February Newsletter 2013

February Newsletter 2013

Welcome to the February newsletter where I have a whole long list of new products to tell you about, we take a look at two regimens, one for cold sores and the other for candidiasis and behold (!) in the midst of all of this, I will be writing about a special treat, which I think you may like rather a lot. We also have a new product release from the creator of Phylia de M, Kazu Namise, and after the runaway success of the brilliant product, Root Cover Up by Color Wow, we launch a further three products from the range.

Additionally, Shabir writes about multi-vitamins and Vitamin D and I’m taking a pampering journey. To be honest, I just don’t get this whole thing about detoxing and/or recreating ourselves in January, or February for that matter, so I was very happy to see Sarah Vine write about the same subject in The Times magazine recently; more on that later. For now I will also tell you that I am going to leap onto The Podium for the second month running with an important announcement and we are now going to kick off with some new product launches. Let’s go:

Color Wow

We launched the first product, Root Cover Up, from the Color Wow range on the December newsletter and being an ‘industry first’, I knew that we had a rather miraculous product to tell the world about. Just to recap, Color Wow is the first complete line of professionally formulated products that prescriptively address all colour treated hair issues and needs, allowing colour to always look perfect. Created by John Frieda, Gail Federici and a team of top editorial hair stylists, most beauty editors have gone crazy for Root Cover Up, the feedback has been amazing and the message is: no more roots ….. ever! If you missed what I wrote when we launched the four Root Cover Up colours, please click here to read all about them.
Root Cover Up £28.50 (Blonde; Light Brown; Medium Brown; Dark Brown)

Color Security Shampoo and Color Security Conditioner

Your shampoo and conditioner system is the key to longer lasting colour. Typical shampoos strip hair of essential proteins and cause fading, dulling, discolouration and breakage. Similarly, typical conditioners can darken blonde hair and leave brunette tones looking dull. While many sulphate-free shampoos are known for their gentleness, not all sulphate-free shampoos are alike and there are significant differences in formulations and performance.

Color Wow’s Color Security shampoo and conditioners were uniquely formulated by the original John Frieda team of chemists for the specific purpose of helping maintain the bright, vibrant Color ‘Wow factor’ of freshly highlighted or coloured hair.

Color Security Shampoo: There is just one shampoo in the range and the key to this formulation is a revolutionary Japanese amino complex that mimics the natural ‘glue’ between the cuticle layers to help keep colour in and to improve the texture of your hair. This works to help keep the cuticle of the hair ‘tight’ so that colour doesn’t leech out, thereby losing its vibrancy. Lock that colour!
Color Security Shampoo £16.50 for 250 ml

Color Security Conditioner: There are two conditioners, one for fine to normal hair and one for normal to thick hair. Both contain a proprietary ‘Sealicon’ colour shield complex that forms a weightless protective sheath around each hair fibre. Each formulation also helps improve the condition of colour treated hair without using typical conditioning ingredients that tend to darken, ‘yellow’ and dull hair, or weigh it down
Color Security Conditioner (Fine to Normal) £16.50 for 250 ml; Color Security Conditioner (Normal to Thick) £16.50 for 250 ml

Just to wrap; the entire Color Wow range goes far beyond simply extending colour. Each of the products are formulated to help correct, protect and perfect colour-treated hair, helping to restore the healthy appearance of your hair, while preventing fade, brassiness and dulling. The overriding quest was to create a blinding, high gloss WOW finish, the missing link in the evolution of colour care, now plugged!

Piggy Soap Powered by Fulphyl

Over the past couple of months I have been dropping hints, mostly on Facebook, that we would be releasing a set of soaps from the creator of Phylia de M, Kazu Namise. Each soap is handmade and they are especially brilliant if you have a compromised skin condition, such as eczema or psoriasis, because they are so gentle.

If you follow the life and times of VH, you will know that I have released individual ‘Phylia soaps’ on two separate occasions as a gift on 60 Seconds. I subsequently got bombarded with emails asking whether the soaps could be bought; my answer was always ‘no’, but after a great deal of fun and plotting with Kazu, I am beyond excited to launch ‘Piggy Soap’, a limited edition boxed collection of six piggy soaps, which are completely divine.

Kazu has also helped many of you on a one-to-one basis on hair loss and hair thinning issues with her ground-breaking products, Clean, Condition and Connect (the hero product), and she is an active member of the VH family. So I am abdicating the next part of the newsletter to Kazu, who has written a personal message to each of you:

‘It is with a great big squeal that I introduce Piggy Soap. In January 2012, my godmother introduced me to try a new craft, making handmade soaps. Now a beloved hobby, I craft the Phylia Floral Soaps, most of which are especially made for you Victoria Health lovelies as surprise seasonal gifts throughout the year! Making and sharing these soaps, which some of you know, has become a treasured little part of my life and of Phylia de M.

As I learned and grew to love making them, I made one very special gift box of pig shaped soaps – random, I know, but out of love and fun for my boyfriend, who calls me his little piggy (!), it turned into a boxed variety set of six different adorable piggy faced soaps, each named with a silly and sweet Pig & Soap theme pun and illustrated with quirky and childlike piggy drawings. Please meet Swine on a Twine (an actual little piggy soap-on-a-rope) to Bath OINK-ment Aftershave, Squealy Clean HOGwash and more to meet in the set.

One little step led to another and hello Piggies – they have come to life as our new product (and it must be said, to his creative credit, that my boyfriend imagined and art directed a new and rather improved idea for the illustration, now featured as ‘Ham & Body Soap!).

We are so happy to share them now, and although we continue to make them, they are and will be very limited as they are all specially handcrafted through cold processing, the traditional homemade method, which requires smaller and very careful productions, making the very best quality of soaps.

While the box set appears first and mainly as a novelty gift, I take great care to make the soaps best in health as well. I use premium organic and unrefined vegan oils and butter (coconut, extra virgin olive, almond and cacao butter). ground organic steel cut oats (which make freckles for the piggies), and Fulphyl (Phylia’s exclusive pure organic humic-free Fulvic Acid) to make these special soaps. They are fragrance free.

Piggy Soap is featured in a whimsical keepsake gift box, which can later be used to store little trinkets and treasures. A lucky few of the boxes also come with a bonus mini Piggy Soap – the Jet-Set Weekender Piglet.

Great for children, gifts and organic beauties, I hope you enjoy my hobby hoggies.
With love. Kazu xoxo’

I don’t really have much to add, except to reiterate that this is a limited edition collection and I’ve had deep, dark thoughts of syphoning off a whole pile of them to give away as personal gifts, but I couldn’t live with myself if I deprived you and Shabir would probably have rather a lot to say, at which point I would apply my ‘selective hearing’ mode, perfected over many years!
Piggy Soap Collection £35 for Six Soaps

Since the inception of VH, we have, for varying reasons, specialised in American products and so I tend to get a bit over-excited whenever our long-term US manufacturing partners mail us with a raft of new products. This month I have quite a few to tell you about; here they come:

Vitamin B-12 Cream

Vitamin B-12 creams are the most recent innovation of this vitamin’s use. Ongoing studies have revealed the extreme usefulness of vitamin B-12 creams as an aid to Atopic Dermatitis (Eczema).

Eczema is a skin condition, manifested by inflammation and rashes, and at times accompanied by swelling, redness, blistering, oozing and crusting. In such a condition, a type of white blood cells, namely T-cells, become activated and produce inflammatory substances called cytokines. This stimulates the formation of nitric acid, which in turn adds to the redness and swelling. Repeated scratching and itching of eczema-prone areas worsens the condition and a nitric oxide inhibitor is required to help curb inflammation.

Recent research has revealed that vitamin B-12 plays a useful role in inhibiting the production of inflammatory cytokines and helping to trap nitric oxide, thus making it less harmful. Known as an ‘anti-stress vitamin’, the dominance and importance of vitamin B-12 in topical applications will become more main-stream over the next couple of years.

Vitamin B-12 Cream combines vitamin B-12 as Cyanocobalamin with Aloe Vera, Avocado Oil, vitamin E and Sangre De Grado. It is fragrance free and will help regenerate, nourish and moisturize skin, while aiding skin renewal. For optimum results, this cream should be applied twice daily. I’m impressed with the research and I’m impressed with this product. As an occasional eczema sufferer, this one has my name written all over it, as so many of our products do!
Vitamin B-12 Cream by LifeFlo £20 for 113 grams

Good Glide with Love Beads

I have to admit that it was the name of this product that made me look twice, especially the ‘love beads’ bit, because I had of course figured that it was a personal lubricant (the brain cells were functioning thankfully!).

Every woman at some stage of her life experiences vaginal dryness (Atrophic Vaginitis), which can be for a variety of reasons. Up to 40% of post-menopausal women have symptoms of atrophic vaginitis. Hormonal fluctuations, as women approach mid-life, the menopause or undergoing a hysterectomy, can result in a natural hormone decline which can cause vaginal dryness. Other reasons for chemical changes within the body include the use of tampons and other vaginal inserts, medications such as Tamoxifen, Danazol, Medroxyprogesterone and oral contraceptives, cessation of HRT, poor or infrequent sexual activity, chemo and radiation treatments.

Atrophic Vaginitis occurs when the thinned endometrium and increased vaginal pH level induced by oestrogen deficiency pre-dispose the vagina and urinary tract to infection and mechanical weakness. The earliest symptoms are decreased vaginal lubrication, followed by other vaginal and urinary symptoms that may be exacerbated by superimposed infection. Other symptoms of Atrophic Vaginitis may include genital itching, burning, dyspareunia, a feeling of pressure, yellow malodorous discharge, urinary frequency, urinary tract infection and stress incontinence. It may also occur as a contact irritation or reaction to perfumes, washing powders, deodorants, panty liners, soaps or tight-fitting or synthetic clothing.

Despite the prevalence of symptoms, only a small percentage of symptomatic women (approximately 20%) seek medical attention because of the embarrassment of the condition and find the subject difficult to discuss even within their intimate circles, which I completely understand, so I hope that by writing about vaginal dryness, it will go some way to helping many of you.

Good Glide with Love Beads is an all-natural, water-based and water-soluble personal lubricant, which is 100% natural and glycerin-free. The ‘Love Beads’ are actually hemp oil beads that melt on contact to provide an extra boost of lubrication and a stimulating experience. The manufacturers indicate that as a result of the addition of the love beads, your pleasure may be enhanced and extended, which sounds pretty good to me! There is a growing body of evidence linking the lack of Omega 7 essential fats to vaginal dryness. We recommend using Cellular Support to help restore levels of Omega 7 in the body.
Good Glide with Love Beads £15 for 100 ml; Cellular Support £25.48 for 60-SoftGels

On the January newsletter, I wrote that acne is a common skin condition that affects people of all ages with varying degrees of severity. The most common cause for acne is hormonal imbalance that can occur during puberty, pregnancy, menstruation and, at times, stress. I went on to write about the release of a new supplement, Clarify Blemish Formula, which has been scientifically formulated to help prevent acne breakouts and blemishes. I also wrote about Hot Pore Cleansing Mask and Detox Acne Mask, which I recommended using in conjunction with Clarify Blemish Formula. If you missed it, then please click here to read what I wrote and I am now going to introduce you to a further three products, which have also been specifically formulated for compromised skin conditions and can be added to your daily regimen.
Clarify Blemish Formula £25 for 90 Capsules (V); Hot Pore Cleansing Scrub £16 for 184 grams; Detox Acne Mask £18 for 164 grams

Corrective Cleanser: This is a non-foaming, oatmeal-based facial gel cleanser that effectively helps to remove dirt, oil and make-up without drying or irritating your skin. Oats have unique, naturally occurring compounds that can help soothe irritated skin and their high fibre content makes them a gentle absorber of debris and toxins, whilst soaking up excess oil. The oats are aided by certified organic raspberry extracts that contain fruit acids to gently aid cell growth and renewal, while certified organic aloe vera and jojoba oil help to hydrate the skin.
Corrective Cleanser by Collective Wellbeing £16 for 142 grams

Change for a Night Cream: Change for a Night Cream is formulated to help treat visible blemishes and to help break the blemish-prone cycle before new blemishes can form. This skin-fighting treatment provides a patented, time-released dose of medication to aid in the fight against blemishes while you sleep. It also helps reduce redness and inflammation and aids in the control of excess oil, without drying the skin. Change for a Night Cream does not contain benzoyl peroxide or other harsh, drying and irritating ingredients, the big ‘no-no’s’ for compromised skin conditions.
Change for a Night Cream by Collective Wellbeing £19 for 50 grams

Charcoal Body Wash: This sulphate-free body wash cleanses and detoxifies your whole body and has been specifically formulated to help clear spots and/or acne which can be prevalent on the body, such as the back and shoulders. Just one capful of Charcoal Body Wash contains tens of thousands of micro-sponges, active charcoal powder that help trap and whisk away environmental toxins and impurities. If you were to look at active charcoal under a magnifier, you would see tiny, super sponges that effectively soak up virtually all impurities that pass through it. Other ingredients include Zinc, a natural anti-bacterial that helps soothe the skin, aids healing and can reduce inflammation; certified organic juniper berry, lemongrass and sage further enhance the efficacy of Charcoal Body Wash.
Charcoal Body Wash £15 for 340 ml

Magnesium Gel

I have been writing about the importance of magnesium on our newsletters for many years and over that time I have introduced many different products in varying formats, such as supplementation, flakes and oil. I still maintain that there is nothing like a magnesium bath if your body is aching and it also helps promote sleep rather magnificently. Over the past few months we have received many emails asking for a magnesium gel and I’m happy to tell you that we have now found one that ticks all the boxes.

Magnesium Gel is a highly concentrated gel of pure magnesium chloride, mined deep under the earth’s surface from the Zechstein Sea in the Netherlands. Magnesium Gel offers this vital mineral in a completely safe, natural and easily absorbable way and is really easy to apply because of its gel form. This gel can be used daily and is known for its ability in helping to alleviate joint and muscle pain rapidly, whilst also being effective for many other health concerns, including Restless Leg Syndrome and muscle spasms.

Magnesium remains the most important mineral that we tend to overlook and although Shabir’s article on magnesium was written nearly two years ago, the contents remain as relevant today, so do check it out here.
Magnesium Gel £20 for 473 ml; Pure Magnesium Oil Spray £16 for 236 ml; Magnesium Oil Original Flakes £9.95 for 1 kg

No Wrinkles Wonder Essence – This Works

Described as ‘your beautician in a bottle’, No Wrinkles Wonder Essence is a new daily treatment to help refine and reduce skin imperfections. Many of you are big fans of This Works, which was founded in 2003 by Kathy Phillips, and so I will now step aside for a moment and let Kathy reveal the inspiration behind the product:

‘Whilst not common in the West, the use of essences is a widespread traditional part of Asian skincare routines, where particular attention is placed on skin tone and quality. The idea for this product came from my seven years of travels in the Far East, where as International Beauty Director for Conde Nast, I was inspired by the skincare rituals I witnessed and the intelligent use of a number of products selected by individuals to meet their personal needs, but each product tasked with a specific function to aid the pursuit of a flawless complexion.

In general, the Japanese and Koreans, and more recently the Chinese, aspire to this ideal and engage in detailed skincare regimens that seem to pay particular attention to overcoming the prime causes of ageing, including the role of UV protection, particularly relevant to This Works, as we see them taking the same steps that are at the heart of the This Works age wisely philosophy – stay out of the sun, wear a hat, use an SPF and skincare with natural actives proven to minimise wrinkles and promote flawless skin’.

At this particular time of year, unless you are travelling, I don’t think we need worry about staying out of the sun, so I will just tell you that ‘No Wrinkles Wonder Essence’ is a fast penetrating daily water treatment that has been formulated to tackle fine lines, wrinkles and enlarged pores, as well as moisturizing, cleansing and healing skin. For best results use every day in the evening after cleansing and before a serum and/or moisturizer.
No Wrinkles Wonder Essence by This Works £30 for 60 ml

Clean Skin Moisture Scrub by This Works

Clean Skin Moisture Scrub helps to evenly remove dead skin cells, attacking toxins lying in the epidermis to help brighten the skin, without stripping it. The formulation incorporates a combination of powerful natural actives including micronized Bamboo, Cactus and Mahonia to help promote an even, healthy skin tone. Use at least twice a week, after cleansing.
Clean Skin Moisture Scrub by This Works £17 for 75 ml

The Treat

As I have written consistently, I am a massive fan of Skin Restoring Ceramides, which is the best supplement on the market, in my opinion for helping all dry skin conditions. When it comes to supplementation, the rule of thumb is always to allow approximately 28 days for a supplement to really kick in, but Skin Restoring Ceramides breaks all the rules because mostly you will see results in about seven days.

I am not easily impressed and I tend to be cynical about products, unless proven otherwise. I take this stance because I have a moral obligation to each of you. Each and every product has to make a positive difference and for the most part this is achieved, but notwithstanding that I have gone ‘cold turkey’ on Skin Restoring Ceramides twice, each for seven days. I often do this with the supplements that I take just to ensure continued efficacy.

Literally, within two days of dropping Skin Restoring Ceramides, my legs started to dry up and by the end of seven days, they looked pretty damn awful and resembled the skin of a crocodile. Two days back on and the improvement started to become visible and my legs no longer itched like crazy. Result.

So, the treat; I’m going to combine my love of Skin Restoring Ceramides together with Hyaluronic Acid (HA), which synergistically work together to keep my skin plumped up and hydrated. Without these two products I guess I could look about 90, which is never going to happen even if I do live that long. Because of my rock solid belief in both of these products, I am going to put them together and just for a bit of fun, I am calling the treat, ‘I’m Not a Prune’. Togetpiher they would normally cost £60, but I’m going to take £10 off, which means you can have both products for £50. This is a limited time offer and will be available up until midnight on Friday 15 February.
I’m Not a Prune £50 (Hyaluronic Acid High Strength, normally £35; Skin Restoring Ceramides, normally £25)

Whilst I’m on the subject of going cold turkey, two more things; the first is that many of us were forced to go without Mega Probiotic ND late last year when there was a Mega P famine. For those of you who think I keep a stash of stock at home, I actually don’t and so I experienced what happens if I don’t take this crucial supplement every day. My stomach bloated and I felt completely out of synch. If this product was ever taken away from me, I would cry (or have a tantrum) because I strongly believe everybody should be taking a good probiotic (as opposed to a rubbish probiotic!) and Mega P just does it rather brilliantly. You can read Shabir’s article on probiotics here.
Mega Probiotic ND £18.50 for 60 Capsules

Right, the second thing is that we are currently in the midst of a Magnolia Rhodiola Complex famine. At the time of writing this newsletter, we still have many people on a very long wait list and I suggest that if you take this product you get on the list as fast as you can. The manufacturers are working day and night to keep up with the demand and this latest crisis happened after Sarah Stacey wrote the following in YOU magazine:

‘I love writing this page, and never more than when I get emails like this from 60-something reader Jenny: ‘I wrote to you in April 2012 about my problem waking in the night with severe “what’s the point of living?” depression despite a good career, wonderful family and social life. I was advised (by pharmacist Shabir Daya) to take Magnolia Rhodiola Complex. It had a marvelous effect: it must be 15 years since I felt this good.’ Jenny has recommended it to others ‘who had little enthusiasm for daily life. They are all now content and calm with lots of energy.’

Magnolia extracts relax muscles and nerves as well as reducing levels of the stress hormone cortisol, according to Shabir Daya. Trials show that rhodiola helps calm the mind, lift mood and restore sleep cycles, without having sedative properties, by increasing levels of the hormone serotonin and amino acid derivative theanine.’

So just to apologise if you are still waiting, we will get there and all I can say is that Magnolia Rhodiola Complex is truly rocking it up and we expect all outstanding orders to be processed and sent within the next ten days (shoot me if I’m a day or two out!).
Magnolia Rhodiola Complex £26 for 60 Capsules

The Podium

I am closing down our two Twitter accounts. There you are, I’ve said it. I could write an entire dissertation about the reasons why, but Twitter is the antithesis of everything that I believe in and I no longer wish to participate in an ego-based, bullying playground environment, which is of course my personal opinion.

The jury is out as to whether I follow this by closing our Facebook page too. For sure, we have a lot of followers, but the stress of having to ‘perform’ day and night plays havoc with my life and I’m not sure that I want to continue in that vein. There is no denying that we have had some very funny moments on FB, but half the time I can’t get onto our own page to comment and the constant algorithm changes continually throw everything out of synch, which drives me completely crazy and wastes huge volumes of time. So I’ve posted my last post and I’m leaving the page static for now.

I’m not actually sure whether I’m incredibly stupid or whether I am playing a tiny role in a backlash, but whatever it may be, I want my life back. I honestly cannot see that making these decisions is going to change VH in any discernible way; we are on the end of a phone and email as we always have been. Shabir and I are very hands-on as our regular customers know; we answer you at weekends wherever we can and I’ve had long conversations with many of you on a Sunday, which is my pleasure. We are here to help make a difference, the mission continues and I’ve taken a reality check.

Having said that, you can’t keep a girl down, so I’ve taken to putting ‘breaking news’ messages across the front of our site; these may change daily, weekly or whenever – it depends if I have anything to say. So the bottom line here is that you can check our site every day to discover the latest happenings. I’m happier doing this and nothing pleased me more than when I posted yesterday that we had just been voted one of the best ten beauty websites in The Times Web List. I did double somersaults and feel humbled and honoured.

Finally, if you read the January newsletter, you will be aware of my rant about eyelash growth enhancers. At that time I informed you that Sarah Stacey, Health Editor of YOU magazine, would be publishing an article about them. This was published on the 20 January and you can read it here.

Moving on, two regimens from Shabir:

The Cold Sore Regimen

Cold sores are a condition caused by the infection of the herpes simplex virus. Nearly all of us have this virus in our bodies and it normally remains dormant where it resides in the sensory nerve cells near the site of infection.

The best way to both prevent and treat a cold sore is to take L-Lysine, take one tablet twice daily on an empty stomach. Numerous studies indicate that lysine supplementation can help to speed the recovery from, and prevent recurrences of cold sores. Lysine itself has anti-viral properties but additionally it blocks the uptake of arginine, an amino acid that promotes viral growth.

Creams are very popular in the treatment of cold sores. Lemon Balm Cream is very popular for the treatment of cold sores. The tannins in lemon balm have potent anti-viral and anti-microbial properties whilst terpenes in lemon balm numb the painful tissue and provide soothing properties. Simply dab the cream at the first sign of any tingling and reapply every three or four hours making sure that you wash your hands thoroughly between applications.

If you experience abnormally regular cold sores then this is often indicative of nutritional deficiencies or a weakened immune system. A stronger immune system is more effective at battling against the virus replicating and may help to put it back into a dormant state. To support the immune system, I would recommend the use of Daily Immunity, a comprehensive blend of nutrients, probiotics and herbs that all play a varying role in strengthening our immune system.
L-Lysine by Lamberts £8.50 for 120 Tablets; Lemon Balm Cream £8.50 for 60 ml; Daily Immunity £25 for 60 Capsules

The Anti-Candida Regimen

There are approximately 150 known species of Candida, a yeast-like group of fungi that exist in more than 80% of people. We continually acquire these fungi through the food we eat and through environmental exposure. They usually exist in the genitourinary tracts, respiratory tract and the gastrointestinal tract. They typically exist in the body without being harmful however an abnormal overgrowth of these fungi can cause infection often referred to as Candidiasis.

The symptoms of Candida overgrowth can cause countless health problems affecting various parts of the body. Common symptoms include gastrointestinal disturbances, allergies, food intolerances, headaches, irritability, constant fatigue and tiredness, nutrient deficiencies, cravings for sugar and carbohydrate rich foods, anxiety, oral thrush and genitourinary tract infections. Problems get worse when we eat too much sugar, take antibiotics for a period of time, or have a weakened immune system. Under these circumstances, Candida can proliferate and the symptoms get worse.

It is easy to understand why the above symptoms are not directly attributed to Candida overgrowth and since most of us carry these organisms, and are exposed to antibiotics either directly or indirectly through the foods we eat, I believe that it is imperative to reduce the numbers of these infection causing fungi even if it is on a yearly basis. For those who clearly have Candida overgrowth, the regime needs to be used on an ongoing basis for a few months since Candida set out their roots in the gut and are difficult to eradicate.

Firstly, I would recommend the use of Horopito and Aniseed capsules, take two capsules daily. In 1982 scientists at the University of Canterbury discovered that horopito was more effective at destroying Candida albicans than the powerful pharmaceutical anti-Candida drug, Amphotericin B.

I would also recommend the use of a good probiotic such as Mega Probiotic ND for a couple of reasons. Candida overgrowth is associated with an imbalance of bacteria in the gut. It is under these conditions that pathogens including Candida thrive and restoring the balance will repopulate the intestinal tract and prevent Candida from thriving aside from helping digestive concerns. When the gut has sufficient of these beneficial bacteria, pathogens including Candida cannot thrive because these bacteria produce lactic acid which inhibits the growth of other bacteria.

Finally, I would recommend the use of Daily Immunity. Since a weakened immune system can lead to infections, Daily Immunity contains the most comprehensive blend of nutrients and herbs that all work in synergy to enhance antibody-like compounds. Antibodies are the basis of the immune system since these compounds detect pathogens and then signal the white blood cells to destroy them. Candida overgrowth is responsible for many concerns than it is given credit for and it is vital to keep this organism from thriving in our bodies.
Horopito and Aniseed £19.50 for 60 Capsules; Mega Probiotic ND £18.50 for 60 Capsules; Daily Immunity £25 for 60 Capsules

The Pampering Bit

As I said at the beginning of this newsletter, I’m going on a pampering journey and without writing reams about the reason why, I am just going to replicate what Sarah Vine wrote recently in The Times magazine because it resonates deeply with my own views. I love Sarah’s column, basically because she always make me laugh, which is a very good thing, so with love and thanks to Sarah, please read on and I’m going to extend the same comments to the month of February:

‘The whole “new year, new you” is a nightmare to contend with. The one time you want to bury your head in carbs and wear your duvet to work, the world decides it’s time to give up wine, go on a diet and take up jogging. I think January is miserable enough without making it worse by denying life’s little pleasures. Be nice to yourself.’

I think I write the same thing every year, detoxification should be carried out, if you wish, at the beginning of each season, so I just don’t get why on earth the thought would even enter our heads to do it now! Based on this, I have put together a Pampering Treat, just because I can and just because I think it is exceptionally healthy on many different levels to nurture yourself. Let’s do it:

The Pampering Treat: By way of coincidence, or otherwise, Jo Fairley has written an article this month entitled ‘The Great Night In’. I have long believed that bathing, when you have the time, is a ritualistic event and so I invite you to read Jo’s fabulous article and participate.
VH Editorial: The Great Night In by Jo Fairley

I have taken some of the products from the article, put them together, created a treat and then discounted it. The products included are Deep Sleep Night Oil and Deep Sleep Pillow Spray from This Works, Sarah Chapman’s fabulous Miracle Mask and Magnesium Flakes. Together they come to £87.95, but until midnight on Friday 15 February, the Pampering Treat will be £75. I hope you enjoy it and you can of course buy each of the products independently as below.
The Pampering Treat £75 (Deep Sleep Night Oil £25; Deep Sleep Pillow Spray £15; Miracle Mask £38; Magnesium Flakes £9.95)

VH Editorial

Two new articles from Shabir this month; the first one takes a look at multivitamins and Shabir asks, are all multivitamins the same?, which you can read here. The second article takes a look at the importance of vitamin D, which you can read here. Meanwhile the Beauty Bible girls write about extending the life of your hair salon treatment and we travel from LA to Hastings on VH Local.
VH Editorial

News and Feedback

The first thing I need to say here is that this month’s ‘Gill meets’ was going to be ‘Gill meets Dr Miyayama’, Kazu’s oncologist godfather and the scientist behind the Phylia de M. products. I was in LA over Christmas and the New Year and it was intended to be a working trip. Without going into massive detail, I had an allergic reaction to a product on day two and landed myself in Cedars Sinai on a drip for two days. The rest of time I was so highly dosed up, I was out of my head. I did meet Dr Miyayama, but all that happened was that he bought me a chicken noodle soup and my eyes were rolling around so much, he insisted I went back to bed, so I have nothing to write!

The same applies to other sections of our editorial; for the most part I have been completely out of it, so forgive me, but I am now back to normal (whatever that means) and full service resumes next month. That’s the news, let’s do the feedback:

Fulphyl: From a customer: ‘I’ve been using Fulphyl since its release and have gone from catching flu several times through the winter months, to not being sick once (much to my colleagues annoyance as they have all been sick!). The time I have felt like I was coming down with something, I was fine after a couple of hours. Such an amazing product.’
Fulphyl £160 for 360 ml (Dosage 5 ml daily)

Daily Immunity: This from a customer, which is along the same lines as above. Just so that you know, I do Daily Immunity and Fulphyl because whilst of course there is some crossover, they actually do different things: ‘I just wanted to let you know that two out of three people in the house got the NoroVirus over Christmas. Not me, I am sure it was Daily Immunity that saved me from the indignity!’
Daily Immunity £25 for 60 Capsules

Phylia de M: 3 Step Kit: This also from a customer: I’ve discovered a downside to using Phylia. More hair equals longer drying time. A very good problem to have’.
3 Step Kit from Phylia de M £103; Clean £28; Condition £30; Connect £45

Deep Sleep Dream Cream: And another one: ‘I have been using my Deep Sleep Dream Cream for over a week now and it is definitely helping me to drop off quickly. I also feel I’m getting a deeper sleep. I thought it might just a lovely smelling cream, but it does seem to work!’ From me: Last month we released a new supplement, Sleep Tight and the response has been pretty phenomenal. If you have sleep problems then click here to read what I wrote and this works too!
Sleep Tight £25 for 60 Vegicaps; Deep Sleep Dream Cream by This Works £18 for 75 ml

Headline Colors: Just to bring you up to speed, the Headline Colors ‘Spy’ made a trip to NYC to meet some of the world’s most innovative nail technicians and artists, introducing them to Headline Colors. The intense pigment level and fast-drying formula makes Headline Colors ideal for nail artists working in salons and at fashion events. I’m going to pretend I am in the middle of a fashion event and although it is snowing as I’m writing this, it is spring in my head and I’ve gone nude with Quicksand, which is going to be here, there and everywhere in the next few months.
Headline Colors

A Vogel Eye Drops: A lot of great feedback about these fabulous eye drops. Specifically formulated for dry, tired and irritated eyes, they address a number of factors. Working long hours at a computer screen, heating and pollution are all contributory factors. Also eyes become drier with age (I bet you are thrilled to read that!) and these eye drops contain ingredients, including Euphrasia (Eyebright), to help refresh the eyes, helping to keep them moist whilst maintaining a soothing film. Yet another product that has come home with me!
A Vogel Eye Drops £8.95 for 10 ml

Top Tip: If your hair is suffering from the prevailing weather conditions, then treat yourself to hair mask. I’ve tried many hair masks on the market, but I love putting a generous amount of Condition through my hair, wrapping it in cling film and leaving for a couple of hours before washing out. I have also been known to sleep with the cling film still on, which is ultra-glamorous, but so what; I love a bit of gloss and I almost can’t bear to write ‘because I’m worth it’, but I just have and I don’t care!
Condition by Phylia de M £30 for 265 ml

So we come to the end of another newsletter and all that remains is for me to thank each of you for your continued loyalty and support; thank you for the feedback, which is always so uplifting, and on behalf of Shabir and the VH team I hope February is good to you.

I will be back with the March newsletter and once again, if you have been on a waiting list for any of our products, I am so sorry, but then I suppose that all good things are worth waiting for.

With love

Gill x