impact of head discomfort and migraines. Research has shown that two ingredients, magnesium and gastrodin, work in unique ways to lessen the distress of cranial discomfort.

Studies have confirmed the effectiveness of the ingredients found in Migra-Mag in targeting the key, underlying factors result in head-cavity discomfort. Magnesium is the second most common mineral inside our cells, but many people do not obtain adequate amounts of magnesium in their diets. This mineral has been shown to be a major factor in relaxing the smooth muscles within the blood vessels and in turn supports normal blood flow.

Gastrodin, originally extracted from the root of the Chinese orchid, Gastrodia eleta, has been used for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine formulations and studies show that gastrodin enhances the presence of the calming neurotransmitter. Together, magnesium and gastrodin offer different, yet functionally supportive mechanisms to help support normal relaxation of the constriction of cerebral blood vessels, helps maintain a normal, healthy balance of brain neurotransmitters, helps promote normal blood flow to the head cavity and helps provide support against the normal stress and tension of daily life.
VH Editorial: MigrainesMigra-Mag with Brain Shield £25 for 90 Capsules; Sinol M Nasal Spray £16 for 15 ml

New: Relax Eye Mask and Deep Relax Balm from Aromatherapy Associates

I suppose these two new products from Aromatherapy Associates dovetail quite nicely with the above section on migraines, although of course they are gorgeous enough for all of us to use them, most particularly because we all get pretty stressed out of our heads at times. Both of these products are the newest additions to the famed Relax collection, they will be released on 1 February and they get a great big tick of approval from all of us:

Relax Eye Mask: The Relax Eye Mask is the perfect night time accessory to help ensure a relaxing night’s sleep. This lightly cushioned eye mask is subtly scented with natural lavender to surround you with a sense of calm and tranquility. Its soft velvet lining blocks out light while its adjustable ties allow you to fit the mask comfortably. As many of you know, I adore rituals (just the word ‘ritual’ makes me happy) and Aromatherapy Associates recommend the following, although of course you can just use the mask as a stand-alone:

The Ritual: For the perfect night time ritual, use the multi-award-winning Deep Relax Bath and Shower Oil and Deep Relax Balm (coming next!) prior to using the Relax Eye Mask; comfortably tie the Relax Eye Mask over your eyelids and you are ready to drift into a peaceful night’s sleep. Tra-la-la!
Relax Eye Mask £46; Deep Relax Bath and Shower Oil £39 for 55 ml

Deep Relax Balm: The powerful combination of vetivert, chamomile and sandalwood essential oils in this rich, deeply sensuous balm will gently soothe your mind, body and soul to help ensure a blissful night of slumber. Vetivert is deeply relaxing and helps calm an overactive mind, chamomile calms and relaxes and sandalwood is grounding and comforting. Apply the balm to temples and pulse points to aid relaxation and perhaps pop this gorgeous balm into your bag because it is not only for use at night.
Deep Relax Balm £18 for 7 ml

Chronic Fatigue and ME

As most of you know, a large percentage of the work we do happens behind the scenes and one of the most important aspects of this work is helping with a myriad of health concerns. I read an email response from Shabir, who is of course a qualified pharmacist, to one of our customers in relation to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and ME and I thought it may help many of you:

‘Chronic fatigue and ME are interlinked and also linked to a host of issues including anxiety and depression. As with most chronic illnesses, some ME and CFS patients do become depressed because of the impact of the illness on their lives, but most studies indicate that the majority of sufferers have not experienced depression before the onset of the illness.

These two concerns are disabling, multi-system and multi-symptom and affect numerous organs within our bodies. I have read some of the extensive range of supplements that Professor Martin Pall (Research Director, Washington State University) has within his protocols with reference to CFS and whilst he advocates the use of over twelve supplements, I feel that one can get benefit from just three or four key supplements, which I will outline below:

Blood samples from sufferers of CFS/ME show that the majority have deficiencies of Co-Enzyme Q10 and magnesium. Magnesium is the most widely studied agent for these health concerns and has been found to be useful in treatment. Magnesium is involved in over 300 biochemical reactions within our bodies, but primarily it relaxes muscles and nerves, as well as being required for the production of energy. I recommend DynoMins Magnesium, which provides a therapeutic dose in a highly absorbable tablet.
DynoMins Magnesium £14.95 for 90 Tablets

Co-Enzyme Q10 is an enzyme that is required by each and every cell of our bodies to manufacture the energizing molecule ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate). Levels of this enzyme decline with age and have been found to be particularly low in CFS/ME sufferers. Additionally this enzyme needs to be converted into its active form, ubiquinol, which is challenging, and I therefore recommend Super Ubiquinol Co-Enzyme Q10.
Super Ubiquinol Co-Enzyme Q10 £20.75 for 30 Softgels

The adrenals are the body’s primary glands that are involved with energy production and stress management. Sufferers of CFS/ME may show higher cortisol levels, which prevents the uptake of serotonin, the nerve calming and mood elevating hormone of the brain. Serotonin itself is converted into melatonin, the sleep hormone and whilst the adrenals are busy producing cortisol, they do not produce sufficient adrenaline and other energizing hormones and enzymes. It is therefore imperative to address cortisol levels as this will help enhance energy and better sleep. Magnolia extracts help relax the body and help reduce cortisol levels.
Magnolia Phellodendron Complex £23.50 for 90 Capsules

Just to also say that this regimen can also be used by anybody who is experiencing a lack of energy and sleep issues, but if you are taking anti-depressants, please do not follow this regimen as it may contra-indicate.

New: No Wrinkles Time Dose Mask by This Works

Building on the founding principles of the ‘No Wrinkles’ range (stay out of the sun, wear a hat and use an SPF), This Works have now added a time sensitive mask to help deliver instant and long-term results. The key benefits are:

Ten Minutes: Getting ready for a party, but need a lift, then you can use this mask for a time released boost of instant hydration and a healthier plumped-up appearance.

Twenty Minutes: The fruit acids (bilberry, sugar cane, sugar maple, orange and lemon) in the formula have time to exfoliate dead skin cells, giving a refined and re-surfaced base as well as the hydration boost.

Overnight: Reap the benefits of an intensive hydration system acting on different layers of the skin from leave-on active ingredients such as Comfrey root and the natural exfoliant, Prickly Pear.

Although this mask has been formulated to work alongside the No Wrinkles range, it can of course be used as a stand-alone mask.
No Wrinkles Time Dose Mask £36; No Wrinkles Products

The Anti-Candida Regimen

There are approximately 150 known species of Candida, a yeast-like group of fungi that exist in more than 80% of people. We continually acquire these fungi through the food we eat and through environmental exposure. They usually exist in the genitourinary tracts, respiratory tract and the gastrointestinal tract. They typically exist in the body without being harmful, however an abnormal overgrowth of these fungi can cause infection, often referred to as Candidiasis.

The symptoms of Candida overgrowth can cause countless health problems affecting various parts of the body. Common symptoms include gastrointestinal disturbances, allergies, food intolerances, headaches, irritability, constant fatigue and tiredness, nutrient deficiencies, cravings for sugar and carbohydrate rich foods, anxiety, oral thrush and genitourinary tract infections. Problems get worse when we eat too much sugar, take antibiotics for a period of time or have a weakened immune system. Under these circumstances, Candida can proliferate and the symptoms get worse.

It is easy to understand why the above symptoms are not directly attributed to Candida overgrowth and since most us carry these organisms and are exposed to antibiotics either directly or indirectly through the foods we eat, we believe it is imperative to help reduce the numbers of these infection-causing fungi, even if it is only on a yearly basis. For those who clearly have Candida overgrowth, the regimen needs to be used on an ongoing basis for a few months, since Candida set out their roots in the gut and are difficult to eradicate.

Firstly we recommend the use of Horopito and Aniseed Capsules, take two capsules daily. In 1982 scientists at the University of Canterbury discovered that horopito was more effective at destroying Candida albicans than the powerful anti-Candida drug, Amphotericin B.

A good probiotic should also be used, such as Mega Probiotic ND. Candida overgrowth is associated with an imbalance of bacteria in the gut and it is under these conditions that pathogens, including Candida, thrive. Restoring the balance will help re-populate the intestinal tract and help prevent Candida from thriving. When the gut has sufficient beneficial bacteria, pathogens cannot thrive because these bacteria product lactic acid, which inhibits the growth of other micro-organisms. Since a weakened immune system can lead to infections we also recommend the use of Daily Immunity or Fulphyl, the choice is yours!
Horopito and Aniseed £22 for 60 Capsules; Mega Probiotic ND £18.50 for 60 Capsules; Fulphyl £160 for 360 ml (dose 5 ml per day); Daily Immunity £25 for 60 Capsules

Fulphyl Update

Let’s do Fulphyl! I continue to be overwhelmed by the feedback on Fulphyl, most especially the number of people who have told me that they are taking Fulphyl and have not caught any of the horrid bugs and lurgies that continue to fly around. So two things here, the first thing I am going to do is to share a flu-fighting recipe with you (thank you Kazu!) and secondly I am going to replicate an article that appeared in W magazine, which made us all very happy as it also refers to the fabulous hair products:

This is a time of year when our immune systems are most in jeopardy and although you can drink Fulphyl both on its own and mixed with purified water and juices, the recipe below has proven to be a serious flu-fighter, which is just the thing for anyone wrestling with this year’s crop of viruses. Of course we hope that none of you get sick this year, but if you do make sure to get some solid rest and drink plenty of liquids, including this wonderfully healing mix of apple, lemon and ginger:

Two Apples, One Lemon and a One Inch Piece of Ginger: Run them all through a juicer and then add one tablespoon of Fulphyl. Drink daily for optimum health and you can also add a dash of Cayenne Pepper for an extra kick!

W Magazine – Acid Trip: ‘The all-natural hair-care line, Phylia de M, has garnered a cult following by transforming scraggly mops into thick manes. One of the key ingredients, a fulvic acid compound, was developed by the founder Kazu Namise’s godfather, a Japanese oncologist. Now Namise is selling the regenerative blend straight up in Fulphyl, a supplement that, she says, removes toxins and free radicals from the body. Bonus: Pour a mix of chicken manure, water and fulvic acid over your garden and your plants will grow like mad, Namise says. Considering it’s £160 a bottle, I’m keeping it all for myself!’
Fulphyl £160 for 360 ml; Clean £28; Condition £30; Connect £45; Three Step Kit £103; Four Step Kit £163; Phylia Complete £323

Lanolips Treat

When I wrote about Lanolips on the December newsletter, it went completely crazy as so many of you love Lanolips, the brand we launched for Kirsten Carriol in 2010. There appears to be a bit of ‘girl-power’ going on throughout this newsletter (sorry Shabir!) because I love working alongside Kirsten too and later in the year we will have some more exciting news from Lanolips (and another exclusive UK launch – hurray!), but in the meantime here is a Lanolips treat:

Take three products, and in this case it is the amazing Banana Balm, the heavenly Herbal Treatment Body Oil and the extremely moisturizing Rose Balm Everyday for Dry Hands and Nails. I need to report that the addiction to Banana Balm is pretty rife, so bundle them all up together and you get a Lanolips Treat, which I know you will adore. All three products would normally cost £28.89, but for a limited time only, you can buy all three products for £21. This offer will be available until midnight on 14 February.
Lanolips Treat £21 (Banana Balm £8.99; Herbal Treatment Body Oil £9.95; Rose Balm Everyday £9.95)

Antiac by Salcura

If you have been around since the beginning of VH, and a lot of you have (thank you, thank you!), you may remember that I used to write about the excellent products from Salcura, which helped so many of you with common health/beauty concerns. Since that time, Salcura have gone through many changes and they have now launched a new range of products, specifically aimed at acne prone skin and they are pretty excellent. All the products include Sea Buckthorn as a key ingredient and they are as follows:

Antiac Daily Face Wash: For effective maintenance of skin prone to acne and blemishing, Antiac Daily Face Wash is a deep cleansing formula that helps eliminate impurities in the skin; use every morning and evening. This is suitable for all skin types and is free from Benzoyl Peroxide, Parabens and Sulphates.
Antiac Daily Face Wash £8.49 for 150 ml

Antiac Activ Liquid Spray: An intensive therapy for the skin, Antiac Activ Liquid Spray has been formulated to help clear flare-ups or deal with regularly occurring moderate/severe acne. Use morning and evening when necessary. After cleansing the skin, apply the spray onto hands or a cotton pad and massage onto the affected areas.
Antiac Activ Liquid Spray £ 9.99 for 50 ml

Antiac Activ Gel Serum: This is a maximum strength formulation for targeting stubborn spots that just won’t budge. It targets acne, blackheads, whiteheads and pimples and according to Salcura, you may see visible results in as little as four hours.
Antiac Activ Gel Serum £8.99 for 15 ml

Antiac Daily Face Wipes: These daily face wipes are part of the Salcura Daily range and are for regular use and they are recommended to be used in conjunction with the Activ range, above. They are ideal for use on the go, they are suitable for all skin types and you just gently wipe over the areas prone to acne and blemishing to cleanse the skin whenever necessary.
Antiac Daily Face Wipes £6.99 for 25 Wipes

The Death of a Brand – Famous Dave’s

We did love Famous Dave’s and it had a fabulous following, but alas, it will no longer be available in the UK and although we will mourn its loss, there will be further news about another range of tanning products soon. In the meantime, if you love Famous Dave’s then get it whilst you can and with every purchase, with the exception of the tanning mitt, we will gift you with a packet of Famous Dave’s Self Tan Wipes, worth £9.99. These self-tan wipes are incredibly quick and convenient and glide on effortlessly with no mess or fuss. Au revoir Famous Dave’s, you were great. *** Sorry, this promotion has ended.
Famous Dave’s

News and Feedback

Let’s start this section with feedback from the January newsletter, which went pretty wild, so apologies if you were kept waiting for any products, obviously my crystal ball wasn’t working too well! The demand for Hycosan Extra Eye Drops was quite extraordinary, which more than proves that Dry Eye Syndrome is a major concern for so many of us. I linked it with High Strength Hyaluronic Acid for extra support, so if you missed it, read it here.
Hycosan Extra Eye Drops £10.95 for 7.5 ml; High Strength Hyaluronic Acid £35

Additionally Fulphyl went crazy and we ran out, but that was mostly because we were overwhelmed with the response to ‘Be Like Me’, where I highlighted three products that I use. On top of that, we created a global shortage of Silver Cream Night by Julisis, (one of the three products), but thankfully that is now back in stock, so sorry for the wait. Under normal circumstances, as a new newsletter appears, all offers from the previous newsletter end, but in this instance I will run ‘Be Like Me’ until midnight on 31 January, so if you missed it, read what I wrote here.
Be Like Me £300

Another stampede, this time for The Dermasuri after it appeared on Sally Brampton’s page in The Sunday Times Style magazine; with big thanks to Sally, here is what she wrote:

‘Here’s a fresh start for skin, the Deep Exfoliating Mitt by Dermasuri. And when it says deep, it’s not a word of a lie. Use no more than once a fortnight. It is vaguely alarming watching the dead cells rolling off your skin, but when it comes to a buff and polish, it is pretty unbeatable’.
The Dermasuri Deep Exfoliating Mitt £19.95

And so we moved; we are virtually settled in VH Towers (it’s on three floors!) and I give thanks to Elena of Selexir for sending me an abundant supply of Selexir Peace Bath to help ease the pain of climbing up and down ladders for three days! Thank goodness she fed my addiction, otherwise Shabir’s eyes would have been rolling all over the place if he saw the Selexir shelf was empty! There haven’t been too many catastrophes, the only slight issue we have is that some manufacturers are still sending products to our old address, which results in a slight delay, but for the most part they are getting it right, which is just as well! So just to say sorry if you have waited longer than normal for your order, it is coupled with complete chaos at Royal Mail, heaven knows why, but there it is!
Selexir Peace Bath £29 for 300 grams

VH Editorial

This month the Beauty Bible girls share their favourite beauty tips; Jo Fairley writes about February Winter Beauty and Sally Brampton takes a look at the work of ‘The Aunties’, a radical series of portraits of women. Catherine Turner is swimming in oil and I think you may be fascinated to read about ‘oil pulling’. In The Collection, Annee de Mamiel gets your body and mind on track with five fast wellbeing fixes and her first piece of advice is that you shouldn’t detox in January or February, so please don’t!
VH Editorial

The Final Bit

Just three things to check out before I go:

There are a lot of references to magnesium throughout this newsletter, so you may want to know about a new product, Magnesium Body Scrub. It has a high concentration of pure magnesium chloride and it should be applied liberally in the shower or bath, dipping into the jar and rubbing across the body in a gentle circular motion, avoiding the face. Rinse thoroughly and your skin will feel relaxed and have a fresh, healthy glow.
Magnesium Body Scrub £13.99 for 266 ml

A big, big response to the re-launch of the La-Tweez Illuminating Tweezer, followed by great feedback from so many of you. These really are pretty fabulous for discovering the tiniest unwanted hair!
La-Tweez Professional Illuminating Tweezer – Black £9.95

Root Cover Up by Color Wow remains one of our bestselling beauty products and we’ve noticed a bit of a trend; when we launched Root Cover Up, most people bought just one colour to disguise grey roots, but things are going rather wild as many of you are now buying two or three colours at a time so that you can play with colour and give yourself highlights, or lowlights. I often brush blonde or medium brown onto my fringe if I’m having a boring hair colour moment – uplifting!
Root Cover Up by Colour Wow in Six Shades £28.50

And so we come to the end of another newsletter and as ever, together with Shabir, I thank each of you for your continued support and loyalty, most especially when we are having product famines.

With February being such a short month, I think I need to start writing the March newsletter pretty soon and it will be released on Tuesday 25 February, all things being equal.

For now I wish you all a happy and healthy February; be safe, be warm.

Gill x