February Newsletter 2012

February Newsletter 2012

Welcome to the February newsletter where we take a look at some new and exclusive product launches, we throw the focus on eye conditions and I write about product famines, which are not cute, but they are a testimony to the brilliance of cutting-edge products that do what they say on the tin. Meanwhile I am completely in awe of this month’s features from the VH Editorial Team and if you love and own a SilkSkin pillowcase, then please prepare yourself because I have some exciting breaking news for you. Without any further preamble from me, I will just add that we also have a gorgeous Temple Spa treat, we release some new products from NEOM and I put a rather amusing man on The Podium. Let’s go:

B12 Boost – Pure Energy Oral Spray

I have known about the release of this product for over a year and I am very tempted just to write that everybody should use this product because it is fabulous, it works and you will adore the energy kick, but I would not be doing justice to the research and development behind it.

B12 Boost is a highly effective and completely natural way to increase your daily energy levels, whilst also helping to increase mental alertness and helping to reduce the impact of stress. Containing an optimum level of vitamin B12 together with Chromium and Green Tea extract, the combination is delivered orally under the tongue, quickly entering the bloodstream for the ultimate in bio-availability and convenience. Delivering 1,200mcg of vitamin B12 per dose, each bottle lasts for 40 days and is ideal if you are feeling increasingly tired. It is suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets and it is ideal for helping to cope with energy levels when travelling, particularly over long distances where sleep patterns are disturbed.

Now, this product comes from the Better You boys who have already given us the spectacular Femergy and Menergy, which so many of you are taking. B12 Boost has been formulated to work alongside Femergy and Menergy, not as a substitute, which does of course mean that we can rocket ourselves to supersonic energy levels if we take them together. So hold that thought whilst I tell you that although it says in the description that it tastes of Apricot, I think it tastes more like a tropical fruit cocktail, but either way it is delicious. The recommended dosage is four sprays under the tongue each day and although I feel inclined to experiment and spray the entire bottle in one day, I’d better not go there because anything could happen, such as putting Shabir up for sale on eBay. Actually, he is pretty safe because I haven’t got a clue about eBay and could end up selling myself, which might prove rather interesting!
B12 Boost Pure Energy Spray £11.95 for 25 ml; Femergy £10.25 for 60 VegiCaps; Menergy £10.25 for 60 VegiCaps

Bespoke Bedding from SilkSkin

When we launched the SilkSkin pillowcases on VH last year we were overwhelmed by the response, which really didn’t surprise me because sleeping on silk has been proven to have significant health and beauty benefits and I’m completely up for products that make such a positive difference to our lives. If you follow the life and times of VH, you will know that exclusive product launches send my happiness levels off the Richter scale and so please allow me to introduce you to the new bespoke bedding service from SilkSkin.

Before anything, let me take you through the benefits of sleeping on silk and then, with the push of a button, you will be on your way to the most sensuous sleeping experience ever – ahem! All the SilkSkin products are hypoallergenic, which means that they are extremely beneficial for allergy sufferers, especially those of us who suffer from compromised skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and rosacea. Dust mites love cotton, but they can’t live in silk and that fact alone is enough to convert me because the thought of dust mites crawling all over my face and body completely horrifies me!

Silk locks in moisture, rather than drying it out like cotton and other man-made fibres, and I’d far rather that my night creams and lotions stay on my face and body, rather than get soaked up by my bedding. Aside from the health benefits, the thing I love most is that I don’t wake up with creases down my face every morning and sleeping on SilkSkin saves your hair from going wild and frizzy too.

Right, let’s talk about the bedding and SilkSkin silk is not that horrid shiny silk, which can you make slip and slide on in bed. Like the SilkSkin pillowcases, the colour is natural and there are no added dyes or chemicals, which means that the bedding is cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Another added bonus is that SilkSkin can help prevent sweating at night and anything that helps control night sweats is good with me.

As this is a bespoke service, please follow the link below and you will see that the bedding comes in three different sizes and you can choose from a fitted sheet, a flat sheet and a duvet cover. If your bed is not a standard size, then please fill in the form with the size required and we will get a bespoke quotation to you within four working days. Once the order is placed, please allow approximately four weeks delivery time. It is also possible to order this bedding in other colours, so please contact us separately on this. The SilkSkin pillowcases remain in stock and are not a bespoke item and I hereby announce the SOS campaign – Sleep On Silk. Fabulous, fabulous!
SilkSkin Bespoke Bedding


It takes a lot for me to write about weight loss products because the market is flooded with some really bad products that make sensational claims and give false hope to people who are trying to lose weight. As I’ve written many times, my personal view is that crash dieting does not work and in many instances they are seriously detrimental to your health. Every so often a product comes along that has some pretty impressive research behind it and the fact that it comes from a reputable source, enables me to write about it. Such is the case with B-Slenda FibrePrecise tablets.

Obesity is often caused where the fat content of food is too high, as in fatty meats, fast food or high-fat snacks. As fats are particularly high in energy, the body is often fed more calories that it needs when such foods are consumed and the excess energy is stored in fat deposits. For a sensible diet, it is important to ensure moderate consumption of fat and carbohydrates alongside an adequate amount of vitamins and minerals.

The active ingredient in B-Slenda tablets is FibrePrecise, a natural fibre that forms a gel-like substance in the stomach, which mixes with the food and drink that is consumed. At the same time, fats and cholesterol are taken out of the food and drink and bound in a non-soluble form. These bound fats do not go into the metabolism, but are passed out of the body undigested. Due to the reduced absorption of cholesterol from the food and drink, B-Slenda also plays a part in reducing elevated total cholesterol lipometabolism values.

B-Slenda should be taken approximately 30 minutes before meals with plenty of fluids and if taken as directed, it will be particularly effective in helping to cancel out the calories in high-fat foods. If you need to increase your intake of fluids, then drinking tea would be a good way to do it. Currently our bestselling tea is Dieters Drink, closely followed by Cho-Yung Tea. Cho-Yung Tea is the new ‘must have’ tea and if it was a dress, it would be on the front cover of Vogue, such is its following. Hey-ho!
B-Slenda by Pharma Nord £19.95 for 40 Tablets; Dieters Drink £7.25 for 30 Bags; Cho-Yung Tea £31.99 for 30 Bags

The Focus – Maintaining Healthy Eyes

Two of the most complex organs of the body are our eyes. We have all experienced eye trouble at one time or another, eyes that are tired, bloodshot, dry, irritated, itchy, sensitive to light or watery. Like all other parts of the body, the eyes need to be nourished properly and in order to promote good eyesight it is advisable to follow a healthy diet containing sufficient amounts of minerals and vitamins, such as proper amounts of the B vitamins, vitamins A, C and E and the minerals selenium and zinc. Include plenty of fruit and vegetables in your diet, especially yellow and yellow-orange foods such as carrots and squash. If your diet is lacking, then we would recommend a food-state multi-vitamin to help keep you on track, such as My Favorite Multiple Energizer (referred to round here as Shabir’s Favorite Multiple Energizer!).

My Favorite Multiple Energizer £15.50 for 60 Tablets

Bags Under The Eyes: Skin loses some of its elasticity with age and muscles within the eyelids lose tone, causing bags under the eyes. In addition fat can gather in the eyelid and fluids can accumulate and cause swelling. Puffiness around the eyes can also be caused by allergies or excessive consumption of salt. I will not stand here and tell you that there is an instant solution, but the following may well help. Try to avoid drinking fluids before going to bed; avoid foods with monosodium glutamate (MSG) and get enough sleep.

The old trick of putting ice-cold cucumber slices on your eyes still works as the ‘cold’ helps shrink swollen blood vessels and NUDE Skincare’s Advanced Eye Complex is the very best eye cream I have used to date as it has really helped take the puffiness right down, aided and abetted by sticking the SilkSkin Eye Mask over my eyes (at night, not during the day!) of course.
Advanced Eye Complex £62 for 15 ml; SilkSkin Luxury Eye Mask £30

Blepharitis: Blepharitis is an inflammation of the outer edges of the eyelids that cause redness, itching and burning. This condition may be caused by an infection of the eyelash follicles or glands at the outer edges of the eyelids. Sometimes it may feel as though you have something in your eye and the condition is exasperated by lack of sleep. Try to avoid rubbing your eyes and again, ensure that your diet is well-balanced. Warm compresses are soothing as they help to reduce inflammation, Goldenseal helps fight infection and Derma E do a really fabulous Eyebright Eye Make-Up Remover, which is really gentle and will help limit the infection.

Goldenseal Tincture by Eclectic Herbals £11.50 for 30 ml; Eyebright Eye Make-Up Remover £10.25 for 118 ml

Bloodshot Eyes: Bloodshot eyes occur when the small blood vessels on the surface of the eye become inflamed and congested with blood, usually in response to an insufficient supply of oxygen in the cornea or tissues covering the eye. They are usually attributed to eyestrain, fatigue, improper diet or a high consumption of alcohol. We like Refreshing Herbal Eye Drops, a new product just released from Potter’s Herbals, which soothes and calms dry, tired or irritated eyes.

Refreshing Herbal Eye Drops by Potters Herbals £5.10 for 10 individual 0.5ml doses

Conjunctivitis: Conjunctivitis is an inflammation of the conjunctiva, the membrane that lines the eyelid and wraps around to cover most of the white of the eye. The eyes may appear swollen and bloodshot and they are often itchy and irritated. Factors that can contribute to conjunctivitis include bacterial infection, virus, allergies and exposure to substances that are irritating to the eyes such as fumes, smoke, chlorine, chemicals and make-up. Calendula, chamomile or fennel tea can be used to make a hot compress and the tea can also be used to carefully rinse the eyes. Again, Goldenseal Tincture helps cut the infection.
Goldenseal Tincture by Eclectic Herbals £11.50 for 30 ml; Dr Stuart’s Wild Fennel Tea £2.70 for 30 bags

Dry Eye Syndrome: Dry Eye Syndrome occurs when the tear ducts do not produce enough fluid (tears) to keep the eyes moist, resulting in burning and irritation. This problem is more common in women than in men and women’s susceptibility increases after menopause – well aren’t we the lucky ones then! Contact lens wearers are also prone to developing dry eye problems and the use of certain drugs, such as antihistamines and decongestants may also inhibit tear production. Essential fatty acids are known to help this condition and we recommend IdealOmega 3, which helps lubricate all tissues of the body. If your condition is particularly troublesome, then please try Similasan Dry Eye Relief Eye Drops, which we think are pretty brilliant.

IdealOmega 3 £23.70 for 60 Capsules; Dry Eye Relief Eye Drops by Similasan £13.95 for 10 ml

Macular Degeneration: This disorder causes a progressive visual loss due to the degeneration of the macula, the portion of the retina responsible for fine vision. Macular Degeneration is the leading cause of severe visual loss in people over 55 and this loss may appear suddenly or it may progress slowly. There are two types of Macular Degeneration, atrophic (dry) and exudative (wet). In the latter, the degeneration of the macula is accompanied by leaking of fluid from a network of tiny blood vessels that develop under the centre of the retina, which can result in scarring and loss of vision.

AREDS (Age-Related Eye Disease Study), a major clinical trial sponsored by the US National Eye Institute, reported that Lutein and Zeaxanthin, which are both found in healthy retinas, may help promote health visual function together with Eyebright and Bilberry extract to help support vision clarity and night vision. We have recommended Brite Eyes by LifeTime for many years as it was specifically formulated to the recommendations of the study.

That’s the good news; the bad news is that I would quite happily strangle LifeTime because the product has not been available for the past couple of months. I will of course let you all know when it eventually arrives, but in the meantime we are recommending Eye Support Complex because it is an excellent supplement in its own right and I don’t think it’s cute to go cold turkey on supplementation for this condition. At this point I would also strongly recommend using Ortho-Eyes eye drops, an advanced formulation containing the antioxidant N-Acetyl-Carnosine. These drops help soothe and rejuvenate tired eyes and also help with all age related eye disorders.
Eye Support Complex £18.50 for 50 Capsules; Ortho-Eyes £29.78

Stye: A stye is a bacterial infection within an oil gland on the edge of the eyelid. Because the tissues of the eye become inflamed from the infection, the stye takes on the appearance of a small pimple, which eventually comes to a head, opens and drains. Early treatment helps speed the healing process and again a hot compress on the affected area will help relieve the discomfort. Taking a Raspberry Leaf tincture may also help and if you suffer from styes frequently, you may have a vitamin A deficiency.

Red Raspberry Leaf (Alcohol Free) £10.29 for 30 ml; Vitamin A by HealthAid £6.99 for 100 Capsules

Thinning Eyelashes: There are many issues that can lead to the thinning, or the total loss of the eyelashes. These include allergies, especially contact allergies to eye make-up, trauma, nutritional deficiencies, exposure to toxins and the use of certain prescribed medication. I recommend that you either break a vitamin E capsule open and gently rub it on your eyelashes and into your eyelids or try the ever-so-brilliant Lanolips 101, which is what Kirsten (creator of Lanolips) and I do. Both help to thicken the lashes and promote normal growth.

Just to end, if you are wondering why I am not recommending one of the hundreds of ‘lash growing’ products that are currently available, it would be because I wouldn’t let any one of those products anywhere near my own eyes, I refuse to list them on our site and I think I’ll leave it at that before the entire cosmetic industry tries to silence me – I’m way too young to die!
Vitamin E-400 Softgels £23.95 for 180 Softgels; Lanolips 101 £11

Product Famines and Sell-Outs

I think this one of those double-edged sword moments; on one hand I am completely thrilled that the demand for each of the products listed below has been so high, which speaks volume for the efficacy of the products, but on the other hand I get stressed out of my tiny mind when we go out of stock because I hate having to keep you waiting. Also, I am not always aware when products are being featured in the press and I cannot predict rampages, which is exactly what happened with the first product:

Nail Magic

Most of you know that Nail Magic is one of our bestselling beauty products, most especially because its unique combination of ingredients helps stimulate healthy and beautiful nail growth, while strengthening and conditioning weak or damaged nail tissue. The formula was perfected in 1960 by Martha Peterson, of Portland Oregon, a professional manicurist for 35 years. Nail Magic was used in beauty salons throughout the US for many years before being made available to the public and the rest is history. Nail Magic can be used as a base coat, top coat or as a clear polish and application is pretty simple, usually requiring less than three minutes, twice a week. So when Liz Wilde wrote about Nail Magic in Take A Break, none of us were prepared for what happened, including the manufacturers. It went completely bonkers, we have sold our way through two very large consignments and as I am writing this we are waiting for further stock, so apologies for the wait, we should have further stock this week and I suggest you may want to put yourself on the Wait List if you haven’t already done so. Liz, thank you x
Nail Magic £9.95

Lanolips Herbal Treatment Oil

When we pre-launched this product, I knew that we were in danger of a product famine because the Wait List was longer than I ever thought possible, even though I have known for a very long time that Herbal Treatment Oil was destined to become a ‘Hero Product’.

So very special, this wonderful oil has been specifically formulated to create a specialist treatment for stretch marks, skin elasticity, scars and dehydrated skin. In this instance, the famine was practically seamless because we went out of stock for one day only, so apologies if you had to wait slightly longer than normal, and we may well go out of stock for a few days later this week as the demand is extraordinarily high, but I’m on countdown to the next consignment arriving at Heathrow pretty soon.
Lovely Lanolips Herbal Treatment Oil £9.99 for 60 ml


I will stand up and take the entire blame for Seditol being out of stock. If you missed the January newsletter, please click here to read what I wrote about Seditol and the special offer, which sold through really fast. As a result of that, we don’t have one bottle left in stock and the manufacturers are telling us it will be approximately two-three weeks until our stocks are replenished. If you are a regular user of Seditol, I hope that you have enough to see you through and for everybody else, I am afraid you will need to get on the Wait List for this, but it will be worth the wait because this is one of the most effective supplements around for sleep promotion.

For optimum results, Seditol must be taken every night to help regulate the sleep cycle. This supplement does not work in the same way as prescribed medication and you should allow at least 21 days for the ingredients to reach their full potential. Having said that I gave some to a friend and they knocked her out on the first night, which was rather marvellous as it saved me listening to her droning on about not being able to sleep forever and a day. Life is good!
Seditol £18.25 for 30 Capsules

Temple Spa

I love Temple Spa products, I always have and in the words of an iconic fan (no names), ‘it’s a niche brand waiting to be found’. Now you all know how much I adore supporting niche brands, and Temple Spa is no exception, so rather than write reams and reams on the newsletter, I spoke to the wonderful Liz and Mark Warom about their brand and some of their products and at the end of this section I will link you to the article.

Without giving too much away from that article, I wanted to discover what their favourite three products were and I am going to reveal them below and will follow up with a very special treat, so please read carefully and I would just add that each of these products are cult classics:

In The Beginning – Deep Cleansing Melt: To use this is to love it and this highly concentrated cleansing balm smells completely divine and is a fusion of ancient and modern. It contains beads that gently exfoliate the skin, leaving it looking radiant before melting to release deeply cleansing ingredients. It also contains an advanced vitamin complex, which is delivered straight to your skin, leaving it nourished, hydrated and dewy. You only need to use a tiny amount to give your skin a deep cleanse and follow that up with a facial massage, which I promise will send you to heaven. It is especially beneficial for dry and dehydrated skin, although it works as a deep cleanser on all skin types. I think it is better to use this as an evening cleanser and for a big treat, try it as a weekly treatment facial; just massage it into your skin and leave for approximately 30 minutes … it has goddess qualities.
In The Beginning – Deep Cleansing Melt £27 for 60 grams

Repose – Aromatherapy Resting Cream: This is the product that Liz and Mark refer to as ‘a good night’s sleep in a jar’ as Repose is wonderful for when you and your skin need a rest. Rich in natural plant extracts, antioxidants and a fusion of relaxing essential oils, the cream will sink into the skin immediately and leave the complexion ultra-smooth and settled. Also included in the formulation are hops, which help support restful sleep and also help prevent premature ageing. The best way to use this product is when you want to slumber and relax after you have cleansed your face. Take one or two generous dots of Repose into your palms and spread it lightly between each hand. Hold your hands up to your face, taking time to breathe in the gorgeous aroma whilst concentrating on the process of relaxation. Then apply Repose evenly all over your face and neck using upward and outward movements, massaging it into the skin. Repose is also an excellent antidote to the effects of insomnia and jet lag and can be applied to the pulse points to relieve anxiety. Perfect!
Repose – Aromatherapy Resting Cream £37 for 50 ml

Skin Truffle: Commissioned by Temple Spa in Switzerland, Skin Truffle took five years to perfect and was created by a leading team of doctors in the field of derma-science. The result is a uniquely patented formulation, which captures ingredients closely associated with celebration. Active ingredients include black truffles, pure gold and silk, alongside extracts of champagne, chocolate and strawberries. These are then followed by a slow release of micronized sheer diamond particles, which is all rather wonderful really. I’ll let you into a little secret, this is Shabir’s favourite moisturiser and he stole the very first one off my desk when we launched it and he is still besotted with it. Skin Truffle is suitable for all skin types and can be used in the morning and the evening; it has long-term anti-ageing benefits, which is just as well as far as Shabir is concerned!
Skin Truffle £80 for 50 ml

The Treat: Here comes the treat. If you buy any of the above-mentioned products, we will send you a 15 ml pot of the other two products. For example, if you order In The Beginning, you will receive a 15 ml pot of Repose and a 15 ml pot of Skin Truffle, which together are worth £35. Alternatively, do go and explore all of the Temple Spa products and if you spend £100 or more on Temple Spa products, we will send you 15 ml pots of each of the above three products, worth just over £43. We have 100 of each of the little pots, so it will be first come, first served, so with great big hugs to Liz and Mark, who have always, always supported us, I hope you enjoy the treat and the article.
Gill Meets … Temple Spa

The Podium

Now if I was to introduce you to a man known as ‘The Manipulator’ you would probably run a hundred miles in another direction. I know I would, because the very last thing I need in my life is to be manipulated, but I make an exception for Dominic Cheetham because as one of the UK’s leading back pain and posture specialists, he has earned the right to be known as The Manipulator.

Using over 20 years of experience, coupled with a unique approach that combines various manipulation techniques, Dominic helps deliver outstanding results for back and neck problems. He believes that ‘Computer Neck’ is the most common postural concern of our generation, caused by a direct result of a sedentary life sat at a desk staring at a screen and keyboard. Dominic’s mission is to improve the posture and cure the pain of every one of his patients and having been on his bed, I am convinced he will achieve that mission.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, there was not much the matter with me and all I needed was a bit of neck manipulation; that was the fortunate part. Unfortunately it means that I don’t need to visit him for treatments because I actually miss his wicked sense of humour and his dreadful jokes, but a whole lot of people swear by him and that would include Sarah Stacey, Sarah Vine and Kate Shapland. They worship the ground he walks on and I completely get it, he is a superstar and a whole load of his clients are superstars too, but that doesn’t faze my mate Dominic. We have a mutual love thing going on, so if you need a manipulator in your life, please choose Dominic if you can because he is at the top of his game and he happens to love Magnesium Oil Original Spray too, which is all rather wonderful really.
Dominic Cheetham, Wilbraham Place Practice, 9a Wilbraham Place, London SW1X 9AE; T: 020 3384 9750


In this section I am going to introduce you to a fabulous new candle from NEOM, which doesn’t get released until halfway through the month, so here comes yet another waiting list. I am also going to be writing about two special kits, which are both great introductions to the brand or alternatively they make fabulous birthday gifts, but first I want to share a little bit of news about NEOM. A whopping 56,113 of NEOMs most reviving and pampering candles were sold in 2011 – that’s one every ten minutes. We all love mood-boosting home fragrances and candles are one of the most luxurious ways to light up the murky winter months, so well done to NEOM and if you want to find out more about the brand, then do read Nicola Elliott’s guest editorial when you have a moment.
My Lightbulb Moment by Nicola Elliott

Happiness Candle: ‘Happiness’ is the new uplifting spring/summer candle scent, which takes us out of the long dark winter and heralds new beginnings and serious positivity. For 2012 NEOM has experimented with using a unique way of releasing scent from actual blades of grass and the result is a characteristic fresh, green, grassy note, which when combined with essential oils of White Neroli, Mimosa and Lemon, creates an amazingly evocative, crisp spring garden scent.

Like all of NEOMs candle scents, Happiness is 100% natural and the high concentration of essential oils provides an aroma-therapeutic treatment, boosting your mood and putting a spring in your step. Each candle is hand-poured in the UK and I adore the thought of bringing happiness into our homes. Nicola says ‘the process of extracting the grass scent is a really exciting technique and makes this candle smell amazingly fresh’. The new Happiness Candle is £37.50 and the Travel Candle is £13 and both will be available from the middle of February.
Happiness Candle £37.50; Happiness Candle Travel Size £13

Organic Travel Essentials Kit: If you haven’t experienced NEOMs award-winning organic body washes and lotions, here is an excellent way to do so. This kit contains 2 x Organic Body Washes and 2 x Organic Body Lotions in two different scents, Real Luxury and Complete Bliss. Real Luxury is perfect for pampering and ‘me’ time and is gently relaxing; Complete Bliss is a fabulous ‘feel good’ scent for lifting your mood and is perfect for helping to combat daily stress.
Organic Travel Essentials Kit £12

Utter Relaxation Collection: Now this is what I call fabulous and it is so fabulous that it is a Limited Edition and NEOM are telling me that they don’t think we will get to the end of February before this is sold out, so if you want one for you, or as a gift or for Mother’s Day, order it now because once they have gone, they are gone and there is absolutely nothing I can do about it.

Each kit contains a Travel Candle, Bath Oil, Body Lotion and a Pillow Mist, so if you are in need a little pampering, de-stressing or simply a perfect night’s sleep, then follow the four steps below:

1/ Light the travel candle (Sumptuous) and turn off the lights.
2/ Run a bath and pour in your bath oil (Tranquillity 5 ml).
3/ After bathing, gently massage the Real Luxury body lotion into your skin (50 ml)
4/ Finally spritz your pillow with the mist (Tranquillity 50 ml)

I will just wrap this by saying that the box is really pretty too, go have a look!
Utter Relaxation Collection £20 (whilst stocks last)

VH Editorial

I mentioned at the top of this newsletter that I was in awe of this month’s editorial features and it was such a treat to read them, so just to give you the rundown: Jo Fairley writes about the 10 Worst Beauty Crimes and I really want to know how many you are guilty of, so please post at the bottom of the article and we can all have a laugh, in the nicest possible way of course; The Legologist Observes The 80/20 Rule and this is Kate Shapland at her very best, never one to hold back, she always makes me screech when she writes about products that claim to change your life (and your legs) in nine minutes; with a nod to Valentine’s Day, the Beauty Bible girls write about Roses: The Blooming Wonders of the Beauty World and Lulu becomes a ‘Wee Bit of a Scrubber’. I hope you enjoy them.
VH Editorial

The Importance of Iodine

Iodine is a vital nutrient that has been coming to the forefront of medical research recently, but where is iodine obtained from and is the lack of this vital mineral the cause of the rise in thyroid disorders? Shabir takes a look at the micro-nutrient that is not manufactured by the body and must be obtained from our diet. Iodine is required for every basic function within the human body, including thyroid function, adrenal health, immune function and it may well play a vital role in the prevention of cell mutation within our bodies. Please do take the time to read this important article as researchers are now warning that iodine deficiency could become endemic in the UK.
The Importance of Iodine

News and Updates

Chinese Herbs Regenerating Scalp Serum: A new addition to the Chinese Herbs product range, the Regenerating Scalp Serum is a botanically-rich, advanced therapeutic treatment which includes a proprietary blend of centuries traditional Chinese herbs. These herbs have proven effectiveness in helping stimulate and re-invigorate weakened hair and the scalp to promote healthy hair growth, whilst also helping to prevent further hair loss. Additionally this serum utilizes the latest botanical-technology incorporating Swertia Extract and Apple Stem Cells. These potent ingredients are scientifically proven to promote healthier hair growth and the serum also helps protect the scalp from toxins and DHT build-up. Use in conjunction with the Chinese Herbs Stimulating Shampoo and Conditioner and as ever, we highly recommend taking Superior Hair, which in our opinion remains the best supplement on the market to address hair loss in men and women.
Chinese Herbs Regenerating Scalp Serum £35 for 50 ml; Chinese Herbs Stimulating Shampoo £16 for 250 ml; Chinese Herbs Stimulating Conditioner £16 for 250 ml; Superior Hair by Food Science of Vermont £25 for 90 Capsules

Ultimate Beauty Organic Rose Oil: This is the first of two new beauty products, which have just been released from Viridian. Blended for dehydrated skin, this facial oil contains Sea Buckthorn and Evening Primrose oil, antioxidant Rosehip seed oil and regenerative Rose and Neroli oils, which are said to restore skin elasticity as well as helping to reduce capillary fragility and redness. If you are prone to dryness or broken veins, this neat little product would be a useful soldier to have in the bathroom cabinet.
Ultimate Beauty Organic Rose Oil by Viridian £32 for 15 ml

Organic Calming Moisture Balm: The second new product from Viridian is the Organic Calming Moisture Balm, which has been blended for skin types that require nourishment. With a calm and soothing Rose Geranium aroma, this clean, non-greasy therapeutic balm contains Rosehip and Pomegranate oils to help smooth fine lines and refine the skin. Gentle Blue Chamomile and Lavender help calm any redness. Fabulous balm, clever Viridian.
Organic Calming Moisture Balm £28 for 50 ml

Common Health Problems: If you missed the January newsletter, then I just want to update you about the section I wrote about common health problems. The response we had was amazing, so if you want to know all about the products that are helping many of you deal with ear wax, warts, mouth ulcers, nose bleeds and gum disorders, then do click here to read all about them.


I really love receiving your feedback about our products and I also love sharing them with each of you. Aside from anything else it comforts me that they are making such a positive difference, so to each of you who have taken the time to share, I thank you because by sharing, you too are making that difference to others, which is a wonderful thing:

Saffron Capsules: ‘I have started taking Saffron to help lift my low energy and depression and it is working brilliantly. This week I have been to a drinks party and met with close friends – simple things, but ones that I truly couldn’t have done a few weeks ago as I was both too tired and too ‘low’. I have always (until menopause struck) been a fun-loving person who loved to party, but this has not been the case for quite some time. However, I can now report that I feel much happier and more confident in dealing with day to day problems.’
Saffron Capsules by Viridian £15.65 for 30 Capsules; Saffron Capsules by Viridian £28.65 for 60 Capsules

Superior Joints: ‘I just thought I would let you know that I have found Superior Joints really, really good. I have been pain and ache free for the last two months, which is an absolute miracle for me as I cannot, in the last 30 years, remember ever being totally pain free. So I love Superior Joints.’

Jo Fairley on Superior Joints: ‘VH sent me Superior Joints a couple of months after I concertina-ed my wrist last summer, and – well, something’s working. Key ingredients are ginger, turmeric and tart cherries (naturally anti-inflammatory), hyaluronic acid (good for cartilage), astaxanthin (antioxidant), plus Natural Eggshell Membrane: in a very serious scientific study (double-blind, placebo-controlled etc.), more than 50% of patients taking eggshell membrane (NEM) noticed a reduction in pain and stiffness within 10 days – and I noticed a real difference in flexibility, after a fortnight or so on this. I’m not yet back to normal – but thanks to physio, yoga and Superior Joints, I’m on my way. And at least I can type as quickly as ever!’

Treat: I am forever extolling the virtues of Magnesium Oil Original Flakes because I think they are just brilliant for all types of aches and pains. Superior Joints and the Original Flakes are a marriage made in heaven, so if you buy either Magnesium Oil Original Flakes and/or Superior Joints, we will automatically throw in a baby packet of Magnesium Oil Original Flakes worth £3.95. This is enough for one bath or two foot baths, but it will not show up on your invoice, so please don’t panic because whilst stocks last you will receive this treat with love and thanks from us and the Better You boys.
Superior Joints £29.95 for 60 Capsules; Magnesium Oil Original Flakes by Better You £9.95 for 1 kg (Full Size)

The End Bit

Just a couple of things here; the first is to say that I’m not quite sure how it happened, but Ms Shapland managed to interview me for The Telegraph Magazine about life-changing products and I recommended Skin Restoring Ceramides because I truly believe they make a massive difference to all dry skin conditions. A rampage followed, swiftly followed by a series of astounded Telegraph readers who couldn’t believe the difference a supplement could make in such a short space of time. Hurray for Skin Ceramides and you can find the interview on the VH In The Press section of our site.
Skin Restoring Ceramides £25 for 30 Liquid Capsules; VH In The Press

Secondly, I haven’t quite discovered who wrote about Miracle Lotion in the press or perhaps it was on a blog, but somebody did because it has gone completely bonkers. So whoever you are, thank you and I hope you are reading this. Miracle Lotion rules!
Miracle Lotion £14.50 for 237 ml

Finally, together with Shabir and the entire VH team, I would like to thank you for being completely fabulous, for being so loyal and for letting us hold your hands. I hope you have a fabulous February, well as fabulous as February can be, and I’ll be back with the March newsletter and some more exciting launches, which I can’t wait to tell you about.

With love

Gill x