EyeCandy Volume HairBrush

EyeCandy Volume HairBrush



  • Rainbow Volume S Brush

    EyeCandy Volume HairBrush

    There’s been a bit of a buzz about EyeCandy’s Rainbow Volume Brush in the beauty world of late.

    Already huge in Korea (home of genuine beauty junkies and a ton of weird a wonderful products), the mad-looking rainbow-coloured brush claims to give your hair “maximum volume and fullness” with its wiggly ‘S’ shaped bristles, designed to create air pockets in hair that deliver just-out-of-the-salon volume with your normal brushing technique.

    Much like another cult hero – the Tangle Teezer – the handy little tool slips through tresses, detangling them with ease, keeps them glossy and groomed with nominal effort and helps inflates locks without having to rely on mousse or hairspray, all for the bargainous price of £12. Not bad for a quick sweep of a hairbrush…

    Rainbow Volume S Brush, £12 | EyeCandy

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